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Missing 9 Episode 13 Recap

Whatever is in So Hee’s phone has finally seen the light, and the tables are turned.

This episode largely revolves around the chase for So Hee’s phone and although it seems simplistic at this point in time that the phone has become so pivotal, it does get clearer later on why this is so.


Bong Hee praises Joon Oh for holding himself in and he appreciates this, despite nonchalantly telling her to look forward. The couple returns to Bong Hee’s house and Bong Hee packs up while Joon Oh updates Tae Young on what happened, including Tae Oh’s sighting of him.

Tae Oh similarly updates Do Pal about Joon Oh’s existence but is suspicious of Do Pal’s constant exclusion of him from the chase for So Hee’s phone. Do Pal then oddly shaves his hair off – someone enlighten me why?? Is it symbolic of some sort of character change? Did he lose a bet??


Bong Hee reminds Joon Oh of how she looked at the stars when she had a hard time on the island. Joon Oh murmurs that somehow, he felt more at peace on the island. That’s exactly what I was thinking ever since Bong Hee said people changed once they came back to Seoul – do people change when surviving is the foremost priority, or does that simply bring out their true nature? It’s society that forces us to behave in one way or another, isn’t it?

He passes her the toy he got from the machine the other day while he was chasing Ki Joon, and claims that he got it because of her. What a liar! She wants to know why he’s giving it to her (does he like me?:DD sort of vibe) and in a tussle, he accidentally ends up kneeling like a proposal hahaha. Can’t go past one episode without comic relief from this couple.

Bong Hee’s mum has gone to Seoul and for some reason, is taken aback when Bong Hee calls to say that she will visit her often from now on. I guess this is just one way for the script to take care of the mum’s presence? Since in the next moment, Do Pal’s men invade the house in search for Joon Oh, but the couple successfully runs away.

Ji Ah’s mum is upset with Ki Joon for preying on her daughter and is afraid that her bad rumours will affect her ability as a cashcow. Ki Joon can’t take it anymore and asks her to let Ji Ah go, but Ji Ah appears and takes her mum away. When Ki Joon tries to talk to Ji Ah after, she rushes off with the excuse of having to attend an interview. Ki Joon is also called to Do Pal’s office and faces the usual threats (do what we say or else), now that they know Joon Oh is alive.


The couple finds a secluded spot to camp out, forming a funny image when the prosecutors find them. Prosecutor Cho updates them on the newest findings – Reporter Kim had a tip-off from So Hee but she pulled out last minute. He tried to search for more clues but to no avail, until one day someone (most probably Do Pal) anonymously sent him photos of the surveillance footage. Although the camera at the rear entrance of Jae Hyun’s apartment was indeed spoilt, the one at the front only had footage of that fateful day deleted. Thus, they hypothesise that if Do Pal was really the accomplice, he must have cleaned up the scene, escaped from the rear entrance and bribed the security guard into deleting footage. Wowww what a busy man!

Joon Oh reveals that Tae Oh was scouted by Do Pal, and that he wasn’t a good singer. However, he obviously has celebrity material so the President was fond of him too. Thus, it’s logical to deduce that if something happened to Tae Oh, Do Pal would help him out too.

You know, one thing I’m really interested to find out is whether Tae Young has realised what a bitch So Hee was in the past. Byung Joo finds So Hee’s ex-stylist and after coaxing, she reveals that So Hee was always very uptight about her phone’s location. She treated her ex-stylist poorly and also was extremely disrespectful to Do Pal.

Initially, Joon Oh can’t understand why So Hee, who was supposedly the one being threatened by Do Pal to change her testimony, would threaten Do Pal instead. Ji Ah, who has joined this party, suddenly remembers how So Hee stole her drama role from her and all her crew members (like the stylist).

Bong Hee uses a professional microphone to talk to Investigator Oh (why) to ask about the phone’s location. He’s upset that she hangs up without asking about him and a text message which asks him to get the repaired phone is akin to fuel on the fire.

Tae Oh, a confused Ki Joon and a bunch of men invade a building near Hee Kyung’s office, knowing that Joon Oh will be looking for the phone repair shops within. Ki Joon sees Joon Oh and Bong Hee, and successfully distracts Tae Oh without him noticing. Then, Bong Hee receives a call from Tae Young who has found the real location of the phone. As Joon Oh, who has noticed the men, hurries the couple away, Tae Oh runs after them but is once again distracted by Ki Joon who informs Tae Oh that Do Pal has found the phone.

Turns out the message which Investigator Oh receives is a scam – it is sent by Do Pal so that he can tag Oh to the repair shop and then rob the phone from him. That’s pretty smart! Before he can escape with it, Tae Oh jumps into the car at that time, much to Do Pal’s frustration.

Thus we have the converge of various action-lines – Tae Young tailing Do Pal, and Bong Hee following after Tae Young’s car. When Do Pal’s car reaches the basement of Legend Entertainment, Tae Oh suddenly grabs the phone and runs. However, Do Pal has lots of men which attacked him. Here’s one lesson alright, when you are the second lead, you are almost invincible. Despite being stabbed and punched by 6? 7? men, Tae Oh manages to escape, albeit with the help of a ‘smoke bomb’ i.e the fire extinguisher. I can only say, his will to live is extremely strong, and that’s not surprising.

Tae Oh hides and finally reveals what’s in So Hee’s phone – a recording of what happened that night. We think we know this already, but here’s a twist – when Tae Oh ran off to take a cab (and thus create his alibi), Jae Hyun was still alive. In fact, he woke up and begged Do Pal not to kill him, but Do Pal bashed his head multiple times on the wall till he’s finally dead.


Tae Oh starts sobbing at this, “I could’ve saved his life. I could’ve saved his life.” It doesn’t make us sympathise with him, but when you understand that Tae Oh killed the rest of the people in order to hide the first murder, you can see why his world is crumbling apart when he realises he could have avoided the first. He can no longer justify to himself that what he did on the island was necessary. It is a never-ending chain of cover-ups, which all started with Jae Hyun’s murder. As he gasps in pain from the wound, he cries, “What have I been doing?” Great question.

The couple finally ends up at the basement too and sees the scene of winded thugs. Bong Hee picks up the knife (why would you???) and they realise something must have happened to Tae Oh.

Ki Joon saves Tae Oh from the thugs and after catching his breath, Tae Oh realises that Joon Oh is in the van too. In a flashback, we see Joon Oh persuading Ki Joon to help Do Pal and Tae Oh. “You shouldn’t do anything to help me. If you do, you and I will be in danger.” This is why Ki Joon hasn’t been part of the investigation and chasing process this episode, because he’s busy with Tae Oh.


Tae Oh seems convinced that Joon Oh is sending him somewhere nasty and soon faints, but obviously Joon Oh sends him the hospital. He then pays a visit to Cho Hee Kyung, waving the bloodied phone. Great! I was thinking that you didn’t take it from Tae Oh??


Ki Joon finally confesses the truth to the prosecutor who took down his testimony. The prosecutor asks cynically why he would do that since the result won’t be much different and he replies, “I’m telling the truth, which is something I should’ve done sooner.” Omgg I hope this prosecutor really changes his testimony and not just bury this in the midst of paperwork??

Joon Oh plays the recording for Hee Kyung, who is visibly affected by the violence. We also see snippets of flashbacks where So Hee had no choice but to listen in to Jae Hyun’s murder. Do Pal finally noticed the phone and muttered, “Yoon So Hee”. Joon Oh thinks this is why So Hee was murdered. He could go to the police, but he’s here because he wants Hee Kyung to tell everyone that he’s alive.

Investigator Oh reminds Hee Kyung of the call they got from China the last time when they collected the bodies from the island. “He told me exactly where Reporter Kim was…I believe the man who called was Seo Joon Oh.” Aah, poor Joon Oh who has been nothing but a kind and passionate man who just kept putting others before himself!

-the end-

Hold on, why would you think that’s the reason why So Hee was murdered? Since Tae Oh doesn’t know that Do Pal was the true murderer, did he know that So Hee’s phone contained the recording? True, I think Tae Oh could have killed So Hee in relation to Jae Hyun’s murder, but I think the link must be better drawn or else it just falls flat.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I feel like Tae Young’s love for his sister is frozen in the times when she was still a newbie and innocent. I would really love to know how he feels about his sister’s manipulations! Of course, a brother undoubtedly can still love a sister even after that, but it’s just interesting because I don’t think Tae Young is aware of So Hee’s worse side. Even till now, the deduction that So Hee threatened Do Pal to become a fast and rising star isn’t made known to Tae Young.

The tables have turned and I would really like the pace of the show to pick up once again from here. Will the Commission be started again so that Joon Oh’s innocence can be restored?

In the next episode, we will see more threads being tied up and some questions raised. It seems like Jae Gook has finally woken up, but this will only put him in danger. It also appears that Ki Joon stopped being a doctor because he caused Ji Ah’s brother’s death. Cynical prosecutor thinks that without more evidence, Joon Oh is unable to proves his innocence. What a jerk! A young-looking Tae Oh cries into someone’s arms that he can’t do this anymore and wants to confess. That someone is probably Do Pal who would convince Tae Oh otherwise, and maybe we will learn more about Tae Oh’s path towards becoming a villain.


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