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City Hunter Episode 12 Recap

HELLO YOU GUYS!! I’m so so sorry for how late these recaps are coming! Livejournal has been really hard to handle…. not that I blame the moderators or what you call them, but it’s getting irritating since for the past one week to two weeks that there are a lot of issues with it. D: Anyway, here’s another treat for you guys (and me :P)! from Weibo.

Hee hee. Okay now the thing proper.  


Continuing on from where we left off, Nana let out a tear and lost consciousness. Yoon Sung hugged her as Shik Joong rushed in with a brick. He realised what happened to Nana and quickly called Sae Hee for help. Yoon Sung immediately rushed Nana to the vet hospital and Sae Hee was dismayed to find out that it’s yet another gunshot wound. She told Yoon Sung that her pulse was too weak and it’s best to send her to the hospital. Nana protested, “Cannot, sister, you know what will happen.” Sae Hee replied worriedly that the place was a vet hospital, not where one could save people. “We don’t have enough blood!”

Yoon Sung stood up and said, “Take my blood. I’m O type, take as much as you want!” “But you will have danger too!” “I don’t care, as long as you save Nana.” He looked at Nana who looked back weakly at him. The next scene shows tubes running from Yoon Sung’s arm to Nana’s arm. Nana woke up and looked at Yoon Sung, who looked back at her without saying anything.

She said Yoon Sung’s name and he immediately cut in to say, “Don’t talk, you will be tired.” Sae Hee injected Nana with anaesthesia, and she told Yoon Sung not to worry about her because she’s strong. Her eyes started to close and her hand weakly reached out for Yoon Sung’s. Yoon Sung took it firmly. Aww –touched-

After the surgery, Yoon Sung still held on to Nana’s hand and he looked at her with that gentle expression.

Shik Joong jerked awake and asked Yoon Sung to have some sleep. Yoon Sung asked Shik Joong if Nana could still live on without him, and Shik Joong replied that to live on is what humans do. That’s how he survived when his wife died as well. Yoon Sung murmured, “I’m afraid… I can’t do that now.” Awww, without her you can’t live right?

Yoon Sung brought Nana back to his home, and haha Nana asked him to put her down since her legs were still fine. See, this is why I like Nana. Other females would probably be so happy or shy and then start imagining all sorts of things. Lol.

Yoon Sung set her down gently on the bed and told her that she shouldn’t go back to Blue House for the moment because Jong Shik should know where she came from. Shik Joong called on her behalf to ask for leave, and asked Nana what he should cook for her. Yoon Sung said, “Anything, she will eat anything.” HAHA. He left to take some clothes for her, and Nana asked Shik Joong why he did what he did. Shik Joong explained the situation and she asked how he knew Yoon Sung. “He saved me in Thailand, and when he returned to Korea, I asked him to take care of you, because I was worried about your state.” He left the room, promising to cook nice porridge for her.

While sitting in the living room, Yoon Sung told Shik Joong that the money hadn’t been moved. Shik Joong was angry that Kim Jong Shik would use the money for his own purposes and he sat down to read his magazines. Yoon Sung teased him because he’s reading the ones from the shopping channels and Shik Joong proceeded to switch on the light… which wouldn’t switch on. He stood up to take a closer look at it, and saw the tapping device. He immediately motioned for Yoon Sung to see, and his eyes widened.

Jin Pyo and Sang Gook now knew that Nana was in Yoon Sung’s house, and Sang Gook said that their relationship must not be simple if Nana took the shot for him. Jin Pyo was obviously displeased.

Yoon Sung immediately drove to Jin Pyo’s house, and he overheard Jin Pyo telling Sang Gook that since Yoon Sung couldn’t deal with it properly, then he would take care of it. “Take care… as in getting rid of?” “Of course we need to get rid.” Yoon Sung wanted to open the door and enter but stopped when he heard Jin Pyo telling Sang Gook that he must find Kyung Hee before Yoon Sung. Sang Gook felt that it’s too cruel of him not to let Kyung Hee see Yoon Sung but he cut in and said, “When I snatched him away from his mother, I opened a gap that couldn’t be close again.” Yoon Sung was shocked when he heard this because all along, he was told that he was abandoned.

With tears in his eyes, he walked into the room and asked why Jin Pyo did that. Jin Pyo told him that’s the fate for the both of them, because he survived and because Yoon Sung was the alter ego of Park Moo Yul. Whenever he lost faith and determination to go on with the revenge, he looked at Yoon Sung and felt the motivation again. Yoon Sung yelled and swept everything off his table, shouting that he didn’t ask for the life he had. “Is it still revenge that you snatched a baby who was waiting to be fed from his mother?!”

Jin Pyo told him that they still had things to do but Yoon Sung replied that he would take charge of his own father’s revenge. “Shik Joong uncle, Mother, and Nana… if you dare to touch the three people that I treasure the most, I will not let you off. This is the last warning that I’m giving you, Dad.” He told Jin Pyo but Jin Pyo smiled and replied, “But you are still calling me Dad.” Yoon Sung didn’t reply and walk off, while Jin Pyo’s face hardened. I love Lee Min Ho’s acting here!

When Yoon Sung returned home, he walked to his room but didn’t go in. Nana finished buttoning her shirt and she stood up to leave just when Yoon Sung walked in. She told Yoon Sung that she’s leaving and that she would send his clothes to him over at Sae Hee’s house. She walked pass him and she told him that she would carry out her promise to return to her life where she hadn’t met him. She turned to leave, but Yoon Sung grabbed her arm. “Don’t go… don’t go.” 


She shrugged his hand off even though we could see that she’s heartbroken and continued walking.

Yoon Sung turned to look at her and walked up to her,

before hugging her from the back.

Aahh~ Nana was shocked but Yoon Sung hugged her even tighter. You could see that Yoon Sung is in a very vulnerable emotional moment, because… I mean, he just knew that the mother he had hated all this while was actually innocent. Nana reached out to touch his hand.

On the other hand, Jin Pyo muttered that he would definitely go on with the revenge; the five people must die. Kim Jong Shik knew that the City Hunter came and save Nana and Shik Joong. He looked at his room of money and knew that he had to transport it soon. He asked his bodyguard if he had seen the face clearly, and he answered yes. He also told him that Nana was from the Blue House.

Nana was inspecting her wound when Yoon Sung came in. She quickly pulled her shirt up but Yoon Sung told her that he needed to clean the wound or it would leave a scar. He told Nana that in order to survive, he knew how to clean a wound etc. Nana asked him if he had no friends at all in Thailand other than Shik Joong and he said that he had another friend just like her – soft hearted, huge strength, loved to eat and…… loved being touched by him. LOL. Nana protested to the last ‘charge’ and Yoon Sung laughed. After she pulled up her shirt again, she told Yoon Sung that she wanted to join him. After all, Kim Jong Shik was pretty much her enemy too! Yoon Sung didn’t want to at all.

Of course Nana wouldn’t give up like that. She brewed coffee and brought it to Yoon Sung’s study. Yoon Sung still told her to stand aside, when she took up the energizing drink and murmured, “I’m worried for her too.” Yoon Sung relented and pulled out a chair for her, teaching her how to search for Kyung Hee.

Hahaha the two of them are just too cute for words!

In order to get Yoon Sung back to the Blue House, Young Deok, Eun Ah and Ki Joon came to Yoon Sung’s house. The moment Nana and Yoon Sung saw who were at the intercom, the two of them immediately had expressions of shock and Yoon Sung shoo-ed Nana to the second floor.

Yoon Sung played the role of the good host but reiterated that he didn’t want to go back. Shik Joong entered with a plate of fruits and it was obvious that he had taken an immediate liking towards Eun Ah. Eun Ah was rather oblivious to this as she requested to go the second floor to take a look. Shik Joong and Yoon Sung tried to stop her but she rushed upstairs herself. Nana hid in this corner between the sofa and a cupboard while Eun Ah rushed into his walk-in wardrobe. When she turned around, and Nana would be in full view,

Yoon Sung cool-ly flung himself on the sofa, effectively covering Nana.

He distracted her by telling her that the bathroom was the coolest room in the whole house.

While Eun Ah immediately rushed off towards there, Yoon Sung turned around and winked at Nana.


Yoon Sung quickly went after Eun Ah and Nana stood up to heave a sigh of relief.

Look at her nice hair!<3

Before they left, Shik Joong gave the three of them something, but Eun Ah got the biggest bag. Hahaha. Thinking that Yoon Sung was interested in her, Eun Ah thought that it was the intention of Yoon Sung but Shik Joong told her that it’s his intention. After they left, Shik Joong said that his heart almost burst because he had never seen such a pretty woman.

Jin Pyo told Sang Gook that they must snatch the money from Yoon Sung who would snatch it from Kim Jong Shik. Sang Gook asked why, and he answered that he would send the money to Young Joo. It’d be interesting to see either Young Joo expose his dad’s crimes or to see Young Joo hiding his dad’s crimes.

Yoon Sung also knew that Jin Pyo would try to snatch the money away and while he’s discussing with Shik Joong, who asked him if he’s sure he wanted to oppose his father that way, Nana asked why his father wasn’t living with Kyung Hee and if he knew Yoon Sung was the City Hunter. Imagine the irony that Shik Joong and Yoon Sung must have felt – after all it was Jin Pyo that man himself who turned Yoon Sung into the City Hunter. Shik Joong said that he knew but they were just having different opinions about a matter. Nana guessed that the person who killed Lee Kyung Wan was Jin Pyo and was shocked when Yoon Sung didn’t reply.

The university students were protesting at the school fees again and Kim Jong Shik came in to tell them that as the education minister, he would do his best so that they could study more comfortably. They all thanked him, but little did they know he’s the one eating all the money and he even thought “Other schools are doing it too. Who do they think they are, for protesting at such a sum.” Kyung Hee was actually at a temple and she told the nun that she needed to go to Seoul to run an errand. Yoon Sung needed a tapping device on Kim Jong Shik, and which better place to put it……. Other than his tooth? SO SMART RIGHT! (Yoon Sung gave them ‘fillings’ for Kim Jong Shik’s decayed tooth, well, we all know that it’s actually the tapping device.)

Young Joo learnt of the news that Kyung Hee had disappeared and he went to the administrative stuff to find Park Moo Yul’s information, only to find that they had none. Yoon Sung wanted to take Nana’s clothes from Sae Hee but he saw Kim Jong Shik’s bodyguard asking whether Sae Hee knew where Nana was.

Sae Hee saw Yoon Sung through the door and she told the guy she had no idea. Yoon Sung happily went shopping, asking the salesgirl, “Do you have something that one can wear at home?” before happily taking a dress and saying that’s good. The salesgirl murmured that the dress was not what one would wear at home, but Yoon Sung ignored her and happily took dresses and dresses.

Hahahaha so cute ah!

Nana was taken aback at all the shopping bags but Yoon Sung told her that he purposely chose dresses to suit her lack of curves.

Nana smiled and said that he reminded her of her Long Legged Uncle, “Do you know that he’s my Long Legged Uncle? I only a few days ago too…. Actually you should ask him to help us…” “Yah! Don’t you know that he’s trying to hunt me down? You are not Kim Nana, you are Bear Nana* Still want to help me with that kind of ability..” “Tch! I say, Yoon Sung Sshi, people will make mistakes too.” Nana answered sheepishly. I really ❤ the banter between the two of them!! 😀 My favourite couple<3

By the way * is because Kim is Nana’s surname, but in Korean, Bear is Kun, so Yoon Sung changed the sound a little to say that she’s a dense one.

Shik Joong came out and showed them a soap bar which was actually shampoo. He asked Nana if she would like to use it but Nana said that she couldn’t wash her hair because of her shoulder (oops! Almost typed couldn’t wash her shoulder because of her hair hahahaha) Shik Joong offered to help her, and Yoon Sung immediately shouted and snatched the shampoo bar from him. Shik Joong was like bewildered and told Yoon Sung that he could be the one to wash her hair, to which “That’s what I’m going to do right now! Ahjusshi you can wash your own hair!” LOLLLL and Nana laughed too. Hahahah! Now can you see why I like this episode so much?

Yoon Sung laughed while washing Nana’s hair and said that he’d really done everything in his life. Nana smiled and jokingly said that he must wash the front of her hair properly too. Yoon Sung smiled and Nana asked why, but he continued smiling.

“What are you doing?” “What am I doing? Washing your hair.” He answered (hahahaha but I bet you are feeling very contented and happy and having that sweet fuzzy warm feeling in your heart right!) Nana playfully took a handful of foam and flicked it at his face, and soon it turned into a bath foam fight between the two of them as they laughed.

Aaaahh too sweet lah!

While Yoon Sung listened to the tapping device, Nana came in excitedly. Kim Jong Shik was notified that someone wanted to donate money for the fund for the university so that the students could have an easier life. Turns out that person was Kyung Hee! She told Kim Jong Shik that she wanted to help the students and he asked her for her name. Yoon Sung’s eyes widened when he heard “Lee Kyung Hee” through the device and he immediately left to find her.  

Kim Jong Shik sent her out gratefully but the moment she left, his expression turned cunning. He took the money and took out stacks of notes from his safe into bags. ARGH however as Kdramas/ any other dramas out there, Kyung Hee was standing behind Yoon Sung but both didn’t see each other.

When Yoon Sung turned around, it was at that exact moment that a stupid group of people decided to block his view. RARH. Yoon Sung returned dejected and went upstairs. Shik Joong said that he must have missed his mother. When his foster mother died in Thailand, he almost went crazy. Nana wanted to know what happened but Shik Joong said it’s better for Yoon Sung to tell her himself. Young Joo was checking on the accounts of the company when he realised that it’s missing 2000billion.

He immediately rushed off to find his dad, who was in the room trying to put all the money into boxes and boxes.

He was shocked, “Didn’t you tell me that you didn’t engage in any corrupted behaviour?” Yoon Sung was listening to this conversation when Nana walked in with coffee. She wanted to listen to the conversation but Yoon Sung stopped her. Ah, the worry he had for is super sweet! (Lol pardon my lack of vocab) I mean, he didn’t want Nana to know that her Long Legged Uncle a.k.a Young Joo was also a.k.a Kim Jong Shik’s son and she hated Kim Jong Shik.

He returned to listening to the conversation where Kim Jong Shik told Young Joo that other schools were like that too and he didn’t see why he had to be the one who shouldn’t. Young Joo implored him to turn back into the dad he used to admire but Kim Jong Shik told him that he’s too far gone down the road. “What if I judge you by the law?” “You are a prosecutor. Do what you are supposed to do.” Young Joo gave him, and the money, a last look and left the room.Yoon Sung put down the headphones, smiled and said to himself, “Kim Young Joo… you got something to start worrying about now. I will keep watching you.”  

The money was transported the next day and Yoon Sung cool-ly told Shik Joong and Nana that they would have to guard the money because Jin Pyo would try to snatch it over. After that, the exciting music played (I love, I love instrumentals!) and Yoon Sung’s car was seen tailing the truck holding the money and the two cars in front and behind guarding the money. When they stopped for a rest, Yoon Sung quickly threw a smoke bomb in and stood at the door so that the people couldn’t come out. The camera showed Nana in the same stance,

while Shik Joong threw a smoke bomb into the truck. However, the driver managed to push the door open and he wanted to beat Shik Joong. Nana who was smiling (because I mean everything’s so cool) saw what happened

and quickly walked foward to flip the guy.

She turned around triumphantly and this was the other 2 guys’ reactions:

See why I ❤ her? She shows that she really can be of help to Yoon Sung. How many dramas have I seen where the woman claimed to help, but all she could do was to make more trouble?? Hahaha and the guys’ reactions are really amusing.

More exciting music as Yoon Sung drove the truck away and Jin Pyo appeared. Yoon Sung told the other two to carry out the plan, and immediately Shik Joong drove faster to get in front of Sang Gook and stopped them from overtaking. They smiled up at Yoon Sung who smiled back.


Yoon Sung’s truck managed to get away but Jin Pyo knew of a shortcut which quickly chased up with Yoon Sung. Jin Pyo told Sang Gook to drive wayyyy ahead of Yoon Sung and when Yoon Sung’s truck appeared, Jin Pyo was shown standing in the center of the road, exactly the same as Yoon Sung who tried to block Jin Pyo by standing on top of the car in the center of the road (but Jin Pyo didn’t stop the truck D: )

However, Yoon Sung stopped the truck and he came down. Jin Pyo rapped him with his stick and asked him why he’s not retaliating. “What is meant by war? It means that no matter who is the opponent, one seeks victory.” He then drove off the truck, leaving Yoon Sung looking thoughtful. Haha but we all know that Yoon Sung isn’t stupid. So I wasn’t surprised when Sang Gook opened the doors of the truck and they saw that it was empty.

Yoon Sung had been leading them on with an empty truck! Shik Joong, Yoon Sung and Nana proceeded to put all the money into boxes labeled with different addresses because Yoon Sung wanted to mail them back to the students. Shik Joong said that there’s something he really wanted to do—throw money around, and that’s what he did, while the three of them laughed and omg the atmosphere was very sweet.

Soon, all the students got boxes with a stack of money inside and note from City Hunter and everyone was so happy. However, the girl who offended Yoon Sung in the earlier episodes because she was being such a stuck up brat received no money. Lolol! No wonder Yoon Sung took a close look at her name on the file.

Shik Joong wanted to celebrate, so he sent them out to buy food.

Nana was very excited and went, “Chicken? Chicken? Let’s have chicken!”

SO CUTE, and Yoon Sung laughed, “You chicken lover.”   They went to the supermarket where Nana insisted on buying
tomatos and good stuff because they were healthy.

She went to take some food from the counter and the Ahjumma gave Yoon Sung too, “Some for your husband too.” They
said that they were not that relationship but Yoon Sung still took the food happily.


I really like the colour combination here! It gives the two of them this very contented feeling because somehow the two colours match and they are the soothing colours, not too bright nor dark.

When they were leaving the lift, someone banged into Yoon Sung’s cart and the tomatoes started rolling onto the ground. Nana chased after the tomatos and while Yoon Sung tried to follow two things happened. 1. The automatic doors shut in his face and 2. The carpark plunged into the darkness. A motorcycle was heard and as the motorcyclist drew closer, Nana realised that the person wanted to attack her and she knew it was Yoon Sung’s father.

Yoon Sung realised that it was Jin Pyo’s face and his eyes widened.

-the end-  


AH can you see why I love this episode! It is the start of when Nana starts to help Yoon Sung out. Remember what I said in the earlier episodes? I really like how they oppose a bodyguard to city hunter, but here, it’s delightful that instead of opposing, Nana takes a rest from being a bodyguard and becomes City Hunter’s assistant! I also like it that she’s super helpful and so cool, even with one arm useless.

No doubt will you have of Lee Min Ho’s acting when you watch this episode. He can handle those scenes of anger and I-have-tears-in-my-eyes so well! I don’t know, I would think that you really have some prejudice issues if you still insist that his acting is just on the surface and nothing deep. –Give quizzical look- I hope no one’s feeling that way right?

Besides, omg this drama’s cliffhangers can be the death of me. How many times do they want to kill their viewers? –give a dramatic flung of arms- I love it though, because it’s really impactful and successful enough that everyone is like WHATTTTT OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME THEY ARE ENDING HERE?? Haha yes, I mean, at least that’s my reaction:P

It will be so interesting from now on because you have the pairing of Yoon Sung and Nana, and Young Joo’s dilemma towards Kim Jong Shik. And and and omg Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho look so compatible together!!<3  

P.S omg I spent two whole days trying to upload screenshots. Brighten up my day by leaving a comment?  


    • Yes they are!:DD They are definitely, definitely one of my favourite couples! I mean, I love both the male AND the female leads, how great can it getXD


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