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The Clue Collector/ Pi Li MIT Episode 1 Recap

Yes, this means that I’m juggling two Aaron Yan’s dramas at the same time!^^

First 10 seconds of the drama and I’m already going goo goo eyes because that first 10 seconds is full of Aaron.

He walks into the library and gets bombarded by carts, before getting a call which says that the game has not ended. He turns around but gets knocked unconscious.

That was just a prelude to the start of the drama. The song starts to play and when it comes to an end, I was squealing (and I still watch very closely everytime the scene comes out)when the scene of the five of them flying down appears, because Aaron was giving a small smile to the camera! -swoon- Hahahaha and I figured out that when cool guys give small smiles, it melts fangirls’ hearts. 😀

Aaron plays the role of this very smart guy called Zhan Shi De, and he is led into a classroom by Wen Xin Lan, a very smart girl. Wen Xin Lan tells him smugly that there’s a question that no students of the school knows how to solve, and she has worked halfway through it. "You can try" She tells him, thinking that Zhan Shi De doesn’t know how to solve. To her shock, Zhan Shi De takes the chalk, writes furiously, and when he solves it, he smiles (warning:fangirl present), and rubs it in Wen Xin Lan’s face.

Someone keeps taking photos of Zhan Shi De and sending it to his phone. Zhan Shi De sees a trail of blood and follows it until he sees a girl lying on the ground, looking dead. Zhan Shi De looks up to the tree where there are splots of blood and smiles.

He kneels down by the girl’s side and says, "If you continue to lie here, everyone who passes by will know that you are wearing pink panties." The girl leaps up, and says that she thought she wore her little strawberries. She asks Zhan Shi De how he manages to solve the mystery and after he reveals the loopholes, she gets very impressed and starts to idolise him. It’s revealed in this one-sided conversation that Zhan Shi De’s father is called the famous Dr James and he writes detective novels. Zhan Shi De tricks her into believing that there’s a murderer at the old school and he’s there to collect evidence that the murderer is there, but now that the murderer knows his face, he needs a helper.

The girl, also known as Li Xiao Xing, happily agrees to help him collect clues.

After she runs away, Zhan Shi De laughs that it’s really easy to trick her. He continues to get stalkery photos sent to his phone, but he turns around and figures out that it’s the lady who is walking away, because of the keychain on her phone which reflects light (previously, there was always light shining in his face, and then a photo got sent to his phone). Here’s a part that I found really cool — Zhan Shi De takes the photo of the woman and sends it back to the number. The woman, upon receiving the photo of her back, turns around but Zhan Shi De is not in sight. The woman (acted by Fan Wei Qi) is very happy that Zhan Shi De has passed her test.

Zhan Shi De gets a call, asking him to check his left pocket regarding a note. He crunches up the note and tells the caller that he’s not interested.

In the cafeteria, Xiao Xing rushes back happily with the things that she found at the old school. She tells Zhan Shi De(it feels strange to call him Shi De lol) that she saw someone burning stuff, and after a round of deduction by Zhan Shi De (wahh I’m falling in love with the character. A cool and SMART character, wow!:D), Xiao Xing realises that the person who has really cheated is Xiao Ya Qi. She dashes up to confront Ya Qi, but Ya Qi chokes and faints. Someone plasters a message that says, "Those who cheat should get punished". In case you are wondering, their school is one who places a lot of emphasis on results and being fair in getting these results.

Zhan Shi De gets another call from the annonymous caller, and he remembers the paper that he has scrunched up just an hour before. He opens it, and after looking at the numbers, he realises that Xiao Ya Qi is poisoned. He remembers seeing teachers’ notes in the bag of the woman following him before, and goes to the tutorial room. There, the woman congratulates him for passing the test.

That woman is Teacher Cherry, and she introduces Huang Hui Hong and Qian Fu Hao. She tells him that he’s chosen to join MIT, a group in school that investigates mystery cases. He’s not interested, and so Teacher Cherry makes a bet with him — if they found out who is the one who is making the calls/the next victim, he has to join MIT. He accepts it (sorta).

In an attempt to stop the next victim from falling prey to the caller, Teacher Cherry lands herself into a trap. The smart Zhan Shi De manages to figure out but is too late to warn Teacher Cherry. In the end, she gets stuck in this room with like smoke bombs or something, and Huang Hui Hong and Qian Fu Hao think of ways to get in. Zhan Shi De suggests for them to get in through the roof, but suddenly, he gets a headache and faints.

However, after that, he wakes up thanks to Xiao Xing, but he chases her off, telling her that there’s no mystery in real life — "If you want murderers so much, you can find them in my father’s novel". Huang Hui Hong finally gets in through the window of the room in a very funny manner, and he-thinks-he’s-so-cool manoeuver by Qian Fu Hao manages to break down the door to get both of them out, but also manages to land Huang Hui Hong in the hospital.

Zhan Shi De doesn’t want to have anything to do with them, so he doesn’t want to pick up the call by the anonymous caller, knowing that the caller is targetting members of MIT. Teacher Cherry helps him pick up the call, telling the caller that he’s not free to pick up his call right now.

Basically, Zhan Shi De sits on the rooftop and he’s playing with the sweets’ container again. Huang Hui Hong comes to find him and tells him that there’s nothing embarassing about fainting.

As Zhan Shi De walks off, Qian Fu Hao appears, telling him to stay to help solve the case.

Wah the first time the three of them are standing together like this. A good sight^^

Anyway, Zhan Shi De stays on because his curiosity just wouldn’t let him leave the case alone. From the next clue given, they think that the caller’s next target will be Wen Xin Lan, so they decide to wait at the school’s premises, knowing that the person doing all those mean things will be following her. Huang Hui Hong remains doubtful that anyone will turn up, but Zhan Shi De says with certainty that someone will definitely come.


Ahem. Wen Xin Lan goes to meet Teacher Lu, also known as Teacher Angel, who tells her that a lot of people have been suspecting her of taking the office key and stealing the tests’ answers. She wants her to pass the key and her responsibilities to Zhan Shi De the next day. As for the MIT people, they accidentally mistake Xiao Xing’s footsteps to be the caller, and they all chase after the person, who is Xiao Xing. Zhan Shi De tackles the person and turns her around. Oops, what kind of landing position is this, aww?

Anyway, Xiao Xing tells Zhan Shi De that she has taken his advice and gone to the library to read all the novels written by his father. "After I finished reading, I realise something — that all the witnesses always get killed. That day, when Xiao Ya Qi got poisoned in the cafeteria, there were only you, me and Wen Xin Lan." She reveals that she has been following Wen Xin Lan around for the whole day, but lost her trace when she had to go to the toilet. She shows Zhan Shi De a photo that she takes of Wen Xin Lan as proof, and Zhan Shi De realises that there’s a guy following Wen Xin Lan. Following that, they hear a scream and after the group of them rush to Wen Xin Lan, they see Lu Ke Ying standing next to an unconscious Wen Xin Lan.

After Wen Xin Lan wakes up, she says that she gets pushed down by Lu Ke Ying, but Lu Ke Ying reveals in a recording that he went to find Wen Xin Lan because she threatened to reveal evidence that he had been cheating alongside with Xiao Ya Qi and another girl. "But I really didn’t cheat." He says in the recording. Zhan Shi De gets another call, and after he enters the library, various carts start rolling towards him (the scene in right in front of the episode). He gets knocked out and wakes up in a room. The caller tells him to put in the disc as a clue, and if he wins, he gets to leave. However, the moment he puts in the disc, information regarding the elite honour roll (something that Teacher Angel comes up with) gets deleted.

Wen Xin Lan enters the room laughing that she has won. She’s the person behind all these things. However, Zhan Shi De reveals that he has already suspected something and all the information is now downloaded into his phone. While Teacher Cherry and the rest are trying to find out what’s the meaning behind the last clue (D19), Xiao Xing reveals that she knows what it means — it’s referring to the 19th volume of Dr James’ novel, where the corpse gets dragged to……. Xiao Xing realises what it means and quickly drags Teacher Cherry off. Zhan Shi De reveals that he already suspected that something is wrong when such a competitive person like Wen Xin Lan is only third on the honour elite roll.

Wen Xin Lan says bitterly that the only way that Xiao Ya Qi and the other girl could get first and second was because they’d cheated. Zhan Shi De says that he doesn’t understand why she will target him, and she says that it’s not fair that she should give anything up to him just because his father is the well known Dr James. Zhan Shi De plays a trick on Wen Xin Lan, so that she will admit that she has lost the game. When she realises that she was tricked, she gets very agitated, but Teacher Cherry and Xiao Xing rush into the room to stop her. Wen Xin Lan retorts, "You must have gotten the game disc earlier than me right? That’s why you know what I’m going to do."

Zhan Shi De rushes to her locker, but doesn’t find any game disc inside. Turns out someone took the game disc already. MIT celebrates their success with….. cup noodles. Huang Hui Hong asks what codename they should give to Xiao Xing — "007 (Zhan Shi De) is like James Bond, 187 (QIan Fu Hao) is like a serial killer who gives killer smiles to all girls, and 747 (Huang Hui Hong) means explosive action." "Er haha that wasn’t exactly my meaning…" "It’s the last three letters of her identification number, car plate number, and handphone number." Zhan Shi De replies. Hahaha lol love his smart-ass comments.

Xiao Xing replies that she wants to be called Tian Mo Xing, also translated as Lucifer. Teacher Cherry goes to talk to Teacher Angel, who assures her that her MIT will split up within a month. (Okay from now on I will adress them with their code names!^^)007 pushes his bowl of noodles to 747 and tells him that he can have it since he doesn’t even want to join MIT. 747 suddenly remembers that someone seems to have left a disc on Teacher Cherry’s table and they suspect that it’s the game disc. They all rush to look at what’s inside the disc, and it’s a film of a girl that is blindfolded and her hands are tied. She’s screaming and screaming and running away from the person holding the camera.

-the end-

It’s of course very fun to watch MIT because well, out of all the three dramas that I’ve watched/watching with Aaron Yan as the lead, it’s the first drama 1. He appears a lot (as opposed to Gloomy Salad Days)and 2. I know he will get the girl ( as opposed to Love Buffet). PHEW. Oh right, just on a side note, apparently he’s supposed to be a male lead in Love Buffet as well! It kinda makes sense now, because he definitely has much more screentime than a usual second lead, but he’s still like a second lead to me, because he doesn’t get the girl -starts wailing-.

Yep, so because of the aforementioned reasons, I’m enjoying MIT a lot! It’s more a fun and sweet watch, and it contrasts nicely with the thought-provoking Gloomy Salad Days. Initally, I forgot why I didn’t watch MIT way back when it was out. Now that I’m watching it, I finally remember. It’s because Guigui is the female lead, and homg….. you know if she can’t act properly, the least she should do is to speak properly, but nooooo she doesn’t speak properly as well. I deduce that it might be slight biasness on my part, and the fact is I bet you anything many Taiwanese guys love her voice and the way she behaves…and so I’ve decided to simply get used to her voice and her cutsy-ness for Aaron. I’ve watched some behind the scenes and granted, Aaron and Guigui are quite cute together:P Have you guys watched the one where Guigui started crying because of a joke they played on her, and Aaron kept on hugging her? Awwwwww.

All right, that’s all for now!:D I did try very, very hard to stop myself from actively screenshotting only Aaron’s face -gives innocent expression-. It isn’t my fault really that 80% of the above screencaps are of Aaron:P Hahahahah, I’m sure no one is complaining right?


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