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Pride and Prejudice/Liar Game/Birth of a Beauty

I'm on a roll!

Managed to find 3 new good Kdramas (but judged based on a very minimal number of episodes). Loving Pride and Prejudice so far – I'm a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk so it's no wonder that I will find this drama equally pleasing. I haven't seen the female lead before but a fresh face is always nice and she reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye. The plot line is engaging enough, but it can be confusing at some points. Do prosecutors really do all this work, that seem to replace that of a policeman?:O Also as per Episode 4, what is the significance of those bank statements? Sometimes, they drop important pieces of information here and there, and wait for a long time to patch up the information. However, overall, I think it's a drama worth checking out.

Watched half an hour of Liar Game Episode 1 and all I could think of is that girl (Kim So Eun) is so gorgeous! She certainly has the same vibe as Toda Erika and I would love to see how she fares in the future episodes. I didn't watch on because my stream lagged, and because the first 30 minutes was a bit draggy. Also, it just feels weird for a K-drama to carry out the same plot line as a J-drama, because I typically associate the mental gymnastics kind of dramas with J-dramas (Liar Game, Kindaichi, Detective Conan etc).

Finished the first 2 episodes of Birth of a Beauty and I think it's all right. They have taken a typical plotline and added in small twists here and there. It is satisfying that they managed to go through the entire backstory within an episode, instead of those Temptation of the Wife days where it took us around 10 (?) episodes to even get to the point where the wife 'died'.

However, if I was given only 2 hours a week to watch dramas, I think I would definitely choose Pride and Prejudice. It is not draggy at all, and there's always something mysterious going on. I just wish they can be a bit clearer as to what the characters are thinking.


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