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Love Buffet Episode 4 Recap

 Yay(: More Da Ye screenshots this time round!:D 

So Da Ye leans on Xiao Feng’s shoulder for one minute, and after that, he’s okay. Da Ye accidentally sees the photo that Xiao Feng has kept ( the one with them in the background) but he only sees Ah Ji ( the guy in the front), hence he concludes that Xiao Feng likes Ah Ji. He tells Xiao Feng that he will help her, even though her taste is a little weird. 

This is how Xiao Feng finds herself having a conversation with Ah Ji. Ah Ji keeps on stuttering, while Xiao Feng feels really trapped because the one that she likes is Da Ye, not Ah Ji! Da Ye pretends that he has something on, and leaves. After that, Xiao Feng leaves, with Ah Ji hot on her heels. Xiao Feng starts to ‘cry’ because she doesn’t know what she should do, and Ah Ji doesn’t know what to do with her. Ah Yi sees the scene from on top.

Xiao Feng buys a drink from the vending machine and Ah Yi joins her, asking if she has a new love (Ah Ji.) Xiao Feng tells him everything, and Ah Yi asks why she didn’t clear it up from the start, or lie that the photo was washed for her friend, not her. Xiao Feng realises that she should have lied, but it’s all too late. Da Ye walks to them, and gives Xiao Feng a pair of tickets from Ah Ji. He harps on about how he’s very willing to help the both of them to get together, until the point that Ah Yi gets so irritated that he snaps at Da Ye and walks away. Xiao Feng, having no choice, tells Da Ye that it’s all a misunderstanding, and that she doesn’t like Ah Ji. Da Ye asks how come she has the photo then, and she takes Ah Yi’s idea, telling him that it’s for her friend. Little does she expect that Da Ye wants to play cupid for her friend and Ah Ji, and wants her to invite her friend out. Xiao Feng hastily pulls out a complicated flowchart of relationships that she has with this friend of hers, and convinces Da Ye that it will be very complex to invite the friend out. 

Xiao Feng’s friends learn about this whole matter, and conclude that the most unlucky person out of this whole matter is Ah Ji, because he thought that Xiao Feng likes him, even though she doesn’t. They start to laugh at how unlucky he looks just from the pose he makes in the photo, when Xiao Feng realises that he’s just standing behind them. He strikes the same pose, with the same face —

and asks if it looks very unlucky indeed. Xiao Feng’s friends have no idea how to react, so they run, leaving Xiao Feng to fend for herself. Ah Ji overheard the truth just now, that the person she likes is Da Ye, not him, and he’s very sad because he falls out of love within 12 hours. Xiao Feng offers him a drink and he says that he might have just fallen in love with her, causing Xiao Feng to be in a fluster and clearing things up that he’s.not.in.love.with.her. 

After she goes home, she realises that there’s just a slight possibility of Ah Ji telling Da Ye that she likes him and she tries to find his number to call him. However, they’re in different faculties so there’s no way that she would have his number. She rushes upstairs, and upon finding Da Ye not at home, she happily asks if Ah Yi will help her out — to steal the phonebook of the business faculty so that she can find Ah Ji’s number and call him. 

Ah Yi flatly refuses, and Xiao Feng whines. Ah Yi tells her that she can just caution Ah Ji again the next day, since she has already told him not to tell Da Ye. "Or do you think that he’s a big mouth?" 

Xiao Feng knows that Ah Ji doesn’t look like the big mouth kind, and runs back to Ah Yi’s side, saying "I always seem to get scolded by you… you’re like my mother:D" Ah Yi gets uncomfortable from the close proximity, and asks her to quickly go home and dry her hair (aww so sweet!) but Xiao Feng says that she likes her hair to dry in a natural way. She swings her hair in the manner of a shampoo commercial, and Ah Yi recalls a scene of his first love doing the same thing. 

Xiao Feng starts to joke and says that her shampoo smells really great, asking if Ah Yi wants to have a whiff of her shampoo. Ah Yi catches her wrist and asks her to stop doing that — "Have you forgotten… that I’m a man too?" -intense stare-

Xiao Feng runs back home in shock, and when Da Ye returns home, Ah Yi gets very angry at him again. He mutters "Idiot" at Da Ye and goes back to his room. Xiao Feng asks the next day if they have quarrelled, and Da Ye nods. Then, they see graffiti on the wall and get an idea. They lead Ah Yi to somewhere, and it turns out that the both of them have used spray paint to write "Ah Yi, sorry sorry" on the ground. It’s really quite sweet to see them dancing the song to Super Junior, and apologising ( even though I’m pretty sure Da Ye has no idea why Ah Yi’s angry with him). Ah Yi accepts their apology and they get back on good terms.  

They are playing with kids and playing with firecrackers, when Xiao Feng gets down about how Da Ye isn’t laughing because of her. He’s laughing because of kids and playing with them makes him happy, but when will she ever be the one that bring the smile to his face? Upon noticing her pensiveness, Ah Yi sits down by her side and tells her —

"I think you’re really a good girl… in my heart, you have a lot of charm."

Xiao Feng asks what he’s saying but the fireworks interrupt his reply. Later, Da Ye tells Ah Yi that he can use the bathtub already, but Ah Yi says that he only wants to have a shower. Da Ye doesn’t understand why he’s so angry with him, and asks if he’s in love with Xiao Feng. Ah Yi stops, and answers, "Who on earth will like that chicken?" He walks off and slams the door in Da Ye’s face. Da Ye discovers the drawing(of a princess and a prince in love) that Xiao Feng puts inside the crevice years and years ago. He deduces (wrongly) that Xiao Feng gave it to Ah Yi and that Ah Yi hides it, because since young, he has the habit of hiding things that’re important to him. 

Ah Ji tells Xiao Feng that she’s really good at hiding, because Da Ye knows nothing about her crush on him. "As your ex boyfriend, I’m very worried for you. Love should be spoken aloud courageously… Unless… you don’t mind seeing Da Ye falling in love with someone else, and be with someone else?" 

Even Qiu Ying tells her that at least she dares to take responsibility for her own love… "But you didn’t succeed as well…" "At least I can account for myself… not like you… you’re the coward… you’re scared that you will hear the answer that you don’t want to hear, so you keep this ambiguous relationship going on… you’re quite smart.. an ambiguous relationship will indeed add sweetness to the relationship, but the pre requisite is there’s a relationship in the first place."

Ah Yi comes along, and asks if she knows what Da Ye’s feeling. Xiao Feng answers that she definitely has more courage than he thinks she has. They have a softball/baseball ( I can’t really tell:P) competition. Xiao Feng’s the pitcher while Da Ye’s the batter. Xiao Feng throws the ball, and Da Ye manages to hit it, but the ball hits her ankle. It hurts terribly since the force is so great. Da Ye rushes up to her and carries her off the field. 

Xiao Feng’s ankle has all swollen up, but Da Ye is very sweet and tells Xiao Feng to hold his hand while the first aider tries to make the swell go down. One thing leads to another, and Xiao Feng confesses to Da Ye. However, Da Ye rejects her as he doesn’t know what’s the feeling of love, and he doesn’t want to have that burden. Xiao Feng apologises and runs off. Ah Yi comes and punches Da Ye. 

Da Ye sits there and becomes very sad. He asks why Ah Yi is so angry with him, and Ah Yi replies "Do you know how it feels like to love someone and yet, you can’t?" "It’s precisely the fact that I don’t know that I rejected her… Do you want me to accept her and then tell her that oh I got the wrong notion of love?" Ah Yi says, "I just want you to remember you were the one who rejected her." 

Xiao Feng looks at the stack of photos that she has collected over some period of time, and starts to cry. She has no idea that a rejection will bring so much heartbreak, and she throws the stack of photos into the dustbin. Qiu Ying brings Xiao Feng to a physical therapist. Qiu Ying jokes that she’s really so stupid as to confess to Da Ye. Xiao Feng replies that it’s all because of Qiu Ying’s agitation, and she suddenly shrieks because the physical therapist presses very hard on the swell. The therapist tells her that all suffering will pass, and when this pain is over, you will realise that it’s all worth it. Qiu Ying tells him that Xiao Feng will not understand what he’s talking about, but Xiao Feng says that she’s not stupid. Qiu Ying laughs and says that " Maybe it’s like that that no one can stop noticing you…" Xiao Feng laughs and asks if Qiu Ying can be friends with her; they’re really in the same boat now. They aren’t even love rivals anymore. 

In school, Xiao Feng can’t help but look out of the window and across to Da Ye’s block. While she’s doing this, her friends AND Ah Yi notice.

Her friends want to cheer her up, so they booked a karaoke room. Ah Ji wants to cheer Xiao Feng up and so he tags along. Xiao Feng wants Qiu Ying to come along as well, since they’re suffering from the same kind of heartbreak. It was quite funny when the song they chose was a sad break up song, and Xiao Feng, Qiu Ying ( suffering from Da Ye’s rejection) and Ah Ji ( technically suffering from Xiao Feng’s rejection) all stare at the screen in stony silence. Very soon, they start to hug each other and cry together. 

Ah Yi buys a hair clip for Xiao Feng so that she can cheer up. Pardon me while I say AWWW:D Okay it’s just really sweet, and it’s these kind of small gestures that usually make me fall in love with a character(: Xiao Feng happily wears the clip, until she recalls Ah Yi telling her that she has a lot of charm in his heart. She quickly pulls off the clip, and after walking out of the toilet, she sees Da Ye being all chummy with a few seniors. She runs away, and Da Ye runs after her. Da Ye asks if they can just return back to normal, and she says, "The one being rejected is me. How can you ask if we can go back to normal?" and she walks away. 

Back at home, Xiao Feng’s parents and her sister try to cheer her up, but her parents end up on horny talk about doing it. Her sister chases their parents out and she tells Xiao Feng that sometimes relationships are just like that. Xiao Feng nods. Da Ye continues to be playboyish with all the senior girls, but Ah Ji sees through his front. He knows that Da Ye is hurting a lot inside, and that he’s doing all that hide his pain. During lesson, Da Ye stares out of his window at Xiao Feng and he’s in such deep thought that he doesn’t hear his teacher call his name. Xiao Feng purposely not want to draw the curtain so that she will not look at Da Ye. However, her classmates say that it’s very stuffy in the classroom, so they want to draw the curtains. Xiao Feng doesn’t want to, but then she can’t say why. Ah Yi comes to her rescue and starts to talk a lot of gibberish about how Xiao Feng has this disease that will cause her to grow spikes upon contact with sunlight, and these spikes will pierce those ugly and tanned people to death. No one understands what he says until he explains that "Don’t you understand? Those people who are already ugly and tanned will make Xiao Feng draw the curtain, and those who aren’t will understand her reason ( meaning Xiao Feng doesn’t want to become tan from the sunlight)" Her classmates immediately become all understanding as they wouldn’t want to be called as ugly and tan. 

Da Ye wants to find Xiao Feng to talk to her, and her friends manage to leak out that she has gone back to her classroom to take something. Da Ye rushes back to the classroom, but she’s not there. A senior walks in to asks if he’s going for the karaoke session with them, and he says that he feels a little unwell. The concerned senior places a hand on his forehead and asks if he’s all right. Talk about timing — Xiao Feng happens to walk in and sees them. 

-the end-

More screenshots recap this time round! I think that both Da Ye and Ah Yi are quite sweet. I figure that I like Ah Yi more because I’m attracted to that kind of character — someone who expresses his concern through the smallest actions. It’s a small gesture, but you get the feeling. Da Ye, on the other hand, has his own merits as well, of course! He’s kind, outgoing and caring, but his flaw is that he doesn’t understand the feeling of love. This may actually be quite lovable to some, seeing that my friend thinks it’s kinda cute for someone not to know what’s love. My other friend, however, thinks that the show is actually quite boring and flat, and the only reason why she’s continuing to watch is because of Ah Yi ( and she doesn’t even like Ah Yi that much too). I guess what this show really appeals to me is the simplicity of it. There’s nothing dramatic about it — no amnesia, no cancer, no accident ( and I sincerely hope it will continue to be this way for the future episodes unless absolutely needed), but it’s also so simple that it makes me doubt their love. It’s the kind of show that will be fun and enjoyable to watch on the go, when I’m bored, or when I particularly want to watch Ah Yi/Aaron, but it’s not the kind that will stay in my heart and remind me of the characters’ love for each other.

Because I don’t see love… I see crushes, and to me, crushes are no where near love. It’s like… crushes are teetering on the edge of falling into a pool of love, teetering but never falling into the pool.  Yet, I’ve no idea if this love that I’m talking about is built entirely on other dramas. 

Of course, those thoughts above are just occasional flitting thoughts, and they never spoil the show for me. Hope you guys like my recaps!(: Please do comment on how you feel about the drama/couple pairings; I would love to hear your thoughts(:


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