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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 16 and 17 recaps



Jae Shin took the two sidekicks and threw them into the water, telling them not to get out until he’s back. He was really funny here because he was like holding this long stick and being super fierce to them. Look at their terrified expressions!

After he knew that the sidekicks were thoroughly scared and punished, he went to find Yoon Hee, but found that she wasn’t at the place where he last saw her. He quickly ran back to the campsite where everyone else was and asked if anyone saw Yoon Hee, but no one did. He was mad worried, but then Yong Ha suddenly turned up, and told him that Yoon Hee would be with Sun Joon right now.
Jae Shin wasn’t jealous per se, but it’s like hey you worried about someone so much, and it turned out she’s with someone that she liked so you don’t even need to worry about her. He walked away from Yong Ha who gave a knowing smile, because he knew that Jae Shin liked Yoon Hee.

Previously, we were left off with Sun Joon hugging Yoon Hee right? As we continued on from that scene, Sun Joon said to Yoon Hee "Even though I try to leave you, I can’t. So now it’s your turn to run away from me" Yoon Hee just stared at him and he apologised before turning away but Yoon Hee called out to him "Wait! Wait for what I have to say before you leave". She ran towards him, suddenly slipped, and fell into the waters. Sun Joon leapt into the waters to save her but she was unconscious when he scooped her from the waters. A-very-worried Sun Joon decided that Yoon Hee needed more air, so he started to unbutton her clothes, until he reached all the way to the layer where she used a white cloth to hide her chest. Sun Joon’s eyes widened in shock as he took in the sight before him, and realised that Yoon Hee was a girl. When Yoon Hee woke up, she realised that Sun Joon must have known the truth and quickly tried to wear her clothes properly [ Sun Joon put her clothes back but in a messy way]. They heard their fellow school mates coming and realised that if they saw her in that state, they would most probably be able to guess that she’s a girl.

So Sun Joon grabbed Yoon Hee and they hid under the rock pavement. They managed to successfully hide from their friends, and as Yoon Hee wanted to escape from Sun Joon, he said that he wouldn’t let her go then and brought her to his house. The servant decided to lock Yoon Hee and Sun Joon in the room in hopes that Sun Joon would be convinced by Yoon Hee to go back to Sungkyunkwan since " My master thinks of someone so much that he can’t sleep, can’t eat and can’t study." Awkward moment ensued as Sun Joon knew that Yoon Hee knew that the servant was talking about her even though obviously the servant didn’t know that ‘someone’ was Yoon Hee.

At night, Jae Shin was still sort of worried for Yoon Hee and Yong Ha came to tell him that "You’re like an empty shell. Is the thing inside you"-knocked his chest-"next to Yoon Hee now?You listen"-knocked his chest again- "the sounds of an hollow object"
"Don’t hit things, if you keep doing that, your wrist might just break"
"Stop acting cool… stop pretending not to be jealous, not to desire, and that you’re not moved by trivial matters.. You should try to make her yours. At least you have an advantage over Sun Joon… because he will never be able to guess what secret Yoon Hee is hiding."  
Jae Shin ignored Yong Ha and walked away but he went to the grass and lay down on it. Just look at his forlorn face! I just like this screenshot/scene so much! Like you can tell from his face just what he’s feeling…
Sun Joon insisted that he would read finish his books before he turned in, and casually asked Yoon Hee what she wanted to say before she slipped. Yoon Hee pretended that she couldn’t remember and looked at Sun Joon’s bookshelf, only to find a book on porn. She took the book out and with an accusatory glare, she asked if Sun Joon had always been reading this kind of books.
Sun Joon jumped up and tried to explain that it was a gift from Yong Ha, and this resulted in a tug of war game which ended up in them tumbling on to the mattress, with Sun Joon on top. Another awkward moment, and they suddenly sat up, and decided that they should turn in. They talked at night, while Sun Joon learned that Yoon Hee took her brother’s name at the age of 12 just to make ends meet. The next morning, he told her to leave Sungkyunkwan but she told him that even if she left Sungkyunkwan, she would still act like a man. If not, to make ends meet, she would have to marry someone.

Yoon Hee went back to the campsite and Jae Shin told her that she should think of those who worried for her. She felt guilty as Jae Shin turned and walked away. Later, when they were walking on the sreets, Cho Sun appeared because she wanted to talk to Yoon Hee. Other school mates teased Yoon Hee and they all went away, thinking that Cho Sun and Yoon Hee needed time alone. As Jae Shin walked passed Cho Sun, his eyes suddenly widened,


and after they left, he asked if the scent in the air was a common perfume used by all the ladies. The playboy Yeo Rim/ Yong Ha sniffed the air and told him that because the scent was so strong, only someone with such breathtaking good looks like Cho Sun used it. Jae Shin recalled back to the night where he fought the fake Red Messenger and suspected something.

Cho Sun brought Yoon Hee back to the brothel [ I think] and confessed to her again, and asked if she could be her mistress or something. Obviously Yoon Hee couldn’t do that, and she rejected her, telling her that she’s too good for her. Yoon Hee left the brothel to find Jae Shin waiting for her. Jae Shin told her to stay away from Cho Sun, but Yoon Hee told him that Cho Sun’s a very good lady. Jae Shin told her "I’m worried for you because you are you" and she smiled. AWWWW.

Back in Sungkyunkwan, there’s going to be an examination called Hwang Gam Je and whoever who won would get a basket of tangerines, something which were offered only to the king. The king ran into Sun Joon’s father, Minister Lee, and Minister of War, and told him that his son was transferred back to Sungkyunkwan. Minister Lee tried to cover up that he didn’t know this had happened, but it was pretty unsuccessful. Yoon Hee wanted to borrow a book from the library and she was shocked to find Sun Joon there. Sun Joon wanted to get her safely out of Sungkyunkwan, but she struck up a deal with him — if she won at Hwang Gam Je, then she would stay. Sun Joon agreed, but not before adding on triumphantly that to win Hwang Gam Je meant that she would have to beat Sun Joon as well, who had always been the champion in this examination.


The following part is super cute! Now that Sun Joon knew that Yoon Hee was a girl, he tried to protect her from Jae Shin by sleeping in the middle, something which Jae Shin had always done. So they started one of the best butt action I’ve ever seen where Jae Sn tried to use his butt and push Sun Joon off the middle, while Sun Joon held his ground. They sat up furiously and asked each other what the other thought he was doing. Then, Yoon Hee entered the dorm. Jae Shin patted the mattress next to him and told her to sleep there, thus making himself the middle, while Sun Joon patted the mattress on his side. Yoon Hee said that she would decide her sleeping position herself [note that Jae Shin doesn’t know that Sun Joon knows that Yoon Hee is a girl]


and  Sun Joon kept trying to to use his eyes to tell her to choose the mattress next to him. Suddenly Yong Ha appeared shivering in shock and wailing " DID YOU HEAR THAT? WHAT’S THAT SOUND? IT’S A GUMIHO! GUMIHO!" He threw himself in the middle of Jae Shin and Sun Joon and told them that he wanted to sleep there tonight. Yoon Hee thus decided to go and take her sleeping position in Yong Ha’s room.


The next day, Jae Shin tried tagging Cho Sun but she found out and hid before he could get to her. Then, from somewhere hidden, she shot an arrow with the message where the Red Messenger would be on a certain date. Jae Shin wanted to find her, but then the guards from his father turned up. His father told him to stop but he got angsty with his father again. Since Jae Shin was at his own house, Sun Joon and Yoon Hee had to sleep in the dorm and they separated the mattress with a clearly defined line filled with pillows. Sun Joon tried to ask Yoon Hee what she wanted to tell him before she slipped, but Yoon Hee pretended that she fell asleep.

The next day, it was the Hwang Gam Je and to not many people’s surprise, Yoon Hee and Sun Joon ended up in the finals against each other. They had to answer the question that the emperor himself came up with, and the one who answered correctly would win. Yoon Hee realised that she couldn’t remember what was needed in answering the question.


A pageboy ran up to Yong Ha and whispered in his ears what Sun Joon’s and Yoon Hee’s answers were. Pardon me as I squealed when Jae Shin smiled as he heard the answers. He told Yong Ha to congratulate them on his behalf and was going to walk off when In Soo came. In Soo basically just made jibes like why they weren’t doing well at Hwang Gam Je, and the camera zoomed in on Jae Shin’s bracelet.


The answer was revealed. Sun Joon won! This meant that Sun Joon won his end of the deal and he teased Yoon Hee by telling her that she would be busy getting the papers for quitting Sungkyunkwan. Yoon Hee begged him not to kick her out, and he relented. A happy Yoon Hee was then faced with Sun Joon’s questions about what she wanted to say that day. She looked torn and frustrated and asked if he really had to ask, if she really had to voice out what she thought. Sun Joon was like yeah of course! when she tipped toes,


and kissed him.

She ran out shyly and clutched her face in this adorable manner but someone suddenly stood in front of her. She looked up in shock. Sun Joon jerked out of his shock and ran after Yoon Hee, only to be stopped by a similar looking black shadow. O Oh…


Jae Shin went on to meet the fake Red Messenger, but instead he was swamped by lots of guards. He escaped, but not without injuries, and tumbled over a wall. Someone stood in front of him, and Jae Shin’s heart [ and mine too! ] skipped a beat but we both realised that it’s Yong Ha. Jae Shin was talking to Yong Ha when he realised that the bracelet was gone. It was the only thing that his brother left for him and he must go back to get it. Even though Yong Ha knew it would be dangerous, he couldn’t stop Jae Shin.


Turns out that In Soo already found the bracelet! He ordered the guards to go after the Red Messenger as he stared on furiously.

Jae Shin ran back to where the fight with the guards took place, but was stopped by someone. Yong Ha smiled and waited for Jae Shin to come back but he turned around to find someone standing in front of him.


When the four of them opened their eyes, they were in this room and the emperor appeared.

AHHHH~~ Putting the two of them together is enough to ensure a nosebleed!

Together with Professor Jung, the emperor told them what he wanted them to do — to create a new Joseon. The episode ended with this<3

I love the Jalguem Quartet!!

Episode 17 continues with the emperor explaining what the former emperor’s last words was and that it would help him in creating a new Joseon with no caste systems. There, Yoon Hee learned that her father, ex Sungkyunkwan Professor and the Sungkyunkwan President, died while protecting the last words. With her father’s letter to the emperor as a clue to where the last words was located, the 4 of them were trusted with the task of finding it. Yoon Hee requested for the rest to help her so that she could know more about her father. Jae Shin said "The world that the useless person hopes will come, whether it will really come.. I want to find that as well…. because that useless person is my brother". Yoon Hee’s eyes widened as she realised the connection she had with Jae Shin.


Yoon Hee looked at the letter her father wrote and together with Sun Joon, they realised that ‘Guem Da’ was in the clue. Jae Shin told them that it’s called Guem Da Ji Sa but said that he didn’t know anything else. He said that if they could find who killed his brother and Yoon Hee’s father, they would be able to find out who was behind this. He left with Yong Ha and told Yoon Hee to work on breaking the code in her father’s letter with Sun Joon.


The moment they left the room, Yong Ha suspected something and asked if Jae Shin knew more than he let out. Jae Shin told him that Guem Da Ji Sa contained the words the former emperor wrote to his son, and that behind all that, was sure to be the Norons. [ Norons are like Minister of War, Minister Lee etc, which makes Sun Joon a Noron as well. Sorons are like Jae Shin. ] 

Gosh, here comes my next favourite scene! All my favourite scenes contain Jae Shin and Yong Ha<3 

Jae Shin and Yong Ha got trapped by the guards that In Soo brought.

In Soo got someone to put the portrait of the Red Messenger next to Jae Shin’s face and since they looked alike, he wanted to arrest Jae Shin. However, Yong Ha stopped him by taking the portrait and putting it next to In Soo’s face, saying that In Soo looked more alike with the Red Messenger than Jae Shin. If In Soo wanted to say that Jae Shin was the Red Messenger just because the eyes were alike, then it’s not a valid reason at all.

I think it’s a sight whenever you put Jae Shin and Yong Ha together. They looked so good together!


In Soo flashed a smile and took out the bracelet, saying that anyone could testify that the bracelet was Jae Shin’s. Furthermore, the word ‘shin’ was engraved on the bead.


Uh Oh… Jae Shin looked at Yong Ha


as In Soo grabbed Jae Shin’s wrist to show that his bracelet was gone.


It seemed like In Soo had won, and he told the guards to catch Jae Shin, but Yong Ha was like ehh not so fast, and he asked In Soo if he was referring to the bracelet that he had as well. Both of them smiled and showed their wrists which showed similar looking bracelets.


Yong Ha smiled and told In Soo to buck up, and rubbed salt in his wounds by taking the bracelet [ Jae Shin’s ] back, saying that it’s Yoon Hee’s. In Soo couldn’t do anything, because now the bracelets sounded like it could be bought anywhere, and Jae Shin had his.


And they ran off in glee:DDDDD

A high five for outsmarting In Soo

and they ran down the streets in glee as well! YONG HA AND JAE SHIN IN GLEE = FANGIRLS IN GLEE! 

Yong Ha praised himself for being smart, and Jae Shin took back his bracelet. He told Yong Ha that he’s now even more determined to find Guem Da Ji Sa. For those who didn’t get it, Yong Ha knew that something like this might happen, and got himself and Jae Shin replicas of the bracelets to make it seem as if the bracelet could not just belong to Jae Shin. ]
On the other hand, Yoon Hee was worried and asked what if they could not find it. Sun Joon got down on his knees and took her hands. "If you are tired, and sad, I will be there by your side. When you are demoralised and you want to cry, I will be there by your side" he told her and told her so many sweet stuff, that even I squealed. Yoon Hee teared.


Professor Jung was talking to Jae Shin, and Jae Shin was going to turn around and leave, when Professor Jung complimented him on his use of his brother’s composition in the Red Messenger’s messages. Jae Shin turned around in shock and asked if he knew that he was the Red Messenger. Professor Jung nodded, and told him that his brother’s composition was so good.
This hair totally just looks so good on him. It’s so amazing cos he doesn’t look gay at all!:D

Knowing that Yoon Hee would try to find clues regarding the Guem Da Ji Sa, Sun Joon left love notes in the reference books. He shyly looked at Yoon Hee whenever she found one and laughed, but both of them were shocked because someone else took the reference book  with a love note inside. Sun Joon apologised, a first for him, and asked if he could take another book instead. Yoon Hee laughed at him, while Sun Joon smiled back. "The last note you will have to read it yourself, I can’t say it" and when Yoon Hee opened the note, it said only one thing. "Love". Yoon Hee smiled.
Yong Ha did some investigation by himself, but got called back home. His dad told him that he did a good job hanging out with Minister Lee’s son, Sun Joon and told him that he should have done that long ago instead of always hanging out with Jae Shin. [ HEY what’s wrong with Jae Shin I won’t mind hanging out with him keke! ] Yong Ha got pissed off and left after telling him that he even got himself a friend who was neither a Soron or a Noron. [ Yoon Hee]


Sun Joon yearned for skinship and kept making excuses to touch Yoon Hee’s hands. Yoon Hee laughed and reached out for his hand. They held hands and read the books together, both trying hard to find clues to Guem Da Ji Sa. Sadly, Jae Shin who already guessed what had happened decided to give them their alone time, and stayed outside.



The person who killed Jae Shin’s brother and Yoon Hee’s father knew that someone [ Yong Ha] was checking stuff about him. Since he’s heavily in debt, he decided to pay a visit to Minister Lee and basically not so subtly, requested for money so that he would shut up and not blab that he was the one who killed them. He looks like a dog…. Hm…..

The next day, Yoon Hee asked Jae Shin why he didn’t return to his dorm and told him that Sun Joon and her would be going to the public bookstore to see if they can find more books. Sigh, look at this bright eyed sweet lady and I bet Jae Shin was feeling a little wistful…

Sun Joon and Yoon Hee left for the public bookstore even though it was still lesson time. They walked on the streets and Yoon Hee introduced good food to Sun Joon. When they reached the store, Sun Joon told Yoon Hee to go in first and he would join her later. The unsuspecting Yoon Hee entered the store, while Sun Joon went to buy something for Yoon Hee.

However, guess who Yoon Hee found in the book store?


Hyo Eun. Sun Joon broke off the engagement with her, but she still wanted to be together with Sun Joon. She cried and asked Yoon Hee to help her get the heart of Sun Joon. Sun Joon entered the bookstore and Hyo Eun asked if they could speak. Sun Joon already previously told her that he’s gay [ which he really thought he was ] so when Yoon Hee wanted to give them some space and was going to leave the store, he grabbed her wrist and told Hyo Eun, " I already gave my heart to someone else". Then they left the store, leaving Hyo Eun and her servant in shock.

Sun Joon asked furiously why Yoon Hee wanted to do something like that [ i.e giving them their space when she knows who Sun Joon likes]. Yoon Hee told him that she’s already very contented to be able to be with him that she did not dare think that they would have a future together — after all, she would continue being a guy. Sun Joon was angry and told her to think about their future, because he had been thinking about their future so much, it’s making him crazy. Sun Joon told her that because of her, he got to do so many things that he would have never done, instead it’s Yoon Hee who didn’t dare to step out of her comfort zone. Yoon Hee told him that the feeling of being touched and feeling so blissful, was something she had never experienced as well. Sun Joon hugged her, and then wanted to kiss her, but couldn’t because their hats would bang into each other. Yoon Hee laughed and took his hands, as they walked back to the secret room where the 4 of them would meet.


In order to go to the room, they had to work a manual lift, and Sun Joon purposely made it stop. He looked at Yoon Hee, and took out a ring. The camera showed that he was wearing the ring as well. "You said that once you walk out of Sungkyunkwan, it’s the end, but I want it to be a new beginning. Every day that you are with me is a new beginning" he said as he put the ring on her. Then, he took off Yoon Hee’s hat, and then his, before slowly, moving in for the kiss.



They broke apart, and realised that Jae Shin’s and Yong Ha’s voices floated up to them.
Yong Ha"Say it again. What did you mean?"
Jae Shin "Keep your voice low"

 Yong Ha "Did you say that the one that was behind the murder of your brother and Yoon Shik’s father was Minister Lee.. Lee Sun Joon’s father?!"

Uh oh… as Sun Joon and Yoon Hee looked at each other in shock.

-the end-


I love the above screen cap!:DDD

Yes, I guess you guys probably know which is my favourite scene as well! I’m sorry if you all are Sun Joon+ Yoon Hee ‘s fans kay!:D I am too, but admittedly, I like Jae Shin+Yong Ha much, much more, which is why you would probably see a lot of their screen shots as compared to the others! Sun Joon is indeed very sweet — sincere, honest and super cute, but the pairing of the cool, protective, smart and badboy type Jae Shin + playboy, funny, random and cute Yong Ha are simply awesome:P

There’s this track that I really like! It’s the one that always plays whenever Jae Shin is out as the Red Messenger or when Jae Shin is sad/fighting/injured/losing. It’s like this instrumental track that’s reserved for him alone<3 It makes me sad as well but I love it a lot! The instrument, coupled with the drama, holds a regretful and sad melody. If you guys know what’s the name/ track no. , please tell me!:D

Right now, these 2 episodes are where the drama comes together, where Jae Shin’s angst and why he wanted to be the Red Messenger was sort of revealed, even though it was hinted at already. There are more depth introduced to the characters, such as Yong Ha. Other than knowing he’s a coward who is scared of gumihos [ HAHA ], you can see that he’s deeply affected by the disapproval of his father. The 2 kisses are sweet and super squeal-able, but for me, that scene when they outsmarted In Soo was even better. :PPP

These 2 episodes also showed that there are no secrets. Jae Shin always thought that no one knew he was the Red Messenger, but ultimately Yong Ha, the emperor, and Professor Jung all knew about it even before he told them/someone told them.



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