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Monstar Part lll

in the end, my love for this drama started to ebb away, so here's some final thoughts from me without any screenshots. I think it's a lovely drama (note: especially if you support the main couple). They do awesome covers and I like how there's a backstory to almost all the characters, so it was very satisfying to finally learn of them. However, I read both Dramabeans and Couch Kimchi's recaps for the last episode, as I decided I didn't want to waste anymore time watching or loading the shows…and the thing is, both of them dislike Seon Woo! I think I must have been quite blinded/biased/Seon Woo turned horrible in the last episode then, because I still find Seol Chan very annoying and that there's hardly any cute parts about him. True, he was super sweet when he told Ahjusshi that he grew up listening to J. Ahn's composing, but he isn't always that sweet. And he has that inferiority complex thingy going on or is it some jealous thingy that just makes him …

Monstar Part ll

There's just something better when they have wet hair. — Anyway, I must let out some of my pent-up rant right here. I may be biased because 1. I like Seon Woo's actor and 2. He's better looking to me. However, it's just not understandable why Se Yi would ultimately go with Seul Chan instead of Seon Woo. If you carve a main male lead's character, you should at least make him appealing. But he's just annoying when he likes to shout at Se Yi and hide his real feelings inside, or grab her wrist, or shout at Seul Chan when it was his own mistake to start with ("Are you a spy?" "Are you kidding, you know Hyo Rin could sing and you didn't say anything?" Hello, who was the one who told the All For One group that you guys are going to sing for the competition. Yes you, Seul Chan, so don't point your finger at someone else) I can't see what's appealing about this character other than the fact that he …

Monstar Part l

A show with one of my favourite people from The Heirs, and such a cute, pretty female lead? Bring it on man. Haha, *totally ignoring the main lead as of now* *you should have seen my reaction when I saw the second lead, I was like "WHY IS HE NOT THE MAIN LEAD* *but it's okay, maybe it will all change, just like my feelings towards JB:P* <3thoughtsramble