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Review of Fahrenheit’s album, Super Hot

Okay to be honest, I hesitated writing this post… because I wouldn’t want thoughtsramble to become a site for fangirling purposes, if you know what I mean….as in I wouldn’t want it to become toooo un-drama/movie/something-you-watch related… but I figure that this will probably the only/one of the few time(s) that I do this, and it’s something that I currently like right now…so why not!:D



Okay so here’s the album track listing:

  1. "太熱" Tai Re (Super Hot)
  2. "Sexy Girl"
  3. "心疼你的心疼" Xin Teng Ni De Xin Teng (Heartache on Your Heartache)
  4. "繼續愛" Ji Xu Ai (Keep Loving You)
  5. "很安靜" Hen An Jing (Very Quiet)
  6. "守護星" Shou Hu Xing (Guardian Star)
  7. "活得更像我" Huo De Geng Xiang Wo (Going On My Way)
  8. "誤會" Wu Hui (Mistake)
  9. "泰山程式" Tai Shan Cheng Shi (Tai Shan Formula)
  10. "新生" Xin Sheng (Rebirth)

I haven’t bought the album yet, but I’m considering buying it. Lol. I know I’m slow, but come on, I only like them since March? and it was all because of Aaron in Love Buffet. It’s amazing how just because I like Ah Yi in Love Buffet (Do check out my recaps!), I go on to like Aaron, and then Fahrenheit. Even though ultimately I still like Aaron the most, I do like all four members of them, especially how ‘real’ they feel in front of the camera. Out of the ten songs, I’m currently am in love with five — Heartache on Your Heartache, Very Quiet, Guardian Star, Mistake and Keep Loving You.

Granted… you wouldn’t classify Fahrenheit as a band that has awesome singing skills, but I like how their voices still contain so much emotions in the songs. I also like how all four members’ voices have their own characteristics that merge together to give a nice rendition. (Just clarifying, I’ve alway quite like Fahrenheit since their debut, but it was more of a…. ooh I like their songs, and yep they are quite good looking!) Lol! Since I’m on this topic, let me tell you guys my story with Fahrenheit — Aaron was the first one that I like, but the fickle me at that time dropped him after seeing a very fat photo of him (homg I can’t believe I did that hahahahah and it wasn’t like he was really fat, it was just a really badly taken photo). Then I went on to Wu Zun, who was quite all right, until he acted in My Princess… and well, let’s just say that his acting skills….are rather non existent, seeing that he only has 2 expressions (even now lol!) After which I went on to Jiro, who was okay but I didn’t quite like his shows, To-Get-Her and Momo Love…. and then I came full circle and end up with Aaron again. Haha! Okay yes, it’s rather obvious that I bypassed Calvin. Oh well. (Calvin fans, I do like him okay^^ He’s quite funny)

SO yes. You can see why I say that it’s complicated^^


To me, it doesn’t matter if the person can’t sing awesomely well. What matters if I can feel anything from the songs, and that’s why I really like the five songs mention above, because I could feel their sadness, heartache (in a sense), passion in Heartache on Your Heartache, Very Quiet and Mistake. I could also feel their upbeat jovial mood in Guardian Star (which was written for their fans…. aww how sweet!) I only just discover Keep Loving You, but it already took me in with the melody.

I’m quite all right with Super Hot and Rebirth, but I haven’t really taken any particular stand towards Tai Shan Formula, Sexy Girl and Going On My Way. The only reason why I would be seen fangirling over Super Hot and Sexy Girl is because Aaron looks super good in both mvs<333 Okay fine, all four of them look great. I think. Hahahaha, okay admittedly I haven’t been paying much attention haha!

I think Fahrenheit has always been my favourite band (though it was more of a neutral stand last time) because they always manage to have songs with super good melodies, and somehow they do convey the right emotions. It doesn’t take a well-polished voice to portray what you want to sing. It does make me sad when the people around me look at me with surprise when I say that I like Fahrenheit, and their immediate response is almost always, "They are just eye candy!"

Aww~~~ Okay, but I do have friends who like them as well, so everything’s fine haha! I guess I just really like Fahrenheit’s together-ness and team dynamics, which you can really see in variety shows!

What do you guys think?



  1. I don’t know if I should buy it because of various quite stupid reasons of my own hahaha:P

    I’m a bit confused with KO One, are they all leads in that show? Cos I thought they were, but when I googled that show, it seems like they are just minor characters… but I’m very sure that I saw somewhere that they’re the leads??

    Yeah Momo Love and ToGetHer were bad drama choices for Jiro in my opinion… as in they allowed him to look really good looking, but the script isn’t good enough I guess?

    Haha I guess that’s good! I like Aaron the most (hahah obviously) but thanks to him, I’ve watched loads of videos on Fahrenheit and I like Fahrenheit very much as well! Actually I like them since their debut already…. like wo you wo de young and chao xi huan ni.

    Haha I see!^^ Guardian Star and Mistake are my ultimate favourite ones


  2. Ooh okay! Sounds interesting I might check it out soon!

    Yeah Momo love was really:// Do you know it was supposed to be a GuiLun couple pairing for Momo Love at first?

    Hmm I started watching asian dramas since young, because my mother is a drama fan as well! Ever? I think… it will be Buzzer Beat, Mars, Princess Hours (one from one country:PP) but I really like MIT right now!


    • Really? I didn’t know that. I wonder if that would have helped?

      Really? Lucky. What nationality and/or ethinicity are you?

      I really want to see Buzzer Beat because of Yamapi. Goong is on my list. My long list lol.

      How long is your list of dramas to watch?

      If you go to my livejournal you will see a list of all the dramas I’ve watched and what I rated them.

      But my favourite dramas ever are: Sorry, I Love You, Rookies, Tumbling, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Kamen Rider Kiva, Nobuta Wo Produce, KO One and The X-Family.

      And I’m really loving K.O.3an Guo right now, and it looks like it will be going on my favourite dramas ever list.

      K.O.3an Guo is the third in the KO One and The X-Family related shows.


  3. Gui Gui and Aaron definitely have chemistry. Lol Jiro and Cindi definitely did not have chemistry.

    I have 6 dramas to watch before I can see Buzzer Beat, but I can’t wait. I’m watching Sunny Happiness (Taiwanese) at the moment.

    K.O.3an Guo is awesome! But Jiro, Aaron and Calvin are not the leads, in fact, they are barely in it at all. But if you watch KO One and The X-Family and you end up liking Xiu then watching K.O.3an Guo is worth it because there is a lot of Xiu.


    • Precisely lol.

      Haha oh is it good? I don’t really like He Jun Xiang ( not dislike, just no particular preference) so I don’t think I can stand watching many episodes of him with lack of acting skills lolol.


  4. Haha hmm I felt that his roles in Why Why Love and Devil Beside You hadn’t needed much acting skills… as in to me, it’s not that he acted not well, it’s more of that I felt like the roles are very conventional hence not much space for him to show his acting skills… Though I remembered that I had an okay impression of him in both shows (sorry I watched those shows long time ago:P) Ooh okay! I’m currently lacking new dramas to watch…should I watch Sunny Happiness?


    • Well I give it a 3.5 out of 5 – its worth a watch. The main couple are cute together. If you can handle watching a drama that introduces something or someone and then just leaves it or forgets about it, then I suggest watching it. You should also know that there are two characters that you will hate alot. I don’t think I’ve hated someone so much as I hated one of the female characters.

      What are you watching now?

      I’m watching the T-drama Sound Of Colours. Have you seen it or heard about it?


      • Haha ooh you changed your picture!

        Ooh sound of colours! Yep I think I’ve watched bits and pieces of it when my mother was watching it 😛 Haha okay I will check out the show when I have time then!^^


  5. Yep! Hahaha the three of them were so cute lolol. I watched KO One but unfortunately, I found that it’s too random for my liking!:P

    Oh so you heard about it too? I was kinda down because of that actually. Cos apparently some fans of certain members think that Aaron doesn’t want to be in Fahrenheit anymore due to his popularity in solo projects and everything, since other members contribute equally, if not more, why not the same acknowledgement? Well that’s the summarised version, the whole ‘crisis’ lasted for like 2 weeks>.<

    Hahah lol!I feel happy reading that (about you being tempted:P), yes you should totally watch City Hunter! Right now, I really feel like it's one of the best dramas that I've watched(Y)

    I've heard of the Butler one and Bad Guy before, but hasn't gotten the chance to check it out! Who's starring? As for Mei Le Jia You, hahaha I have progressed from watching bits and pieces to the whole episode. It's not bad actually! (and admittedly, surprisingly) Cyndi Wang acts quite well!


    • Lol. I love the randomness of KO One, The X-Family & K.O.3an Guo! It makes it interesting, funny & surprising.

      Yeah some fans just get crazy. They need to get over it.

      One of the best you’ve watched? Wow. Guess I will have to check it out soon then.

      I’m still loving Hayate The Combat Butler. Kim Jae Wook & Kim Nam Gil are in Bad Guy & they are awesome in it.

      Lol. Are you still watching Mei Le Jia You?

      How many dramas are you watching at the moment? How many is the most you have watched at one time?

      I’m currently watching nine dramas! Mei Le Jia You, Hayate The Comabat Butler, K.O.3an Guo, Hana Kimi Remake, Ouran High School Host Club, Ikemen Desu Ne, I Need Romance, Myung Wol The Spy & Heartstrings. I’m actually quite enjoying all of them! Can’t believe I’m watching nine good dramas.

      I see you’re watching Heartstrings. How are you enjoying it?


      • Hahaha I suppose!:D Different people look for different things haha!

        Haha yes I really like City Hunter! To me, there’s good plot with very likeable characters. This is one of the rare times when I actually love the female lead:D

        Haha as for Mei Le Jia You, I’ve gone back to watching bits and pieces of it, and for Heartstrings, I’ve stopped completely. I don’t know:/ Watching City Hunter makes it hard for me to watch rom-coms immediately, because I originally already have quite little liking for dramas with not much plot?:P (Unless you have a character or actor that I really like)

        I’m watching Majo Saiban right now and rewatching City Hunter for the recaps. I can’t really remember what’s my greatest record but the most memorable one was 5 good dramas DURING my exams’ period. It was madness. While people were studying hard for the exam which was on the next day, I would be watching dramas. :O


      • You liked the female lead in City Hunter? I don’t often like the female lead either. I usually like the couple combined but not the female lead by herself.

        Mei Le Jia You is so worth it. Its second favourite drama that I’m watching right now, it ties with Hayate.

        Lol you definitely have to like some crazy to watch Hayate, so good luck 🙂

        Heartstrings is not the most exciting drama, there is little conflict between Shin & Kyu Won. I still like it though.

        Lol! During your exam period? Dramas are like crack – you just can’t stop watching them. That would certainly be memorable.

        I’m currently watching 11 dramas – I just can’t stop adding dramas! I’ve added J-dramas School!! & Buzzer Beat. I’m really enjoying both of them.


      • Yep!:D If you read some of my recaps, I can’t help but really admire her — she can defend herself, she’s really nice and pretty, she has an awesome character with dignity placed in the right place, and she has good judgement sense…very much unlike most of the female leads out there! Which is why yes like you, most of the time I only like the couple/the male, but rarely the female lead by herself.

        Haha I’m going to go back to watching full episodes of Mei Le Jia You because I’m kinda bored nowadays:P I just finished yet another jap drama. Hahah I barely survived 15 minutes of Hayate:P But it looks kinda cute and funny!

        Apparently it gets really interesting and romantic after episode 8 for Heartstrings. I might watch it again for Jung Yong Hwa:P BUT gosh how do I survive eight episodes hahaha.

        Yes, that was certainly memorable:P I even did Playful Kiss recaps before my exams0.0 OMG BUZZER BEAT:D One of my favourite dramas everr.


      • I’ve decided to definitely add City Hunter to my list of dramas to watch. Although I want to watch Protect The Boss & Can’t Lose first.

        Are you still watching Mei Le Jia You? Are you enjoying it? That drama still keeps surprising me because I never know what is coming next. The preview of episode 13 looks good!

        Only 15 minutes? Lol. I guess those types of dramas really aren’t your thing.

        I’ve finished Heartstrings. I liked it. It was cute & sweet.

        I’ve finished Buzzer Beat. I loved it! Its not exactly one of my favourites but I still loved it. It was really good.

        I see you’re watching Hana Kimi Remake. I so love that show! But I’m completely biased towards Miura Shohei!


      • Haha I’ve stopped PTB at Episode 2, but I will continue after this stupid wave of commitments which are killing me. Lol. This is why I’ve stopped watching Mei Le Jiayou as well!

        As for Heartstrings, I’m on Episode 11, and I like it!:D Shin and Gyo Won are really cute and sweet^^

        Hahahah great to hear that you loved it then!:DD I really liked the theme of music, dreams and romance mix in together:D Besides, am Yamapi fan after all:P

        Haha yes I’m watching it and loving it!^^ Quite a good remake in my opinion, though I guess hardcore Hana Kimi original fans might disagree. Miura Shohei –> Nakatsu?:P


      • Lol I hate commitments which interrupt drama watching :-p

        I’m loving Protect The Boss – its so funny & cute!

        I’ve finished Mei Le Jia You. It was a good show but went a little bit down hill in the last few episodes & the ending was kind of annoying. I’d be interested to see what you think of the show overall when you finish it.

        Have you finished Heartstrings yet? Did you enjoy it?

        Lol I love Yamapi too. I’ve going to start watching Kurosagi soon.

        I enjoyed the first Hana Kimi & I don’t mind that there is a remake, even if it didn’t have Miura Shohei, lol. Yeah Miura Shohei is Nakatsu. I’ve watched everything possible that Miura Shohei is in 🙂

        So which dramas are you currently watching? Which ones are on hold? Are you enjoying them?

        I’m currently watching Hana Kimi Remake (loving it), Ikemen Desu Ne (its pretty good – love Ren), Ouran High School Host Club (its pretty pretty good – love Tamaki), K.O.3an Guo (favourite – there are only 6 episodes to be subbed left :-(), Hayate The Combat Butler (loving it – gotten a bit weird with the latest twist though), Myung Wol The Spy (loving it – Kang Woo & Myung Wol are so cute together!) and Protect The Boss (loving it).

        Soon I’m going to start watching Kurosagi, Can’t Lose, City Hunter & The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries.


      • Haha Mei Le Jia You was halted somewhere in Episode 11, but I will be carrying on with it soon:P The thing about Taiwanese Idol Dramas is that they tend to go downhill in the last few episodes.

        I was quite caught up with Heartstrings all the way to the last episode, until I discovered the YongSeo couple, and uhm, well let’s just say hahah I will finish the last episode in the next few days:D

        Ooh Kurosagi is a good watch, though I couldn’t really understand most of its schemes but all is good, because Yamapi is in it hahaha. I swear you will just hate one of the characters inside hmmph.

        Ah, watch City Hunter!(: I actually placed a lot of dramas on hold because of my commitments and to finish some other dramas — Heartstrings, Mei Le Jia You, Lady Saigo No Hanzai Profile, Protect The Boss etc.


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