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Are You Human Too Episode 31&32 Recap

O la la, there are two Shins for the world to see!

After Robot Shin’s, human Shin’s and Young Hoon’s time to shine, it is Seo’s turn to lead us in the introduction of this episode. Don’t look at me like that Jung Woo.  In a flashback, we see Jung Woo desperate to escape from the facility. Seo demanded for the papers on Mr Kim, and Jung Woo asked if it was Grandpa’s doing who caused Kim to die. Seo told him to look the other way but Jung Woo retorted that he didn’t need a company who killed people.

This enraged Seo because he worked hard to protect his own position, but Jung Woo could say flippant things like he didn’t want the company. Seo left, and Jung Woo attempted to escape via the window of his room. Alas, he slipped and fell. Seo heard the noise and ran back. He instinctively called the ambulance but stopped himself. Once, I should look the other way just once. His hands reached out and he strangled Jung Woo to death. Jung Woo breathed his last and his hand, which was holding on to a photo of Laura and young Shin, fell limp. I suppose since everyone assumed he fell to his death, no one thought of doing an autopsy?

Grandpa wanted to call the police but Seo reminded him that they did everything for PK. Grandpa relented, “Bury everything and say it was a suicide.” If you look the other way just once, the seat is mine. And then we see him separating Laura from Shin. If I become a scumbag just once one more time, if I become heartless one more time, and the truck knocked down Shin in Czech. Just one more time. There, he handed the recording to human Shin and set him against the Grandpa. I’m almost there. This is what I wanted. And he leaves after seeing robot Shin strangling Grandpa.

Okay can someone clarify for me – does Grandpa know that Seo strangled Jung Woo??

Back to the present, So Bong cries that she was so scared robot Shin wouldn’t come back. Young Hoon appears on the rooftop and spots an unconscious Grandpa. He rushes forward and robot Shin apologises, but So Bong retorts that it was Jerk Shin’s fault, “That jerk pretty much choked his own grandfather.”

Young Hoon then spots a puddle of pee spreading and robot Shin reveals that Grandpa has dementia for real. Young Hoon sends the couple away and Grandpa wakes up in confusion. Seo overhears everything, including that Grandpa has dementia, and smirks that the Heavens is too cruel.

When robot Shin overwrote his manual code, it shuts human Shin’s access and the tablet becomes useless. Human Shin sees the couple from afar and a text from Seo telling him to hide, and he drives away angrily.

So Bong makes it clear to robot Shin that it wasn’t his fault; it was a bad human who made him do bad things. “You came back. You protect people and hug them when you cry.”


And So Bong is thankful he even overwrote his manual code to protect her. What she wants now is to go home with him, hands in hands. Look at his sad, guilty face ahhh.

Back at home, Grandpa is frail and quiet. He refuses to eat and asks to speak to Young Hoon privately. Young Hoon says that he will bring Shin to beg for Grandpa’s forgiveness but Grandpa asks if Young Hoon still thinks that Shin deserves the company. With a side-eye, Young Hoon throws the question back, “Don’t you think that it was you who made him that way?”

Meanwhile, human Shin takes refuge in Seo’s hideout and Seo cleverly brings the doctor to him. The doctor has no clue that there are two Shins, and asks why Shin is hiding out here instead of providing mental strength to Grandpa. “Seeing how he asked for you immediately after being diagnosed, he must trust you a great deal.”

Uh-oh, Shin, who initially splutters at the news of Grandpa having dementia, finally gets it – that Grandpa had told the other robot Shin, not him. Seo takes the chance to rub it in and encourages human Shin to visit Grandpa before he passes the company to the robot.

Human Shin turns on his phone and there are two voice mails – one from Young Hoon, “Call me before I find you. If I find you, you’ll regret it,” and one from Laura, but we don’t know the contents because Shin throws the phone away the moment he heard his mother’s voice.

David returns to the house and notes to Laura that her son is too cruel. Thankfully, robot Shin made progress by successfully hacking into himself and vitalising the parts that aren’t controlled by the manual mode. “He pulled it off after a few tries. That’s incredible.” Oooh, I always love the geeky take on what has happened because it’s cool to hear what robot Shin has achieved by himself. It’s also another reason why we had to have multiple effects of the manual mode, so that robot Shin can succeed in this!

David once again tells Laura to give everything up and go back to Czech with him and robot Shin, since human Shin doesn’t want her. Laura asks him to stop confusing her and he asks, “Are you really not worried about him?” She leaves without answering.


In order to earn his keep at the gym, robot Shin offers to be the poster boy. The sidekicks hilariously advertise him by saying that he will make eye contact with the ladies and give a nice smile. “Prepare a smile!” Robot Shin obediently nods, pauses…and lets out a dazzling robot Shin smile.


The girls collapse in a gaggle of giggles and squeals, making me wonder if they are Seo Kang Joon fangirls working as extras hahaha. To be honest, I too let out an internal squeal. This guy is so darn cute.

Thankfully, So Bong arrives on the scene before the ladies swamp up as gym customers and asks if the sidekicks want to die. Sidekicks immediately run back to the gym upon hearing lunch is ready, so the couple trails behind.

At the corner, a kid runs into Shin and falls down.

As he cries, Shin steps backwards and shakes off So Bong’s hand, as if repelled and scared. He walks away, leaving So Bong with the child.

Later, robot Shin apologises to Grandpa on the phone for what he has done, but Grandpa knows that it’s not his doing. Instead, Grandpa wants him to return to protect him from human Shin and to make his M-city dream a reality. Before he can finish the call, human Shin grabs the phone and ends it. Grandpa quavers a little at the sight of his grandson. Young Hoon then receives a phone call from Ho Yun that Shin has locked himself in the room with Grandpa.

Human Shin goads Grandpa, “How does it feel for your precious robot to try kill you?” He smirks that Grandpa’s no fun now that he’s old and shouting for Young Hoon’s and Ho Yun’s help. He tries to force Grandpa to sign the share transfer agreement but Young Hoon manages to break into the room in time.

Young Hoon sees the agreement on the table and grabs Shin out to give him a wallop. Woo. Hoo.


Shin tries to be nonchalent, saying that he can do anything now that he has tried to kill his own grandfather. But Young Hoon knows that he’s hiding out of guilt. Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be, he should go to the Chairman and beg for forgiveness. Shin refuses and says that he will send Grandpa to a nursing home, leaving him to die there lonely and sad like his dad did. Young Hoon wrings him by the collar and says, “You aren’t even worth hitting. You shouldn’t even have woken up.” Ouchhh.

Shin watches as Young Hoon drives away and with a wine bottle in one hand, he calls Seo on the other. “I’ll give you a chance to make up for not preventing my father’s death. Do your best to help me tomorrow.”

Laura, who is on a surprise visit, overhears and is shocked that he’s striking a deal with Seo, even when Seo was the one who knocked him down. Shin recalls how Seo said that Laura would be shocked to find out the truth behind Jung Woo’s death and keeps mum. Instead, he points out that only jerks like Seo are wiling to help him. Laura wants to bring him back to Czech but Shin tells her to bring robot Shin instead. “If you truly care about me, get rid of him. Now.”

We then switch over to robot Shin earnestly wiping down the gym equipment and So Bong wondering if he works hard at everything aww. She asks why Shin didn’t hug the child earlier and Shin replies that he couldn’t make a judgement whether to stick to his rule.

So Bong grabs his hand and blinks in the cutest paraody of Shin-winks, “Liar. You know everything.”

Shin smiles and asks if she’s a robot too and she cheekily responds that they are the Tin Can couple.

Shin rolls the name over his tongue and smiles.

Laura overhears the conversation from outside the gym and smiles in consolation, knowing that robot Shin is well-taken care of. Off-screen, we hear Shin asking So Bong if he’s feeling the emotion of “thinking that you are cute”. GAHHH -lets out a squeal-.

The next day, human Shin manages to get Grandpa’s signature on the share transfer agreement, with the aid of Seo and the lawyer. However, it baffles me why they would depict the lawyer as mindlessly forcing Grandpa to chop his seal on the document when it’s clear that Grandpa doesn’t want to do it, and yet this lawyer isn’t supposed to be an evil one. Oh well, I shall take it as the lawyer just thinks that it is the Chairman’s will to transfer the shares and he’s simply helping Grandpa chop the seal.

The lawyer then wheels Grandpa into the car, where he is about to be sent off to a nursing home. Shin watches from afar but leaves without saying good bye. Grandpa laughs and tells Ye Na to take care because he has no ill feelings towards her. They set off and Seo threatens Ho Yun to sign the power of attorney, or else he will do something to Hee Dong. Ye Na wants her dad to leave Shin alone because he’s a bad influence on him, and this is why later, Ye Na calls Young Hoon to keep him in the loop.

“Please bring Shin back.” I like this little throwaway line because it suddenly occurs to me that this is a similar but longer and more drawn-out process of So Bong calling robot Shin back to himself.

Turns out, Young Hoon has it all planned out – he meets Grandpa at the nursing home and Grandpa thanks him for coming. It only strikes me in this moment just how bare Grandpa’s life is, when you take away the power and glamour. Young Hoon then brings Grandpa to his room, where the couple is waiting.


Upon setting eyes on each other, robot Shin takes a few steps backwards as the memory of their last encounter replays.

Grandpa however starts crying out of being touched that Shin has returned.

As he sobs, robot Shin hugs him and pats him gently.

My heart truly breaks when I saw how Shin is traumatised and broken by the incident – these scenes are unexpected but precious in developing robot Shin’s character. Good job!

Later, Young Hoon asks robot Shin for help in stopping human Shin, but robot Shin refuses. He tells Young Hoon that human Shin has told him he’s just a machine, a machine that may hurt people. He almost killed Grandpa and he even hurt So Bong, his most precious person. Young Hoon observes that robot Shin must have been traumatised and hurt by the incident. Shin apologises for not helping humans even though it’s his rule but Young Hoon understands. Nonetheless, he wants Shin to know, “You’re not just a machine. You’re someone so dependable that I want to rely on you. You’re a machine, but you are a special machine with a heart.”


“Forget what Shin said. You’re a pretty cool guy so continue living as you are…Shin.” And Shin smiles, “Thank you…hyung.”


Ahhh love this little exchange where Young Hoon acknowledges robot Shin properly for the first time as who he is and how he accepts being called hyung.

After this conversation, Shin meets So Bong in the lobby and takes her hand. So Bong wants him to stop being discouraged and tells him to tell the truth before she takes back her heart. Shin confesses that although human Shin is working with Seo, he didn’t want to help because he couldn’t tell whether the rule to help humans is good or bad. However, So Bong nicely puts it into perspective. Although human Shin and Seo are evil, “If you help them, I’ll let you. Why? Because it’s a good thing to help people.

Because even if I can’t do it, you will do what’s right. That’s who you are and I like that rule.”

She holds his hand and asks him not to be discouraged, “It’s not a sin to be a robot.” She then shouts for everyone to hear that Shin is a robot hahaha. Shin hastily stops her, worried that something might happen to her while he helps humans.

But So Bong already has a plan – she will stick to him like glue!


OMG this couple is so adorable, especially when Shin’s face cannot help but bursts into a beam and yet he pretends otherwise, “No.” Who else’s face spreads into a smile as they watch this scene? Mine certainly did! I couldn’t control my facial muscles!

He then walks away but So Bong chases up and sticks to him and this turns into a game of chase.

Very reminiscent of the mid-drama episode where Shin stuck to So Bong like glue!

The next day, robot Shin sneaks into the house when human Shin leaves for work and incidentally stops Hee Dong from playing with a phone. Hee Dong immediately recognises that this is the nice, robot Shin, not the meanie Shin. Ho Yun initially thinks that Shin is up to no good but starts to realise something is different because this Shin is in different clothes and also, Hee Dong likes this Shin.

At work, Young Hoon suddenly turns up, seemingly on human Shin’s side. He tells Shin, “Until you break or I get exhausted, I will not give up.” Nonetheless, he must go visit Grandpa. Later, Seo frets over why Young Hoon is back. Shin knows that Seo plans to get rid of him once he gets rid of Grandpa, and asks sacarstically whether Seo is anxious that Young Hoon will stand in his way. In this regard, I don’t feel that human Shin is just being stupid and naive, as some have pointed out. He clearly knows Seo’s purpose in helping him but he is trying to use Seo’s power to help him in his own childish game of pushing Grandpa aside. So yes he’s childish and immature, but I wouldn’t say he’s stupid.

Seo wants Shin to propose something new at the upcoming meeting, where he will announce Shin’s takeover of the company. Shin thus raises the idea of the M-city to his team but his team is overwhelmed; the fact that M-car proceeded so quickly was also because Shin earlier had such a clear vision.

The team wonders at lunch whether Shin has a split personality. The one previously said not to skip meals and the one now says, “Your time belongs to the company.” Ji Yong points out that they are really like two different people with the same face. When he comes out from the toilet later, robot Shin approaches him, much to his confusion. But Shin says, “I told you to eat on time,” and Ji Yong gets it.

This is the previous Shin! Now I  understand why they singled Ji Yong out as the only colleague who is suspicious of Shin right from the start – so that he can be some sort of ally now.

Shin reports back to So Bong, “It was a success,” and adorably feeds her. How many times have I used the word ‘adorable’? I’m sorry but this couple is really testing my limits of synonyms. Help.

At night, Young Hoon makes a call to the lawyer to come down to YangPyeong but alas, Seo is behind him. They have a passive-aggressive conversation where Seo says not anyone can be like him, “Why are you pretending to be a bad guy? What do you have to hide?” Young Hoon merely smirks and leaves.

Meanwhile, David leaves the server room with the kill-switch but is shocked to find human Shin outside the room. Human Shin points out that he can simply use Grandpa’s finger to get into this server room (eew) or he will just blow it up and build another building. David mutters that he’s out of control and he pities Laura and robot Shin for having to suffer by him. Before human Shin turns away, David tells him that he’s the one who took photos of hiim for 20 years. Ever wonder why Laura built robot Shin this way? With a lie detector, a rule to hug anyone who cries, waterproof system and the Disaster Mode?


In one of the most oh-damn moments of this episode, David smirks, “You hate people who lied, you hugged your mum whenever you cried, you liked to swim with your mum and you wanted to be a firefighter. That was you.” And because Laura missed him so much, she put all those abilities into NamShin III.


“She loved him, but that was her love for you.” I love this little speech and it triggers all sorts of interesting thoughts.

I read a comment that said that So Bong basically fell in love with the old Nam Shin. This is so thought-provoking I had to talk about it here. It’s true that NamShin III came equipped with the child NamShin set up and I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me. But even then, I personally disagree that So Bong fell in love with an old Shin because the personality of robot Shin is a culmination of many factors and some of which admittedly possible only because he’s a robot. Human Shin always hugged his mother, but robot Shin would extend this kindness to any human. Human Shin wants to be a firefighter, but only robot Shin can achieve the extent of life-saving as he did in the earlier episodes because he is a robot.

Also, let us not forget that most importantly, robot Shin was made to be the anti-thesis of human Shin in that he was made to be happy because human Shin was always sullen. Robot Shin’s sweetness, kindness and unwavering loyalty to his rules are crucial differences. This is why So Bong falls in love with him and why I think ultimately, I still wouldn’t say robot Shin is anywhere near the character of a child Shin. He has some features, but that’s all. Nonetheless, interesting thoughts!

Meanwhile, Seo, who has overheard Young Hoon’s end of the conversation, knows that he’s meeting someone in YangPyeong. Upon being informed that Grandpa’s nursing home is there, he quickly turns the car and rushes to the room, only to see from outside Young Hoon telling Grandpa that he was cruel. “Do you know how degrading it is every time you slap me? I felt like a lowly animal.” Seo then quickly hides upon hearing that Shin is coming, and true enough, Shin walks arrogantly into the room. Seo leaves happily, thinking that Shin is the one Young Hoon was talking to and that even Young Hoon has turned. But aha! This is all in Young Hoon’s plan. Once Seo leaves, So Bong reports back to the room that Seo has fallen for the trick and the Shin who appears is actually robot Shin.

Young Hoon points out that he really looks like human Shin again and So Bong chirps, “Take a good look at him. This is the last time.” Why? We don’t know why right at this point but this line has extra significance when it comes to the ending. The lawyer then arrives and takes instructions from who he thinks is human Shin to change the will.

I loveee how robot Shin schools his expression the moment the lawyer walks in and how So Bong has to stop a smile.

Human Shin ponders over what David has said and looks visibly softened. He calls his mother and the next thing we know, Laura is nervous about meeting human Shin. He has apparently called her to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Seo introduces Grandpa’s succesor as Nam Shin and human Shin arrogantly smiles down at the audience. As Seo makes mention of the Medicar which is apparently making waves in the industry, human Shin notes So Bong’s appearance in the audience.

Shockingly, Young Hoon interrupts the ceremony and announces that it is not this Nam Shin who made the Medicar a success. It is another Nam Shin. Shin yells, “Hyung!!” and….

music cues – Robot Shin appears from the back of the hall.

As he makes his way down to the stage, the audience is confused.

Ho Yun hilariously does a double take between the two Shins.


Robot Shin greets the audience, “Hello. I planned and launched Medicar. I’m an AI robot, Nam Shin III.”


He turns to face human Shin who is enraged and lost, whilst So Bong smiles supportively from below.

-the end-

AND that is why So Bong says this is the last time – because this is truly the last time robot Shin will be asked to pretend to be human Shin. Now that he has made his identity known to the world, there is no more reason to hide (unless the two Shins become friends in the future and decide to play pranks like twins). There’s something so empowering between reading So Bong’s line and the ending that I’m glad I caught it the second time watching. I feel so happy that this episode is all about robot Shin being comfortable in his own skin and accepting himself for who he is, and that this culminates in a face-off between the two Shins.

The moments that move me the most were when robot Shin hesitates and starts to doubt his own judgement. It’s a very subtle sign of evolution once more no doubt, but it hurts me to see such a kind and innocent character being traumatised by something which is not entirely of his own doing. I couldn’t help but grab a tissue even though I don’t think those scenes were meant to be tear-jerkers.

On an irrelevant side note though, I always kinda wonder why they didn’t just say NamShin III was a twin and be done with it. I know that would be a cop out but wouldn’t it make things so much easier to explain? But I guess even twins wouldn’t have the same names. Also, something completely frivolous – did robot Shin overwrite or override his code? I googled and I can’t decide HAHA, so I stuck with overwrite.

Very happy with how this drama is coming along and quite sad that next week will be our last. I would of course talk about the other characters in my finale recap but it seems like I’ve sung so much praise of Seo Kang Joon and yet I can’t stop! I wonder if he has to take copious metnal notes as to which Shin is impersonating which Shin as what because boy, it is confusing.

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. Mary says

    Hi! I loved your recap and also loved this episode. It was heartwarming to see how much support NS3 got from So Bong and Young Hoon, so he can confidently be himself and show himself to the world. I also have hope that Young Hoon has a good plan and he will make Nam Shin to come back to his senses. I like that love is stressed in this series as the force that moves and changes people: NS3 being more human every day, So Bong being an awesome woman willing to go any lengths for the ones she loves, and hopefully next week Nam Shin will be also recovered thanks to the power of love from Young Hoon and Oh Ro Ra.
    Looking forward to see the end but also sad to say goodbye to this series. It’s just so good. I love the whole cast (special mention of course for the utterly handsome and talented Kang Joon), but also the script, the production, music or cinematography are great. Unless they screw it badly in the ending, it’s going to make it to my top fave tv series.

    Liked by 1 person

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