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Why I dropped The Producers

*Disclaimer: I’m writing this from a pure viewer’s point of view and I didn’t finish the drama, so my thoughts are only pertaining to the episodes that I’ve watched. Don’t get upset with me but feel free to leave a comment if you disagree!(:

I didn’t finish this drama, although I persisted till Episode…9? I can’t even remember.

This is going to be a pretty rant-y kind of post.

I think I didn’t like The Producers from the very start. The pace was incredibly slow. No doubt, this drama is a big production. All four leads are famous and established and the show has loads of cameos from other stars. So I was fine with the first two episodes where there were just many, many funny references and cameos (it’s always nice to see Lee Seung Gi!). However, it gets dry after a while and I wish the plot will move on.

It did move on, but ever so slightly. I also didn’t really like the love-quadruple. Although I think the relationships between all four characters are well-developed and it’s nice to see how they grow because of each other, I was rooting for Seung Chan and Cindy. I couldn’t really see how Seung Chan suddenly fell in love with Ye Jin. It feels more like a crush/admiration rather than true liking?

As we cruise along, the plot moved slightly but still focused very much on the relationships between the leads. If I may say, I am also disappointed that Kim Soo Hyun was acting as a very innocent and slow guy. Although his character in Dream High is slightly similar, but that personality had a nice character arc. In this drama, Seung Chan remained the same from Episode 1 to 9. And I get it that he’s very slow, but waiting for him to speak…can…be…agonising. Give me a King Kim or a Professor Kim any day!

I guess the only fun parts for me watching this drama was when Seung Chan and Cindy had nice couple-y moments together, when there were funny references and jokes, and when there was nice acting. But that can’t motivate me to watch the ultra-long episodes, and so I’ve stopped. I really think that I can summarise the plot development from the 9 episodes into one decently short paragraph.

Anyone disagrees strongly? Feel free to comment, I would love to hear your views! Let me know too if the ending is better. Maybe I should have stuck it out instead.


P.S Featured Image is not from The Producers.


  1. Usi says

    I think producers is overrated. I did not liked one character besides Cindy. She was the only one with dept and real problems. I liked how it ended since everyone learned from their time together. It was an open end that made sense. The couples were weird since it seemed so forced and not really essential for the story, except for Cindy for who was falling in love was her step for opening to the world again.


    • I didn’t finish the drama so I have no idea what’s the ending! But I agree with you because Cindy is my favourite character. The rest…meh


  2. Zoe says

    If you’ve already watched till this point, then my suggestion is that you should definitely watch 10, 11 and 12, they have some excellent Cindy/Seung Chan moments! I was completely surprised by how S/C centric the finale was, and I loved it! 🙂 Also, Cindy is my favorite too, and she really is the heart of the show in11 and 12, which I adore, so you could skip the parts you don’t want to watch and watch the rest, the ending of 11 is especially a gorgeous Cindy moment!


    • Okay you have convinced me to finish the drama! I will let you know when I’ve done that – I really like the BSC/Cindy pairing so I’m looking forward to that!


  3. Only says

    I just wanted to drop in and say how much I enjoyed the fact that you used Hyun’s annoyed face as your lead image. I didn’t get past the first two episodes of “Producer”.


    • HIII. Kekeke I was scrolling through my image library for a featured image and saw his face. *Tadah perfect expression of how I feel* Apparently the ending is worth watching though so I’m gonna finish it when I have time (hopefully?)!


  4. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who dropped Producers. In spite of all the hype about it, I only made it through Ep 6. Not that it was horrible, but there is so much better out there.


    • I guess it’s because it’s a ‘different’-ish kind of show, with star cast, that’s why people love it. But honestly, it’s just not for me. However, I might just finish it to see if I like the ending!


  5. The only episodes I liked was ep. 11 and 12, the rest was meh! those were the only episodes that focused on the relationship of BSC and Cindy and I didn’t even understand why BSC liked YJ in the first place, it’s just that they met, he adored her and suddenly he liked her, and when it was over, that’s when he suddenly woke up and tried to look around just to realize someone was looking up to him.

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    • I don’t think I ever finished this show in the end, everything was just slightly dull and yeah, I didn’t get why BSC liked her at all. What a pity, would really love to watch Kim Soo Hyun again!


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