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King of Romance Episode 12 Recap

They. Are. Finally. Together!!!

Of course, many other things happened in this episode as well but you cannot deny that this is the most couple-centric episode we have of Wang Zhen and Bing Bing! If I have to choose a background song to go along with this recap, it would have to be ‘Pinky Swear’ by Elvis (Okay, doing a double take right here…pinky swear really?? Is that the best translation we can have HAHA.)

Zhen visits Bruce at the dessert shop and true to his advice, Bruce casually drops him a “How is it going?” Bing Dad drops by to find Bing Bing and decides to try a pie since she’s not there. He’s delighted with Bruce’s addition of red wine to the pie and claims that they must have had been soulmates in their past lives.

Zhen mutters inwardly that DNA is an amazing thing, for both father and daughter believe so much in past lives. HAHA. Bing Bing rushes in and informs Zhen that Bai He’s brother is willing to negotiate a settlement. He’s annoyed that she went to find him, “Are you low on cerebrospinal fluid??” HAHA. Well that’s not a very smart move because Bing Dad is right there, and obviously he isn’t happy with Zhen scolding her daughter with medical terms.

Zhen isn’t happy with Bing Dad’s adoration of Bruce and spills the secret that they have been together, and that it was Bruce who dumped Bing Bing. Bing Dad isn’t fazed and proposes that the two get back together.

Zhen then pulls Bing Bing away to find Bai He’s brother, but storms off in anger after the brother demands for 500 grand in settlement. Bing Bing wants him to have some sympathy because they just lost a baby, but Zhen protests that they can’t smear his reputation and be scammers just because they are sad. In these few years, he’s used to seeing mummies who would sue doctors under the pressure of their families, even though they had a miscarriage due to accidents. “Sometimes, a good person who wants to do something evil can be scarier than a bad guy who intentionally does something bad.”

After work, Bing Bing confides in Bruce while he walks her home. She thinks that Zhen is too cynical, but Bruce also speaks up for Zhen, that sometimes people can be really evil. He teaches Bing Bing to give Zhen the cold treatment, because he’s actually a gentle person who would like others to understand and listen to him – so if you don’t care about him, he won’t be able to last and will find you on his own. Zhen notices the laughing couple from inside the supermarket and is even more annoyed that they did a high-five.

Bing Bing does some grocery shopping too and she digs her own grave when she says that Zhen is no one to her. Under some pressure, she admits that she’s her Romeo, her friend and her doctor…”Who has seen my organs before…”


“You are my girl friend, my team mate and my comrade…and my errand boy.” HAHA.

Zhen replies bitterly that sure, a good friend will do anything to help a friend win cash prize despite being stabbed and when Bing Bing retorts, “Why don’t you choose what you want to be to me?”


Zhen groans inwardly, I want to be your boyfriend…you slow pigeon!

AWW. This sense of self-awareness is pretty refreshing. Bing Bing is annoyed with him for not speaking up about his feelings, unlike Bruce. Uh-oh, Zhen intentionally makes a jibe, “If Bruce is so great, get back with him!…Oh I’ve forgotten that you guys were together…and you  broke up.” HAHA seriously what a jerk.

He continues to grumble at home about how Bing Bing is super happy to see Bruce but not him, “Is this how Juliet should treat Romeo?” He thinks of a plan to get closer to Bing Bing and smiles.

The next day, Bing Bing runs into Xiao Fang and finds out that Ai Zhen was also there when he was looking at the video. Putting two and two together, she realises what happened and pleads Ai Zhen to help Zhen. Ai Zhen doesn’t like it that she’s speaking up for Zhen, “Who are you to him?” and comes up with the condition that she can help Zhen if only Bing Bing keeps a distance from him.

Bing Bing returns to the shop looking distressed, and Bruce fusses over her. Zhen descends on this love-y dove-y scene and pulls Bing Bing away once again, on the pretext that since they are girlfriends, she should cheer him up. Oooh, so he has decided to pull out that card! On the excuse of doing things that girlfriends would do, the couple goes out on a date-ish.

First, they play a 4D-interactive game, where he has the excuse to get real close to her. They then go for dessert and he hijacks her dessert with a, “Girlfriends should share good things.” As they are crossing the road, he pulls her back because she isn’t watching the road. “Isn’t it normal for girlfriends to stick together?”

“Even girlfriends don’t stick together like conjoined twins right?” He ignores her and insists on crossing the road that way hahaha.

During dinner, he tries to gain points by peeling her favourite prawns for her. She’s slightly weird-ed out by him and tries to order fried rice for him, but he only wants her fried rice. The owner approaches them to take a polaroid in order to get a 20% discount on the bill, and Zhen jokes whether the meal will be free if they kiss. He quickly clarifies that they are just girlfriends. Hahaha how many times are you going to repeat that you guys are girlfriends?

Bing Bing grumbles that he took her first kiss and he says seriously, “I want to protect your first kiss.”

They end up at the spot where they first met as Small Bing Bing and Small Zhen. He wonders if things would have been different if he had found out her name back then, but she points out that when they met, he was Wang Nuo, not Wang Zhen. Zhen reminds her that they have already won the gaming world as Romeo and Juliet. The couple starts reminiscing the things they have done for each other. Bing Bing knows that the “stray dog” situation and the competition was all because Romeo cares for her. She’s grateful to him, but he thinks it’s fate that they keep running into each other.

“The totality of all these coincidences…is the fate you believe in.” Bing Bing is still hesitant about this, because they always quarrel when they see each other. “But unknowingly, I care about your feelings…and we start getting closer. We already knew each other since young. As opposed to fated lovers, don’t you think the both of us…are…” “Even more heart-fluttering?”

Hahaha I find this #confessiontime really refreshing? I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve a good old-fashion confession in a long time!!


“Haven’t you realised…that I treat you differently?” He points to his heart, “This has been conquered by you. It’s not that you look like what I like, but that I like everything you do. I really do.”


Bing Bing escapes to a side silently and Zhen thinks that he has been rejected. Hehe that sad look. He receives a text from Bing Bing who asks advice from Romeo – she has been waiting for her fated lover but ever since Wang Nuo appeared, she has started dreaming of Wang Nuo instead. He wants her to trust her heart, Let Romeo tie your heart tightly. 


He walks up to give her a back hug and she smiles sweetly. Before she can walk away, he pulls her back and leans down for a kiss…but his phone rings.

It’s Ai Zhen calling to negotiate with the evidence that she has taken from Xiao Fang. She wanted to delete it but finds herself unable to do so…”I like this person in front of me.” Zhen reminds her that she only likes the portrayal of Nuo, and not his true self.

Ai Zhen is bitter and is angry that she can’t even hate him. Zhen doesn’t want her to live in the shadows of Nuo anymore, “Because I know best how that feels!” She knows it’s because of Bing Bing, “You like her?” She spills that Bing Bing wanted her to help Zhen, but her condition was that Bing Bing wouldn’t be with him.


Zhen angrily descends on Bing Bing, “It’s my freedom to decide who I love and who I like! What right do you have to decide for me?” Okay, I think it isn’t very clear here whether Bing Bing actually promised Ai Zhen? It is probable but at the same time, they may not have reached a consensus and Ai Zhen simply finds Zhen on her own accord. Welllll I’m curious because I think it wouldn’t be very nice of Bing Bing to agree to Ai Zhen and then turn back on the agreement without a single thought within a day.


Anyway, back to the couple. Zhen murmurs, “I know that you like me,” and grabs her for a kiss.

He pulls back and smiles, “You are mine.” He pecks her forehead and leaves with a goodnight.

He’s over the moon for catching the little pigeon and takes a photo with her ‘height-wall’. He creates his profile as ‘King Wang’ for the first time and adds Bing Bing on social media. From now on, they are going to create memories together.

Bing Bing, on the other hand, loses all determination to keep their boundaries and cries that she’s dead. She wonders to Meng whether they really like each other so much, and Meng smiles cheekily that they are fated for each other.

In the morning, Bing Bing finds the main chef (back in the earlier episodes) talking to Bruce. I think it’s hilarious that Bruce is SO in the loop, because he immediately congratulates Bing Bing on getting attached to Zhen. He’s not surprised because she has been worrying over Zhen, “You are so used to him being around that you didn’t realise your heart has already wavered. Congratulations, he’s a good man!”

Bing Dad overhears and is unhappy that they are together, but Zhen, who has arrived just in time, promises the dad that he will explain things properly to him next time. He then pulls Bing Bing away (yet again) to find Bai He. (Note that the chef mutters to himself that Zhen looks like someone.)

Bing Bing confesses that it’s weird that he announces their status so quickly and he wonders, “So you want me to be a secret lover?” HAHA. She grumbles that she has no say even though they are together. Zhen grins that she has finally acknowledged that they are together and agrees to listen to her rules. Rule #1 is to abolish the curfew, no music and chatting after 10pm etc.

Rule #2 is to be gentler, “Don’t say that I have short brain nerves.” Zhen laughs, “Is there such a thing” but straightens his face. The third rule is that he can’t be physical with her…”So I have to ask for your permission even if I just want to hold your hand?”

He’s confident that he will be able to prove that he’s a top-quality boyfriend and offers his arm (like a gentleman), but Bing Bing doesn’t understand so he grabs her neck instead hehe.

Faced with the video, Mrs Wu has no choice but to confess that they wanted to sue Zhen just to get some money. She begs Zhen not to reveal the video and he agrees on the condition that she withdraws the lawsuit. No way, if it’s me, I would definitely make sure that my reputation is restored!!

The reason why Zhen brings Bing Bing along is so that she can patch up with Bai He, and she’s grateful for that. “That’s what a boyfriend should do.” Bing Bing is amazed that they are how they are now but Zhen is sure that they are fated lovers. “The guy in my dream is taller than you…a bit buffer than you…and a bit better-looking than you.” HAHA. She relents, “Yeah your jaw line looks pretty similar.”

Zhen changes her flickering light bulb and wants her to leave all these things for him to do next time. You know, boyfriend duties. The lamp almost falls over and they catch it in laughter.

Wang Dad sees them and asks Zhen later if they are dating. He explains that he just wanted Zhen to be happy (with regard to Ai Zhen) and that initially, the parents wanted to ‘fess up after Zhen got better. But when they saw how he became so hardworking and entered medicine school, they were heartened.

He brings out Nuo’s clothes and reveals that the mum sometimes mourned for Nuo silently, but because of Zhen’s hard work, it feels like both sons are still alive. In a flashback, we see that the parents already knew at the hospital that Zhen was the one alive, just that they played along. Dad cries that it’s not like they preferred one son over another; the one who’s alive is the one who is their greatest emotional support.

Zhen sobs that he pretends to be Nuo these years because he’s the one who caused his brother’s death.

Wang Dad murmurs that there’s one area where the twins are the most different. Nuo was a lot more forthcoming with his feelings. “When you pretend to be strong and keep things within, that’s when your mum and I really realise that you aren’t Nuo. You are Zhen.” Zhen’s tears stream as he realises that his parents understand him more than himself.

With this new insight, Dad’s words in the past like how ‘Nuo’ should be himself now or that they should look forward and move on suddenly make perfect sense. Dad brings out a pot of Wang sauce, which was something Zhen loved. In the past, they always had to give it to him so that he could ‘give it to the colleagues’.

“Dad knows you have suffered a lot. Don’t torture yourself anymore, be yourself.” Zhen cries into his father’s arms…what a heart-warming and bittersweet closure to this story arc.

Of course, we still have the Ai Zhen obstacle. She insists that she likes the person in front of her, regardless whether it’s Zhen or Nuo. But Zhen is unable to reciprocate all these years because she’s the one that his brother liked. Ai Zhen selfishly asks where Zhen has gone in this 15 years of pretense, “He doesn’t exist.” She’s angered that he didn’t like her despite acting as Nuo for so long. “If you want to act like Wang Nuo, you should like me and accept me!”

All these years, she has been working hard to match up to Nuo, but “my biggest enemy is you.” Zhen finally loses it, “I can’t replace my brother to like you!” Ai Zhen asks if he was going to pretend to be Nuo forever, if she didn’t find out the truth. When he keeps quiet, she laughs bitterly, “You lied to me for 15 years, but you also killed yourself for 15 years. You may be Wang Zhen, but perhaps…he’s just a spirit in you.”

This leaves a deep impact on Zhen and he re-visits the beach to collect his thoughts. Bing Bing receives his text about wanting to be alone and is worried that he’s off to kill himself because of what his dad must have said to him.


At the beach, Zhen wonders if he did the wrong thing in pretending to be his brother. His sacrifice suddenly feels worthless.

Bing Bing arrives just in time to see Zhen take off his shoes and walk into the sea. She dashes up and ‘stops’ him, “Don’t worry, you have me! Even if others misunderstand, I will believe you. Even if others blame you, I will side you.”

Zhen laughs at her assumption of suicide, “Have you seen anyone line their shoes so nicely if they wanted to commit suicide?” Hahahaha.

Nonetheless, he’s touched that she’s so worried for him and hugs her, “Silly little pigeon.” Bing Bing demands that he can’t leave her with a vague text again, “I don’t care whether you are Wang Nuo or Wang Zhen…how is it so complicated to wear a masquerading mask? It’s just like a mask, you take it off when you are no longer sick.” Nice play on words there!

“Don’t use your brains too much…you should use your heart.” He looks at her WITH LOVE (wheeee) and holds her hand, “Yes, I should take the mask off once I recover.”

Romeo would still be perfect even if he changes his name. What’s in a name, that which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. 

I really like this part!! It’s taken directly from Shakespeare (although the Romeo bit reads more like this: So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d, Retain that dear perfection which he owes). So beautifully woven in:’)

They warm up in a cafe and he says he’s okay, just that he now misses his brother. Bing Bing takes his hand and he smiles.

-the end-

I like this episode because our couple goes through a couple of ups and more ups just within 60 minutes! There was the date, the confession, the kiss and then, the love. I also like the closure to Wang Dad/Wang Zhen’s arc. Although it’s still cruel for the parents to have kept Zhen in the dark for 15 years, I’m just glad they took the logical route and I’m okay with the explanation they have given us. Honestly, I think some parents would have done this in reality – if you see that your son became so much more hardworking and entered med school, you would probably want him to have that future as opposed to something else. Not saying that’s right, but certainly not crazy. What they failed to understand however, was the amount of guilt he suffers and the loss of his own personality.

We have 4 episodes left and I hope there will be something good to last us! I wouldn’t mind more Serena Fang because she’s a delight to watch. She’s the second lead but barely appeared in the past two episodes! More of her please!

As for Ai Zhen, I’ve seen many comments saying how they can’t understand why she’s so upset for so long. Once again, I can actually understand the premise they’ve set for her- this is a woman who has devoted 15 years of her life and love to a man. You can’t blame her for being distraught. Saying that she should “get over it” is truly easier said than done and I cannot imagine how I would feel if I were in her situation. Nonetheless, I think she was extremely selfish in that hospital scene, where she insisted that Wang Zhen was dead in substance so that the person in front of her could love her back. It’s like – oh you insist that you can’t like me because you are Zhen and not Nuo, but hey Zhen is probably all gone so you SHOULD like me back. What a one-sided selfish motivation! I wonder how she is going to wreck the scene in the later episodes?

I really enjoyed this episode and I’m glad our couple finally got together. It wasn’t a painfully short romance as our k-dramas usually do it too!



  1. Was just curious if they actually found the body of Ah Nuo if not is there any chance he could be alive with memory loss and we find out at the end.


    • Nope they haven’t found Ah Nuo’s body! Some people have speculated that possibility. For me, I’m contented even if Nuo doesn’t turn up. Perhaps if Ai Zhen was a nicer person, I would want Nuo to be back so that they can have their happy ending. However, right now, I think Nuo died and won’t be coming back + they kinda had a closure with the small kid named Nuo as well.


      • Ty for responding I do agree it doesn’t really matter at this point I am gonna be sad to see this show end wish it was longer lol its really good


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