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City Hunter Episode 13 Recap

Omg this episode is really fantastic as well. I’m speechless. I think this is the episode that gave me the most number of heart attacks!! AAH

The moment Yoon Sung realised who the motorcyclist was, he took something heavy at the side and smashed the glass door.

Jin Pyo stopped the motorcycle while Yoon Sung ran out and pulled Nana in to a position that he’s in front of her.

Jin Pyo pulled out the gun but didn’t shoot them and left. Yoon Sung asked worriedly if Nana was okay and Nana nodded her head, asking back, “Isn’t that your father?” Yoon Sung quickly whisked them out of the carpark.

In the car, Nana told Yoon Sung that the next time something like this happened again, Yoon Sung shouldn’t come to her help. Yoon Sung told her to stop talking but she frowned and said, “You almost died because of me!”

Yoon Sung flared, “Please don’t say it anymore!” When they reached home, Nana offered to take the bags of grocery but Yoon Sung silently took all of them and stormed into his house. He went upstairs and Shik Joong was very bewildered. Nana explained what had happened and Shik Joong asked if she’s all right, to which she nodded.

Sang Gook asked if Jin Pyo’s going to let Yoon Sung continue in his own manner, and Jin Pyo replied, while cleaning his gun, that “He’s the person who fired at those who killed his foster mother. It will be good to turn him into that.” ARGH JIN PYO YOU MEAN PERSON!

Nana walked into Yoon Sung’s room telling him that she wanted to talk to him. Yoon Sung replied that “When you are in danger, how can you ask me to ignore?”

“You are someone who lives in suffering every day. Knowing that, how can I still rely on you? How can I still ask you to protect me? I want to become someone you can depend on, must become stronger, so that I can protect you.” Yoon Sung looked touched and then he sighed and said, “Just what did you eat that you can talk with such conviction?” Nana smiled and asked if he thought she’s very cool. She stepped closer and asked if he thought that he had good taste in women. LOL this Nana! Yoon Sung blinked and wanted to chase her out, chiding her for anyhow dashing into a guy’s room.

After all the students got their money, reporters wanted to hear Kim Jong Shik’s side of story. He said that it’s robbery and that City Hunter returned the money to the university students simply to gain fame. He didn’t, like what City Hunter said, take the money of the school. Instead he was safekeeping the 2000billion at home for the school. Later, Kim Jong Shik told his bodyguard that Nana and Shik Joong must have known City Hunter. The bodyguard replied that he would send more people to find Nana at the Blue House.

Nana saw the spying device that Yoon Sung placed into a book and was amazed at how small it was.

She talked to herself, “When technology gets advanced, it’s us bodyguards who suffer.” Hahaha. Yoon Sung told her to get out if she still wanted to be bodyguard and she apologised sheepishly. She asked when he’s going to put that thing, but Yoon Sung didn’t tell her, knowing that she wanted to tag along. LOL imagine Yoon Sung’s surprise when he sat in the car and Nana popped up behind him. Yoon Sung relented and that’s how Nana got along for the ride.

Yoon Sung manoeuvred the situations such that the two people regularly checking Kim Jong Shik’s room for spying devices met with a car’s breakdown. He pretended to be Kim Jong Shik’s secretary and told them that they didn’t need to appear that day. Nana praised his acting skills and Yoon Sung placed a cap on her head, telling her that they needed to move fast.

Ah she looks cute like this, don’t you think!

Nana’s aunt called the Blue House, only to be told that Nana’s uncle called in for her leave. She was worried because Nana’s uncle was a distant relative, so why would he call in for her? Young Joo murmured if she’s very sick, when Pil Jae came in to tell him that orders came down for Young Joo to pass all the information about City Hunter to another prosecutor. He immediately went to find his supervisor who told him that it’s the orders of the top because now his father was involved. Young Joo said that he could pull out from his father’s case, but he wanted to stay on City Hunter’s case. His supervisor didn’t agree and told him that instead, he should go tell his father to be more cooperative and come for summoned meetings. Young Joo walked out angrily of the office .

Yoon Sung and Nana pretended to be the two people checking, and they entered the office. Nana walked over to the sofa and on Yoon Sung’s cue, pretended that something was wrong to distract the flustered secretary.

In the midst of this, Yoon Sung quickly exchanged one of the books on Kim Jong Shik’s shelf and replaced it with his own where there’s a spying device. Nana assured the secretary that nothing was wrong and she went downstairs to get a drink. Ah, talk about timing! Young Joo wanted to come and find his father and told the secretary that he would wait inside the room first while his father was out. Nana happened to see Young Joo walking past in the lobby and she was shocked.

Young Joo entered the room and while the secretary went out, Young Joo saw Yoon Sung’s back behind the blinds, and he started to suspect something. He walked forward asking questions, but Yoon Sung didn’t make a move nor sound. Closer and closer he walked until he wanted to pull the blinds down, AND IM HAVING A HEART ATTACK

but at this point in time, Nana called Young Joo. Young Joo picked up the call and Nana pretended that reception wasn’t very good.

The smart Nana knew that Young Joo would leave the room to get better reception and that was how Yoon Sung could escape.

After Nana saw Yoon Sung walking down to the lobby, she told him to tell her aunt that she’s well and that she would contact them when she had time. She ended the call and murmured that Yoon Sung wouldn’t be happy that she brought her phone out. She started walking off and to her shock, she saw Kim Jong Shik and his bodyguard getting off the car. She pulled her cap down and walked quickly and for a moment we couldn’t see where the bodyguard was.

Then, someone pulled her to the side, and MY HEART LEAPT argh but it’s Yoon Sung.

Nana heaved a sigh of relief and Yoon Sung told her not to pick up any calls because Kim Jong Shik could track people easily through the phone.

Young Joo finally got to talk with his father, who told him that the case was after the period for appeal. He’s free and not guilty in terms of the law. Young Joo told him that if the only crime was his father’s accidental knocking down of Nana’s parents, he would be willing to take the guilt for him, but his father felt that he did nothing wrong. Young Joo asked agitatedly, “Are you really innocent? After lying to others, you want to lie to yourself too?”

“What?” Young Joo reiterated that Nana’s father was still lying in the hospital, in a coma! To which, Kim Jong Shik replied, “How fortunate. One was dead, one turned into a vegetable.” Young Joo gave a look of horror and disbelief, “What?” Kim Jong Shik proceeded to say how they helped him bear the crime because there was no one to point out his crime.

“I gave my entire life for this nation’s education, without me, there will be no education like today. Guilt? Ask for forgiveness? Confess? All scram to a side!”


Young Joo was disillusioned and he said that the person who should pass away at that time should be his father. Kim Jong Shik was taken aback while Young Joo continued, “It seems like this time round, I cannot protect father anymore.” And he left.

Nana wanted to see whatever footage that Yoon Sung had managed to get, but in that footage, it was obvious that Young Joo’s Kim Jong Shik’s son, so Yoon Sung lied that the camera was off center and he couldn’t see anyone’s face.

Nana lamented that it’s such a waste. Young Joo wanted to find out what happened on the October of 1983 but both Pil Jae and Nana’s aunt, Mi Ok, didn’t want to help. He sighed and said that he would go and find the evidence himself. He went to ask the ahjummas near Kyung Hee’s stall for Kyung Hee’s location but none of them knew. One of them told him that she led an unfortunate life because her son was snatched away when he was one month old. At the same time, Yoon Sung came to Kyung Hee’s stall and he sat there, being sad. Young Joo saw his back and darted behind the hedge.

He realised that Yoon Sung was also trying to find Kyung Hee and he recalled the suspicious person in his father’s office. Add that together with the trend of how the City Hunter always exposed people via telling footages, and Young Joo had an idea how to get Yoon Sung.

He went to his father’s office and pretended that he had a phone call from Pil Jae, telling them that they’d found Kyung Hee in a particular church. Indeed, Yoon Sung heard this and immediately drove towards the church. Young Joo went to the church and requested for the nun to bring a man who would be asking for Kyung Hee, to the church itself. The nun looked torn but nodded her head. Yoon Sung drove to the church in top speed and when he got down, looking around, the nun came forward and told him to follow her. While climbing the stairs, a young boy accidentally kicked a ball onto Yoon Sung’s shoulder. He looked at them but continued climbing the stairs. Yoon Sung was going to enter the church already, when he turned around and asked the nun if Kyung Hee’s legs were all right. The nun replied smoothly that it’s well recovered and that she’s fine. Yoon Sung gave the nun a thoughtful look

while the camera draws out to show Yoon Sung outside the door and Young Joo waiting inside. A moment later, the nun came into the church, alone and Young Joo realised that Yoon Sung had gotten away.

So smart right! Yoon Sung knew that something was wrong because there was nothing wrong with Kyung Hee’s legs! Young Joo chased up with Yoon Sung at his house, and he saw the dirt on his blazer. He smiled and said that the children were playing football but Yoon Sung feigned ignorance. He told Young Joo to come and find him only when he had more evidence but Young Joo said, “A punch that was right immediately? How? I like moving slowly forward more.” Yoon Sung got into his car and drove into the garage.

Shik Joong went to Kyung Hee’s house and found a lot of letters from the Buddhist federation out of Seoul. He quickly went there to find Kyung Hee, and accidentally dropped his phone into the waters. He saw someone walking down the stairs and asked for Kyung Hee. He was told that she’s not in the temple and the ahjumma had no idea when she would return as well. Shik Joong left Yoon Sung’s number and told the ahjumma that she must, she MUST tell Kyung Hee to call that number when she returned.

Young Joo accidentally found the MP3 that Kim Jong Shik bought for him when he first became a prosecutor. There was a recording inside to which Young Joo listened — “The prosecutor that protect the truth, human rights, justice… the moment they collapse, everything will only become an encyclopaedia, and a word in the dictionary. Young Joo ah, hope that you can become the kind of prosecutor that will protect Korea’s justice.” Young Joo looked away with conflicted feelings.

Young Joo went to find Yoon Sung at the gym and Yoon Sung said that Young Joo was cruel because he pretended to be Nana’s Long Legged Uncle, which would deal her a lot of hurt if she found out. Young Joo said that it’s none of his business, and remarked that Yoon Sung knew Nana as well as him. Yoon Sung dropped his mocking smile and said seriously, “Disappear from Nana’s life, if you still want to protect your Long Legged Uncle image.” “Is that why you make her cry? Not only lost Seo Yong Hak, but also made Nana cry… City Hunter.”

Yoon Sung laughed and said, “I remember telling you that it’s boring after three times (of accusing without evidence). Your memory is very bad…seems like I can be a prosecutor too.”

Shik Joong went to give green tea to Eun Ah at the Blue House but once again, Eun Ah assumed that it was Yoon Sung’s idea. Yoon Sung was worried because he couldn’t get through Shik Joong’s phone

and then, Eun Ah called to thank him for the green tea. He realised that Shik Joong was at the blue house and quickly went to get him, together with Nana, because he knew Kim Jong Shik posted many bodyguards there. They drove up to a pedestrian crossing and saw Shik Joong crossing the road. Yoon Sung rolled down the window to call out his name, but in slow motion, a car drove past him and…. knocked down Shik Joong at full speed. In shock, Nana and Yoon Sung quickly ran towards Shik Joong while Yoon Sung looked at the car plate number.

He realised that it’s Kim Jong Shik’s car plate number. They rushed Shik Joong to the hospital where they did CPR for him. It was so traumatising omg. Yoon Sung was very very worried and he had tears in his eyes. He kept repeating, "Ahjusshi, please don’t die, please, please don’t die”

The doctor pumped his chest and checked the screen.

Flat line.

Pumped the chest more and checked the screen.

Flat line.

The music becomes more and more suspenseful as more tears gathered in Yoon Sung’s eyes out of worry and he shouted, “AHJUSSHI!”

The line that kept on being flat……….. suddenly jumped again. There’s a pulse once more in Shik Joong.


Later, Yoon Sung sat silently next to Shik Joong and Nana told him when she was still in high school, she blamed herself at that time that she was still young and she didn’t know to drive a car, or she would bang Kim Jong Shik down. “You have the same expression in the eyes as me at that time… it makes me feel unease.”

Yoon Sung murmured that he could understand a little how his father felt and that he’s actually worse. “Those people…. Please take care of Shik Joong.” And he left. He went into the toilet and punched the mirror. His expression was reflected clearly in the broken mirror.

Young Joo was notified that he would be having an award for all the good things he had done in the past. His supervisor gave him a list of guests that he thought he would like to invite, and Young Joo cancelled out his father’s name.

However, the next scene shows Kim Jong Shik receiving a letter of invitation to the ceremony, to which he was very pleased. Young Joo was very surprised to see his father there in the auditorium and he immediately asked Pil Jae to check the broadcasting room for City Hunter. He quickly put the MP3 which had the record function turned on into his father’s pocket.

Yoon Sung was in the carpark, staring at Kim Jong Shik’s car plate number. Nana came to congratulate Young Joo and she was pleased when Young Joo was presented the award. He said his speech and he looked at his father when he said, “The prosecutor that protect the truth, human rights, justice… the moment they collapse, everything will only become an encyclopaedia, and a word in the dictionary.”

Pil Jae saw that everything was fine in the room and left, but little did he know that all the people controlling the sounds, lights and visuals were conked out. The projector screen rolled down and the clip where Young Joo talked to his father was shown. Young Joo heard the video and he closed his eyes in resignation.

Nana was very shocked because she now knew that Young Joo’s his son. However, no one could stop Kim Jong Shik as he left because he could not be convicted anymore. Young Joo’s supervisor, Woo Hyun, stood up and chided everyone for not stopping him. “Wait a minute, who did this? City Hunter?” Nana stood up immediately with shock in her eyes while Young Joo registered what Woo Hyun said. He immediately ran out of the auditorium, only to be met by Nana. He ran off before he could properly explain to Nana.

Kim Jong Shik tried to escape via his car, but Yoon Sung was already waiting for him inside. He instructed Kim Jong Shik to drive and showed him the discriminating evidence that would pull Young Joo down, simply because he hid his father’s crimes. “Is it because of the mission?” “You still remember. 1983, they went forward because of their love for the nation, but you let them die in the seas.” He ended off with — “What can you do for your son? Is it reputation… or shame?” Something flicked in Kim Jong Shik’s eyes and he swerved the car to a side. He quickly took the discriminating evidence and left the car, but Yoon Sung followed, with the knife still in his hands.

Kim Jong Shik kept stumbling backwards while Yoon Sung walked threateningly forward. Kim Jong Shik tripped and all the documents flew in the air. In an attempt to save the papers, he accidentally flipped over the railing and hung on for life. Yoon Sung saw and walked coldly away, but he stopped and he heard Nana’s words in his mind, that she didn’t want Kim Jong Shik to be dead, only that people would know his true self.

Something flicked in Yoon Sung’s eyes, while Young Joo who caught up saw his father clinging on to the railing for dear life and shouted, “DAD!!”,

and something flickered in Kim Jong Shik’s eyes too. Young Joo started running just as Yoon Sung dropped his knife and ran back,

just as Kim Jong Shik decided to let go. Yoon Sung missed grabbing his hand by a bit, and Kim Jong Shik plunged downwards right on top of a passing car. Young Joo lurched to a stop and looked up disbelievingly at Yoon Sung who had a look of horror in his eyes too.

-the end-

AHHH OMG ARGHHH RARH. Yes my agitation and frustration! Yikes, is it not bad enough that Yoon Sung feels insanely guilty? No, so one must have Young Joo thinking that it was Yoon Sung who pushed his father down!

Omg the twist here is really super good, I’m impressed! It was really scary how Yoon Sung became this slightly crazed person because his loved one was injured. Lee Min Ho really had that look in his eyes and it was good that he could carry it out. I was worried initially because his face was mostly covered up, meaning that he had to act with nothing but his eyes… and I should say he didn’t disappoint! From the point where he was crazed, to how Nana’s words made him ‘wake up’, you could see the look in his eyes clearing up when he realised what he did. (Y)

AH and don’t you think the part where Yoon Sung almost stepped into the church was really good too? I knew that Young Joo probably wouldn’t be able to catch Yoon Sung there and then, but the way Yoon Sung confirmed that Kyung Hee wasn’t there was smart!

There’s so many good points of this episode that I really love. Aigo and of course, that knocking down of Shik Joong was just a heart attack for us ah!! I was thinking no, he couldn’t die, Shik Joong wouldn’t die, and then the stupid monitor had to show a straight line for such a freaking long time that I was having a split second of doubt… then the line jumped. OMG. It was the first time I’m so vocal while watching a show! Usually I will just think in my head, but this time round, all the OMGs and AAAH were just plain out loud. And Lee Min Ho’s worried expression here was amazing… my heart was really like ARGH CAN THE LINE JUST STOPPING BEING A LINE RIGHT NOW!!

Ah and last line of praise: I like how the crush on Eun Ah plays out. At first, I was still thinking that it’s too random for Shik Joong to like Eun Ah, but wow, that’s exactly what will get him out of the house into a possible situation for accident. Brilliant.

My heart doesn’t feel very stable after watching this episode hrumph.


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