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Fall In Love With Me Episode 6 Recap

My current favourite on-going drama. Enough said.

Xiao Lu brings Tao Zi home and tells her to close her eyes. When she opens them, he surprises her with a birthday song and a handmade cake.


Girls, it's time to appreciate Aaron's vocals.

Tao Zi is very appreciative that she spent both birthdays with Xiao Lu this year, and Xiao Lu replies, "Not just this year." It's no wonder that Tao Zi returns home full of smiles and happily plays with her stuffed toy. Faced with Miao Miao's questioning, Tao Zi confesses that she really likes Xiao Lu because he's a nice guy who has her interests at heart, and she feels very safe with him.


"I've never met someone who is so caring towards me." Oops, don't forget the brother that you had, Tao Zi. Indeed, this prompts Miao MIao to think of Leo, and even though Tao Zi can see that something is on her mind, Miao Miao doesn't say anything.

The next day, Tian Xing sees Fu Bo in his house and creeps up to scare him. Fu Bo merely turns around and scoffs at his attempt.


"Do you think that I can be scared so easily like you?"


Aha, gotta love Tian Xing's expression here.

Tian Xing sits down for breakfast and is in a cheerful, jovial mood. But he is reminded by Fu Bo that Xiao Lu is a fictional character and that the one he should make Tao Zi fall in love with should be Tian Xing, not Xiao Lu. As Xiao Lu sits at the bus stop, he ponders over Fu Bo's words, "If Tao Zi finds out that Xiao Lu is a character that Tian Xing came up with, she would be really angry and disappointed."

He stands up and faces a poster of Lu Tian Xing, asking mentally, "Who do you see? Which one do you like? I want to be your only option…I want you to fall in love with both of me."


I feel a bit sad here for Xiao Lu/Tian Xing, because his competition is himself and that is kinda cool but hmm, hard to solve. On a side note, I like the parallel drawn between this show and Just You. While Puff isn't with us in this drama, I guess it was the intent for her to be the female lead initially, and how cool is it that in the previous show she's the one who is trying to get Qi Yi to like her whereas right now, Tian Xing is trying to get Tao Zi to like both personas of himself? Well, I definitely hope they aren't going to step it up with a three-persona kind of show.

Anyway, back in OZ, Xiao Lu gives Tao Zi some vitamins in case she falls sick from taking care of him the whole day. He also makes sure that the pills aren't just left aside, but safely eaten by Tao Zi. Miao Miao, Jia Gai Xian and Tao Zi are all in (varying) stages of being touched by his warm gesture, but our poor Leo here doesn't feel good.


Miao Miao notices Leo's expression and resolves to do something. On the other hand, Xiao Lu thinks about the problem of getting Tao Zi to like Tian Xing. At night, Tao Zi gives Xiao Lu his dinner. Over dinner, they discuss how advertising must be genuine. Xiao Lu encourages her on, "I'm sure one day you will come up with really great proposals." Leo comes out of a room and overhears Xiao Lu making sure Tao Zi has her meals on time. He watches as Xiao Lu feeds Tao Zi some green pepper, and she feeds him back.

Ouch. Leo walks away and runs into Miao Miao, who decides to confess to him.

We don't know what happens there, as we cut to a scene of Xiao Lu and Tao Zi taking a stroll after dinner. Tao Zi tries to imitate a jump that Xiao Lu just demonstrated and lands shakily. Their hands touch each other when Xiao Lu steadies her fall and they shyly intertwine their fingers.


They take a few steps and say at the same time,
"Xiao Lu" "Tao Zi"
"You can say first." "You can say first"

"What do you want to say?" "What do you want to say?"


Tao Zi tries to say what's her on her mind (presumably that she likes him) but gets stuck. Xiao Lu takes over and tries to tell her, "Uh…" Mentally, he thinks about how he's going to tell her that he's Lu Tian Xing but cannot bring himself to do it. Instead he fills the silence with, "Let's go home."

Tao Zi realises that Miao Miao is crying and hears the story of her confession. In a flashback, we see that Leo did not reject her outright but got very flustered and used the excuse of work to put aside the matter. Despite Miao Miao asking why he did not get a girlfriend for so long, Leo merely evaded the question and escaped.


Tao Zi consoles her, saying that at least Leo did not reject Miao Miao.


She asks why Miao Miao suddenly decides to confess and Miao Miao reveals that she ran into Tao Zi and Xiao Lu holding hands. She thought that since they were holding hands, it meant that they were together. While Tao Zi seems to ponder on the connection, Miao Miao continues that she thought since Tao Zi and Xiao Lu are together, she can also be with Leo.

Tao Zi gets a text and Miao Miao teases that it might be from Xiao Lu. Instead, it's from Tian Xing who requests for a meet-up in his usual demanding manner.

Tian Xing worries that he didn't get a reply and frets (quite cutely). Tao Zi calls him and he quickly picks up, "Did you call me to tell me that you will be late?"


Of course not, Tao Zi calls him to tell him that she has a lot of things to do and that she has no obligation to keep acceding to his unreasonable requests.

That doesn't go well with Tian Xing, who double checks "Hello?", even though it is obvious that Tao Zi has put down the phone.

Lance wants his subordinates to formally invite Leo to his company as he doesn't want to lose more clients to OZ. Since the clients are only giving OZ their cases because they think Leo is capable, they should remove the only triumph card that OZ has.

Tian Xing absent-mindedly cleans Xiao Lu's glasses and Fu Bo asks if he's thinking about Tao Zi. He turns his head slowly and nods sadly.


"The one she likes now?" "Is Xiao Lu, the one that we created together, the one full of warmth and smiles. Xiao Lu."

Hahahah are you getting jealous of yourself?

Tian Xing doesn't want to admit about his sadness at first but finally yields to Fu Bo that he doesn't know what to do. Lance calls to inform him that he should be present the next day as Tian Ji will be inviting Leo formally to join the company. Tian Xing doesn't like the idea but can't stop Lance.

Leo receives the call to visit the company but tells Tao Zi to follow him so that he can reject the company proper. Miao Miao gushes that Leo is really charming.

Lance barely has any chance to negotiate with Leo as he rejects Lance out right.


Tian Xing remains silent throughout the meeting and only stares intently at Tao Zi, who doesn't really meet his eyes. Lance knows that he has meet a dead end and praises Tao Zi for being such a good in-charge such that Leo will be so faithful. I'm not sure if he's insinuating about anything between Tao Zi and Leo, but I think he's also poking at the fact that Tian Xing on the other hand, isn't such a great follower. Lance tells Tao Zi that there could be possible collaborations between OZ and Tian Ji, and Tian Xing makes use of that to request for a 1-1 meeting with Tao Zi for discussion on future collaborations.


He later admits to Tao Zi that he doesn't have any clear plans yet and is only using this method because she doesn't want to meet him. She replies that she doesn't want to have any connections with him anymore, because she has someone she likes.


Oh nooo. Tian Xing looks at her in dismay as he asks, "Who?" and she replies, "Xiao Lu, I like Xiao Lu."


We cut to a scene where Tian Xing stands by the window, alone, as he recalls his rejection. Huan Huan chooses the wrong time to pounce on Tian Xing and it's no wonder that he flares up at her, despite attempts to stay cordial. She tears up and watches sadly as he leaves.


She sits in his office and cries. Lance sees her and consoles her, even suggesting that they could ask their mother for help. Hmm, this is a subtle but interesting turn, as Lance points out, "He can't reject a request from our mother." Future drama conflict? Huan Huan rejects this suggestion, knowing that even if Tian Xing does call her out for a date, it won't be because he likes her.


Xiao Lu thinks about Fu Bo's words but quickly keeps the watch when Tao Zi pops over for a chat. Hahah, who drinks coffee at night? Xiao Lu asks carefully about her meeting with Tian Xing, and if her mood has anything to do with what Tian Xing did. She shakes her head but says that she accidentally revealed her secret to Tian Xing earlier. "I dislike him, but I accidentally told him."

Xiao Lu makes use of this chance to suggest, "Maybe you treat him as a friend in your heart?"


He also asks if Tian Xing has done anything bad to OZ. Tao Zi acknowledges that he didn't do anything wrong, but just that he attempted to buy OZ over.


"Based on my observations…he is full of integrity and has a touch of innocence…maybe he's not like what we see, a commercialised and arrogant figure." Tao Zi nods in agreement but asks Xiao Lu why he is singing praises of Tian Xing. He laughs awkwardly and says that it's because he feels that there's misunderstandings between Tao Zi and Tian Xing. Tao Zi doesn't want to talk about Tian Xing anymore and asks if Xiao Lu is curious about her secret. He replies, "You want to tell me??"


It's comic in a way because he already knows her secret.

Tao Zi almost confesses but changes her mind last minute, "I told him that…I want to treat you to dinner tomorrow."


"Huh? That's your secret??"


Tao Zi quickly comes up with a reason for the treat but she just wants to use the dinner as a chance to confess. Xiao Lu decides to turn up for the date as Lu Tian Xing, but that doesn't go well with Tao Zi.


She leaves the restaurant despite Tian Xing's attempts for them to have dinner together. As she walks along the bridge, Tian Xing comes up behind her and asks her if she's upset that her date cannot make it (Xiao Lu texted her to say that he had something important). She retorts that her date is her important friend and someone whom she trusts a lot.


Tian Xing probes if the person she's talking about is Xiao Lu and she affirms it. He provokes her by saying, "I think you don't really understand Xiao Lu." "Yeah, I don't understand him, I don't even understand myself anymore." "Yes, and I tell you, you don't actually hate me as much as you think. What wrong have I ever done to OZ?"


Tian Xing's words reminds Tao Zi of Xiao Lu's words and she turns away. Tian Xing turns her back and says, "Do you know that I like you?" She protests, "I don't want to know," and walks away. And Tian Xing holds her by her shoulders and kisses her.


Tao Zi struggles, eventually pushing him away and giving him a tight slap. She rushes home in a mad daze and doesn't answer Miao Miao's questions. Later, she hides in the toilet and answers that she's fine when Miao Miao asks if she should be worried about her. But she's not fine, as tears wells up in her eyes.


Ooh, is she this upset because she realises that she MIGHT have feelings for Tian Xing?

Tian Xing keeps his suit in the wardrobe angrily. Miao Miao tries to care for Tao Zi but breaks down ultimately, "I have been thinking a lot these few days." Tao Zi quickly comes down from her top bunk to console her. Miao Miao is just upset because she wants Tao Zi to be happy and she wants to be happy herself, "Is it that hard?"


Yes dear, I'm afraid so:(

Xiao Lu's cheek still hurts the next day and he's a bit cold towards Tao Zi, who could sense it. They try to return to their usual banter but are in fact, sounding a bit better than awkward friends. Xiao Lu apologises for the night before and asks about her secret. She doesn't answer and Xiao Lu changes the topic, "Are you nervous about the presentation later?" She replies, "I would be last time…but now…nope."


And then it's another bout of awkwardness because I guess she's not nervous anymore as she likes Xiao Lu and Xiao Lu gives her security.

Leo sees a motorcyclist who gets injured from a hit-and-run/accident and helps him out due to his kind nature. However, this leaves OZ to be very nervous as it's time to present to Samsung and they only gave OZ the case because they want Leo as the director. How can the director not be at the presentation? As a last resort, Leo suggests that Tao Zi asks Xiao Lu to present on his behalf. Miao MIao blurts out, "He's too amateur to do that!"

Well, no time for that, as the secretary comes out to inform them that the higher-ups are ready to hear their presentation. Tao Zi, Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian file into the room in a dejected line, not noticing that Xiao Lu has taken off his glasses and is thinking, "Indeed Xiao Lu is a bit lousy. I think it's time for Lu Tian Xing to help."

While Tao Zi prepares the documents to be handed out to the higher-ups, Xiao Lu hurries to a nearby shop to buy suits and shoes. As expected, one of the CEO gives Tao Zi a hard time about Leo's absence. Just when that is happening, a familiar voice speaks out, "Everybody, I'm sorry I'm late."



-the end-

I like how this episode is turning out. We have a build-up over the past few episodes and now is the real crux of the drama — how to get Tao Zi to fall in love with BOTH of them, and essentially the same person? It's an interesting plot line and one which I'm eager to see the development.

It seems that the next episode will be developing this plotline further but with a sad overtone. With Lu Tian Xing as her friend, there are bound to be rumours that she's just making use of Tian Xing to further OZ's future. It's depressing for both her and HIM. Xiao Lu is an easy guy to fall in love with — he's nice, he's sunshine, he's genuine (in a way). But the real problem is facing the reality, Xiao Lu isn't Tian Xing and Tian Xing is the real guy she has to deal with if she wants to have a future with Xiao Lu and Tian Xing.

I just hope we won't run into the -oh I'm in love with two people, what now? Great, they are actually the same person!- scenario. I would much rather she picks one persona to like, or that she understands they are two personas but of the same person, and that before she understands both sides of Lu Tian Xing enough, she cannot claim to have liked him at all.

We shall see how that goes! In the meanwhile, I'm really enjoying this OST.



  1. Re: Your thought are so true

    Hahaha thanks for your thoughts! I really like this drama as well and can’t wait to see how it will turn out. Just hope that the writers won’t slow it down too much or swerve into the two persona actually being one person as a good solution to Tao Zi’s dilemma in the future. I do really like both Tian Xing and Xiao Lu and love how Aaron portrays both of them haha!


  2. Is Tian Xing the top boss or Lance? I’ve had the idea Tian Xing is the big boss but Lance is 2nd in command and resenting that he has to run the company while Tian Xing runs off on vacation?


    • I think they are kinda co-running the company. Lance is called the “Ying Yun Zhang”, meaning that he’s in charge of making sure that the projects run smoothly. Tian Xing is the “Zhi Xing Zhang”, which means that he’s the one who executes the ideas. That’s my understanding anyway.

      Lance is resentful because Tian Xing is supposed to be on holiday, and yet he’s helping OZ out during his free time.


  3. Anonymous says

    I like your ” thoughts ramble ”

    I’m glad I found this live journal


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