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Review of The Next Aaron Yan EP

OOPS:D Hee is it a littttleeee too huge?! Hahah I’ve no idea how to make it any smaller because he would end up either looking very stretched or looking like he just got squashed by his fans:P

Hahaha I knew that I probably would be doing something like this, that’s why in my review of Super Hot, I did say that that will be one of the few times. Well, this time is one of the few times as well!

Okie, so he had six songs in this EP, namely:

1. 下一個我 The next me
2. 只看見妳 I can see nothing but you
3. 一觸即發 Touch and go
4. 最後一眼 Just one look
5. 忽然之間 Suddenly
6. The Truth That You Leave

I have read a few local reviews that said that ohhh the fact that there are only six songs, and two of them aren’t created from scratch, shows the company’s lack of thought that is put into the album… Okay it really depends on how you look at it. One review said very nicely, that it feels a little too rushed, but another review that I read was being all whiny about it and kept harping on how there’s onlyyyy four songs. What I really wanted to say was — My dear, there’s a reason why it’s called EP -smile-.

Haha! Okay I must admit that I’m a little biased in my review because I’m a fan of his… but I must also tell you guys, that I like him even more after this album, so there must be some reason behind it. Of course, not all reviews that I’ve read are bad. I’ve read some who expressed surprise at his song, The Next Me. Yep! I think that he really did quite well for that song! It has a special melody. In fact, I didn’t really like it the first time I’ve heard it because it isn’t thaaat mainstream, and it’s very unlike Fahrenheit’s style, but after hearing it for the second time, it has officially grown on me. It’s the nth time that I’m listening to the song now, and I love it! His voice is very special and I think it brings out the song quite nicely. (Oooh on a side note, Aaron’s voice was the first one that I can pick out from Fahrenheit! Haha)

My favourite track from the EP is Touch and Go. I really like the melody, and I admit that I will still have liked the song even if Aaron wasn’t singing it… but somehow I feel like he enhanced the song and the lyrics, thus bringing a rendition that I really like. My first thought when I heard I Can See Nothing But You was that "That’s totally Tank’s style". Yes, and that’s, unfortunately, not a good thing because all the bad reviews said that it isn’t a very special song; it’s just a normal mainstream song…which I kinda agreed with, until the song grows on me. I mean, there’s a reason why mainstream songs are famous, even though I do think that it’s a littttleee bit of a waste that the style of the song sounded like Tank.

I really like Suddenly as well. It’s on par with Touch and Go and The Next Me as my top favourites. I know that some, okay many, people have been comparing it with the original singer, Karen Mok. Of course, I wouldn’t say that Aaron sang it better than Karen Mok, but I felt like he brought the song across quite nicely as well. The only song that hasn’t left much impression on me yet was Just One Look. When I heard it, all I thought of was, "Hmm this is a nice song" but it doesn’t stay in my mind…

Okay, if you have been following my livejournal, you would know that I’m someone who really loves music…so….I UTTERLY LOVE THE TRUTH THAT YOU LEAVE!! Hee! (Lol an outburst of fangirling-ness) It’s a piece that is apparently very famous across various blogs and the company bought the copyrights for him to play. AND AND you can’t imagine how I feel when I imagine Aaron playing this on the piano, focusing on the notes… and bringing emotions into each and every one of them<3 Haha! Not sure if you guys know what I mean…but I was really very happy to find out that Aaron Yan loves playing the piano/could play it well.

I really like both MVs released as well! Whoo he looks sooooo good in specs for I Can See Nothing But You and that kiss on the forehead at the last scene is sooo sweet! In The Next Me, I could see the ten different characters portrayed and even though some may be thoroughly against him stripping, I’m actually quite for it. I don’t know… maybe it’s because of the Lit-ty side in me (English Literature) that I could see the meaning behind him stripping. Granted, it may be a gimmick on the company’s side to simply raise lots of attention…but to me, I like how Aaron wants to take off the ‘idol’ burden that he has been carrying with him for so many years. I felt like… some people were against it simply because of the action itself — that it’s stripping stark naked… but….I mean I don’t know, if you get past that stage of the action itself, and think about the meaning behind it….

Yep! That’s my take on the EP, The Next Aaron. I probably wouldn’t be doing reviews in the near future unless someone I like comes out with a new album (homg I think Fahrenheit is coming out with an album at the end of the year!)

What do you guys think!


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