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First Impressions of Oh My Ghost

It took me some time to finish the current 4 episodes because I was already recapping two other dramas and real life keeps taking over virtual life. Lol. In any case, I’m glad I started on this series. It’s not my favourite out of the 4 that I’m watching right now, but it’s pretty decent!

Quick summary – Na Bong Sun, a usually timid girl, is possessed by a ghost, Soon Ae, who has the opposite personality. As they have matching wave tendencies, Soon Ae is trapped in Bong Sun’s body. Sun Woo is a man of vitality, and hence can withstand contact with ghosts. He dislikes Bong Sun’s pushover character, but starts to notice her (not that he has a choice) when Bong Sun changes character overnight.

Plot – I think that the plot is pretty solid. It has its premise set out right and clear from the start and it’s pretty simple. A simple and strong foundation is great because any twists later on will not shake the logic of the show. Right now, what has been established is that Soon Ae is unable to move on to her after life because of a grudge. It’s supposed to be because she’s a virgin ghost, but as I’m pretty sure not every single person dies only after they did it, that can’t be the reason. A favourite guess is that the police officer is the one who killed Soon Ae. Although I’m not entirely sold on that theory, I do think it’s true that the officer is possessed since he’s supposed to have a lonely life. The question is – when did he get possessed by the ghost? If it’s just around the time Shin Ae died, then for sure, the ghost has turned into an evil spirit.

But I guess that’s why it’s not my favourite drama at the moment, because the plot isn’t the one attracting my attention. On the contrary, it’s the interaction between the couple. I can’t wait to find out how Sun Woo will react when he sees another change in Bong Sun etc. But I’m not entirely hung up on wanting to find out how Soon Ae died, if the officer is possessed etc.

Characters – I dislike Bong Sun’s original character too. Although being nice isn’t a crime, seeing Bong Sun being bullied by that blogger in the first/second episode really irritated me to no end. If it’s me, I would have…I would have started a screaming fest or something *not violent at all*. That being said, I think Bong Sun’s new character is a little too cutsey at times. Too much whining and acting cute, but nevertheless, still a better improvement from the old one. She can stand her own ground, she can fight, she can quarrel and she can be funny. So much more interesting!

Sun Woo annoyed me so much in the first few episodes. This guy needs to STOP arguing with people and then spouting harsh words that he later regrets. Although I understand from a plot-development point of view that these events need to happen to set other events rolling, just as a simple viewer, I hate it. He has too much pride and cockiness sometimes and I just want to take a figurative hammer to knock some edges off him. But in Episode 4, I’ve come to like him, so I can’t wait for more interaction between the couple!

Actors – There’s no one here that I particularly like. I know that I was pretty sad when Cho Jung Seok died in King 2 Hearts (heh)  but that’s about it. I’ve never watched any Park Bo Young/Kim Seul Gi’s dramas before (does watching Kim Seul Gi’s crazy cameo in Kill Me Heal Me count?) so I’ve no expectations. However, I’m really liking Park Bo Young’s actor. She’s showing the pre-possessed and post-possessed sides of her so well. On top of that, she sounds exactly like Kim Seul Gi/Soon Ae!

Guesses – The hot guesses right now revolve around the police officer or the chef’s sister having killed Soon Ae. I’m rather neutral now, but I will check in again when I have new guesses!

Conclusion – It’s nice to watch but there’s nothing stopping you from pressing the ‘pause’ button at the moment. I think that’s why it took me some time to finish 4 episodes because I kept stopping to do something else. However, now that I’ve finished episode 4, I’m looking forward to episode 5 since Soon Ae is now separated from Bong Sun!

Anyone else watching this?


pic credit to Oh My Ghost’s official facebook page

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