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Prosecutor Princess Episode 4-7

Hey guys! This is going to be a pretty short review, but anyway, just gonna say that Episode 7’s ending is really delightful!:D

The highlights of these few episodes include Ma Hye Ri taking up a case but the victim’s mother disliked her and requested for a change of prosecutors. Hye Ri became more responsible and chose to leave the plane even though she wanted to escape to Japan at first, due to the bad publicity that she had. In Woo continued to help her with her every wish, but Hye Ri only consciously took note of what Se Joon did for her. In Episode 7, In Woo decided to help Hye Ri make Se Joon her man, since that’s the kind of love she wanted. " If that’s the kind of love Ma Hye Ri wants, I want to give it to her" he said. Then, towards the ending, Se Joon realised that his daughter kept a note from Hye Ri which basically invited him for a picnic. He ran to her house [ In Woo is Hye Ri’s neighbour, though by no coincidence] but In Woo decided to pull an act to make Se Joon jealous — hug and then, kiss Hye Ri right in front of him. Hye Ri was facing against Se Joon and so she was in total shock that In Woo did something like that.

I once mused over this to my friend, that somehow dramas have predictable male lead characters and second male lead characters. I keep asking her, the last time was quite recent I believe, " What happens if you actually swop the male lead character with the second male lead except that the male lead is still the male lead just that he behaves like a second male lead?" I have a nice friend who either didn’t understand my question but pretended she did, or she understood but had no answer as well. Prosecutor Princess answered that question, and that was what really got me interested. I don’t know if I have not watched enough dramas [ but gosh I don’t think that’s the case] but this is one of the few, or even the first, drama I’ve watched with characterisation like that. It hooked me right in. It’s a novel idea and somehow, I must admit that I am glad my question wasn’t as nonsensical or lame as I thought it was.

That being said, I do feel sad for In Woo because of all the sacrifices he’s willing to make for Hye Ri [ just like those second male leads who will go all out to help the female leads].

I really like the case that Hye Ri took on because it touched my heart. I really, really like that child actress who acted as a girl that had been sexually abused. She’s so cute! I wish she was the daughter of Se Joon so that I could see her more often, but then if that was the case, we wouldn’t be able to see how great her acting was. I admit that I cried a little especially when JiMin [ sort of forgot her name] was in the court. I love the change in Hye Ri’s character as well; it’s what I’ve been waiting for.

Hye Ri said in one of the episodes that " Prosecutor Yoon is like a big, tall tree, the kind that provides a lot of shade and you know you can depend on him." I thought that was quite an apt description and it got me thinking how I would describe In Woo. The closest, but still not apt at all, description I could come up with was the breeze– something that doesn’t really seem to be there, something which prescence might not seem significant, but it brings relief… and it has a certain direction [ In Woo’s direction to help Hye Ri].

I’m actually watching Episode 8 already! The next review will come probably tomorrow or the day after.

    You have to let go of the past for the future to come — Guess who said this?:D



  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v.
    that smirkiss was totally swoon worthy… i can’t tell you how many times i replayed the scene…
    and yes, i love how ma hye ri is changing as well.
    as for what you said about kim so yeon transforming from villain to ditzy head. i agree. she’s such an amazing actress, playing so many differently roles all memorably. in all about eve, she practically stole the show. in gourmet, she was elegant. in IRIS, she was badass and stole the show again. but i think she’s the most endearing as a more cheerful character, more like herself when she’s in PP and dr champ.

    yes.. there was a whole shipping war going on… close to the scale of KJW vs KRW for my love patzzi. and of course i’m team lawyer…
    PSH had my love since family’s honor. kk.
    i know what you mean about being faithful. i usually do that as well. i didn’t watch IRIS at all until You’re beautiful aired… but this year, there’s SO many dramas worth watching that if i do that, i’ll end up having a hard time catching up to everything.. kk.
    and yes, i’ve watched ghost whisperer… ^^


    • I replayed it too!! Yeah it’s like she’s such a natural at Hye Ri, it’s kinda hard to put her as the one acting as the villian. Oh she’s the antagonist in IRIS?

      I like PSH since family honour too!! I started watching prosecutor princess because of him actually, but PP kept me going because of the great acting, plot, PSH and KSY


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