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The Clue Collector/ Pi Li MIT Episode 2 Recap

Haha!! I really love watching Pi Li MIT<33 I’ve decided to do another recap, even though I bet the whole world out there has already watched it:P

So previously, there was a girl who was being filmed and she was running away in horror. When Lucifer appears wearing a dolphin head, 187 runs away retching, and 007 observes that he really hates fish. Lucifer tells Teacher Cherry and 007 that she will tell them the details about the video if 007 promises to stay in MIT. Turns out that the video isn’t the game disc as what the other members have assumed. It’s actually put on the desk by Lucifer herself because she wanted MIT to help her solve the myster — the club that she had joined recently held a competition and the person who sent this video got first, but no one came forward to claim the prize. Lucifer merely wants the members to help her solve this, but she didn’t expect that everyone will think that it’s the game disc. 

187 gets a call from a mysterious person, who reminds him of how he got kidnapped years ago. 187 recalls the incident and after he returns to MIT’s room, he asks Teacher Cherry for a chance to show 007 his detective skills, so he wants to investigate this case himself. Before he leaves, 007 asks why he’s so interested in the disc, and 187 asks him another question, "May I know which persona are you asking me this question with? Zhan Shi De, the student on the Elite Honour Roll, or 007, a member of MIT?" 007 couldn’t answer him, and 187 walks away smugly, muttering under his breath that there’s no way he’s letting the other members to learn of his secret. 

This is the first time we see evidence of 187’s network. He calls all his ‘girlfriends’ and asks them to ask around to see if anyone has a female classmate who didn’t turn up for class for one or two days. He promises a hug, or even a kiss, for anyone who gives him the right information. Teacher Lu manages to find him to offer him the male lead position for the upcoming play, and even tells him to drop out of MIT, but 187 expresses indifference and walks away. In the end, Lu Ke Ying (Teacher Lu’s son) and Lin Li Na are the leads of the play, and someone from the Broadway will come down to watch them. Lin Li Na rubs salt in Jin Ji La’s wounds that she didn’t get in, but Jin Ji La simply smiles and congratulates her. No one sees her clenched fist. Someone watches them from behind a pillar, and that person is drinking from a packet drink.


The cook/boss of the restaurant sets up another challenge which 007 wins with ease (look at that confident smile on his face:P) 007 sits down to enjoy his prize when Lucifer takes a plate of cakes from him and sits down at another table.

007 asks what she’s doing there, and she answers, "Conan needs Rachel, so 007 needs Lucifer as well!" She tells 007 that she really feels in her heart that 007 needs her, and her fortune cookie told her that she would get free lunch today — "And you gave me free lunch!" 007 walks away, and Lucifer tags along. 007 tells her that 1. He needs silence, and 2. Stop calling him 007. Lucifer says that she can be quiet when she wants to, and that no one else will be as quiet as her, but 007 looks at her in disbelief.

This conversation is interrupted when both of them hears Jin Ji La talking to Teacher Lu. Jin Ji La requests for a chance for Teacher Lu to watch her perform, and maybe give her the female lead role. Teacher Lu tells her that she should just try harder next time, and if she can remember her name in the future, then there might be a chance for her to take on better roles next time. In the meanwhile, just shoo. Jin Ji La stands there while Teacher Lu walks away. 007 comes forward to tell Jin Ji La not to give up, because teachers’ words may not always be correct, but Jin Ji La smiles and tells him that the teacher is right and she will work harder in the future.

007 observes that there’s some stains on her wrist but says nothing. After Jin Ji La walks away, 007 finds a strand of hair on the floor and remarks that it’s from a wig.

Lucifer gets angry that he talked so long to Jin Ji La, thinking that he’s interested in her. She storms off, and gets startled when 747 bangs into her with a camera. Turns out that 747 is trying to imitate the camera man of the video, to find out if there’s any clues that they’ve missed out. Lu Ke Ying is practising his lines when he overhears a conversation between Lin Li Na and Jin Ji La.

She looks horrible with orange hair, what was she thinking of?!

Cynthia Wong looks really pretty here! I think she looks better in black hair than dyed hair as seen in Love Buffet. Hmm.

Anyway, this conversation reveals to both Lu Ke Ying and Jin Ji La that the only reason why Lin Li Na got the role was because Teacher Lu needs her father’s help, and Lin Li Na knows it. 187 tries to make a girl admit that the video is the doing of her and her boyfriend but the girl says that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Then, 187 hears a loud scream and dashes off in that direction. A girl who is bound and blindfolded is running away from a man with a shark mask. She screams and falls on the staircase landing. The man films from a level up when 187 turns up with a fire extinguisher and sprays it all over the person.

The man takes off his mask, and 187 realises that it’s actually 747. 007 walks up the staircase, takes off the blindfold of the girl, thus revealing the girl to be Lucifer. He tells them that after the fooling around by the two of them, he’s even more sure that the video is fake. He shows them the video again and pauses the video after the girl ran down the flight of stairs and turned. 747 makes some stupid guesses about what makes the video fake, but those guesses are all wrong. 007 reveals that there’s no way a girl who is blindfolded is able to run down the stairs and know where to turn exactly. This girl must have rehearsed many times and even memorised the number of steps on the stairs. Lucifer realises that this must be so, because she almost fell just now on the stairs.

Teacher Cherry is very happy that all 4 members of MIT are working together and she congratulates herself for being so ingenious when 187 gets a call that says,"The female victim of the video has turned up." He walks away hurriedly, while Teacher Cherry gets a call from her dad a.k.a the principal. Teacher Lu informs her that Lin Li Na has disappeared and she hasn’t even turned up for rehearsal. She blames the MIT members for this and Teacher Cherry storms off promising that she will find Lin Li Na to give her members back their innocence.

Teacher Lu reveals in the conversation with the principal that Lin Li Na’s father is very crucial to their school because her father is some important figure. It’s also revealed to the audience that there’s some amorous relationship going on between Teacher Lu and the principal.

187 tries to find out from his numerous girlfriends more about Lin Li Na and learns that no one can stand her excepf for Jin Ji La.

Jin Ji La comes to confess to Teacher Cherry that Lin Li Na has been accepting modelling jobs outside even though students from their school are not supposed to have part time jobs. She feels that there’s a stalker after her and Lin Li Na and she’s scared that Lin Li Na might have met with mishap when she went out for a photoshoot. Teacher Cherry sends 007 and Lucifer out on a mission to investigate this photography association after 007 remarks that the girl in the video does look a lot like Lin Li Na.

On the other hand, 747 is sent to tag behind Jin Ji La, but his skills are so awful that Jin Ji La finds out. She thinks that he is her fan, and offers her a drink that was given to her by her fan. 747 happily drinks the packet drink, while the camera shows another student drinking the same drink. Lucifer and 007 turn out in their home clothes and while Lucifer goes up to ask the photographers more about what they are going to do that day, 007 realises that Lu Ke Ying is among the photographers and he runs away the moment he spots 007.

007 gives chase and homg he’s soo cool here. Knowing that he can’t chase up with Lu Ke Ying, he takes off his bag, and throws it at Lu Ke Ying. HOORAY!^^

He asks why Lu Ke Ying ran, and Lu Ke Ying begs him not to tell his mother, because his mother dislikes him doing photography. Lucifer turns up and in order not to spill the beans that they are investigating, 007 pulls Lucifer in for a hug and says that the two of them are a couple. Haha! Lu Ke Ying promises not to tell anyone and he walks away. 007 immediately releases his hold on Lucifer but…

Lu Ke Ying slowly turns his head around, and 007 grabs Lucifer to his side again. LOL! Lu Ke Ying asks if they know about the photo shoot that day.

To both Lucifer and 007’s shock, the model for that day is Jin Ji La.

It really wasn’t my fault that Lucifer turned out cross-eyed!! (Okay fine, I admit I was lazy to do another screenshot)But anyway, the both of them look pretty compatible here:P

While investigating, 187 manages to churn up a photo of Jin Ji La in the exact same pose, clothes and accessories as Lin Li Na. 187 tells Teacher Cherry that whatever Lin Li Na wears is the real brand, while whatever Jin Ji La wears is fake. 747 wakes up on the roof and quickly tells everyone (they have the conference speakers thing) that he has lost Jin Ji La. Jin Ji La is shown running away from a stalker, but still landing into his hands in the end. 187 gets a call from the person again, saying, "Something exciting is going to happen at the swimming pool. The attack on the female students is going to start now." 187 immediately runs to the swimming pool, while Jin Ji La runs blindfolded and bound, exactly like the girl in the video. She keeps running straight until she accidentally lands into the pool. 187 sees her floating in the pool, but he cannot bring himself to save her, because of his past experience where he also dropped into the sea after the kidnappers tried to kill him.

Luckily, 007 comes to the aid of Jin Ji La (whoo~ Who doesn’t love a hero rushing to a damsel in distress’s aid^^) while 747 manages to catch the masked man/stalker.

They interogate the student that is the masked guy but he keeps crying and even though 007, 747 and Lucifer run to the location where he said he held Lin Li Na, they find no one there. Teacher Lu tells Teacher Cherry that she will take all the videos and the student from her, because she sees no point in protecting the blacklisted students. The three MIT members arrive at the moment when Teacher Cherry announces that she would resign if she cannot find Lin Li Na within a day.

007 brings Lucifer to the roof and she thinks that 007 wants to do something romantic with her,

but it turns out that 007 is just waiting for the time where 187 gets the call, so that he can snatch the phone and listen to the call himself. 187 is unhappy and the two of them get into a fight, despite Lucifer trying her best to stop it. She runs to get Teacher Cherry who goes to the roof and tries to make peace, but the two of them only shake hands grudgingly. They return to the room with bruises and bad tension between them. When they see the video of Lin Li Na being bound onto a chair and crying, they realise that she’s the female victim. They all rush off to find her, and 007 gets frustrated thinking of what he might have missed out. Things start to blur again, and he faints on the ground, writhing in pain. Lucifer kneels in concern over him and gives him his pills to eat. Finally, 007 stops groaning and grabs Lucifer’s hands, saying, "It’s time that you cut your nails."

Haha! Such a typical 007 comment.

He reveals that he sees the same kind of stains on Lucifer’s hands and on Jin Ji La’s hands and this shows that Jin Ji La was the girl in the first video because both Lucifer and her wore the tapes on their hands when they filmed the video previously. He realises that the strand of fake hair that he picked up the other time was from the wig that Jin Ji La wore so that she would appear to be like Lin Li Na. He recalls what he has seen in the most recent video and realises that Lin Li Na is held hostage at the old basketball court.

187 goes there alone and almost gets stabbed by Jin Ji La, if not for the timely appearance of 747. After Lin Li Na gets saved by MIT, she’s still such an arrogant person. She smirks at Jin Ji La as she walks off. Jin Ji La remembers how Lin Li Na pulls off her earring and insults her to be a fake, and she gets angry. She picks up the knife and rushes after the leaving party, but luckily, 007 turns around and pushes her backwards.

Okay, it somewhat breaks my heart to see 007 being so heartless to the girl. Come on, she’s sooo sad!

Anyway, 187 decides to console Jin Ji La and tells her that since everyone believes that she cannot make it in this school, she should leave and fulfil her dreams to become a celebrity. Lin Li Na gets hospitalised and the womaniser, 187, learns down for a kiss but cringes in disgust when he realises that she ate fish for lunch. He rushes out of the room where 007 stands, smirking, together with 747 and Lucifer. They are just teasing each other when they hear a scream, and rush to the computer lab — a virus has caused all the computer to show up with an image of a guy.

-the end-

It amazes me to find so many celebs acting in this drama! It’s somewhat like Gloomy Salad Days where they find famous (at least relatively well known) people to act for about 2 episodes.

Haha! I really love watching how MIT goes about solving their cases, and the different characters in MIT. Honestly, it’s quite a good idea on Taiwan’s part to film this because it seems like it has always been Japanese Dramas that are coming up with the ‘solving crimes’ thingy. It would really be awesome if they announce for a Pi Li Mit Season 2!! I foresee lots of revenue earned haha!

I really didn’t want to harp on it, but since I’ve just remembered about it…. oh dear, why is Guigui’s voice so high pitched!! Aaron looks so good last time already, even with all the (but not alot) baby fats! AND AND I’m so sorry for the shortage of screenshots for this episode!! The quality of the video isn’t very clear in some parts, and I thought I might as well don’t put up the screenshots that are quite blurry:/

Look forward to the next few recaps!! AND COMMENT COMMENT Would love to hear what you guys think/fangirl about haha!


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