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Pride and Prejudice Episode 6 Review

Did this episode give anyone else a headache? Because it gave me one. I like the premise of the show and where we are heading towards, but the way the show unravels each mystery is unsatisfying, especially this one. Are they saying that because Panda drank a drink with drugs inside, thats why Kang Soo wasn't the one who killed him? What's the link there? That Panda's head broke open because of drugs….? How did Song Ah Reum come into all of this….

I'm definitely confused and I felt like I wasted a good half an hour. But I really liked how they developed Kang Soo's relationship with Ahjusshi – the way Ahjusshi ran after the car when he came back from the drugstore and saw Kang Soo being arrested, the way he hugged Kang Soo when Kang Soo turned up on his doorstep (Y)

Hopefully the next episode will be better!


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