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The Guest Episode 9 Review

Really enjoyed this episode!

Will be changing the review style up a little for this post – instead of a quick recap, I will be sharing my favourite moments; while they may not read in a detailed, chronological manner, it will hopefully still be enough for you to get the whole story!

I mentioned in my earlier review (EP1 to EP8 review here) that I love the combination of the three people, who were perfectly picked for their identities and personalities. Here, we get to see a detective quarrel with a psychic on what is the appropriate thing to do when a possessed child killed her own father.


The best thing is that I get both perspectives – Hwa Pyung who is semi-driven by his own guilt and partly just out of empathy for the child, and Gil Young who has to stay through to her detective ideals. Truth be told, I’m glad she stuck to them. This makes me trust her even more.


Yoon/Mateo’s inner sympathy for Hwa Pyung also shines through in this moment, as he rushes to explain to Gil Young the reason why Hwa Pyung is so invested in this manner. Love Kim Jae Wook’s depth in the eyes!

The guys initially split up to find Seo Yoon, but Yoon runs back into him and finds Hwa Pyung in a daze. For some reason, this is my favourite daze moment thus far, because I like it that the other two now understand immediately what’s going on when Hwa Pyung goes into a trance. Rather than shaking him, they kinda let him live out the trance, but still remain worried for him.


When the trio eventually locates the injured mother (who has been lured out by a possessed Seo Yoon), the guys enter the building to find Seo Yeon. There’s a moment when Yoon walks past a mirror and it created this eerie, cliche but still creepy image:


When I saw this, I immediately thought – wow very movie-like! Also, I hate those houses of mirrors, where you enter and literally get lost inside. I think it’s because I watched Valentine at a younger, impressionable age and have been scarred since.

Despite his injured body after having been attacked by ghosts, Yoon insists on carrying out the exorcism for Seo Yoon.


Heo Yool performs sooo wonderfully here – the way she screams while she is possessed and how she cries afterwards is outstanding.

Meanwhile, Hwa Pyung and Yook Gwang locate the object which strengthens Park Il Do’s power – a knife found in Seo Yoon’s dad’s car, and attempt to break it. No matter how many times I watch this, I still chuckle when I see Yook Gwang brandishing a knife and chasing after a poor soul of car workshop, when poor soul has no idea all Yook Gwang wanted was to borrow something heavy to destroy the knife. H I L A R I O U S.

When everything is over, and Yoon&Hwa Pyung give Seo Yoon a last check, they are shocked to realise that Seo Yoon has seen Park Il Do before.


I love how the little revelations are done very subtly, realistically without being over the top and with crazy music.

After overhearing the two adults, Seo Yoon volunteers to check for them whether Park Hong Joo is in fact possessed by Park Il Do. Yoon thus brings her to church, intending for her to observe from afar, but both get startled when Park Hong Joo approaches them first.


The moment was full of suspense, but it turns out in the end that Seo Yoon only sees the ghost of the girl Park Hong Joo killed, and not Park Il Do. Now that we know for sure, I guess all hands are pointing to Priest Yang now?

Finally, my top favourite moment of the episode is when Hwa Pyung tries to stuff a talisman into Yoon’s pocket, and unsurprisingly faces a struggle, because like what Yoon points out, “Are you giving…a Catholic Priest…a talisman??”


HAHA. I love it not just because of their reactions, but also because the idea of utilising both a shaman and a Catholic Priest is something interesting I observed in my earlier review. I loveee the existence of both in this drama and the Yook Gwang/shaman bits actually add really good comic relief to what is otherwise, a heavy drama!

Two minor observations from this episode: 

1. This is a show that makes me mildly suspicious of anyone who is thirsty.

Seeing how Yoon guzzles down the beer makes me want to give him the side eye. I’m taking it at the moment to be nothing more than a funny jab at the previous possessed persons who all ended up being very thirsty. Probably he’s also feeling it as a side effect from the Ghosts Attack. Hopefully it doens’t mean Yoon will end up going batshit crazy.

2. Am I the only one who is unintimidated by Park Il Do?


I mean, why does he have to be sooo tall with such scaly skin?

That’s all for now!


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