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Are You Human Too Episode 17&18 Recap

I absolutely loved this episode! Some mix of sweetness with suspense, and who can say no to a little robotic action at the end?

Our adorable Shin is in love and he doesn’t know it – he goes to So Bong’s room in the morning, forgetting that she has already quit. He keeps seeing her around and terms this a hologram error. Aww. There’s something about watching a heartbreak through robot eyes that’s so endearing and bittersweet.


One day, he resets his error after seeing Young Hoon instead of So Bong and he finally accepts it. Kang So Bong-sshi…is no longer here. 

Through a flashback, we see that So Bong already met up with Young Hoon to discuss her resignation. Although she’s worried for herself since Seo is suspicious of her, you can tell that she’s also worried for NamShin as a person. She’s scared that she would cause NamShin to become weirder and that, “I feel sorry when Mr Seo attacks him.” Young Hoon gave her a look and she knew that she’s being crazy, but deep inside, I know Young Hoon starts to agree with her.

Shin asks Laura why So Bong quits and she tells him to forget about her. Young Hoon notices his dejected demeanour and tells them it’s time for Laura to give a presentation on the anti-hacking chip for the M-car. During the meeting, Seo pushes for the company to acquire this chip from a rival company ; Laura insists on developing it so that the company doesn’t have to buy from competitors.


Laura signals for Shin to help with the next step of the presentation, but unexpectedly, robot Shin who is taking in all these details comes forward with a new proposal – they don’t have time to develop the new chip right now due to the negative impression caused by the failed test drive. Seo should acquire the chip at a cheaper rate (10% instead of 5% discount) and then they will use the profits to work on their own chip. Sounds great! Except offhand, I’m just wondering the legal issues.

Anyway, Grandpa is pleased with his proposal. Seo on the other hand, is even more suspicious of Shin. Laura is displeased with Shin for taking Seo’s side but Shin thinks that he merely proposed something which was right based on his analysis. Laura retorts, “Are you going to take his side again if he’s correct in the future?”

Shin replies, “Is that wrong?” Laura flusters and Young Hoon quickly sends him away. He reminds Laura that whatever credit Robot Shin gathers today is still good for Human Shin, and Grandpa was undoubtedly pleased with Shin. Sadly, it seems that any way of calming Laura’s motherly (coughs) nature has to be linked to human Shin.

Whilst unpacking her belongings, So Bong recalls robot Shin and tears a little. Jo also rushes back to tell her that Shin is getting married next week. We then cut to a party scene where Shin’s and Ye Na’s friends gather to congratulate them on the marriage.


The friends wonder at this turn of events – how Shin used to refuse to kiss Ye Na and that Ye Na had a crush on him for 20 years – so Ye Na instructs Shin to put his arm around her and to peck her on the cheek. This only makes me pity human Shin – I can just imagine a comedic scene where he wakes up and wishes that he didn’t.

A friend then brings the discussion to the bodyguard, Kang So Bong, and asks for her number so that he can play with her. Shin twists his wrist, “How dare you order me. You find out her number yourself.”

Ye Na quickly offers to provide the number instead, “You can play with her all you want.” This REALLY triggered Shin, so guess what he does? He short-circuits every piece of smartphone in the room. Coool. But also wow, don’t mess with a robot!

Young Hoon quickly intervenes and Shin reverts back to his normal, non-angry, state. Young Hoon doesn’t understand why Shin cares that people are saying bad things about So Bong, especially since she has already quit.

Shin interrupts, “But I keep seeing her. There are constant errors that cause me to see her.” Oooh. Young Hoon keeps his cool (although I’m sure he starts to see the problem here) and tells him to be careful since human Shin isn’t close to So Bong.


But Shin replies, “I’m different from human Nam Shin and I’m much closer to Kang So Bong. She’s the only person who accepts me for who I am.”

Laura is crying as she apologises to human Shin for abandoning him those years ago. We also learn that she made NamShin a smile-y robot because human Shin didn’t smile much. Aha, way to make it more confusing than ever. Is NamShin III’s cute and adorable personality really his personality? Or just a characteristic inbuilt as part of his function to satisfy a lonely mother’s needs?

Young Hoon later informs Laura that So Bong is the cause of errors in Shin but persuades Laura to talk to So Bong first before going into Shin’s system. Shin is sent back home alone and he stares into So Bong’s dark room, wondering when he’s supposed to return her necklace.

The robot cleaner keeps him company and tries to comfort him by running gently into his feet. Who knew that a show can even make a robot cleaner cute? K-dramas are doing things to me.


Young Hoon visits human Shin and murmurs to himself, “Whenever I saw that robot, I think of you. But today, seeing you makes me think of him.” He observes that both Shins are pestered by humans. He pities robot Shin, even though he’s just a robot. He hopes human Shin will wake up soon before his feelings get more complicated.

In the next scene, we see Laura step into a cab and the snake-man following in another cab behind. Turns out, this is a meeting orchestrated by Laura so that she can talk to So Bong, who is in the cab, undetected. So Bong reveals that she told NamShin III to do what he thinks is the right thing to do. Laura scolds her and tells her to return the old NamShin III, or else she will have to use another method. “Consider it as helping the both of them and meet with him.”

So Bong recalls the kill-switch conversation she overhears previously and retorts, “You care only about the one lying in bed. You say he’s your son, but you’re sacrificing him for your real son.”

Despite So Bong pointing out the truth so pertinently, Laura is unfazed and tells So Bong she has until the next day’s morning to rethink her decision as to whether she wants to meet robot Shin. Snake man is suspicious at how Laura then alights back at her hotel and decides to tail the cab instead, thus finding out that Laura met with So Bong in the cab.

He reports back to Seo who now knows that So Bong is hiding something. Snake man wonders why Seo is being so cautious, and why he didn’t just do the same thing as he did 20 years ago. Seo is triggered and leaves in a rage.

Young Hoon comes to fetch robot Shin, who receives a call from Laura, and so happily starts dressing up to meet his mother.

David argues with Laura about installing a manual system in robot Shin, “It’s not his fault for being unpredictable. It’s our fault for not predicting it. And you want to make him into a toy robot now?” Laura protests that if they do not do this, the family might find out about real Shin being hurt.

Robot Shin overhears, “Mum.” Oops. He asks if someone from the outside is controlling him, and David sighs, “Your arms, legs and even your face will be controlled by someone else.” Laura tries to assure Shin that it’s only going to be activated when necessary and that no one else will control him but her. Sorry girl, but somehow that comes off as scary and distressing, rather than assuring, and I bet even Shin feels it cos he turns to look at Young Hoon.

Young Hoon swallows his better judgement and tells him to trust Laura. David leaves the room in a huff and Laura leads Shin into the room, but a call from Kang So Bong causes Shin to toss his mother’s hand away. I love all these little details to show how Shin totally recognises a different owner now. And yet, she doesn’t possess any sense of ownership over him.

Turns out, So Bong decides to intervene after all. Shin comes out of the hideout, pleased to see So Bong waiting with a van.


She calls him her slave and instructs him to drive, but he smiles and tosses it back, “I’m not your slave anymore.” Aww he found his friend again. So Bong ‘borrows’ him for a little and tells Laura not to disturb them.

Shin once again stops at the traffic lights and retorts that he’s not human, therefore safety comes first. Good boy.

So Bong wants to tell him something and asks him to pull over, but he refuses and So Bong smiles. Sure, instead they can do whatever he wants to do today… and Shin buys an electric bicycle for So Bong.

“Because of an error, I saw you every day. As I ran with you, which you hated doing, I decided to buy you a bicycle if I ever see you again.” And that’s why he buys an electric one because it’s less tiring, I suppose due to her leg injury. Awwww. I love how his gift is so practical. Might this electric bike become a recurring object? Other girls get a necklace, So Bong gets a bike.

She warns Shin not to fall behind on purpose and he laughs, “Do you have an esteem issue?”

They have fun cycling and then finally meet a flight of stairs. So Bong wants to carry her own bike but Shin tells her that they cannot compare when it comes to power. They play a game of rock, paper, scissors – Shin wins the first but loses the second. So Bong is triumphant because he cannot predict humans’ actions but he reveals that he lost on purpose. “I will bring them up.”

Robot Shin then cycles way ahead, leaving So Bong in the lurch. When she finishes the up-hill cycle, Shin is nowhere to be seen. She admires the view and is surprised by a popsicle to her face.

Because Shin had cycled ahead to get her something cooling! Awww.


She is flustered at this kind gesture and mutters that it must be good because he doesn’t sweat. Okay another side note, surely he overheats? Also, really liking the colours in this scene. Pink and blue is cliche, but still works!

Shin replies that although he can’t sweat and he doesn’t get hot, he can’t tell anyone. “But I can tell you everything. Since you know the real me, I can show you everything. That’s why I keep having errors.” She gives him a hi-five and tells him to chin up.

Shin returns it once, then holds up his hand again for another hi-five, but moves into close his fingers around hers instead,


“Now, tell me what you have been wanting to say. I’m okay. I have no feelings, I won’t get angry or hurt so tell me anything.”


I love how the show keeps sneaking in these lines like “I have no feelings” which only emphasise the fact that Shin now does have feelings and I like watching how So Bong gets affected every time he says that.

So Bong pulls her hand away and sends him to buy a drink. As he is about to return, she calls him to tell him to stop walking because she doesn’t think she can speak to his face. She takes back what she said about him making his own decisions. It was irresponsible of her since she wasn’t even going to be by his side. “Just do as Mr Ji and Ms Oh say. That’s the best for us.” She reveals that she was threatened by Seo and that to leave is the safest for her; she’s a selfish human being. “I had fun today. Let’s never meet again.”

She turns to leave, just when the lights for the car turn green. But Shin has a decision and he strides across the wide road despite the red light.


He hands her the drink and then so sweetly steps forward to return her necklace.


“I’ll return to being a slave. Goodbye for real. Kang So Bong.”


So! This is how a robot break up!! looks like!! Hahaha I’m sad but also tickled by the fact that a robot-spin makes things so interesting. For me at least. Seo Kang Joon acted so well in this scene – he does that brave little smile so well, where NamShin III tries to be strong and unaffected but you know that inside, he feels something strange.

Robot Shin returns to Laura and tells her to install the manual switch. It breaks my heart to see him still force a smile for his mother. Laura hugs him, “Thank you.”

The next day, the electric bike is delivered to the gym. The father and two boys so cleverly deduced that it’s a gift from Shin and wonder if it’s farewell gift because he’s getting married.

Pre-wedding, the prospective in-laws meet and have a sparring contest. Laura promises to reveal what Seo did to her husband and her son, “If you touch my son, I don’t care whether Ye Na is married to Shin or not.” She stalks off, and Seo tells his sidekick to make So Bong talk no matter what.

Whilst waiting for his mother, Shin rides a bicycle around the pool with no expression on his face. Laura then retrieves him and reveals that she also made another watch as a spare – think the watch will have a manual switch that can allow Laura to operate the mode as needed. Young Hoon instructs Shin to greet the guests and after he leaves, he tells Laura that there may be no need to activate the manual mode at all.

Seo cries watching Ye Na getting ready for the wedding. Ye Na straightens his crooked tie and apologises, “Just because.” He leaves the room and his face settles back into evil Seo face.

We finally get to see what he is up to – he uses the M-Car team leader to bait Laura away from her handbag. His sidekick then hacks into Laura’s phone to send a message to So Bong – that Seo has found out the truth about Shin and that So Bong must destroy the file on Shin which is in Laura’s office. So Bong calls back immediately (smart girl) but her call is declined with a message that Laura’s at the wedding and therefore cannot talk.


So Bong rushes to the office, only to find the snake man lying in wait for her. She finally realises that this is a trap for her to spill what she knows about Shin.

As snake man closes in on her, the M-car suddenly activates itself, recognising the snake-man as foe and So Bong as friend.

The car starts to rev up and So Bong takes this distraction to run, but alas, snake man chases up and stuffs her into the boot of the car. I would say that despite this being a ‘damsel in distress’ situation, I am totally in support of So Bong – she has guts.

Snake man starts driving out of the parking lot…but finds himself face to face with the M-car! Okay hold-up, how did the M-car get from the office to the parking lot? Anyway, snake man is taken aback but drives away from the car. M-car gives chase and keeps blocking his route, so snake man finally turns around (with M-car tailing at the back).

The parking lot suddenly goes dark and in the distance, snake man sees a figure striking towards him. Cue music, darkness, and the reveal of Shin’s face.

Recognising him to be Shin and the feeling that something’s wrong, snake man hits the accelerator.

But Shin stands his ground. The car screeches to a halt, Shin raises his hand and in a slow-motion,

brings it down to wreck the car.


-the end-

What a great ending! I’m sure everyone has already said this but it does bring back Do Min Joon’s vibes from Are You From Another Star (hehe, when you do something so iconic, it seems like future shows will always be seen as a reference or bring back such memories). Also, certainly a tad of Goblin vibe (minus the smoke) when Shin appears in darkness with a model-esque stride.

I usually see the pair of episodes a week as a set – the first episode can be a bit slow, to prep us for the conflict of the second episode. However, I truly enjoyed this episode because it is good on its own. There’s a bittersweet parting of sorts without the crying and moping (because we have a robot and a kick-ass human girl here), there’s some development in NamShin as a robot plot, and there’s actual conflict in the main plot. It’s built up so well that I’m afraid it will fizzle out. I hope Seo continues and grows to be a even bigger villain, if only to serve the plot some purpose.

It just occurred to me – much as I dislike Laura Oh for her treatment of NamShin III, we have to understand that she also dismantled NamShin I and NamShin II, who couldn’t grew naturally to look like real Shin. Because we didn’t get to know these two robots (who/which didn’t grow human feelings since So Bong/any other human wasn’t in the picture yet), we barely blinked when she built NamShin III, did we? Therefore, while I undoubtedly think she’s a ‘villain’, a different kind from Seo, I also admire the way the scriptwriters had built up her personality. The way she’s reacting now isn’t out of the ordinary at all.

Also, I know this comes off as slightly mean, but I’m so glad Go Ara didn’t take up this role. Somehow, I’ve never quite warmed up to her, despite watching 3 of her dramas (of which none were watched to completion). Now Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon on the other hand, are just a delight to watch. Are they going to date, get married and make beautiful brown-eyed babies? Haha, I kid. Maybe.

My guess is that Shin took off the watch to prevent Laura from activating the manual switch, and that the M-car somehow either has also incorporated a rule to protect So Bong, or that Shin orders M-car to protect So Bong. Looking forward to the next episode!




  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for the recap! I am loving this drama. I hope it gets more attention. It’s very underrated. There is character development and we see the internal conflict in many of the characters. The plot is moving. The romance is heartwarming.

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