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Prosecutor Princess Episode 13-15

Yes, this meant that I’ve watched 3 episodes from the last entry! Be prepared for a long review! So many things have happened.

Hye Ri investigated the case and on the other hand, kept talking to In Woo. She tried to find out what’s wrong but In Woo wouldn’t care about her or talk to her. She felt really bad inside even as she went to talk to Jung Ran, Go Man Chul or Shin Dong Hae’s father to find out what really happened 15 years ago. In the end, she realised that Jung Ran and Go Man Chul cooked up an alibi for Ma Sang Tae who in return gave them money. At the same time, she also found out that In Woo was the son of the suspect, Shin Dong Guen. Hye Ri then realised that In Woo made use of her to investigate her father’s case and she asked him if he was sorry but In Woo said he wasn’t. In Woo told her his story, that his father died in prison and out of sadness, his mother took him the States but died just 4 months due to a car accident. Ma Hye Ri’s heart pained for him and she felt guilt that her father caused this.

Hye Ri continued to find out what had happened because her father denied everything, and In Woo continued to distance himself from Hye Ri. Ma Sang Tae came to find Seo In Woo and eventually, they came to an agreement — If he went to turn himself in, then In Woo must leave Hye Ri’s side. Ma Sang Tae wanted this agreement because he believed that In Woo only became close to Hye Ri for the sole purpose of taking revenge on her father. In Woo agreed to this deal and Ma Sang Tae admitted to Hye Ri about murdering Myung Woo which actually wasn’t manslaughter but rather an act of self defense. This is because Myung Woo, a resident of the land that Ma Tae Seng bought, threatened to reveal his connections with Politician Kim if Ma Sang Tae did not give him enough money for relocation. The negotiation resulted in Myung Woo strangling Ma Sang Tae, who pushed Myung Woo off, Myung Woo slipped and fell, and hit his head on the rock on the floor.

Terrified, Ma Sang Tae left the crime of scene. That’s the end of his story. Ma Sang Tae told Hye Ri that he would turn himself in but he wanted her to quit her job and go overseas, so that she would not become the joke of the office. Hye Ri returned back home, [the one that she lived by herself] to tell In Woo that her father would be turning himself in. The sad catch here is, if the case was on self-defense, the statue of limitation is 7 years, but if the case was on murder/manslaughter, then the statue of limitation will be 7 -15 years. So, if Ma Sang Tae turned himself in, it would have to be a case of murder in order for the case to be reopened. [inferred, so I hope it’s correct! That’s what I thought it meant anyway, apparently dramabeans says otherwise so…] After hearing this, In Woo felt super guilty because he didn’t want to wrong an innocent man, or to take Hye Ri’s father away from her. Regardless whether he believed Ma Sang Tae or not, he didn’t want to be the one who destroyed Hye Ri’s life. In the end, he told Hye Ri that he would drop the case, and that she should too.

However, Hye Ri couldn’t take it down, since she would have to live with guilt of knowing that In Woo’s father’s name was never cleared, she came up with an agreement. She would report the case to the office to be reopened, but In Woo must find evidence that Ma Sang Tae did an act of self defense and not manslaughter. In Woo agreed, and even though Ma Sang Tae wasn’t happy, In Woo became the lawyer for him. On the other side, Prosecutor Jin and Prosecutor Yoon were in charge of that case, and after much indecision, they decided to hand the case over to the committee and a newspaper article revealed that the committe’s decision was to indict Ma Sang Tae’s case as manslaughter. Ma Sang Tae immediately faced trouble with his company.

Phew, that’s the end! I even had to take out some important things that happened, but fret not, because I would mention them below:P Episode 16 will be a review by itself, I guess.

I admit, I cried for In Woo as he recounted his story. It was so sad! In the end for that few episodes, I was torn between feeling pained for In Woo and thinking that he’s a jerk for saying all those mean things to Hye Ri. She was so distressed over the fact that In Woo had a motive for getting close to her that she felt like she could not breath and she couldn’t go to work. At the end of Episode 13, Hye Ri heard the recording that In Woo recorded in her alarm clock which asked for her forgiveness and " I hope that you will find a man who love you so much, he would take away the scar that I gave you" " I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…." He said in the recording, alongside with other thoughts that he had. Hye Ri went to his house and in the end, confessed to him. " I love you, you bastard. So please tell me that you are sorry, or I can’t breathe. I feel like dying" She told him that and In Woo caressed her face, before kissing her. I cried so much here! First I cried because of the recording, which was so bittersweet, then Hye Ri’s confession made me cry more, and then they kissed, so I ended up crying and squealing. Gosh, only Prosecutor Princess can do this to me.

I thought Ma Hye Ri’s character change was really smooth and other prosecutors and investigators in the office actually worried about her when she didn’t appear for work for 2 to 3 days. When Ma Sang Tae threatened her, she wasn’t afraid as well. I’m so proud of her!^^

Prosecutor Yoon also seemed to realise his feelings for Prosecutor Jin and they make such a sweet couple! When Prosecutor Jin walked awkwardly because of her heels, he even asked her why she was walking like that when she had nice legs. In the end, he even carried her! -SQUEAL- Haha his confession was so masked though, for a second I didn’t even know that it was a confession. He told Prosecutor Jin that " Hye Ri taught me to get my act together, and look around, and to know what’s real" but Prosecutor Jin didn’t realise that he was referring to her.

As mentioned before, I really like how Prosecutor Princess can build up so nicely. Now that the truth is out, I suddenly recalled that In Woo had asked Shin Dong Hae’s father if he had ever allowed someone to be wrongly accused before. At first I didn’t understand why he asked that and so I forgot about that. It was only now, that I realised In Woo knew that Shin Dong Hae’s father also played a part in masking the truth! I love the script — it’s so well thought of, and with almost no flaws that I could find. It’s so logical, that they even showed Ma Sang Tae communicating with Go Man Chul using a pager, instead of a handphone which would not have been invented/ popular since that case was 15 years ago. 

Ooh I remembered noting down that Hye Ri came up with a metaphor for In Woo [ Remember? Yoon Se Joon was like a big tree] and the metaphor she chose was Superman. Yeah why didn’t I thought of that?:P However, I was surprised because later, Ma Hye Ri’s mother described Seo In Woo like the wind of the Spring. Wow, I can’t believe I actually was quite close!:P

There’s only the last episode now! It couldn’t load so I will be watching it tomorrow, sadly. It was really an enjoyable watch and I’m sad that it will end so fast for meD: Hoho and I do enjoy In Woo being the male lead, after all, this means that I can watch much more of him [ and his V-neck tops ]

    There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love

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