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A Korean Odyssey Episode 19 Review

Many thoughts!! But in short, Episode 20 you better give me a good answer!

I have so many thoughts about our second last episode that I just gotta pen them down before Episode 20 kicks in. [By the way, many spoilers ahead]

Honestly, throughout the last 20 mins, I was just ?? and !!. Come on, Seon Mi/Sam Jung was built to do something great right from Episode 1 and I actually really love the idea of her being a vessel to contain the evil spirit and then be stabbed – it explains the passive role of Sam Jungs. I did not expect her to be stabbed at the hands of a mere human and to die from that. Sure, it could be symbolic that oh look the greatest evil in this show is a human; it’s among us, and it’s in line with the constant premise that humans are even more wretched than the ghosts sometimes. I like that, but maybe it’s the execution, maybe it’s a combination of factors – but the fact that her ultimate sacrifice dwindled to nothing but being ACCIDENTALLY stabbed was rather anticlimatic. Even jumping in front of Oh Gong to block him from the dragon would have been better, albeit cliche. To add fuel to the fire, Seon Mi was going on about how Kang would never call the dragon to the world and oh look, your blood summons the dragon.

What makes me half-cry, half-grab my hair even more is that both parties had such great plans for sacrifice – Oh Gong wants to take down the dragon before it gets into Seon Mi, who cares if he’s blown to smithereens; Seon Mi finds that out and traps Oh Gong so that he cannot go through with his plan, implying that she wants to tackle the dragon herself or to allow herself to contain the dragon. Okay all very dramatic but I was really enjoying where this was going (yes even when he was trapped I was like oh wow this has escalated), and then it suddenly fizzled out because they both failed so miserably. If you want to have noble idiocy, at least let one of them succeed?? I mean what’s the point of Seon Mi dying such that Oh Gong has to kill the dragon himself, making him seriously injured… (I know I sound pissed but I am slightly amused too.)

It is also questionable why Ah Sa Nyeo seems to be leading to something big, but ultimately plays no role in the showdown. Initially, I thought that she was going to absorb the dragon herself so that she can become the evil person but I guess not. Not very clear what her angst of “you guys called me the evil spirit, so you guys deserved everything” was about because it did not change anything practically. All she did was to call out the dragon, which was always planned. Hoping that she plays a bigger role in the finale!

I felt that the whole PK thing was also slightly rushed – his emotions swing about like a pendulum and it feels a bit trivial that Jade Dragon was kept around all these while just to quench the fire. Just thinking also if Jade Dragon ended up liking PK entirely through his will or because he was in Alice’s body – it’s possible that your personality just starts molding with the body you are in.

Lastly, they really did it!! LOL there I was thinking that it’s going to be a cliche plot where Oh Gong dies, leaving Seon Mi with a half monkey baby, but oh look she dies, so HAHA maybe the point of sleeping together was to seal their love the day before EVERYONE dies? The ending was so ‘omg everyone’s dying’ that it felt familiar, and I suddenly realise that this was how K2 went down too (not a compliment).

On the good points, despite the plot being so dramatic, I freaking love Oh Gong’s tortured soul – from how he sends Seon Mi on a wasted trip to the village, to when he realises that Bo Ri tricked him and he is trapped on Sam Jung’s order, to when he breaks out of the trap, deters the dragon and brings Seon Mi to Suremdong, to that agonised cry when she dies and finally, when everything is over, and he lies on the floor, saying “The world still remains the same…but you are no longer here.” So much feels!!

I also think that the dragon was pretty formidable, so it lived up to its name. Although the graphics could have been better, General Frost’s death (at this point) is at least some proof that this is not some frivolous play. I only wish that Oh Gong used his iconic staff because that would have been such an awesome tribute – monkey king without his staff is so…blasphemous hahaha. Also guys, did Guemganggo shine because of Seon Mi/Sam Jung? Was thinking if it could be tied somehow into Seon Mi helping him out when he’s scared and needs his help.

Can’t wait for finale!!





  1. aunteeanna1 says

    Thanks for your thoughts on episode 19. Hahaha it seemed like SJ died in vain right? That is what we call a plot twist hahaha.

    I thought the GGG shone brightly because GGG has changed from a symbol of obedience to a symbol of LoVe. He is fighting the dragon for HER.. It’s his love for her so Love conquers all!!!

    I am interested to know what you think about the final episode….


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