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Missing 9 Episode 12 Recap

Okay phew, still a pretty mild episode with slightly more tension and suspense, but we aint getting the Tae-Ho craziness until next week!

You know on hindsight, maybe Tae Young should have put up a show about how sad he is and how he just wants So Hee’s phone for memory’s sake.

But of course, who would know that the moment Tae Young calls Hee Kyung to ask if he can see the phone, Hee Kyung starts being interested in it as well. As for the man whom we saw last episode who secretly checks for So Hee’s phone, it was Hee Kyung’s/Investigator Oh’s man…which doesn’t really add up because at that time, Hee Kyung isn’t even interested in the phone, so why would the man act all sneaky with it?

Anyway, Tae Young is on his way to meet Hee Kyung and updates Bong Hee. Bong Hee is busy driving, so Joon Oh answers him on speakers instead. Nonetheless, Bong Hee very cute-ly cheers Tae Young on with a Hwaiting! Hahaha and look at Tae Young’s face! I bet he’s thinking how cute Bong Hee is.

Byung Joo somehow thinks that he is invisible and listens in on Do Pal’s conversation right in his office. Omg, you are lucky you aren’t dead now! He rambles on about how “People don’t notice me because I’m small.” Anyway, Do Pal buys his excuse about him wanting to dust his office and instructs him to keep Tae Ho busy that night.

Thankfully, Byung Joo is on Joon Oh’s side and reports what he heard to Joon Oh – mainly that Do Pal is going to Seowon now. Joon Oh reminds him that, “People don’t notice you because you’re small,” and when he learns that Do Pal noticed Byung Joo, he hilariously tells Byung Joo to crouch more. Byung Joo hurries off to fetch Tae Ho after saying, “I will do anything to bring you back. I will crouch as much as possible.” Awwwwww.

Bong Hee notices that Joon Oh is very worried for Byung Joo and assures him that no one will see him when he crouches.

Ji Ah and Tae Ho are in the midst of a photoshoot (side note: they look so good????) and both of them notice how distracted Ki Joon is. Tae Ho offers to change Ji Ah’s manager, but Ji Ah, our bad-ass goddess, mutters, “You piece of scum. Do you know how many surgeries I had because of the scar you gave me? You murderer. Just shut your mouth.” I’m glad she’s starting to be a bit more like her strong-headed and usual self! We miss you!

Anyway, turns out Ki Joon isn’t frustrated because he’s jealous, but because he doesn’t know whether to tell Joon Oh that Do Pal is interested in the articles left behind on the island, in particular, So Hee’s cellphone. He attempts a message but gets interrupted by Ji Ah who gently asks how he’s going to handle it when she starts filming the movie with Tae Oh.

President Hwang’s condition suddenly worsens and even after it stablises, Ho Hang is teary-eyed. Turns out he sold “his soul to the devil” so that Do Pal will not hurt the President again. While he’s still a betrayer, I guess it does make his actions less cowardly.

He turns around to talk to President Hwang’s wife and notices a familiar figure in front of the door. It’s Bong Hee and Joon Oh hahaha, who are having a tiff over how much of his face he should cover. Ho Hang rushes out of the room and wonders if he saw a ghost hahaha.

When Jae Gook’s wife leaves the room, Joon Oh takes the opportunity to visit Jae Gook. “Hang in there a little longer. I will take them down and reveal the truth.” Bong Hee hurries him out of the room because the wife is returning, but Ho Hang catches a glimpse of his face.

Byung Joo did not manage to keep Tae Oh busy, especially since Tae Oh is already suspicious that he’s getting tailed by Do Pal’s man. He insists on finding Do Pal and Byung Joo tails the car, being torn in this spying battle – should he side with Do Pal or Tae Oh?


Hee Kyung refuses to hand over the phone, claiming that it’s evidence for the prosecution, but as prosecutors themselves, Tae Young knows that she’s just bullshitting. “That phone is the only thing my deceased sister left. It might contain the truth about her death. The person who has to see it is her brother who desperately wants to catch the culprit. It’s me, Yoon Tae Young.” Hee Kyung doesn’t waver, and Tae Young coo-ly throws out, “You’ve made a mistake today.”

Since Tae Ho manages to track down Do Pal who is at Hee Kyung’s hotel, Do Pal has no choice but to tell Tae Ho that So Hee’s phone has arrived from the island and that it’s with Choi Hee Kyung now (he had photos of Investigator Oh holding the box of articles).

In a flashback, we learn just why Jae Hyun was SO important to Dreamers – he’s the voice for Tae Oh! OMG, love this twist!! This also explains why Tae Oh was so furious that Jae Hyun wanted to leave. He couldn’t sing and Jae Hyun had been his ghost voice all these years. In a physical struggle, Jae Hyun accidentally landed on the edge of his musical equipment.

Tae Young updates the couple that Hee Kyung is hiding the phone and asks them to head to her hotel instead. Bong Hee is excited to visit a hotel and puts on some lipstick, but gets shocked into a wayward swipe when Joon Oh asks her what she’s doing.

Joon Oh wipes off the errant lipstick and helps her put it on properly instead. Bong Hee thinks that he must have swiped it all over her face, but he calmly compliments her, “You look pretty.” Awwww.

Joon Oh then hilariously tries to dupe her into taking out her shoes at the hotel entrance (another throwback to the plane!) but Bong Hee doesn’t fall for that and keeps throwing Joon Oh’s shoes away.

She tries to press for 15th floor and Joon Oh laughs at her for not having been in an elevator before. He then attempts to speak to the lift repeatedly, “15-TH floor”, but a hotel guest saves them not just from the stubborn lift, but also from an ONCOMING TAE HO. Throw in a fangirl who wanted a signature, and our couple is safe.

Bong Hee tells Tae Young that Do Pal wanted to come here without Tae Ho knowing and they thought it was strange. Ki Joon finally messages Joon Oh and tells him about the cellphone, but Joon Oh replies that he’s already there to take the phone, “I can’t work with you if you’re so slow.” While he brushes his teeth, Ki Joon chides him for following Hee Kyung alone, “What if Do Pal or Tae Ho sees you? The situation is a lot more serious than you think. I have a bad feeling. Get out of there.” Unknown to Ki Joon, Joon Ah spots a pimple on his chin, tries to squeeze it and lets out a bloodcurdling shout. Ki Joon thinks that Joon Oh is in trouble and runs off after apologising to Ji Ah (yay for once, you care more about your bro). HAHA, celebrities are humans too, you have no idea this is what we do all the time in our bathrooms. Ji Ah knows that Ki Joon is hiding something and instructs her other sidekick to follow his cab.

Tae Young tells the couple to search Hee Kyung’s room while she’s out for campaigning in the afternoon. In the meantime, one of Hee Kyung’s campaigners sold Hee Kyung’s campaigning schedule to Do Pal, and Investigator Oh notices.

The couple manages to sneak Hee Kyung’s key when one of the cleaning ladies is away, and they have a 10 seconds interlude of comedy when Bong Hee has to repeatedly throw the key towards Joon Oh until he manages to get it.

They finally enter the room and do a search, but Tae Ho’s on his way as well. Byung Joo watches the men and quickly calls Joon Ho when they rush off, but he doesn’t pick up. By the time Bong Hee answers the call, it’s too late. They hear the door opening.

The sidekicks open the door…..and thank goodness, the couple is safely underneath the bathroom ledge. A message notification comes in, and Tae Ho hears it, but Bong Hee can’t find her phone to turn it off. Luckily, Tae Ho dismisses the sound after the sidekicks say they didn’t hear anything. While the sidekicks place listening devices underneath the tables, Tae Ho gives a cursory inspection of the bathroom, and accidentally drops his phone on the floor!!

As he leans down and is almost definitely going to see the couple, there’s a flurry of knocks on the door. The door opens to reveal – surprise! – Ji Ah and Ki Joon. In another flashback, we see that Ki Joon ran into Byung Joo at the hotel. Although Byung Joo tried to pretend that he’s here just for fun, Ki Joon asked if he saw their close friend and learnt that Tae Oh was in the same room as Joon Oh.  Ji Ah arrived at the same time and overheard this.

Back in the present, Ji Ah tells Tae Ho that she has decided to do the movie. Tae Ho quickly hurries them out of the room, but wonders why the two would come all the way here just to tell him the news. Ji Ah mutters that it’s urgent and retorts, “Tell me if you don’t want it.” Tae Ho is convinced and walks off, and Ki Joon receives a message from Joon Oh, I forgive you. Can you bring a pizza without bacon?

The couple finally crawls out from underneath the ledge and luckily, they return quickly to their room. Phew, if they had spoken, the game is over! The couple subconsciously shares a bottle of water, thus showing how close they are. Well, this is nothing when you have survived the island together!!

Tae Young returns to tell them that the cellphone is with Investigator Oh. Through the listening device, Do Pal learns the same thing and wants to tail Investigator Oh. He leaves Tae Ho out of the plan and instructs Ki Joon to keep a watch on him. His instructions always fail big-time, because the moment the lift doors open, Tae Ho sees all the henchmen running, runs after them and hijacks a car to follow after them.

The couple is in charge of tailing Investigator Oh and is off to a rough start. It’s complete nonsense but I can’t help laughing as I watch how Bong Hee has to slowly start the car and go through all the steps. She soon gets overtaken by Do Pal’s and Tae Young’s car (which is hilarious cos they had no idea and were just grumbling at “all those cars”).

Bong Hee has never done a U-turn before and insists on going straight. In the meantime, Tae Young’s police friends catch up on them and demand for both cars to pull over due to speeding. Tae Young gleefully says, “Mr Jang, it looks like you got stopped for speeding too.”

The couple cruises past in the white van HAHAHA and finally finds Investigator Oh’s car again. Joon Oh mutters if Investigator Oh has been crawling and Bong Hee explains, “It’s because I’ve been driving fast.” Investigator Oh suddenly has stomach pains and stops at a gas station for both a gas pump and a toilet break.

Bong Hee tries to stall time by barricading the toilet, while Joon Oh searches the boot of Oh’s car. Okay, I wish they would explain small things like this – you mean the boot can be opened just like that without a key?? Hee Kyung calls a man who says that he’s on his way (somewhere). Joon Oh takes the box and realises that it’s filled with fluff. At the same time, the man passes a phone to a repairman and we learn that So Hee’s phone was never with Investigator Oh, but with this man. Ki Joon calls Bong Hee and demands that she leaves right now with Joon Oh because Tae Oh is heading there. It’s too late once again!

Joon Oh turns around to find Tae Oh behind him and Bong Hee can only watch from a side. Tae Ho is in disbelief and his words give me a little shiver, “you are alive?…You can’t be alive.”

I’ve read many comments of people who are unable to watch Choi Tae Joon with a straight face in We Got Married anymore hahaha.

Joon Oh pulls down his mask, “I’m not alive, Tae Ho.  That’s why I’m at ease now.” He walks past Tae Oh, just as our music plays, and brings Bong Hee away.

-the end-

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we finally have the game rolling again! I think there’s lots of potential in this script. For once, I really like it that Jae Hyun’s murder is always a big issue in the drama. Right from the first episode, we see how Joon Oh has been ostracised because of Jae Hyun’s murder and how his career is ruined from that point onwards. This paves the way for So Hee’s phone’s importance later on, although I do think that the sudden shift in focus from the island’s deaths to So Hee’s phone seems a teeny bit juvenile. It’s as if the characters expect all problems to be miraculously solved once they have the phone in their hands. But I guess what hasn’t been articulated perfectly is that perhaps, once they get the phone, they will find out what really happened behind Jae Hyun’s death and if they have the evidence there that Tae Ho and Do Pal were involved, they could at least be punished for that. Also, once they manage to nail down the villains for one death, I think the other survivors will then step out to clarify what happened on the island. I suppose it’s the fear that nothing would change even if they speak out, that is stopping them.

What surprises me is Byung Joo’s faith in Joon Oh, which is nice, because I thought he had betrayed Joon Oh as well by being Tae Oh’s manager. I’m glad that Ki Joon threw all aside and rushed to Joon Oh, when he thought he was in trouble. While I don’t think he has fully redeemed himself, I am hopeful that he will continue to be a stronger ally, especially now that Ji Ah is in the picture as well.

I enjoyed this episode because the comedy is funny, but at the same time, the threat posed by the villains is real. While Do Pal is also the villain, he’s more of a brute-force kind of guy, which is in my opinion, less scary than Tae Ho who works insidiously in striking fear. The main couple is so adorable and I love it that they enjoy each other’s company so much. Even though Bong Hee is always pretty indulging towards Joon Oh, I like it that she is a bright girl with strength (emotionally, mentally and I suppose, physically).

We still have 4 more episodes and I can’t really think of what they would want to fill this time up with. I’ve predicted a little back that Yeol would be making a return, but at this point, I don’t think his return would be necessary for the plot. Would the story be doing fan-service and bringing back the dead just to make us happy, or will Yeol go down (literally) as a tragic figure who was a kind boy that died at the hands of evil?


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