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When I See You Again Episode 9 Recap

I need to control myself and stop flailing around/squealing like an idiot! Quite impressed with some teeny bits of acting I saw today too.

e1 e2

You Qian is bursting with anger/jealousy from previous episode’s drama. He storms back into his room and grumbles about how he is the one who should be having a reunion with An Xi.
“Calm down, I need to calm down.” He takes a pen and opens his dictionary to copy out the German Word for ‘Wisdom’. LOL.

e3 e4

Yan Ze fetches An Xi on the way home and she’s glad to have met both him and You Qian. Yan Ze says that You Qian doesn’t look like an approachable person but An Xi stands up for him, “He’s actually a very nice person.” Yan Ze smiles and stops the car, “What’s the relationship between you and Manager Xia?”

e5 e6

An Xi hesitates for 10000 years and despite Yan Ze’s probing, she insists that he’s just her creditor. Yan Ze changes topic and asks if An Xi can recommend him any places in the village that is suitable for dating. She brings him to a tree and he guesses that it’s a Wishing Tree. Although it’s a smart guess, she tells him that it’s actually a Confession Tree. It’s an attraction common among the neighbouring villages – you write the name of someone you like on a piece of paper and tie it on the tree, then buy a seashell comb before confessing to the person you like.

An Xi acknowledges that it’s a business gimmick, but clarifies that she’s not lying about the tree’s powers. Yan Ze writes a name and buys a comb.

e7 e8

Back in the hostel, Zhi Lin smiles foolishly to herself. Mei Wen thinks that she’s pining for You Qian and smiles kindly at her, “If you don’t want to help me, then go find your Manager Xia. He’s outside.” She’s disgusted when Zhi Lin replies, “Manager Xia isn’t mine…Yan Ze is mineee.” Mei Wen dumps some veggies on her, and Zhi Lin plucks the leaves in a he likes me, he likes me not style, except she says, “He likes me…he likes me…he likes me.”

e9 e10

Mei Wen now finds Ya En to find her smiling to herself too and she frets over the weird state of the hostel, “Even the geese aren’t eating.” She goes outside and is impressed with how calm You Qian is, even though the girl he likes has gone off with some other guy. However, the truth is You Qian is just busy writing out the words ‘I should have gone with them’ in German.

e11 e12

You Qian hovers behind the counter with his dictionary and Mei Wen mutters to An Xi about the heavy presence behind them. Yan Ze orders in some drinks and Zhi Lin points out how You Qian has never done that for them. LOL *cues angry flipping of dictionary* Since An Xi is cooking, Yan Ze intentionally feeds her the drink instead.

e13 e14

You Qian is so pissed off that he accidentally tears a page of his dictionary HAHA.

e15 e16

Yan Ze pushes An Xi to take another sip, so she scrambles next to Mei Wen, “Mei Wen-jie, is he..” “Yes.” “Then I’m..” “Dense.” “Then You Qian…” “Bursting with anger!” An Xi directly asks Yan Ze if he’s chasing her and he takes out the comb, much to the other two girls’ dismay.

e18 e19

An Xi hides behind You Qian and Yan Ze asks why she cannot accept his sincerity. You Qian tells him to follow him out. *Music plays as the two fight a basketball match*. Nah kidding. They play a match of chess instead. Although You Qian doesn’t want to initially because he says Yan Ze has poor sportsmanship, the moment Yan Ze threatens to play with An Xi instead, he relents.

e21 e22

Yan Ze asks if today’s match will end differently from his usual defeat because of An Xi. The match begins and they move their pieces. At the same time, You Qian asks Yan Ze how he got close to An Xi within such a short period of time.

Yan Ze smirks that it’s true how you get flustered when you care about someone and proceeds to eat his pawn, but You Qian eats his chess piece immediately. Yan Ze makes up some story about how he had some wine one night and when he woke up, there was a beautiful woman next to him (insinuating that it’s An Xi). You Qian attacks aggressively and asks for Yan Ze’s motive. He replies, “To make a joke out of you and to give you two a helping hand.” “Did you not notice where she hid when I said I was going to pursue her?” You Qian recalls that she hid behind him. Yan Ze points out that she is interested in him, (eats another chess piece) and advices You Qian to bring An Xi out of the hostel so that she cannot keep hiding.

e23 e25

Yan Ze eats You Qian’s knight, “Today…might I win the match because of An Xi?” You Qian looks at the two pawns he has eaten, and the more important pieces Yan Ze has devoured, before calmly landing the final attack, “I win.”

Oops. Yan Ze takes away the King of his chess set, as he does every time he loses to You Qian.

e38 e39

An Xi rambles about how she has two pursuers now, “Am I returning back to the glorious days of the high school? But I’m 28 now and I’m so tan, where’s my charm?” When You Qian comes out to talk to Yong Qing, An Xi hastily tries to escape quietly. Yong Qing pushes for You Qian to tell An Xi that he’s Unibrow. You Qian turns his head and sees An Xi, who tries to scramble up the stairs like a dog. You Qian catches her ankle to stop her from fleeing HAHA.

e27 e28

He tells her that her every escape is a blow to him, “I don’t know how long more I can like you.” He ignores Yong Qing’s incoming call, “You know that I like you. You know that I return because of you, but you have only been escaping without a word. You don’t accept, but you don’t reject me. Between the two of us, it seems like I’m the only tired one. Please give me an answer.”


“I won’t keep waiting. This time, once I leave, I won’t return.”

e32 e33

Yong Qing calls her brother to find out what happened to You Qian and learns that You Qian has even revealed boy-ish expressions when he looks at An Xi, “He doesn’t even like to smile!” She overhears on the phone when You Qian dashes in to tell Yan Ze his plans to bring An Xi out of the village the next day.

An Xi grumbles about how You Qian has turned her world upside down and that she’s being the considerate one for not complaining. She talks herself into a rage and writes a note to attach the Blue Nemo. Scram back to Taipei!

e34 e35

The next day, she dashes into the kitchen to find You Qian but when he appears, she quickly shoves the clownfish into her pocket. You Qian asks if she has something to tell him. She tries to bring the fish out but hesitates and pretends that she doesn’t have an answer yet.

Yan Ze breaks the conversation and asks if An Xi can accompany him to a place. An Xi hastily says that she has something on, but Zhi Lin points out that she’s free and she doesn’t want to replace An Xi because she’s not stupid enough to go out with someone who already likes someone else.

e36 e37

An Xi latches onto Ya En who cute-ly shakes her head, “My heart.” An Xi looks away from Yan Ze’s gaze and You Qian suddenly speaks, “Why are you clutching onto my jacket?” Hahaha. An Xi protests, “You can’t… *turns to look at You Qian* you can’t give me presents ah.”

e40 e41

In the end, she relents and You Qian immediately leaves the table. She thinks it’s because he’s pissed, but You Qian shoots Yan Ze a knowing glance. Something is up yay! As the duo leave, the two women wonder what’s up with You Qian’s attitude while Ya En reminds them that An Xi can hear them.

e42 e43

Important Location of the Day is the Tailor Shop. Yong Qing watches You Qian from behind the curtain. An Xi mutters, “Oh my god,” when she sees You Qian and You Qian tries to calmly drink his tea (but scalds himself lol). You Qian takes in the scene and walks up to the duo, “Seems like…I’m not your answer.” Ooh burn.

e44 e45

Yan Ze tells the Tailor guy that he wants the girl he likes to choose the cloth for his suit, “So that I can think of you every time I wear the suit.” EEW. If that’s the way to chase girls, I’m not feeling it. You Qian ignores her plea for help.

Yan Ze puts on the aggressive-mode, and tells An Xi that she should date him, “I can let you know the beauty of dating. But if you have no feelings after dating, you can leave. I won’t be sad.”

e49 e48

An Xi mutters that she already has someone in mind whom she wants to try dating. Oooh? Yan Ze pressurises her, “Who?” and An Xi finally points at You Qian, “Him!”

e50 e51

You Qian turns around in shock and bewilderment, and Yan Ze quickly motions for him to walk away. Haha so cute. Yan Ze provokes her, “He doesn’t want to try with you.” An Xi takes on the challenge and pecks You Qian on the cheek. Awwww.

e52 e53

She turns to leave but You Qian quickly grabs her hand and cups her face, “Don’t move. You are the one who say that you want to try.”

e54 e55

“Let us try.”


He leans in and kisses her on the forehead. NO PRIZES IF YOU GUESS THAT I’M DYING RIGHT HERE.

e59 e60

She’s a little taken aback, but when he takes her hand, she holds him back and smiles. Yan Ze realises that Yong Qing has been watching from the curtain.

e61 e62

The couple leave the shop and An Xi pulls back. He rambles about some contract thing – buyers regret very often, so the moment the contract is signed, there should be some concrete action carried out to prevent them from pulling out of the contract. “An Xi, you won’t regret right?” An Xi touches the clownfish in her pocket and shakes her head. Yong Qing comes back out when there’s no one around and recalls how she got close to You Qian – she was the one who sent his Grandpa to the hospital when he was sick. Since he owed her a favour, he allowed her to bring him for a makeover.

e65 e64

In the behind the scenes, the actors were laughing at how the Tailor Guy can even help him cut his hair. Indeed, as You Qian emerged from the changing room, his unibrow had disappeared, his hair gelled back, and he had a nice suit. Yong Qing told him to remove his specs, and suddenly teared, “Why does he look so much like him?” I like her acting here!


Back to reality as she remarks how sometimes the one person you can’t see clearly is yourself. Possibly indicating the fact that she actually likes but actually never really realises it until now.

e67 e73

Look at You Qian’s reluctant face when An Xi has to take her hand away to read her messages. She’s shocked that the three women are congratulating her haha and wonders how they find out. Turns out Yan Ze has already gone back and thank them for helping him out. In the flashback, we see him asking for their help to get the couple together. (Mei Wen had a very cute approving face, and the two women’s sad faces also lit up.)

e69 e70

Hahaha, the three women bombard the poor girl with online messages. An Xi worries that she’s going to be teased to death when she returns to the hostel. She takes out Blue Nemo and apologises to Unibrow, “Goodbye.” Poor guy on the other hand is wondering if An Xi has fallen into the toilet bowl.

An Xi leaves Blue Nemo by the sink in a form of farewell, but a random passerby passes it back to her. You Qian insists on reading the note attached to the Nemo, and infers that she originally wanted to reject him, “If there was no Mr Hu, you wouldn’t want to be near me. So, you were thinking of how to reject me the whole time just now.”

e71 e72

An Xi finally unleashes her inner fury hahah and rants how her Nemo has been in her pocket the whole day but she just cannot bring herself to reject him, “Do you only think that today is a meaningful day for you? It’s a big step for humanity (to her).”

e74 e75

You Qian grabs her in a hug and she is in a fluster how she’s always the one talking. You Qian reminds her that he’s always speaking the keywords but An Xi protests that she was the one who asked him first if he was chasing her. You Qian retorts that it’s because anyone with folds in their brains can see that he’s chasing her hahaha.

Concrete action that You Qian talks about just now is actually making couple rings. Like literally make the rings themselves. Seems like a fun thing to do, as You Qian gives intellectual explanations behind the making of the rings. When You Qian chastises her for not knocking the metal piece properly, she tells him that she will cut his piece into 8 pieces hahaha.

e76 e77

The lady comes around and tells them it’s time to imprint letters in their rings. She asks for their birthdays and An Xi mutters hers very unwillingly, “….of April.” When the lady asks for her birthday again, You Qian helps her, “1st of April.” An Xi asks how You Qian heard her when she was speaking so softly and he simply smiles.

e78 e79

An Xi reveals her dislike for her own birthday, “It’s like Heavens telling me my birthday is a joke.” You Qian tells her his own birthday and that his Grandpa told him he was born in his parents’ love, “This love…I give it to you. When it’s your birthday, just think of me.” Awww.

e80 e81

They cheekily peek at each other’s ring as they choose letters to imprint. Later, You Qian teases her that in the Eygptian days, rings were used to contain devils. She calls him an evil spirit in return. It’s finally done!

e82 e83

Couple telepathy moment – You Qian engraves the German word for Start, while An Xi engraves Start. He puts the ring on for her, “Because of you, I’ve been thinking of who I am…and I work hard to be a better person. If one day, you discover who is the real me, and think that I’m not up to your expectations, I hope you see the ring and give me a new chance to start over.” She murmurs, “You are too good, how can you be below my expectations?”

e84 e85

She turns to leave but You Qian reminds her to give him his ring. WHILE HIS RING HAS SUCH A SWEET MEANING, this girl tells him, “There’s something in my heart that I can’t resolve. If one day, you find out that I can’t be entirely open to you and walk with you till the end, I hope that this ring will remind you not to mind me, and start over a new life.”

e86 e87

Nonsense!! No wonder You Qian rejects her ring. She purchases a necklace and string the ring, before putting it on for him. “If you can’t stand me one day, just take off the string and put on the ring. I will understand.”

Hahaha, when he’s pissed, she quickly clarifies that she’s just saying all the ugly stuff at the front, “Who wants to break up before even starting?” Something enters You Qian’s eye and he blinks in pain, but An Xi thinks that he’s crying. “Sorry, sorry, sorry, we won’t break up.” “You promise?” “Mmhmm, I swear.”

You Qian gets up and An Xi realises he’s not crying. He retorts, “Why should I be crying? I should be angry.” HAHA.

e88 e89

He takes his specs from the car and An Xi is taken aback. Initially she thinks it’s because he doesn’t suit specs but realises it’s because he looks familiar.

-the end-

OOH new development! I can’t wait for her to find out that he’s the Unibrow she has been thinking of for ten years. I also like how they got together and they even address the doubt some viewers have – did An Xi simply get together with You Qian because she was provoked? The answer is no. Yan Ze simply gives her a shove towards that direction. It was a huge shove, but she finds her courage at the end.

I love the little peck on the forehead. It got me squealing to no end because forehead kisses are the sweetest! Oh, and that cupping of the face? Since when is You Qian up there in his dazzling-girls game?

I also really like the small scenes in this episode – the tearing of the page from the dictionary, Mei Wen’s indignation that Yan Ze turned the hostel inside out, her little convo with An Xi when she was harassed by Yan Ze and Yan Ze’s gesture for You Qian to walk away.

But I just wish that there could be more conflict in the show! I like peace, but I don’t like a 16 episode story on pure romance.



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    Yayyyyy love your recaps. Im marathoning the show right now so these will be a great help


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