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So sorry guys!! I know that I’ve been inactive for like 2 weeks, the longest ever, but other than my own committments, it’s really not my fault. I’ve been trying to come up with City Hunter Recaps but now, the great Livejournal has an internal server error so I can’t upload any screenshots.

Really ask for your understanding!

Have a good day!


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  1. Hi V! I was just thinking that it’s been a long time since I see a comment from youXD

    Busy right? Me too:/ I have studies and other random committments too and then when I get too guilty and itching to write recaps, livejournal doesnt work. Hmm.

    I LOVE CITY HUNTER TOO!XD If you have some time hahah comment on my recaps lol! The drama is gooddd.

    Not yet… I’m watching this Jap drama right now, but not picking up any new dramas as of the moment. City Hunter’s drama blues you see:P and the fact that I already don’t really like dramas that focus entirely on romance, and now City Hunter has gone to worsen that lolol.


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