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Love Buffet Episode 11 Recap

Hahaha oops! I’ve finally gotten myself to start on Love Buffet recaps again:P


Da Ye’s mother is someone who likes to make jokes. She kneels down to thank Xiao Feng’s mother for taking care of Da Ye, and Xiao Feng’s mother kneels down in shock as well, trying to get Da Ye’s mother to stand up again.

This turns out to be a gathering between the sons’ mothers and the sons. Gu Du is extremely horrified to hear Da Ye introducing Xiao Feng as his girlfriend. She almost blurts out the fact that Xiao Feng likes her brother, but Xiao Feng manages to stop her from saying it out. 

All is well, until Xiao Feng accidentally leaks out the fact that she doesn’t like Da Ye, and like as in the romantically involved like. Da Ye’s mother immediately has a very bad view of her and starts shooting her down. In an attempt to defend Xiao Feng, both Ah Yi and Da Ye shout, "Auntie!" and "Mother!" together. There is this awkward moment where they look at each other,

but Ah Yi makes a signal for Da Ye to continue. Da Ye tells his mother that it’s not Xiao Feng’s fault and he believes that he will be able to change Xiao Feng’s heart. Ah Yi listens to this silently. 

Even though Da Ye’s mother welcomes her at first, after this whole exchange, she obviously doesn’t want her to come for the gathering anymore, but Xiao Feng says that she still wants to go. At the buffet, Da Ye’s mother keeps making snide remarks, like telling Gu Du not to eat oily stuff because she will get a lot of diseases. Gu Du is still wondering why she gets dragged into this, when Xiao Feng looks at her plate and sees lots of oily food.

She goes to take another plate, and when she turns around, Ah Yi is there. Ah Yi scolds her ‘idiot’ in his usual way.

Da Ye apologises to her, and Ah Yi tells her that as long as she sticks with it, the torture should be over quite soon. Da Ye tries to make light of the situation by saying, "Anyway, by the time they come back for another visit, we will be in love!" Xiao Feng fakes smile, and Da Ye looks at Ah Yi, who fake smiles him as well. Lol.

I really don’t like how Ah Yi holds all his feelings inside him! I feel very sad for him when he acts like nothing is going on in his heart whenever he sees Xiao FengD:

Even though Xiao Feng is very tired, she’s still determined to get into Da Ye’s mother’s good books. Hence, she turns up the next day again, much to Da Ye’s mother’s dislike. Xiao Feng goes to buy chestnuts for Gu Du and herself, and while they are eating them, Da Ye’s mother comes again and starts saying stuff like how they are squirrels etc. Da Ye gets irritated by how mean his mother is, and takes Xiao Feng’s hand, pulling her away. Ah Yi carries Gu Du and the four of them run away together.

They finally stop running after quite some time, and Da Ye touches Xiao Feng’s fringe and helping her to wipe the sweat off. The two of them are so mushy mushy but they realise that Gu Du and Ah Yi are looking at them. Ah Yi does the same thing to Gu Du and Gu Du imitates Xiao Feng’s reply.

Xiao Feng and Da Ye laugh and tell them to stop imitating them. Ah Yi and Gu Du just shrug as Da Ye and Xiao Feng insist that they are not being mushy mushy.

This part is both funny and really heartbreaking for me. It’s like…. you know the more someone pretends that something doesn’t matter to them, sometimes, the more it reflects on how much it has affected them? To me, this is exactly how the scene is! It’s funny how Ah Yi and Gu Du tease Xiao Feng and Da Ye, but it doesn’t make fangirls feel good that Ah Yi is doing that, especially since we know that he’s not exactly over Xiao Feng yet.

However, looking at how the four of them are playing together so happily, Da Ye’s mother seems to have a better view of Xiao Feng.

Haha! They manage to find out because Xiao Feng has been dropping food all the way lol. As they go home in this jovial mood, since Da Ye’s mother seems to be okay with Xiao Feng now, Da Ye puts his arms around Xiao Feng and says that he wants to be always in this distance from her.

Ah Yi sees them but simply just walks away. In school, it’s revealed that Ah Yi is running for the president of the student council. The teacher asks him to say a few words to his class, but after a long silence, all he says is, "Please take care of me." Haha! Everyone laughs as they realise that Ah Yi is feeling shy. They spend the period helping to decorate posters for him, and he sits down at a corner reading some papers.

Xiao Feng comes to ask him what he’s doing, and Ah Yi insults her lack of vocabulary. Xiao Feng says, "It’s not just grades that will get you the president!" She hrumphs, and stands up, but her hand touches a stack of papers, her grip slips, and she falls backwards. Ah Yi grabs her, and in this attempt to save Xiao Feng from a fall, they kiss. THEY KISS.


OMG OMG THEY KISSED! I totally shrieked and watched this again, totally ignoring the fact that Xiao Feng is extremely horrified by what had just happened and she runs out of the classroom, leaving behind a stunned Ah Yi.

Xiao Feng is extremely, extremely horrified and guilt-stricken, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell the truth to Da Ye, especially after he tells her how he gets a part time job so that he can earn more money for their dates.

Xiao Feng decides to knit something for Da Ye for the upcoming Valentines. Ah Yi comes by, and laughs at her knitting skills.

The camera zooms in on Ah Yi’s face as he smiles, and says, "Genius."

Xiao Feng thinks to herself that she still minds the accident a lot, and instead of feeling awkward or feeling that it’s sweet, she feels very uneasy. Da Ye happens to pop by and find Ah Yi, and Xiao Feng leaves the class. Ah Yi stands at her desk and looks displeased. At night, Xiao Feng decides to buy food and go to Da Ye’s part time job’s place, but she realises that she’s just being selfish because she thinks that being nice to Da Ye will diminish her ‘fault’ for kissing Ah Yi. While thinking about this, Ah Yi happens to come home.

They go to a bench outside a shop and Ah Yi tells Xiao Feng that she’s behaving just like a kid – someone who fails her exams and hides her test papers because she doesn’t want to get scolded by her parents. He asks Xiao Feng what on earth she doesn’t like, "Is it yourself, or the thing that happened?" Xiao Feng answers, "Both." She asks Ah Yi, "Won’t you get bothered –" "No." "No?" "Because that’s not counted as a kiss at all."

I love this screenshot!! You can just see the care and concern in those eyes… aww…

Xiao Feng realises the truth behind his words and laughs. She tells Ah Yi that he’s right; that touching of the lips shouldn’t be counted as kissing at all. Ah Yi offers to fetch her home, but Xiao Feng rejects the offer, leaving Ah Yi looking disappointed.

Seriously, why are all female leads so blind???

Ah Yi goes back home and emos that Xiao Feng thinks that their kiss is a horrible experience. AWW AH YI!! -hugs- Okay please even if I wasn’t Ah Yi’s fangirl, it totally stings to hear a girl that you like telling you that she wants to forget the kiss that you two shared</3

Even though Xiao Feng says that she will tell Da Ye the truth the next day, but she keeps prolonging the moment of confession as she claims that the ambiance is just not right for it. Ah Yi sees her fretting over it, and offers to tell Da Ye himself, but Xiao Feng says that he shouldn’t because that loses the entire meaning and besides… Da Ye will be sad. She walks into the classroom and Ah Yi gets frustrated.

Finally, over a meal, it seems like Xiao Feng has mustered the courage to tell Da Ye the truth. She starts with, "Ah Yi…." The scene changes to Da Ye coming home and telling Ah Yi that Xiao Feng has told him everything.

Ah Yi apologises to Da Ye and tells him not to mind. Da Ye replies, "Why should I not mind??" "Okay… if you really mind, you can punch me." "Punch? I support you okay!"

Ah Yi looks at him incredulously, "Support? Are you insulting me? You are the one dating her right?" (Think in context of how Ah Yi thought that Da Ye knew that he kissed Xiao Feng) Da Ye and Ah Yi realise that they might be talking about different things. They ask at the same time, "Are you referring to the student council thing?" and "Are you talking about Xiao Feng?" Da Ye hears what Ah Yi says, and Ah Yi realises that Xiao Feng didn’t tell Da Ye the right thing. He opens his eyes wide and scutters off with a "Nothing, just something trivial."

Ah. The above screenshot is to demonstrate the beauty of Aaron’s eyes. HAHAH NO NO I’M JOKING. (but seriously, look at those eyelashes!!) 

The next day is when the campaign starts and when Xiao Feng sees Da Ye, she tells him excitedly, "Please support No.1 Xing Yi Cheng!" She realises that she sounds too enthusiastic and becomes quiet. Da Ye smiles and says that he will come find her again when lunchtime comes. 

Okay, I think Calvin acted pretty well for this part!

Ah Yi comes over to tell Xiao Feng that he might have accidentally let the cat out of the bag. Xiao Feng quickly finds Da Ye and finally confesses to him. His initial reply is, "Oh just that?"

Xiao Feng smiles and says, "Yeah just like that!" She thinks that all is fine, until Da Ye’s expression changes and he says, "What I do mind though, is why you didn’t tell me the moment it happened." Xiao Feng realises that he’s upset after all, and tells him that she knows he will be upset because after all, their lips did meet — "And the person is Ah Yi right?"

Xiao Feng tells him that it’s exactly because she knew he would mind about the "It’s Ah Yi" thing that she hid this thing from him, but he interpretes this action as her feeling guilty because she still has feelings for Ah Yi. He tells Xiao Feng that he needs to cool down a bit, and Xiao Feng walks off. Her friends find her at that moment, and she cries on their shoulder. Later, Xiao Feng tells them that she really must have liked Ah Yi a lot because it has been a month, and yet it doesn’t seem like she will like Da Ye. Her friends tell her that when she first started dating Da Ye, they were supportive, but looking at her being so troubled now, they don’t know what they should do.

The three of them sigh and put their heads down. At night, Xiao Feng opens her windows and look at Da Ye’s windows. Ah Yi walks by and says, "Peeping again?" They start chatting and Ah Yi tells her that three hours passed in the bookstore. Xiao Feng laughs at him for being a nerd, and he hits her head with a book. "So pain, why did you hit me with your book?"

"I want to see if I can knock some brains into you. The report that you handed in last time was really quite lousy." "Hey stop talking about it! It’s really quite embarrassing." "Hey yo! Idiots also know what is called embarrassment." "Hey I’m a member of your campaign team, the new president of student council:D" -revealing that Ah Yi got the position yay!-

This friendly conversation is overhead by Da Ye.

Da Ye realises that the painting drawn by Xiao Feng is in Ah Yi’s hands.

HEE Ah Yi who just showered makes an excellent sight^^

When Ah Yi comes into his room, Da Ye asks about the painting and says, "Do you want it?" "What are you talking about? That’s mine." "I’m taking about… Hu Xiao Feng." Ah Yi grits his teeth, draws back his fist and punches Da Ye, "Is she something that you will give to me just because I want her?" Da Ye remarks sadly, "I see…. you still like her." He walks back to his room, and Ah Yi mutters, "Jerk." before thinking, "Is the painting still mine if Da Ye discovers it first?"

In the morning, Da Ye goes to school and ends up in an accident (which if you think about it… it’s quite funny, cos he couldn’t stop the skateboard from rolling downwards) Xiao Feng continues to knit for Da Ye but she’s very sad because she thinks that Da Ye is purposely holing up in his room and not coming out to see her. She starts to draw stuff on the ground, when Ah Yi returns and says, "What are you doing? Black magic? Very scary, how are you going to wipe it off the ground…"

I don’t know why, but whenever I watched that scene, I can’t help but laugh!

Seeing how Xiao Feng is so worried about Da Ye’s whereabouts, Ah Yi tells her that Da Ye is in the hospital. Xiao Feng hears that in shock, grabs the knitted stuff, and runs off into the distance. She goes to the hospital which she assumes Da Ye will be in, but realises that Da Ye is not hospitalised there. She deduces the correct location of Da Ye’s hospital and decides to run there, since in her hurry, she didn’t bring her handphone nor her wallet.

Ah Yi remarks that Xiao Feng is really like an idiot and when she finally turns up asking for Da Ye’s ward number, Ah Yi is by her side.

Xiao Feng walks off at first, because she thinks that Da Ye doesn’t want to see her, but she clutches the yarn in her pocket and says, "Who cares whether he wants to see me or not?" She runs towards Da Ye’s ward, and Da Ye happens to be running out too. After he is obviously happy to see her, he tells her that he doesn’t want her to come to see him just because she pities him. Xiao Feng gets angry and starts crying. She takes out the knitted thing (sorry I could only call it a ‘thing’ because it hasn’t …. exactly taken a form of shape0.0) and throws it at him, telling him that she doesn’t know if she can say ‘I Love You’ to him yet, but what she does know is that she’s thinking of him with every stitch that she does. Da Ye hugs her and apologises. He tells her that he’s really happy that she’s here and she’s just scared that the person whom she needs is not him. He leans down for a kiss, when Ah Yi appears.

-the end-

Ooh I’m listening to Aaron’s new song while I’m typing this haha!

Anyway, I’ve tried to distant myself from the drama hahaha, so that I wouldn’t feel so heartbroken for Ah Yi anymore. It’s getting easier, seeing that I’m watching MIT right now, and he’s going to get the girl lalala. Hahaha. It’s not fair! I don’t really like how fickle Xiao Feng is, and how easily Da Ye gets angry… but the fact is, I will always get very happy when Da Ye gets annoyed or pissed at Xiao Feng, because that will just push Xiao Feng to Ah Yi!:D GOOD RIGHT?

While I was rewatching the episode so that I can do this recap, I got reminded of what the director of Gloomy Salad Days said, that there are a lot of young celebs with lots of potential but the industry simply doesn’t allow them to progress in any other ways than to be an ‘idol’. I realise that it’s quite true, because those young actors/actresses in Gloomy Salad Days are really quite awesome! It gets me thinking about Aaron as well and how he keeps saying that he wants to show people that he can really sing, and that when you are an ‘idol’, fans just place more emphasis on your looks rather than your singing abilties.

I don’t know… maybe it’s just me, but I find this very sad and very thought-provoking…. hmm.

HAHA! Sorry for that random bit there! Stay tune for more recaps!

p.s The next 2 recaps are going to be hell to recap:<

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