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Prosecutor Princess Episode 8 -12

I totally look like a panda right now.

Episode 8 starts with a replay of that kiss [ we fangirls all swoon over ] that Episode 7 ends with. In Woo continued to help Hye Ri to attract Se Joon. Hye Ri found that there seemed to someone in her house but she couldn’t find him/her. It was all the smallest details that got her very worried, like how the channel on television wasn’t the one that she watched, how the clothes on her bed would disappear. In the end, she called In Woo who came to her rescue and found the ‘stalker’ hiding in a cupboard. Apparently the ‘stalker’ had mental problems and thought that he was cohabiting with Hye Ri. Se Joon continued to be nice, and nicer, to Hye Ri, like agreeing to her request to hold hands and taking a stroll down the path filled with sakura trees. The drama continues to let out hints about In Woo’s grudge and motive for getting close to Hye Ri. One day, Hye Ri found a photo of herself in In Woo’s house, and got suspicious because at that point in time when the photo was taken, In Woo and Hye Ri [supposedly] had not known each other yet. She asked In Woo to move away, but changed her mind because she thought that In Woo purely had a crush on her and that he had not done anything wrong. Soon, the plot gets complicated as Go Man Chul was involved in a murder case that happened 15 years ago, a case that happened to involve Ma Teng Sae, Hye Ri’s father.

Episode 11 and 12 were very sad as In Woo felt torn over continuing with his plan, and stopping the plan because he couldn’t bear to hurt Hye Ri. In the end, In Woo distanced himself from Hye Ri, such as disappearing for days. Hye Ri realised during his absence, that she might have fallen in love with In Woo. " To like someone and to fall for someone is different" she said as she realised that she only liked Se Joon but fell in love with In Woo. She felt even more pained because she began to suspect her father’s involvement in the murder case and she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to investigate more. Even when In Woo finally appeared after a long, long time, he didn’t care about her and Hye Ri was both baffled and sad. As Hye Ri continued to investigate the case, she realised that Seo In Woo had connections with all the essential people of the case — Jung Ran, the lover of Go Man Chul, and Shin Dong Ha’s father, who is the witness of the murder case. Episode 12 ended with Hye Ri running a check on In Woo, and realising that he might not be what he appeared to be.

Wow, this synopsis is long.

From Episode 8-10, Prosecutor Yoon really appeared to be like a male lead — someone that Hye Ri liked, someone that Hye Ri thought was handsome, someone that in the end might like Hye Ri back. However, Episode 11 and 12 took a turn and to me, it was a smooth transit from portraying Prosecutor Yoon as the ‘male lead’ to In Woo being the male lead, what with his angst and the fact that he had more screen time. When I saw both In Woo and Hye Ri crying separately but at the same time, it makes me super sad. I know that In Woo had to do that distancing, but it didn’t make things better as he treated Hye Ri in a totally mean way. It’s even sadder when every time he did something mean to Hye Ri, he would turn his back on her and then the viewers would see that he’s crying.

Yoon Se Joon was really quite good looking when he smiled. I was hoping that Prosecutor Jin would dress up and be pretty to her fullest potential, and the viewers got a glimpse of that when she dressed up and went to look at the sakura trees by herself. Somehow, when she took out her specs, she looked a little like the nurse in Code Blue. Hmm. At first, I was wondering what Hye Ri’s reaction would be when she knew that she looked like the wife, but after Episode 11, I realise that she might not even care. In Woo having a motive to get close to her will deal a much heavier blow.

In Woo cut his hair!D: Even though he looked more refreshed, I like him better with longer fringe. I hope his image will change again!:P I also love how Prosecutor Yoon is so understanding and nice now. I think he might even realise that all along, he had liked Prosecutor Jin:P I certainly hope it’s this way! Oh, and Hye Ri’s stilettos are scary. They look so painful!! They pose as a real threat to Jenny’s [ friend of In Woo who helped him in his plan ] stilettos. I can just imagine the stilettos fighting and going, " I have a higher heel than you" " NO I have a higher heel" and so on.

I like Prosecutor Princess partly also because of how it builds up. From the start, it gives clues that In Woo knowing Hye Ri might not be as straightforward as we think it is. It gave clues across 2 episodes that there’s someone in Hye Ri’s house.
In the end, I have no idea if I should be happy because I have guessed the whole secret and In Woo’s motive correctly, or sad that Hye Ri would be super sad because of this. I think I watched too much Kindaichi, that everything just fell into place when I heard that the suspect arrested for the murder case had a surname of Seo.

I will also like to say that I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THE OST! My favourite track of all is Goodbye My Princess, followed by the track that goes "Give me give me give me your real heart". I really like Fly High too, and only just found out that it’s by SHINee. Hmm however as far as I know, no one could understand me when I said that I love kdrama songs but not kpop. This is because I feel that kpop songs have not much variation and a lot of songs are made for the sole purpose of allowing the bands to dance. Kdrama OSTs have a huge variation so that each track can successfully convey the different moods of the different parts of the dramas. Also, the tracks must mean something to me, like when I hear that track, I get reminded of something, and Kdrama songs do that to me. For example, I can hear Because I’m Stupid by SS501 and feel something immediately.

I really want to buy the OST but I have no money right now, especially since I’m thinking of buying The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan. Ooh and I almost forgot this, but Playful Kiss youtube Episodes are out!:D

     When your dream calls, don’t put it on hold


  1. Anonymous says

    From missjb, my rants

    I fallin in love with the ost, too… Especially “Goodbye my princess”… It seems this song has been made to tribute to second fiddle from every korean drama in general LOL.

    Interesting enough, since beginning I always saw In woo as the main lead… It shows because In WOo’s char has more depth compare to another male lead (Se Joon)… even though in the begining, Se Joon has more screen time. In Woo just act as a second male lead in korean drama rules, who is kind, and always be there for her, not act cold infront of the female lead, etc.
    I think from episode 7 onwards, In woo start have more screen time compare to se joon.
    Just a matter of time hye ri will fall for In woo in the end. hahas…

    just my two cents….. This drama very different, right?
    If you want to watch a nice guy get the girl, watch dr champ, and loving you a thousand of time. 😉


    • Re: From missjb, my rants

      Haha thanks for your drama recommendations! I will check them out!^^ Yep, I guess from the start I’ve always known that he’s the male lead but I think it’s interesting and different to actually give the second lead more screen time than the male lead for almost half of the drama. I’m trying to get the OST as well!^^


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