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I JUST FINISHED SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL AND I’M HAVING BLUES ALREADY!!!  I will post recaps pretty soon, like in a few days or so, and I will try to write each recap as if I haven’t seen the next episodes!:D I think it’s more fun that way:D

I’M HAVING BLUESD: Like not Sungkyunkwan Scandal blues, but people blues! I want to see more of Jae Shin and Yong Ha! They made me cry and laugh so many times! Sun Joon and Yoon Hee made me laugh too — they’re such a cute and sweet couple:DDD


I don’t like it though, that Yoon Hee doesn’t know that Jae Shin likes her. I know that it won’t make any changes to her heart, but I just thought she should know… like as some form of closure you know… If you guys think that she did know that Jae Shin likes her, please tell me!:DD

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