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Wow it’s been crazy!

I’ve been juggling many dramas right now, so Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 20’s Recap will come a little later. I’m so sorry!:P Just to let you guys know, I’m currently watching Keizoku 2:SPECS, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Kobato [anime], Autumn Concerto and The Man Who Can’t Marry. Technically, I’m only watching Autumn Concerto right now, because the other 4 dramas won’t load. IT’S. SO. IRRITATING. All right, I will be back with more reviews/recaps!


I JUST FINISHED SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL AND I’M HAVING BLUES ALREADY!!!  I will post recaps pretty soon, like in a few days or so, and I will try to write each recap as if I haven’t seen the next episodes!:D I think it’s more fun that way:D I’M HAVING BLUESD: Like not Sungkyunkwan Scandal blues, but people blues! I want to see more of Jae Shin and Yong Ha! They made me cry and laugh so many times! Sun Joon and Yoon Hee made me laugh too — they’re such a cute and sweet couple:DDD BUT JAE SHIN AND YONG HA I WILL HAVE BAD BLUES I don’t like it though, that Yoon Hee doesn’t know that Jae Shin likes her. I know that it won’t make any changes to her heart, but I just thought she should know… like as some form of closure you know… If you guys think that she did know that Jae Shin likes her, please tell me!:DD


In an attempt to forget my post-Prosecutor-Princess blues, I’ve started watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Sungkyunkwan Scandal! Right now, I’m still not very into both shows even though I’ve watched 2 episodes of Gumiho and 3 episodes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I have no idea if it’s because of the blues… or the plots of the shows. I might have even stopped watching if not for the second lead in Gumiho who is so, so good looking, and for the playboy in Sungkyunkwan!:P Reviews will be up soon:D <3thoughtsramble

Prosecutor Princess Episode 1-3

Right, so I’ve watched episodes 1 to 3 at the expense of my sleep and I must say, I’m hooked on the show!:D I’m kinda lazy to type the synopsis here, so if you are interested, just wiki it — can’t go wrong with that. As mentioned before, I was very irritated with Ma Hye Ri because spoilt brats irritate me a lot. Basically I dislike anyone who does not realise the trouble she brings to others and continue happily with whatever she was doing. Episode 1 focuses mostly on introducing the main characters — Ma Hye Ri, Seo In Woo, Yoon Se Joon and Jin Jung Sun. I was pretty confused at first because the drama was withholding information on me. For example, In Woo behaves like he knows Hye Ri before and that he’s kind of helping her becoming a good prosecutor despite having only just met her due to what seems to be a hotel management error. Jung Sun is helping to take care of a kid that’s not hers. Then, Episode 2 to 3 start to …