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Gloomy Salad Days Episode 15 and 16 Recaps


So basically, the episode starts with two guys and two girls, and the other three manage to convince the obedient girl called Ya Zhen to skip school and go to the beach to see the sunset. Ya Zhen feels very scared at first, and she keeps asking if there’s anyone around while they’re climbing over the fence. Her friend takes a look at the random passer by and assures her that there’s no one, but that random passer by turns out to be a new teacher called Shen Quan.

The two girls are laughing crazily when they meet Xiao Hai and his friend by the motorcycles. He smiles and asks them what’s so funny, and the friend answers that they pointed Shen Quan in the wrong direction. She pointed him to the old school campus.

Shen Quan wanders into the old school campus, and he goes into this room. He starts to reminisce about past events with this girl and he touches the wall where the words "I can’t stop being in love with you. Shen Quan & Ruo Yao" were written. The girl appears, telling him not to find her ever again. By the time Shen Quan wakes up from this illusion, he realises that he’s perched on the edge of the platform, meaning that if he has taken another step, he would have fallen to his death.

Ya Zhen sits on Xiao Hai’s motorcycle and the both of them are very happy. On the way there, Xiao Hai gets blocked by a cab, and he keeps honking the cab. Coincidentally, the passenger is Ya Zhen’s mum. She suspects something from the girl’s back, because it looks like Ya Zhen. She quickly calls Ya Zhen’s dad, asking him to check on their daughter in school.

Ya Zhen stands by the seaside and breathes in the air. She smiles into the distance, and really enjoys herself. Xiao Hai comes next to her and talks gently by her ear.

Soon, they engage in a kiss.

Xiao Hai brings the rest of them to this bar like place, and the guy gives Ya Zhen a strong alcoholic drink. He gives her a box of pills in a Panadol box as well, and because everyone was joking that he deals drugs, they think that the pills are drugs. Ya Zhen takes it and keeps it in her bag. Shen Quan goes to meet the teacher in charge and she tells him that he can start work the next day.

Shen Qi stands outside, and calls out, "Brother!" It’s now revealed that Shen Quan is Shen Qi’s brother. You can tell that their relationship is really close, as Shen Qi offers to help carry Shen Quan’s bag, and Shen Quan carries Shen Qi’s bag for him. Haha!<3

Shen Qi keeps turning and looking backwards. Shen Quan asks what he’s looking at, and he answers, "Nothing.. just seeing if my friend is nearby." They walk off, and Du appears. The conversation at night is really awkward and still, as their dad lectures them on not having any big ambitions for the future. Shen Qi just quietly takes his share and nods, but Shen Quan gets irked, especially when his dad makes him eat pills that help to curb depression. He announces that he’s going to live in the teachers’ hostel.

After Ya Zhen goes home, she makes an excuse for why she’s not at home even though she told her teacher that she had cramps and needed to go back home. She took out the Panadol box to show that she had bought pain relief pills, after which she went to the library to study for the upcoming exam. Her parents believed her, and she went back into her room. She opened the box and realised that it’s contraceptive pills.

The next day, Ya Zhen’s class gets the new English teacher, Shen Quan. Ya Zhen looks quite interested in him. After school, she hears the story behind Shen Quan about how he got into depression after his girlfriend, who was his senior then, died. Ya Zhen complained to her dad that she still had to queue up for tuition later and she didn’t know when she would be back home. She writes Shen Quan’s name in the sand, and Xiao Hai teaches her how to speak the English word for "Quan" which is "Spring." Xiao Hai brings her to his secret hideout and he lives there alone, because his parents are divorced.

While talking, Ya Zhen gets interested in Xiao Hai’s tattoo, and he takes off his shirt so that she can touch it. Before long, they are on the bed.

Ya Zhen quickly eats her contraceptive pill before Xiao Hai pulls her back to bed.

The next day, Ya Zhen looks at Shen Quan planting flowers in the rain but gets pulled away by her friend. Shen Qi comes by with an umbrella and Shen Quan starts talking to him.

He asks if Shen Qi believes in spirits, and Shen Qi says yes. Shen Quan reveals that he has seen Ruo Yao the first day he came, but tells Shen Qi not to tell their father.

Ya Zhen begs her friend to tell her mother that she really went to queue up for the tuition. She forgot the other day (because she was doing it with Xiao Hai) and her friend suspects the exact same thing. She starts to tease her about it, and asks if she went to his secret hideout "the one that only girlfriends can go." Ya Zhen looks very shocked because she thought that it’s really a "secret" hideout. She asks how her friend knew about it, and she says that Xiao Hai’s ex girlfriend kept on boasting about the hideout.

Ya Zhen’s teacher is interested in Shen Quan and gives him lunch. She invites him for a teachers’ get-together, but Shen Quan isn’t interested and chases her away. He only wants to plant his flowers and garden. Shen Quan goes to another part of the school and starts hacking down the grass. He accidentally discovers the stone, and Du appears.

He learns that it was his brother who buried the stone. He tells Du that as long as he can see Ruo Yao one more time, he wouldn’t mind turning into a stone.

Du tells him that if he cannot overcome his own obstacle, he would become a stone.

Shen Quan wakes up, and finds the stone in his hand. Shen Qi realises that he has seen the Death Girl before, and tells him not to think too much about it. However, Shen Quan doesn’t want to give him the stone, and asks him if he has someone that he loved. Shen Qi recalls Du asking him if he likes her, and he tells Shen Quan, "Yes."

-pause- AWWWW!!!!!-unpause-

He tries to advice Shen Quan not to dwell in this depression anymore, but Shen Quan tells him that everything is fine and walks off for lesson, leaving Shen Qi in worry. Ya Zhen is very interested in Shen Quan, but gets lectured by him for not studying well. He tells Ya Zhen that he will answer her question when she can ask it in English. Xiao Hai appeases Ya Zhen by telling her that he doesn’t like the ex girlfriend anymore, and he helped her get the admission pass for the tuition. Ya Zhen isn’t angry at him anymore, but later, when they are on the bed, Ya Zhen murmurs, "Spring… I like you." but Xiao Hai doesn’t suspect anything.

The principal comes out to ask Shen Quan why he’s not attending the teachers’ get-together. He says that he just wants to garden (because last time, he and Ruo Yao used to grow flowers together). The principal tells him that even if he has a relationship with another teacher, he wouldn’t say anything. "If you want to have a relationship with a student, I will just close one eye" now that Shen Quan is older already.  

Shen Quan starts to narrate his story with Ruo Yao. They were very much in love, and one day, they went to their place, the art room and started kissing passionately there. They were engaging in a deep kiss when…

when Ruo Yao’s father dashed into the room and slapped her. Shen Quan was made to write a reflection letter.

Which if you think about it, it’s quite sad…. because basically in this kind of reflections right, you have to say that oh you know that you are wrong, and you won’t do blah blah blah again… Shen Quan was made to write that, and he cried while writing it because he didn’t want to part with Ruo Yao.

The principal convinced both fathers not to blow matters up because they are both very important figures in the society. Ruo Yao was brought home, and her hair was cut off. She sneaked out of the house to find Shen Quan and tell him that she’s pregnant. Shen Quan decided to elope with her and went home to take his passbook.

However, he got caught by his father, who then made an appointment with a doctor to carry out abortion. Shen Quan promised Ruo Yao that they would be together but Ruo Yao died in the operation room due to too much loss of blood. This is why Shen Quan remains guilt-stricken for so long because he felt like he left Ruo Yao there in the room all alone.

Xiao Hai tries to get Ya Zhen to go out with them to play, but Ya Zhen doesn’t want to. She studies hard for her English and one day, finally manages to ask Shen Quan the question in the right manner. Shen Quan praises her and she becomes very happy. She decides to study really hard.

One day, Xiao Hai and his friends see Ya Zhen talking to Shen Quan. Xiao Hai realises that there’s something wrong with Ya Zhen’s attitude towards him, and he asks if Ya Zhen likes someone else, like her classmate. She answers no, but she makes no answers when he asks if it’s the new English teacher. He releases his hold on Ya Zhen’s wrist and Ya Zhen asks for a breakup. Ya Zhen confesses to Shen Quan even though Shen Quan says that he wants to be left alone. Ya Zhen accidentally steps on the flowers, and Shen Quan is so angry that he pushes her. Ya Zhen runs off in shock. She goes home, cries and keeps tearing out pages of her notes, I presume notes on English. Her father comes in to console her, but Ya Zhen suddenly feels nauseated and runs to vomit in the toilet. While helping Ya Zhen clean up her mess, her father realises that she’s eating contraceptive pills. He puts 1 and 1 together (and gets 2!:D lol lame) and realises what happened.

Her father tells her mother what happened and her mother gives her a tight slap. They want to sue the guy who made her pregnant and they keep asking Ya Zhen who the guy is. Ya Zhen screams, "The new teacher!" They get very shocked that it’s a teacher, but are determined not to let the teacher get away with this. The next day, Shen Quan goes to school not knowing what happened, and he is suspended because he needs to be investigated. Everyone believed that he made Ya Zhen pregnant. While walking out of the school, he passes by his flowers and is going to take care of them, when Xiao Hai appears with a bat, and smashes his flowers.

Shen Quan lies dejected by his flowers. Ya Zhen waits till her parents left home and she quickly calls Xiao Hai, telling him that she’s with child, and it’s his. At first, Xiao Hai thought that she’s together (romantically) with Shen Quan but she tells him that he doesn’t even like her, and she has never said that the both of them were together. Xiao Hai starts to realise the meaning behind Ya Zhen’s words. Ya Zhen tells him that she panicked the moment her parents said they’re going to sue the guy, and she blamed everything on Shen Quan. She cries and begs for him to go to school to reveal the truth to her parents.

Shen Quan goes home to find all his flowers and photos smashed. I think Xiao Hai did that in a fit of anger, thinking that Shen Quan lured Ya Zhen away. Shen Quan looks at this mess and takes the stone. Shen Qi has a huge headache and wakes up yelling for Du, startling the nurse in the room. Du appears and tells him that he shouldn’t be calling for her. Shen Qi says that he wasn’t the one calling for her, and "It’s my brother right?" He starts to yell for Du not to bring his brother away, but Shen Qi’s father comes in with a few doctors trying to subdue him, and asking why he has become so crazy. Since no one can see Du, Shen Qi really appears bonkers talking to the air. Shen Qi cries out "Stop her! She’s going to bring Brother away!!"

The doctors give him sedatives, and he sinks into sleep.

Okay I cried for this part. It’s so sad!! Knowing what’s going to happen and knowing that you can’t do anything to stop it… that’s the worst feeling ever ever!

Du disappears and appears by Shen Quan’s side. She asks if Shen Quan wants her to bring away the life of the girl who blamed everything on him, but he says that he doesn’t want to bring away any one’s life; he just wants to see Ruo Yao again. Du asks again, "So… the life that you want me to bring away.. is yours?"

Shen Qi sneaks out of the hospital after he wakes up from the sedatives.

Xiao Hai stands outside the office and listens to Ya Zhen’s parents being angry about Shen Quan. He takes in a breath, and enters the office, telling the teacher that he has something to tell the parents… "(The child) It’s mine and Ya Zhen’s".

Okay, I’m really glad that he’s a responsible guy!! I thought that he would just leave Ya Zhen in the lurch after knowing that she’s pregnant, seeing as how he looks like a play boy… but good good, he’s willing to be responsible. I like!:D

Shen Quan finally sees Ruo Yao, and the both of them say happily that they can finally be together forever. They look at the ground, and the audience sees Shen Quan’s body lying flat down on the ground.

Du runs to the old school campus and yells for Du to appear. He jumps out of the classroom’s windows (in a cool manner wahhh) when he sees Du sitting outside. He takes in a breath, clutches tightly to the stone, and asks, "Who did you bring away"

Du calmly replies, "Shen Quan". Shen Qi closes his eyes as he hears the answer that he fears the most, and he becomes angry and grieving at the same time. He throws the stone at Du and yells for her to disappear, while asking why she brought Shen Quan away (meaning letting him die.) Du tells him that it isn’t her fault; it’s his brother’s decision, but Shen Qi tells her that she exists for nothing. He takes a bat and starts swinging in her direction.

Du asks why he’s attacking her, even though he knows that he wouldn’t be able to hurt her (seeing that she’s a spirit), and Shen Qi answers with pain in his eyes, that she just took his brother away — "How do you want me to overcome this"


Du tells him that if he wants her to disappear, then there’s only one way "If you become a stone, I will disappear."

Shen Qi looks at her with hurt and dilemma in his eyes, without giving her an answer.

-the end-

Omo I cried for the entire scene up there!! I have no idea why… but I was really quite moved by how Shen Qi is grieving so badly for his brother’s death that he even wished for Du to be gone. It’s like…. the moment where he learnt that Du brought his brother away had such a big impact on him, that he immediately just sank into this grief… and in the end, he’s torn. I think that the dilemma that he’s put in by the scriptwriters was well-written — he wishes Du to disappear, but then Du is someone whom he loves. If he wants Du to disappear, then he would have to use the stone, something which he was so, so against. It’s like two dilemmas intertwined! Not to mention that… I’m really sad that Shen Qi has to go through the pain of losing his brother!!

I like the fact that Xiao Hai is a responsible guy… but it’s kinda sad to know that what he did pushed Shen Quan to the limit, thus making him use the stone and taking his own life. If Xiao Hai hasn’t smashed up all the flowers, I think Shen Quan wouldn’t have wanted to see Ruo Yao so badly either. I think what really makes me sad about this story is that… even Shen Qi’s love for his brother isn’t enough to keep his brother alive. As in…. I think Shen Qi will be very sad. He loves his brother so much, but Shen Quan still chooses to leave even though he knows that. DDD:

I don’t think I’m biased right… if I say that I thought Aaron acted quite well in this episode. At least for me, if I could be emotionally touched that I cried, then the actors/actresses definitely did something right.

Yep! So the last four episodes are going to be about them… and I will definitely see more of Aaron/Shen Qi (yay!)

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