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Prosecutor Princess Episode 16

I finished this wonderful, amazing drama!

Ma Sang Tae faced problems with his company when he realised that he couldn’t pay off his bills. In Woo and Ma Hye Ri worked hard together and managed to come up with evidence that could convince the prosecutors that it was involuntary manslaughter. After much consideration, Prosecutor Jin and Prosecutor Yoon decided to not indict Ma Sang Tae, and since they classified this case as involuntary manslaughter, [the statue of limitation is 7 years] Ma Sang Tae would not face any charges. However, despite the good news, ST constructions continued to face problems with the financial issues. In Woo felt guilty because he never expected that this situation would arise. He offered his help but Ma Hye Ri rejected his help. On the other hand, they requested for a retrial of Seo Dong Guen’s case, and given all the evidence, the court cleared Seo In Woo’s father’s name.

Prosecutor Jin also received news that she would work in another office. Apparently they had to change offices every 2 years or so. Prosecutor Yoon officially sort-of got together with Prosecutor Jin as he held her hand. They made such a cute couple!:P At the same time, since In Woo reached his aim, he moved back to the States as well. Hye Ri wanted to stop him but didn’t. Instead, she stood barefooted outside her house, looking at the aeroplane that flew in the vast, blue sky.

A year later. Ma Hye Ri arrived at her office and actually changed into formal office wear. She was finally a good and capable prosecutor. Prosecutor Yoon and Jin were getting married, and Seo In Woo came back to Korea to continue working in the law firm. Ma Sang Tae’s company collapsed and together with his wife, they set up a bakery where " Humans can adapt to anything"  became Ma Sang Tae’s motto. Hye Ri’s friend asked her if she had gotten over that "weird lawyer" because she had not been looking down lately, thus giving an indication that she had been looking down for a long time. When In Woo saw Hye Ri, he was very shocked but Hye Ri wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, she ran up to him and started repeating everything that he said to her in Episode 1 and 2. In Woo didn’t really respond and continued his run along the track. Dejected, Hye Ri called Jenny up, and then the viewers realised that it was Jenny who revealed to Hye Ri that In Woo would be returning to Korea.

" I came here to ask you to save In Woo, but you are dying along with him?" Jenny asked Hye Ri, in a meeting 6 months ago, and Jenny asked Hye Ri if she could tell her when In Woo returned to Korea. Hye Ri did not hesitate when she replied " Yes" thus indicating that she still liked In Woo. Back to the present, Jenny asked Hye Ri to go to his house, which she did, and we realised that In Woo had bought Hye Ri’s house [ the one that was right next to his ] with all her furniture still intact. Hye Ri was touched, as this was evidence that In Woo still liked Hye Ri! With Hye Ri’s mother’s money, she moved to the terrace house next to his, the one that was previously occupied by him, and even woke him up with a similar looking alarm clock [ the one with a recording ]. In the end, she told him to meet her at 12 midnight in the park but In Woo hesitated and didn’t go, because he didn’t want to break his promise to Ma Sang Tae.

However, Ma Sang Tae, after learning from Hye Ri’s mum that Hye Ri and In Woo loved each other, came to his house and gave him two piece of bread, asking In Woo to share one with Hye Ri. In Woo took this as a form of approval, and rushed out of the house to meet Hye Ri. He accidentally crashed into the phone booth and got a cut on his leg. Yet, Hye Ri wasn’t in the park. As In Woo stood there, Hye Ri appeared behind him and yelled " I caught you!" She helped him to walk on the way home by supporting him with her arm, but In Woo said "Let’s do this the right way" and put HIS arm around her. Cue happy music, as the scene changed to them taking a stroll. Hye Ri kept repeated everything that In Woo said to her before; it’s so cute and amusing! In Woo once said this to Hye Ri, to hurt her, " We are not lovers, and neither will we become lovers, we are not friends nor relatives". He asked her to repeat that again which Hye Ri did but with modifications " We are not husband and wife, and we have no idea if we will become husband and wife…" Thus showing that they are lovers!:D The drama then ended with them taking a picture together, which I realise should be their first photo together, with Fly High as background music.

-the end-

AHHHH. I will always tag this drama as the one that could make me cry and squeal at the same time. This has rarely happened before! I could be crying because it was so sad and touching, then someone would go do something really sweet, then I would start squealing. I’m sorry for that long recap on Episode 16! It’s because I just watched it so I still have a very strong impression of what happened.

I must say, I really like this drama! It was a drama that has a good and solid plot, with capable actors that could bring the script forward to the audience. I like all the small details that they put in. For example, when In Woo and Hye Ri were eating instant noodles from the same bowl, In Woo waited for Hye Ri to eat finish her mouthful of noodles before eating from the bowl, and somehow that struck me as a tiny detail that was very well done. It was an action that was exactly like in reality! You know, if you aren’t that close to that person yet, you won’t be stuffing your face so close to his/hers even when you two share the same things.

I love 1 year laters because they almost always ensure a very, very sweet happy ending, don’t they?(:

I really like how this drama was special in the sense that In Woo started out being the second-fiddle. My friend who started watching, but didn’t have a chance to look at the posters, actually thought that Prosecutor Yoon was the male lead! The transition in leads were very well done and I like how in the end, Prosecutor Yoon didn’t even have to fight with In Woo over the attentions of Hye Ri, even though he was the second lead. I love the couple pairing of Prosecutor Yoon and Jin as well! They make such a cute and awkward couple, it makes me squeal so often. 😛 Everything was well done, even the OST was good. If I had to pick out something bad, it would be… less crying from Hye Ri. Even then, I wouldn’t say that the angst was unnecessary, because it WAS necessary.

I love Hye Ri’s stilettos, to Goodbye My Princess, to In Woo’s V-neck tops, to the teeny weeny bits of details that they cared about, to everything! Prosecutor Princess is definitely a good watch! I shall not pretend to understand why the episode ratings isn’t good in Korea.

I’m kinda… having withdrawal symptoms right now :/ When this is over, I guess my next drama to watch would be My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Sungkyunkwan Scandal!

Ooh and I tried finding behind the scenes and interviews for Prosecutor Princess, but I realise they aren’t much use if I can’t understand Korean. Grr. 

    -something I found on someone’s tumblr-
     Sweet guys are an endangered species.


  1. Anonymous says


    Oh God, I Love this drama with a passion…
    It has always has a special place in my heart.. Thanks for your recap… It bring back memories i have when i watched the drama when it aired.


      • Anonymous says

        from missjb

        thx to you have reply my post ^^. I have commented on another PP recaps in your blog ^^.

        I love this drama to bits… I don’t have a particular reason why. To me, this drama is too sweet… hahas…


  2. Anonymous says

    the ost used

    i truly love the ost they have used in this drama! omg.. i started to search for the ost list not long ago. and i listened to all of them. but there are 2 which i could not find no matter how hard i tried. From ep 16, there’s this part where ‘Ma Sang Tae’ and ‘In Woo’ walked into the elevator. there is this background music which i really liked. it was when ma sang tae said sorry to in woo while crying. this music repeated a few times in ep 16. but i just could not find that music. if you could, or if you know what music or ost or where i can find it, pls tell me. i hope to find this music. its so sad yet relaxing…


    • Re: the ost used

      Hey there!(: Is there a link to hmm a video of that scene or something that you could give me, so that maybe I can help?(:


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