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In an attempt to forget my post-Prosecutor-Princess blues, I’ve started watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Sungkyunkwan Scandal! Right now, I’m still not very into both shows even though I’ve watched 2 episodes of Gumiho and 3 episodes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I have no idea if it’s because of the blues… or the plots of the shows. I might have even stopped watching if not for the second lead in Gumiho who is so, so good looking, and for the playboy in Sungkyunkwan!:P

Reviews will be up soon:D



  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v.. i have yet found the time to read the rest of your PP recaps (ive been extremely overwhelmed lately) but i’m glad you enjoyed it enough to have post-PP blues syndrome since PP is, along with PK the only two dramas this year I went totally NUTS for, throwing away caution watching them.
    that said, yes, fox-hunter is yummy HOT… although he isn’t exactly second lead. i have liked him since his trax days but i’m so glad MGiaG is making him hit the spotlight. he has a new minidrama coming out where he is the lead! as for SKKS, yeorim is definitely a pretty boy who melts and breaks hearts. honestly, i stuck to SKKS purely for him and yoo ah in (jae shin/geol-o). the duo together makes it explosive. if you are inclined to stop watching, that’s fine… there’s lot of dramas out there to explore as well.


    • Hey! Guess I’m not going to stop watching SKK anytime soon eh?:P I love jae shin and yong ha! Ooh you sounded like you didn’t really like the plot? I quite like the plot though, though of course I wished that Jae Shin would end up with Yoon Hee:P

      I’ve stopped watching MGIAG for the moment, but I will def continue to watch it, if not for anything but for the fox hunter!:P

      To be honest, I found that the youtube episodes sort of made me not like PP that much anymore. Hmm.


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