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Monstar Part lll

in the end, my love for this drama started to ebb away, so here's some final thoughts from me without any screenshots.

I think it's a lovely drama (note: especially if you support the main couple). They do awesome covers and I like how there's a backstory to almost all the characters, so it was very satisfying to finally learn of them. However, I read both Dramabeans and Couch Kimchi's recaps for the last episode, as I decided I didn't want to waste anymore time watching or loading the shows…and the thing is, both of them dislike Seon Woo!

I think I must have been quite blinded/biased/Seon Woo turned horrible in the last episode then, because I still find Seol Chan very annoying and that there's hardly any cute parts about him. True, he was super sweet when he told Ahjusshi that he grew up listening to J. Ahn's composing, but he isn't always that sweet. And he has that inferiority complex thingy going on or is it some jealous thingy that just makes him shout and flare at Se Yi all the time.

I guess it's also a personal 'principle' issue where I judge characters by how I would react to them in reality. Seon Woo's fault lies in that he ( may be) mean to Nana, even though Nana makes it so clear about her crush and he still turns a blind eye to her. But that's hardly a fault that only he commits, especially when we see Se Yi doing the same thing. It always irks me when the girl realises the main lead likes her wayyy faster than the realisation that the second lead likes her and has been protecting her ass until the main lead suddenly decides to join the picture (sorry, that was like my You Are Beautiful angst coming all out again). On the other hand, I won't take a guy who shouts at me and gets jealous all the time, or doesn't say what he thinks and tries to poke the other person into saying what he wants, or I don't know…till the very end, still calling Seon Woo out for showdown talks. It's not cute.

And eventually, it made me feel that their triangle of love is rather childish and I don't even know what all the confusion/angst/tears are for.

But okay, Se Yi's very, very pretty. HAHA.


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