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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Episode 7 Recap

Sano manages to jump over the pole (of course, I mean are you expecting anything else:P) and he punches the air in glee. Kagurazaka murmurs, "So you are revived again," with a pleased look. Sano sees Mizuki and smiles happily, and she returns the smile too. Sekime runs towards Sano and hugs him in a congratulatory manner. As they crash onto the mat, Nakatsu comes running and lands on top of Sano as well. Sano says, "Thank you^^" and Nakatsu smiles. Mizuki watches this with a sad look and she turns to leave.

Sano is stunned when he returns to his dorm, because he finds Mizuki's stuff all gone. Nakatsu comes in and he's stunned as well. He grabs Sano's collar and asks what happened. Sano replies that Mizuki has gone back to America and he shouts at Nakatsu that it's for her own good. Nakatsu shouts back agitatedly that he's not okay with Mizuki leaving, even if Sano is and he rushes out of the room, only to be pushed by Kayashima who tells them that he has a feeling that Mizuki will return. 

At night, Sano sits at Mizuki's side of the dorm and recalls Nakatsu shouting at him, "Are you okay with her leaving?!!" 

One of the school directors informs the students that the school will indeed be closing down and it will be good for them to apply for other schools. While they are worrying over what they should do, a book drops from nowhere and Kayashima reads a part of it, realising that the school was almost closed in its history as well, only to be saved because of a dance which was a fundraiser. Nakatsu sits at the school gate, waiting, and Sano comes out. This is when Mizuki returns with her luggage, with Io.  Turns out that Mizuki did leave with her stuff, wanting to go back to America, but Io saw her and they talked in the car. Io asked her if that was what her heart really wanted and Mizuki looked confused. She decided to return to the school and this is why Io brought her back. Nakatsu tells her that if she had left, she'd be letting down the other students — after all it was her who said that she wanted to stay at the school till the very end.

When Mizuki returns to her dorm, there's this period of awkward silence (since Sano seems angry) and he leaves, after randomly saying in an irritated tone, "The shampoo tube you bought is too big for me to finish using!"  Sano goes to the dog and Kayashima comes in, telling him that his aura is complicated. Sano says that what he's feeling now cannot be put into words and Kayashima replies, "At this kind of time, one should wait quietly." Hibari has returned and her group of girls welcome her. Oscar sneezes and the camera moves on to show Mizuki seated on one end of the table with Sano on the other, and Nakatsu in the center. When asked what happened, Sano replies that it's nothing and asks Nakatsu to ask Mizuki if she has rested well. "Me?? -confused look-" Nakatsu replies lolol but he still does it anyway.

Mizuki replies thanks, and Nakatsu passes on the message, after which Sano says that there is no need for her thanks, and Nakatsu passes back the message, before he shouts at the absurdity of the situation.  Hibari shows up, and announces that she wants to discuss about the dance every three years between the school and St. Blossom.

Oscar reveals this sense of animousity towards Hibari — they were like dance rivals in the past… when they were like eight or something haha. While they stare daggers at each other (looking somewhat suspicously like staring lovesickly into each other's eyes:P) Namba realises that this is their opportunity to stop the closing down of the school. Hibari chooses five kawaii boys to dance the girls' part — Mizuki is one of them. The guys are also told about the rule that if a girl asks you out for the dance, the only answer you can give is, 'yes'. After all, you cannot put the girl in a difficult situation! LOL I LIKE THIS RULE:P Nakatsu asks if Sano will mind him dancing with Mizuki and this Sano, he acts like it's nothing to him. The organising team of the Dance writes out invitations to the directors and Namba and Oscar go to invite the three main directors. One of whom is the creepy one. 

They are skeptical about the dance and the creepy one even folds her letter into a paper aeroplane.  Nakatsu invites Mizuki to the dance, just as Sano appears in the common area. Mizuki hestitates, and Nakatsu stands up from his kneeled position, saying, "It's okay, you don't have to give me an answer now." Awww. Juri drops her hankerchief on purpose and when Sano picks it up to return to her, she invites him for the dance in front of everyone. Sano hesitates but after one of the guys is like, "You know what you are supposed to answer!^^", Juri treats it as he has accepted. Mizuki looks distressed.

and of course Nakatsu notices.

Later, Mizuki runs into the dorm and sees Sano wearing the new shoes that she'd bought. "This….-indicates to the shoes-" Sano stops her before she runs out of the room. "That…is your birthday present." "My birthday is in December." "It's a bit early eh……" "It's very early you mean." LOL.  Mizuki accepts Nakatsu's offer and Sano hears it. When Mizuki learns the dance steps in high heels, she accidentally twists her leg and Juri adds in a snide remark, that a guy cannot dance a girl's steps. Hibari looks at her. Sano ignores Mizuki when he comes into the room and Mizuki asks if he's angry. He replies angrily that he is, because he wants her to return to America.

She apologises and says that she returned because…. "What?" "…Nothing." Sano leaves in an irritated mood and this is how Umeda finds an irritated person at his sickbay. He comments wryly that he cannot treat the illness of the heart and Sano doesn't reply. "I'm right isn't it? Seriously, how can two people who are not true to their feelings progress anywhere?" At the dance, Mizuki watches as Juri and Sano engage in a dance. -allow me to interlude with a screenshot of Kayashima-

Hee hee.

Sano watches Muzuki in a rather obvious manner, and Juri notices.

Kanna comes to talk to Mizuki and Mizuki can empathise with her because her fiance, Tennoji, doesn't want to dance (seeing this as depending on others for their survival instead of using their own power). Mizuki murmurs, "Because it's just not the same dancing with anyone else…"Aww.  Sano continues to watch Mizuki openly and Juri is irritated. She tries to get his attention, saying that he has taken too big steps, but he ignores her. Juri sticks out her leg a little too far, causing Nakao to trip over her leg, thus crashing into a waiter, who spills the contents of the tray everywhere, including Mizuki, and Nakao lands on one of the directors.

The atmosphere immediately chills and it is awkward. Hibari watches with a stern expression.

Mizuki tells Nakatsu that she's all right but the atmosphere is awful. Thus, Oscar and Hibari decide to dance Tango (a very fierce, and might I add quite amusing, it looks like they are quarrelling except this energy is all channelled into dancing).  Kayashima comes and tells Mizuki, that sometimes it's frustrating when no matter how much one tries to phrase it, his feelings all come out wrong. "However, sometimes, it's not needed to say so much." He walks away. Nakatsu manages to trick both Sano and Mizuki into going to the main hall — to talk. Sano reveals that he is NOT unhappy to see her return and she smiles.

She says that she wants to go back to America but it's the feelings and relationships that pull her back — she remembers his face, and the rest as well. "This time round, I will stay the end to see you and the school." Sano smiles, she smiles, and Nakatsu who hears this, smiles too. Juri, who hears this as well, does not smile, but Hibari appears and tells her that the only way to train herself as a woman is if she competes openly.  Juri thus decides to leave before the Last Dance, which is rumoured that if shared between two people, it means that the couple is fated to be together. She wanted to dance it with Sano, but in the end, she bades her farewell, because of Hibari's words.

The music changes to some modern beat and the directors all say that this shows the culture of the school is utterly lost. They stand up to leave but Namba stops them, telling them that culture is not represented by music. Oscar elaborates that culture and tradition is carried on by the people — seniors, juniors, graduates etc. But the directors still leave, leaving only three directors, one of whom is the main director (I think.)  Mizuki cheers everyone up by using one of the old dance songs and everyone ends on a high note. Sano and Mizuki return to their dorm in a happy mood and Mizuki asks why he didn't dance the last song. She turns for the bathroom, when Sano grabs her and plugs the earphone in her ear….and they dance, to the Last Dance. 

Nakatsu comes by and sees this scene.   

-the end-

Aww my poor second lead.This is probably the reason why I didn't like the first Jap Hana Kimi because I didn't like how Mizuki keeps running to Sano and breaking Nakatsu's heart… as in she's totally oblivious to Nakatsu's feelings:/ But in this version, they have Mizuki know about his feelings way early in the episodes — thus eradicating any what-ifs for me. Even though I feel sad for Nakatsu, at least I know that nothing can be changed to alter the ending.

Hahaha wait, isn't the Hibari in this version the same as the previous one???

All in all, I quite like this version^^



  1. Anonymous says

    About episode 8

    I love your recaps.
    The episode 7 subs of the drama were not yet uploaded so I’m really grateful for this!!!
    I’ve just watched the episode 8…Have you watched it? I’m excited for you to recap it. I hope you will recap it early .
    Thanks so much for recaps!!!

    Spoiler for episode 9 preview: Nakatsu finally found out Mizuki’s a girl!


    • Re: About episode 8

      Haha thanks; it’s always great to hear appreciation:DD

      Nope I’ve not watched Episode 8 yet, but hahah I definitely wish to recap it early!XD

      Oh wow you’ve watched it already? Sounds exciting when Nakatsu finds out that Mizuki is a girl!:D


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