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Prosecutor Princess Episode 1-3

Right, so I’ve watched episodes 1 to 3 at the expense of my sleep and I must say, I’m hooked on the show!:D

I’m kinda lazy to type the synopsis here, so if you are interested, just wiki it — can’t go wrong with that.

As mentioned before, I was very irritated with Ma Hye Ri because spoilt brats irritate me a lot. Basically I dislike anyone who does not realise the trouble she brings to others and continue happily with whatever she was doing. Episode 1 focuses mostly on introducing the main characters — Ma Hye Ri, Seo In Woo, Yoon Se Joon and Jin Jung Sun. I was pretty confused at first because the drama was withholding information on me. For example, In Woo behaves like he knows Hye Ri before and that he’s kind of helping her becoming a good prosecutor despite having only just met her due to what seems to be a hotel management error. Jung Sun is helping to take care of a kid that’s not hers.

Then, Episode 2 to 3 start to develop the plot further as we’re shown more and more of each character’s inner feelings. I started watching because of Park Shi Hoo due to his role in Family Honour, but Kim So Yeon has caught my attention. She was good, totally good, in conveying this spoilt-but-does-not-think-that-she-did-anything-wrong 24 year old rich kid and a particular scene that caught my eye was the one when she was scolded by the bureau chef.

The video player spoilt some of the scenes though, sadly. I think it was in Episode 4 when Se Joon was fighting bad guys and Hye Ri was so impressed, that the player started buffering every 2 seconds which then went on for 10 minutes before hanging on me completely.

I think that Prosecutor Princess is interesting in this sense because Seo In Woo was brought across to me as someone who was more like a second male lead rather than the main lead. Instead, Se Joon was the one that was shown with more screen time and also the one that Hye Ri liked first.

I’m going to go on a drama marathon, fellow drama lovers!:D It’s a long list — I’m going to juggle 3 dramas, Prosecutor Princess, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Sungkyunkwan Scandal at one time, after which I will watch Glee and watch all those episodes from Ghost Whisperer Season 5 [ Anyone knows if a season 6 is coming?] I’ve missed because of my examinations. My upcoming updates will most probably take the form of this entry, like reviews of about three to four episodes at one time. Oooh, the theatres in my country are going to show The Incite Mill. I want to catch it!:D

My conclusion? At the end of this all, I will end up in the zoo, as a friend of our dear pandas.

    The thing with the rat race is that even if you win at the end of it all, you are still a rat


  1. Anonymous says

    yes, show with the news broadcasting was the one kim so yeon was in, called all about eve…
    glad PP is getting to you… oh… and funny how you remarked about PSH being like a second male lead… during the live airing of the drama, there was a whole shipping full-on WAR about who the male lead was… (and I was an active part of that war.) people wrote essays and essays on psychology, religion, and all that just because of Team Lawyer vs Team prosecutor.. haha. thinking back about it brings memories.
    and good choice of drama marathoning.. how come you still didn’t watch MGiaG or SKKS?? they are technically more universally liked than PK.. kk. I’m in love with PK more but objectively speaking, either of those dramas thumps PK in terms of solidity.
    and are you talking about glee season 1 , or 2? i’ve watched season 1 but have yet to catch up with season. as for the gost whisp, i haven’t heard of season 6.

    happy viewing!


      • Also, her role in All About Eve has left such a deep impression on me, it’s like watching a scheming and cunning woman suddenly turning into a spoilt brat


    • So it’s really her! I don’t know why, even though I suspected that she acted in that show before, I couldn’t believe it’s her. It’s like… it’s kinda hard to believe for me that someone could still remain as a female lead after so many years and still looks the same.

      Serious! Hahaha I can’t believe there’s a whole war on this! lol. I don’t know lol I think I was trying to be “faithful” to one drama PK cos I like it so much:P I’ve yet to watch both seasons! Have you watched Ghost Whisperer before?


  2. Anonymous says

    LOL that’s not weird! I think a lot of people prefer good looking actresses and actors:D I think that Meichan was a little….too fantasy? but that’s the reason why I like it so much haha! Yep I like the Ella and Wu Zhun couple pairing too haha:D


  3. Anonymous says

    Haha maybe different opinions?(: Cos my other friend feels like he carries the character off quite well. Oh really? I read somewhere that Calvin is listed as the lead instead of him, and my friend who has watched all the existing episodes said that the drama’s slanting towards a Da Ye-Xiao Feng pairing. I would really hope that I’m wrong though!:P


  4. Anonymous says

    At the beginning of the film Pepinot thinks his parents will come for him on saturday, hence it fits that Mathieu is fired and takes Pepinot away on a saturday.


  5. Anonymous says

    I HATE EXAMSD: I hate essays too, they practically wreck my hand. Haha!

    Yeah precisely… apparently there’ll be season 2 so I hope the questions will clear up(:


  6. Anonymous says

    You’re tempting me to just give up my excuses and just watch it. But I think I’ll wait for your thoughts on the whole drama first 🙂


  7. Anonymous says


    Hi! I gotta say you took the words right out of my mouth! i love this book an i love the characters but im having trouble finding more books like this. I have the other 2 books in the series (castle in the air and House of many ways) but they just dont have the same kind of touch this one had, do you have any suggestions? Anything along the lines of this would be fine!


  8. Anonymous says

    hey. it’s been a long time…
    i need to catch up on your blog later on… -_-”
    so, you fell for aaron huh? lol. I fell for him years ago… now, he’s just a really cute good looking guy I occasionally have a crush on so you can have him. XD


  9. Anonymous says

    movie title??

    hi !!
    i just saw your list hahaha
    since you’ve seen so many korean movies….i wonder if u can help me….
    i’m looking for a movie where the guy has to go for a head check in a hospital and on his way there he stops the car near a bus station where a girl was sitting in the RAIN :))) the girl was a pacient at that hospital..he falls in love with her,finds out that she’ll die,then he finds out that he has a brain tumor…and he’ll die too 😀 but he doesn’t want for the girl to know that about him but after she dies,he finds a videoclip of hers where she says that she knew about his tumor….
    i know the movie because i saw it but now i want to recomend it to some friends and i can’t remember the name of it and can’t find it on internet….hope you can help me


  10. Anonymous says

    my finals are coming so wish me luck!!!
    dont have much time but i saw the title and HAD to read…
    I was so sad when DWJ died… i was hoping for more chrestomanci stories. still, she left us with pure CLASSIC children’s books.
    My fav of her is christopher’s lives.
    did you read house of many ways yet? it’s also good.
    love ur LJ. it’s always positive it gives me much needed relief.


  11. Anonymous says

    I just finished it last night actually. It was good. Not a favourite but it was worth watching. I love He Jun Xiang! I think he’s mostly a good actor, sometimes not so much though. He was awesome in Why Why Love and Devil Beside You. He wasn’t bad in Sunny Happiness either.


  12. Anonymous says

    Oh… I’ve never finished X Family… But I watched both KOne… If ur fahrenheit fan, or like you seem to be yan yalun’s fan, then they are both watchable dramas, if you prepare yourself first for some of the wacky scenes… for me, i fell in love with the ost for both… XD plus in KOone, you get to see aaron play the piano at some point… but then again, I don’t think you’ll lose much by not watching them eihter…



  13. Anonymous says

    Lol. Yeah I like to change pictures often because I get bored. If you didn’t know who is in the picture its Xiu from the band Dong Cheng Wei and the T-drama K.O.3an Guo.

    Sound of Colours was really good but so sad!

    I see you’re watching City Hunter. I like Lee Min Ho but I’m not sure if even he could get me to watch that K-drama. I’ve read some of the manga and didn’t like it. I will keep reading your comments about it though, just to see what you think.

    I can’t believe I’m watching four dramas at the moment. I’m waiting on subs for K.O.3an Guo and Mei Le Jia You. I’m also watching Hwang Jin Yi, and Shima Shima without subs – which is hard but I can’t resist watching it because Miura Shohei is in it and I love him.

    What makes you choose to watch a particular drama?


  14. Anonymous says

    omg how did i miss this reply (well having a backed up inbox is clearly the answer >_>;;)

    well did you ever finish this one? i kinda gave up on episode 7 -_-; i feel that the creators of this drama had no idea what they were doing and just… well…… idek -_-;


  15. Anonymous says

    yay! I loved your review, its nice to meet someone who is as in love with nodame cantabile as I am. I mean, it is such a good drama! Have you ever read the manga or watched the anime?


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  17. Anonymous says

    About Kayashima

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  18. Anonymous says

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