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Children of Sky Castle and what they are doing in 2019

A huge fan of Sky Castle children and would like to know where you can continue to watch them? Read more to find out!

It occurred to me the other day that the children of Sky Castle have all rather quickly entered into new projects after the fame of Sky Castle, so I thought I would write a list. I’m not gonna lie – I’m extremely pleased about these projects and can’t wait to see more (I also say children quite loosely because fun fact: did you know that Chani is the youngest of the lot, and most of them are actually adults?)

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Kim Hye Yoon – Ye Seo 

I personally am more invested in Hye Yoon (and Chani) because I feel like she’s a really good actress who will be able to portray very nuanced characters. Despite Ye Seo being the whiniest brat to grace our lives, I had interestingly always looked forward to her scenes.

Compared to the rest, Hye Yoon hasn’t entered as quickly into a new drama and has instead appeared on a few variety shows. She is however supposedly taking on the lead role in July Found by Chance (many thanks to a Twitter reader for pointing this out to me!), so I’m sure it will be something exciting to wait for.

For now, you can catch her on Knowing Brothers,

and she has also participated in an episode on Running Man, which will be airing in April.

It’s so funny that she now has to re-enact her brattiest lines for the hosts’ curiosity and admiration. I’m however, eager for her to take on very different roles in the future just to shake off the Ye Seo image.

Kim Bo-Ra – Hye Na 

Bo Ra almost immediately appeared after Sky Castle in a new web-drama called Ghostderella, which can be found on Youtube and nicely English-subbed for the international fans. I watched the first episode and found it mildly intriguing, but didn’t continue. Oddly, I love the character of Hye Na but don’t quite feel the same urge to follow through with Bo Ra’s web-drama.

However, she’s also slated to appear as a supporting character in tvN’s upcoming drama, Her Private Life, starring Kim Jae Wook (who will no longer be psychopathic or tormented) and Park Min Young. Now that’s a drama I’m excited about!

Here’s a teaser for the drama which will drop on 10th April:

(I personally hated how this teaser made me so giddy oops.)

Chani – Woojoo 

If you had followed me for a while now, you would have heard that I’m officially a fan of Chani and SF9. It was sooo intriguing to see Chani, who was rather quiet on Happy Together and mature, as a rapper and dancer and also the evil maknae of his group.

Following the end of Sky Castle, Chani is now part of a web-drama, Love In Your Taste, as a member of a university cooking club.  There will be English subs after a week or two so you just have to have some patience and check back.

I genuinely enjoy Chani’s acting ever since Signal (yes I realised Sun Woo was acted by the same guy as Woo Joo the moment Woo Joo appeared, I don’t know how but it must be that innocent face of his). However, it doesn’t seem like many people are aware of Chani’s new webdrama, which I thought was rather surprising. I personally cannot wait for him to get another gem of a drama project to display his acting skills again. I have high hopes for him, just like Yeo Jin Goo!

Other than that, I don’t think he is going to be taking on any acting projects for now as SF9 will be going for its Europe-US tours soon before preparing for a rumoured comeback in June/July. In any case, accept this random plug from me please?

Jo Byeong Kyu – Cha Ki Joon 

Byeong Kyu! He’s currently acting as the younger version of Kim Kwon in He is Psychometric and I savour every moment he’s on screen. The two actors have incredible chemistry in portraying a singular character so it’s always fascinating to watch how each actor handles the personality of Seung Mo.

Here’s a teaser if you would like to see the older version of Seung Mo:

Byeong Kyu is also part of the cast of Asadal Chronicles, which seems to be gearing up to be a hit as it is starring Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won. The exact date hasn’t dropped yet, so for now, you can enjoy his performance in He is Psychometric.

Kim Dong Hee – Cha Seo Joon 

Ah Dong Heee our Elsa prince. It seems like he hasn’t really announced any further plans at the moment but he’s a fresh one in the scene (with only previous work of A-Teen) so there’s lot of potential for him!

In the meantime, you can catch him on KBS radio here with the rest of his co-stars:

Park Yoo-na –  Cha Seri 

Yoo-na always appears to be very mature and that’s why her previous roles entail slightly older roles (e.g president of the batch, daughter of a young father whom everyone thought was her sugar daddy at first). Thus, I thought it would be interesting to see if she can carry off a more nonsensical/younger personality in the future.

Yoo-na will also be taking the lead in the web-drama Two Hearts, which has recently been released. You can catch the first episode here, although I’m sure some patience will be required as well for the English subs to come.

Others: Song Geon Hee (Young Jae), Lee Ji Won (Ye Bin), and Lee Yoo Jin (Soo Han) 

Song Geon Hee will be taking part in an upcoming Netflix K-drama called Love Alarm, while the other two (legit) children will probably be taking a while to decide on their new projects since they will still be schooling.

-the end-

Well, that was fun to put together. I kept this list mostly to dramas but most of them also have other on-going commitments, including shoots, so do check them out! I’m happy to see that Sky Castle has launched these adorable people, and also the older cast, to (more) fame because they truly deserve it!

Was there any project I’ve missed out? Or anyone else you would like to read about? Let me know in the comments below!


(individual photos credited to the respective instagram and twitter accounts, please credit thoughtsramble if you would like to use the collage)



  1. Robin N says

    Like you, I’m really enjoying Jo Byeong-kyu’s work in “He Is Psychometric” as the younger version of Kim Kwon’s character. He brings a real depth to a role that (so far) is fairly minimal in terms of exposition. You sense his character’s subliminal fear and determination. I think the production caught a lucky break when the original young actor pegged for that role had to withdraw (yet another scandal).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there! Wow, that’s a really good way of putting it in that Byeong Kyu as the younger version brought depth to the character; indeed I think he provided hints of a backstory even without explicitly stating anything. I’m glad he caught the chance to act on this drama as well, win-win for everybody!!


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