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The K2 Episode 10 Review

I didn’t particularly enjoy these two episiodes and yet I did. Ugh so conflicting!

It’s only a review because I was away for the week and could not watch these two episodes in time, but I had so many reactions I just had to write them down.

In these two episodes, we see Anna getting the upper hand in the Yoo Jin-Anna war. Yoo Jin is afraid to do anything to her and this is now leveraged on by her brother, Chairman Choi. Choi has a plan to use Anna as a sword to attack Yoo Jin. Je Ha gets more attracted to Anna and the two had various highly charged scenes which were, objectively, electrifying. Then Chief Kim tries to kill Je Ha and Anna – my guess is that she can see how soft Yoo Jin is on Je Ha and how things have turned topsy turvy ever since he brought Anna out to the limelight. Political planning goes awry for the Jang party and the decision to kill Park Kwan Soo is made.

Why didn’t I enjoy this set of episodes? Well, for possibly the first time in my drama life, I actually am rooting for the second female lead. I’m aware that she’s way older than him and there’s no way that he’s going to fall in love with her romantically, but the episodes where Je Ha was Yoo Jin’s wolf was WAY more exciting and satisfying than when he was Anna’s bodyguard and love interest. I miss those episodes and I wish there are more coming, so I keep watching, but Episode 9 and 10 seem to indicate that we aren’t getting those gems anymore.


I think the couple looks great together and the chemistry is rocking off the charts. You can just tell (even when we are all separated by our computer screens) that these two characters are just dying to kiss each other. But while I appreciate these scenes greatly, I rewatch them only because I admire the amount of chemistry and not because I’m rooting for the couple itself. It’s like my  brain and my heart couldn’t really connect for their scenes. My head is going OMG this is amazing – the set-up, the lighting, the acting, the two almost-kisses building up to THE KISS, how they are JUST DYING TO KISS EACH OTHER AND THAT’S SO AMAZING I CAN SEE IT ALL, but my heart didn’t die like how I used to for other couples.

I think that’s probably a lost cause for me. I always value the build-up to the love story. I need to understand or at least believe how the leads fall in love with each other before I can fangirl over them. Here, I feel like Anna just likes Je Ha because he’s the first guy who actually cares for her and saves her from her troubles. It may appear as sweet for some people that Anna trusts Je Ha so whole-heartedly, always believing that as long as he says it’s okay, it’s really okay, but for me, that’s a bit off-putting. It was sweet at first, but when this premise was repeated for the third or fourth time in two episodes, I felt like it only served to show how 1. Anna is still weak and 2. she only likes Je Ha because she was in need and he was there. For Je Ha, I honestly don’t know what attracts him to her – her innocence? His fascination from their run-in at Barcelona?

It is also unfortunate because we have such a strong second female lead. Wherein other dramas it is easy to forget the poor explanation for the love stories, here it isn’t so for me because I’m just dying to watch Je Ha and Yoo Jin face off each other. It doesn’t have to be romantic. Just watching how Yoo Jin tears in frustration and indignation at being labelled a Park Kwan Soo and how Anna wasn’t a child of a sheep was great. (On a side note, I know that as a character, Anna has every right to feel vengeful for her mother’s death but as someone watching the show, it irks me that she doesn’t think her mother is wrong for breaking up a married couple or that her father is wrong for having an affair.)

I really enjoy watching the different sides of Yoo Jin being revealed to the audience. I think we will get to know more about what happened that night when Hye Rin died. My guess is – did Chief Kim kill her because she was causing Yoo Jin so much pain? Yes, I shall put that out there as my guess no.1!

I thought it would be really interesting to watch how Je Ha struggles being between Yoo Jin’s wolf and Anna’s love, but there isn’t that dilemma at all. I am a little disappointed because in Episode 9, when Chairman Choi came to take Anna, he seemed to be happy that Yoo Jin was defeated. He seemed to have completely just join sides with Anna and that’s disappointing because he only just declared that Yoo Jin and him were “friends”.


So yes, even though I guess Yoo Jin is too old for Je Ha, at the end of the day, their scenes are still so charged and filled with tension. I find it so sad that Je Ha keeps thinking that Yoo Jin cares for his survival only because of the email.


Please let Je Ha be Yoo Jin’s wolf again! Or friend!


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