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King of Romance Episode 11 Preview

Suddenly Wang Nuo is in lot’s of trouble!

In next week’s episode, Ai Zhen will come to learn Wang Nuo’s true identity. Knowing that Bing Bing is in the loop earlier than she, she is enraged and returns to Wang Dad. Seeing Wang Dad’s response, Ai Zhen is determined to take revenge. (Hold on a moment, woman, what revenge??) While he has yet to settle his family problems, Wang Nuo faces a legal battle by his client. Previous incriminating video clips, including the one where he kissed Bing Bing, started circulating, resulting in his suspension. When Juliet sees how Wang Nuo’s identity is exposed and might have trouble keeping his job, she bravely investigates with Wang Nuo on the legal case…and Wang Nuo finally affirms his feelings or Bing Bing.

Watch the other clips here:


and let us wait eagerly for the upcoming episode! I thought it was just going to be the usual Romeo is there for Juliet but Juliet doesn’t realise it kind of episode, but boy, how wrong I am! They have now turned the tables and I really hope Juliet will step up to protect to Romeo this time!


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  1. The ep was so sad! I can’t believe the parents were so horrible! It was illogical that the parents never noticed, but even that is better than the truth… Poor Zheng!


    • Yeah it’s cruel of them! But I’m glad the show goes down this route instead, because it doesn’t make sense that the parents never noticed that they look different or the fact that Zhen had the birthmark


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