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King of Romance Episode 11 Recap

This is my favourite episode thus far!!

Zhen hijacks Bing Bing’s plan to move out by finding her landlord and cooking up a sob story about an old lady who desperately needs somewhere to stay. Cute!

He then borrows 2 dogs (from goodness knows where), Romeo and Juliet, who will be staying in the rooftop apartment.

Bing Bing sheepishly informs Zhen that she can’t move out because the landlord has rented to someone else. Zhen pretends to be conflicted, “You want me to send the dogs back?” Bing Bing surprises him by offering to stay with the dogs. After all, he often calls her place a pigsty, which in Mandarin, would literally translate to a dog’s nest. Hahahahaha.

Zhen is like, “You might be fine with that, but they aren’t. They have good living habits, unlike you.” Romeo barks in agreement, so Bing Bing seeks consent from Juliet instead. AWW I swear they are already behaving like a couple.

Zhen calls Juliet ‘Romeo’ and Bing Bing laughs at him for being a lousy owner. She plays with the dogs and he smiles, you are no longer the depressed Juliet. Wang Dad drops by unannounced and hears some barks coming from the roof. He pops his head in, to Zhen’s shock hehe. Bing Bing reminds Wang Dad that they have met before and explains that she’s here because, “He’s my landlord and I’m his…patient…Haha, the world is small.” Wang Dad casually notes that she has fate with the Wang family.

I forgot that Wang Dad hasn’t met Zhen since his birthday surprise! Dad apologises for what happens that day and Zhen subtly tests the waters, “I did think that one day…Zhen will return.” Dad assures him that Zhen’s hard work sometimes makes it seems like they have never lost a son. Although Zhen protests that he’s different from Nuo, Dad suddenly brings in Ai Zhen again, causing Zhen to be annoyed and sad.

Zhen has a sudden surgery to do and after delivering the baby, he is informed that Bai He’s sister-in-law is experiencing serious abdominal pains. He plans to do a test but gets called away because the mum whom he just tended to is suddenly bleeding profusely after delivery. He asks the nurse to call Doctor Fang and rushes off. When he’s back, he learns that Dr Fang was busy, so the sis-in-law has been left alone for more than half an hour. He quickly checks on her and sends her to the surgical ward, but unfortunately, the baby is lost.


Back at home, Zhen looks at his hands in sadness. Ai Zhen suddenly visits in a drunken stupor and complains that he’s being unfair – Bing Bing can live upstairs but she can’t even visit. “Why are you not concerned about me?” She rushes to take another beer from his fridge and Zhen fails to stop her….although I must say, Zhen, that looks like a pretty half-hearted attempt. If you wanted to stop her, you could!

Ai Zhen wonders what she did wrong and cries that he treated her so well last time, “You aren’t behaving like my Nuo anymore.” Zhen finally delivers the harsh words that he has always wanted to say, “You are just like a sister to me. We have no promises between us.” Of course, he doesn’t know that his brother had promised to wed Ai Zhen in the past. “I’ve never changed, I’ve never liked you.” Ai Zhen tears and rushes to the toilet to sob. She then falls asleep in the bedroom.


In the morning, she pretends nothing is wrong by wearing Zhen’s shirt and offering to cook breakfast for him. While Zhen changes, Ai Zhen fumbles in the fridge and asks if the sashimi can still be eaten. Zhen replies that he ate it two days ago, so it’s not fresh anymore. It then hits Ai Zhen — Nuo doesn’t eat fish and will have a serious allergy to it. She then recalls all the suspicious things Zhen said, like how he had never made any promises with Ai Zhen and how he could handle a basketball professionally.

When Zhen comes out of his room, she asks directly, “Are you really Wang Nuo?” He avoids the question and she pulls his shirt, thus revealing his heart-shaped birthmark. “You’ve never been Wang Nuo?” Zhen avoids her gaze and she calls out, “Wang Zhen! You are really Wang Zhen?” “…Yes…I’m Wang Zhen.” Ai Zhen murmurs that if he’s Wang Zhen, then the one who died 15 years ago is… Her eyes widen in disbelief and she cries while tearing at Zhen’s shirt. Zhen can’t hold it in any longer and shouts, “It’s Wang Zhen who lived. I’m Wang Zhen!”

Ai Zhen reels back in shock and rushes to change back into her clothes. The hourglass finally trickles to nothing, which kind of symbolises that Zhen’s time of being Nuo is coming to an end I guess. Ai Zhen slaps Zhen for deceiving her. For 15 years, she always doubts herself and always tries to work harder to make him happy, “It’s all a sham!”

She opens the door but Zhen pulls her back to explain to her. Bing Bing has the *best timing* ever, because she appears with fried rice, “Here’s Your Majesty’s favourite Wang fried rice!” Uh-oh….


Ai Zhen realises that Bing Bing is in the loop earlier than her and moves to slap Zhen…but Bing Bing instinctively stops her! Woohoo!! Ai Zhen finally goes crazy and asks who is she to stop her, “We know each other for 15 years, but this woman whom you just met knows everything about you!” Zhen stops her from implicating Bing Bing and wants to explain things to her, but she doesn’t want to hear anymore, “You aren’t even Wang Nuo…You aren’t Wang Nuo!”

While I understand Ai Zhen’s pain, imagine how that would make Zhen feel! Bing Bing stands in front of Zhen to block him from Ai Zhen and tries to speak up for him but that makes things worse. Ai Zhen accidentally turns over the bowl and the fried rice falls across the ground. This is like the peak of the tension and also breaks the moment. Ai Zhen rushes out of the house and even then, Zhen’s first thought is to tell Bing Bing that it’s not her fault. He smiles/grimaces, “Your Majesty will settle this,” and chases Bing Bing out.

The next day, Zhen is on the headlines for successfully delivering a celebrity’s child. He picks up a call from Ai Zhen who threatens him in the most passive aggressive manner ever, “Wang Nuo…I came to find Wang Dad and we are talking about you…How do you want me to tell Wang Dad? Should I tell the truth or lie?” Zhen quickly rushes off to find his dad, not knowing that a huge scandal about him has spread – Bai He’s brother and sister-in-law are angry that he left the sis-in-law behind for half an hour so as to tend to a celebrity. They call the press and declare that they are going to pursue charges.

In the meantime, Zhen reaches home and apologises to his dad. “Yes, I’m Wang Zhen. The one who died wasn’t me, but Ah Nuo.” Seeing how Wang Dad is bewildered, Zhen realises that Ai Zhen didn’t actually tell Wang Dad anything – it was just a trick. Since the cat is out of the bag, Zhen can’t do anything. Dad asks why he’s only telling the truth now and he tears, “I accidentally wore Wang Nuo’s shorts, so everyone thought that I died. I’m sorry for not telling you and Mum the truth.” Ai Zhen’s face of hatred softens a little into shock, because she always thought that Zhen was just shamming the whole family. Just a little of course, because she’s still filled with hatred. Zhen finally picks up his phone and learns of the scandal. Dad quickly sends him off because he already saw the news on the television.

Due to this sudden scandal, netizens have dug out videos where Bing Bing accused Zhen of being a playboy and where Zhen kissed Bing Bing at the restaurant. A reporter suddenly descends and presses Zhen into making a response, “Netizens say you suck up to the famous, are a playboy and force yourself on girls. Don’t you want to clarify anything?” Zhen knows that she’s asking these questions for readership, “But to report without checking the facts…is it so easy to be a reporter nowadays?” Bing Bing wants to find Bai He and runs into this scene. She privately asks Zhen if he’s okay and apologises for the videos. Zhen understands her good intentions but doesn’t want her to do anything because it will just make things worse.

Indeed, Bai He is even angrier that Bing Bing thinks Wang Nuo is a scapegoat, “He just left us alone for half an hour. Don’t you think he’s too much?” Bing Bing believes in Zhen but Bai He storms away. The same reporter descends onto Bing Bing and asks very leading questions like, “He forces himself on you like that, don’t you think that’s too much?” Bing Bing is caught off-guard and replies that although Wang Nuo is a bit demanding and easily offend people, “But he’s the warmest person I know. I hope people will stop misunderstanding him.” After the reporter asks if they have mutual feelings, Bing Bing runs away.

Wang Nuo reports how he dealt with Mrs Wu’s situation – her baby was stable after he gave her an injection but he took off the monitoring device after Mrs Wu complained that it was hard to sleep with it. The supervisor chides him for doing so, “If you get sued, you will not even have any evidence in your favour.” Although this is cynical, it does highlight the tenuous balance between working in the patient’s interest and protecting yourself. Very reminiscent of Code Blue days, when one of the doctors was suspended for stopping the machine on the patient without getting documentary approval.

Although the supervisor agrees that Wang Nuo didn’t make the wrong medical opinion in tending to the celebrity (since she was bleeding too much and was in danger), he still wants Wang Nuo to “take a break”. Wang Nuo knows he’s being suspended and accepts the decision but asks in return for CCTV footage and Mrs Wu’s medical records.

Turns out Bai He is extremely annoyed with Bing Bing for standing up against Wang Nuo. She thinks she’s basically placing her love over her friendship, and declares that they are no longer friends. Back at home, Zhen collapses in his chair and thinks of all that have happened in a day. Ah Nuo, if you were me, what would you do? 

He returns home to finish the interrupted conversation with his dad. Ah Nuo…I once promised you that I will live out the lives of two people, that I will work hard to become an outstanding gynecologist…I almost succeeded…but today, I need to formally bid farewell to you. You died because of me, so I’m willing to live with your identity. Even though Dad says that because of my hard work, he doesn’t feel like he lost a son…but that’s because he thought the one who lived is you. When he knows the truth, will he be able to accept that it’s Wang Zhen who’s alive? Am I wrong? I really like this monologue that he has with his brother. It’s almost a closure of his double lifestyle…we’re almost there.

Dad accidentally reveals that he intentionally said that Ah Zhen was an aimless kid. “What do you mean?” “Your mum and I are both very proud of your achievements.” Uh-ohhh. Zhen realises in that heart-stopping moment that his parents knew right from the start that he’s Wang Zhen and they only said those stuff about Wang Zhen so as to provoke him into studying hard!


Dad quickly explains that they just want him to be a better person. Zhen is horrified, “You guys are convinced that Wang Zhen will just be a good-for-nothing bum if he’s left to his devices?” He lived a lie so that his parents won’t be sad that Nuo was the one who died, but he realises that he’s acting a one-man show. Why would his dad force Ai Zhen on him then? Isn’t it Nuo who wanted to be a doctor? “Have you ever thought of what I like or what kind of life I want to have?”


Dad is flustered, “After spending so many years in med school and becoming a doctor, isn’t this what you want?” Wang Zhen is heartbroken, “Wang Zhen…perhaps he died long ago.”


Bing Bing visits Zhen at home again and offers fried rice, but gets turned away by Zhen. Zhen turns on the TV and sees Bing Bing’s interview aww. He gets the idea of using a big flame to tame the small flame and the next day, he fills in a resignation form, much to Yi Ye’s shock.

She snatches the form away but Wang Nuo says it’s just a formality for him to find out what he truly likes. When Yi Ye refuses to return the form, Wang Nuo pulls out yet another form hahaha and that gets taken away too. Yi Ye starts tearing up because she thinks Wang Nuo is truly passionate about receiving new lives. If he leaves, the projects they’ve worked together would be futile too. Yi Ye wants him to be calm and think logically. “If resigning is just a formality, then sure, fill in the form but leave the form with me.” Zhen accepts her condition and continues filling the paper, while saying “I know the brain is a good thing, but sometimes, you’re nothing if you lose your heart.”

I actually really like this interlude because it confirms something which I’ve thought about a few episodes back. While Wang Zhen keeps saying that it’s Wang Nuo who wants to be a doctor, I do get a strong sense that he enjoys this noble and meaningful job of receiving life. He genuinely cares for his patients and his love for life is obvious, even from the first few episodes. This is something you can’t fake and you can’t obtain just by living out someone else’s life. I think the show will teach us eventually that it’s not about being binary. It’s not that if Zhen can ONLY be a playful gamer and Nuo is the responsible one. Sure, Zhen may never have been a doctor if not for this, but it’s our life experiences that shape us. I hope Zhen finally understands that being a doctor is part of him, it’s not part of Wang Nuo’s life. He can be a doctor, a gamer, a jerk, a romance, a friend all at the same time.

Sorry for that ramble *living true to my name*. Back to the show, Bing Bing is distracted because of Wang Nuo and Bruce offers a piece of advice. Wang Nuo is cold because he doesn’t want people to think he’s weak. When Bruce met Wang Nuo at the gym, he just played it cool and was like, “Are you okay? If there’s anything, I will be at the shop.” Bing Bing is confused if the two pats on the shoulder will convey her sincerity, and Bruce assures her that it works. He then further advises her to make a jibe at Wang Nuo but not to forget to pull back and compliment him afterwards.

With this advice in mind, Bing Bing descends yet again at Zhen’s house with a swagger, fist bump and “Yo man, what’s up!” HAHAHA. She recalls Bruce’s words and makes a jibe, “I see your life’s pretty good…being unemployed means you can sleep away at home! But you are so outstanding…I’m sure the hospital will realise it can’t do without you.” A* student, Gao Bing Bing.

She ‘hits’ her chest and assures Zhen that she can help him out. Omg this is hilarioussss. She’s overjoyed when Zhen lets her in and delegates work for her — basically, watch all the CCTV footage for any clues as to what happened to Mrs Wu while she was hospitalised. Bing Bing optimistically treats the job as watching a silent film, “That way I won’t fall asleep!”

Zhen refills his coffee cup and pours another for Bing Bing. He reminds Bing Bing of her friendship with Bai He but she is hopeful that Bai He would be understanding once they find evidence. Zhen comments that she’s sure an optimistic one and she replies that that’s because she always met good people, just like him! If not for him, she might have GG-ed already (gamer term for Good Game i.e player died). Zhen chuckles that he was forced to take her in.

Bing Bing retorts that they are friends and they have been victorious as Romeo and Juliet. “In reality, Bing Bing and Wang….Wang Zhen! will also win this battle.” While working, Zhen casually asks why she said nice things during the interview. Bing Bing nonchalantly replies that she knows he treats all patients equally and wouldn’t favour one over another.

I think this is the first time someone said something so affirming of Zhen’s character throughout this incident. Yi Ye always repeats that Zhen followed the SOP and hence shouldn’t be in trouble, but Bing Bing understands that Zhen wouldn’t have done something like treating a celebrity more favourably than a normal patient.

Deep in the night, Bing Bing dozes off and Zhen laughs at her because she said that the first to doze off is a dog. He puts a blanket on her and then with just cute music playing, we see the couple working hard the whole day on the footage.

They finally end up sharing a blanket, omg they are the cutest!!!

Bing Bing cuddles up to him while dreaming of her fated lover. Zhen murmurs that he’s her fated lover and falls asleep too.

When they wake up again, Bing Bing chances on the footage of Bai He’s brother leaving the hospital 2 hours before the miscarriage happened. Zhen remembers that Bai He’s brother wasn’t there when Mrs Wu was in pain and they notice that Xiao Fang was filming right outside Mrs Wu’s ward 2 hours before.

They quickly call Xiao Fang but he doesn’t pick up so Zhen leaves a message. Bing Bing is hopeful that they will find something and asks for a Hi-5, but Zhen looks at her WITH LOVE and pulls her into a hug. A doorbell interrupts our lovebirds and it turns out to be Bing Bing’s father who has come up back. Bing Bing quickly chases her father away after he sees the couple together, and Zhen mutters silently, We have been cohabiting for two days and shared a blanket…Yeah sure we are just normal friends. Heheee.


Bing Bing forgives her father for leaving her behind and offers to support the both of them from now on. At night, Xiao Fang runs into Ai Zhen at Meng’s eatery and only reads Zhen’s message then.

WHY? He looks at his video and notices a man in the background who slapped a woman, who then fell onto the ground. It’s Mrs Wu! Xiao Fang quickly shows it to Ai Zhen and asks whether this can be used in court. Oh I forgot she’s a lawyer…

In his ecstasy at finding evidence, Xiao Fang overturns food and rushes to clean up. Ai Zhen sends the video to herself via bluetooth and deletes it on Xiao Fang’s phone. By the time Xiaio Fang gets it back, the video’s gone.

Zhen updates Bing Bing that Xiao Fang has the video but must have accidentally deleted it. Is all their effort for naught?

-the end-

It’s my favourite episode because lots of things have happened here. For one, even though it’s cruel to Wang Zhen, I do think it’s more logical for the parents to have known the truth all along. It would have been illogical if the parents couldn’t even tell their kids apart! Besides, Zhen has that birthmark and it’s impossible that neither the mum nor the dad saw it while tending to him at the hospital. To a certain extent, I can understand why the parents kept quiet, so that Zhen would work harder to become a doctor. They think that they are doing the best for their child, without realising just how much agony he was in for living a lie. While I definitely sympathise with Zhen (imagine how he feels fwen he realises that his pain has been for naught!), I am relieved that at least, the parents do not think one son’s death is better than the other.

I also appreciate that Bing Bing’s dad has returned. I remembered thinking a few episodes ago that that was a loose end they didn’t clean up. After all, she lost the house precisely because of her dad’s debts right? So I’m glad he came back. There are some who speculate that he would cause some trouble but for me, I’m satisfied even the dad returns just for this cursory moment.

Fan Chen Fei impresses me with her acting this episode, especially the one where she went crazy with Bing Bing around. You could feel that all the actors are in the moment together, and as the actress puts it, it’s like a tangible object being thrown from one actor to the other as they deliver their lines. They build on each other’s acting.

Don’t be too worried about this incident, because it’s definitely going to be a happy ending. However, I still cannot wait to see what happens next week, especially since it seems like our leads are finally getting together! FINALLY!



  1. Hmm… my interpretation’s slightly different. I think Zhen’s parents did intentionally guilt trip Zhen into living Nuo’s life – because they wanted a son who had that life, no matter what. Even if they were upset that Zhen didn’t have ambition, they didn’t have to go so far as to go along with the pretense and even push Zhen into getting together with Ai Zhen and denying his food preferences all his life. Frankly we’ve all seen enough dramas where the guilt ridden never-do-well sibling makes something of himself in order to repay the sibling who sacrificed himself that Zhen’s parents’ choice seems too extreme. It’s like… seriously?!? I’d ditch these parents, stat!

    I enjoyed the episode, because lots of stuff happens, but it’s bewildering that it’s all happening all at once. >.< And suddenly Ai Zhen is evil? Not just (justifiably) angry, but malicious and evil??


    • I can totally see where you’re coming from and am in fact, possibly persuaded! In writing the recap, I didn’t really think about the part where the dad forced Ai Zhen on Wang Zhen – that to me, was unnecessary for Zhen’s future. However, it could also be that the parents just naively thought Zhen could like Ai Zhen back, in that case, Ai Zhen will not suffer and be devastated. So maybe they thought that it’s a win-win situation for both sides, although of course I do think it is cruel of them to have pretended not to know Zhen’s Zhen.


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