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Equator Man Episode 3 and 4

And so we transit from child to adult in Episode 4. More on that later.

Love, love this scene when Seon Woo jumped off the bridge and landed on the train, before a tear slid out from his eyes.

And while Seon Woo's basically throwing his life out there because of Jang Il, Jang Il was happily setting up a new life in Seoul. It was kinda cute to watch him 'confess' to Ji Won.

Aww, who wouldn't melt when you see a guy looking at you like that, tell me.


His face before hitting Seon Woo another time, rendering him fully unconscious.

And is it just me who find this scene a little creepy? How Jang Il starts rehearsing in front of the mirror what he should say when the police comes to find him? How he does that with a little hint of desperation mixed in with calm and calculation? 

I like the portrayal of Jang Il — it's very interesting. He's not really an Evil Villain, no, that honourable title will surely go to the stupid Chairman…but he's not entirely good either. He's settled on a grey area, he did what he had done because of very intrinsic reasons but of which borders very closely like the Chairman's motives — determination to be successful and not let obstacles stand in their way. The scriptwriters could play on the sympathy a little, by making it appear like Jang Il did all that because he didn't want his father to implicated, but no, he did that because he didn't want his life to be ruined. It's like…he couldn't even fathom the idea of giving up his perfect life, of returning back to his poverty, and so this results in murdering his best friend. It does not evoke much sympathy but it does create a very acute sense of reality around this character. 

Seon Woo certainly has stolen many hearts as Lee Hyun Woo rocks the character. He hits the emotions well, and carry out each nuance to the point. I'm biased I must confess — if Lee Joon Hyuk was Seon Woo, I would have lovedddd Seon Woo, but no, he's not, and this allows me to ironically, look at Seon Woo more objectively. He's very lovable, I'm sure that we all agree, but right now, he's kind of a foil for the development of Jang Il's character (for the worse?). He's kind, he's loyal, he's sincere, he's honest, he's basically Mr. Nice, someone I absolutely approve of, and I wouldn't mind watching another few episodes of him, but we got to move on, and now, it's time for Seon Woo to have some developments too (I thought the transition from child to actor was really smooth).



  1. Anonymous says

    the mirror scene: more than creepy, I really want to shake him, give him a good slap etc to make him realize his mistakes!

    I really detest Jang il during that scene, but I realize that this isn’t your ordinary drama when everything flows smoothly according to the laws of kdrama universe. nope, lots of unforeseen things happened but they’re making me more eager to stick with it!

    Lee Hyun Woo!! How can a babyface boy turns into such a cool man??! and of course, I’ll miss Siwan..no matter what people say, I’m still proud of him!

    but then..I don’t really like when Jang il starts being all kind to Ji won. it’s kind of cute and sweet, but she’s destined for Sun woo! Haha my mind works like that :3

    sorry for spazzing here~hihi


    • I didn’t want to shake him, I was more creeped out and shocked in a fascinated way at how…calculative he was towards the idea of having murdered his best friend!

      I realise that I’m super biased. Knowing that Jang Il was going to be acted by Lee Joon Hyuk, has allowed me to view him in a more objective manner, so while I don’t love him, I don’t hate him either! I think it’s quite a cool dramaXD

      Oh no what did people say of Siwan? I didn’t have any time to check out public opinion; it took me a week to watch merely four episodes. Gah, Lee Hyun Woo is good, he has lots of potential!

      I see what you mean(((: I think she should go with Seon Woo too! Aha, no problems, I loveee spazzing conversations; hopefully I will have a breather soon then I will spazz over at your blog too!


      • Anonymous says

        LOL I totally don’t mind coming here every single day! and we can spazz till no end 😉

        As usual..people find it hard to accept Siwan’s acting..saying he can’t express the emotions well..but hey, I think he did an excellent job with his status as a newbie actor! Jang Il isn’t a simple character. He got so much layers to himself! Okay, I do think I’m trying to protect him a bit (’cause he’s my current bias hehe) but then, he’s okay in my opinion..

        LJH’s appearance is like some kind of light entering the show. He glows~ and who can escape his charm??

        And now I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms with the young actors/actresses. that just proves how good they are, at least to me 🙂


      • I’m so sorry for the late reply!! I was busy with school. Hehe I look forward to spazzing conversations with you!((:

        Oh…I suspected as much. Haha I think he’s quite all right. He probably pales in comparison when placed with Lee Hyun Woo, but as you’ve said, Jang Il isn’t easy to portray and I thought he did quite a good job!(:

        YEAH~(: Hahaha I’m looking forward to Lee Joon Hyuk’s scene even though he’s the bad guy.


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