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Monstar Part ll


There's just something better when they have wet hair.

Anyway, I must let out some of my pent-up rant right here. I may be biased because 1. I like Seon Woo's actor and 2. He's better looking to me. However, it's just not understandable why Se Yi would ultimately go with Seul Chan instead of Seon Woo. If you carve a main male lead's character, you should at least make him appealing. But he's just annoying when he likes to shout at Se Yi and hide his real feelings inside, or grab her wrist, or shout at Seul Chan when it was his own mistake to start with ("Are you a spy?" "Are you kidding, you know Hyo Rin could sing and you didn't say anything?" Hello, who was the one who told the All For One group that you guys are going to sing for the competition. Yes you, Seul Chan, so don't point your finger at someone else) I can't see what's appealing about this character other than the fact that he likes Se Yi, and knows some of her secrets which Seon Woo doesn't (and not by his own merit either, just simply because he likes to eavesdrop on her conversations with the father's friend).

Does it make any sense? I don't always side with the second leads — Dream High 2 is a good testament of how I ultimately swing to the main male lead and support the main couple till the very end. Yet, it's dramas like these that make me annoyed. You guys are creating such a skewed impression of what a love/crush should be and it's always saddening to see that the female lead is ultimately attracted to the one who is so mean to her (you know, all that it's so sweet because he's mean on the outside but I know he likes me on the inside)

Nevertheless, I really like the show thus far because of the plot and the speed at which it's moving along. It's just this male leads thing that is bogging me down, and if I didn't like the plot enough, I would have stopped watching. It's time they stop creating dramas where the second male leads lose out simply because of timing (E.g in Episode 8 where both Seul Chan and Seon Woo asked Se Yi out for a movie. I'm sure if Seon Woo had asked first, Se Yi would have agreed.)

Give the nice guys a chance man.


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