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(More than) A Year’s Anniversary

OH WOW it only just occured to me to check when I started thoughtsramble, and I was amazed to find out that it was created on the 9th of June 2010… which it means that I’ve written on this platform for more than a year and two months. 0.0

Hahah would just like to thank all my readers out there for accompanying me for such a long time. I created this livejournal with a hopeful heart and then was quite disappointed with the lack of readers, not because I wanted internet popularity, but because I felt like I was talking to a wall. Then I started Playful Kiss recaps, realised that I actually do have more readers than I thought ( sorry, here’s an IT noob who had been checking the wrong lj stats for months initially) and I knew that my readership would go down again after Playful Kiss…but by then, I realise that readership is relative… comments matter more to me, and that’s why I’m always happy when someone leaves a comment. No matter how busy I am, I’m sincere with all my replies, and it’s okay if you guys wanna stop the conversation halfway, just know that I will always be willing to chat with you guys!

Readership reaches a peak when I did two (or was it three) popular dramas’ recap at the same time, but at that time, I could afford the effort. As days go by and I’m busier and busier, it takes more effort to even post that regularly but I insist. It’s true when I say that I don’t really care about readership, or I will be sobbing at how it is now as compared to last time (okay maybe not…), but it is encouraging to read comments on my recaps because I know that someone out there is reading them. (Here’s someone a tad cynical who doesn’t really believe what her stats tell her at times^^)

A year and two months… that’s a long time. In this period of time, I watched loads and loads of dramas, did loads and loads of reviews and recaps, not to mention having loads and loads and loads and loads (okay you get the idea) of screencaps 😛 My writing style changes, and as I would like to think, matures from the very first review I did.

So here’s a big thank you for my readers who have been with me since the very first few months, and those who started reading this just a few months/a few weeks ago, you guys all matter to me:D Haha and last time when I had the time, I would use to check my lj stats so I sorta recognise the usernames of lj accounts that always come back (BUT DIDN’T COMMENT HMM:< hahaha kidding!) thanks to you guys too!:D I started out full of doubt, sure that I would fail with the dominance of successful recap blogs like dramabeans, but hey, it doesn’t matter anymore. It didn’t matter ever since I know that thoughtsramble is far more successful than I imagined^^



  1. you’re not alone

    I know how you feel. I’ve been there and I am there again, starting with me new german blog about dramas.
    thought I’m new on your readership ^.~ I’d like to say thanks for those nice words.
    Unfortunately I haven’t seen City Hunter farer as Ep6 that’s why I need to restrain myself NOT to read your CH-recaps. *g* But I will, when I reach the episode. ^^

    Read you soon!


    • Re: you’re not alone

      So do you have something else before your german blog?

      Lol good,the drama is too good and shouldn’t be spoilt by episode recaps lolol! 😀

      Sure talk to you soon!


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