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King of Romance Episode 13 Preview

Things sure look chummy for our couple….really?

This time round, we are going to switch it around: Watch the clips first!

Zhen demands that Bing Bing must send texts of at least 35 words to him every day. Yi Le points out that guys are like that – they watch their girlfriends too closely. Main chef shows Bing Bing a pocket watch with a photo of Zhen, or the Zhen in the past life.

Bruce wants to close the dessert shop, making Bing Bing really upset about her future, especially when Zhen is so outstanding. Zhen assures her that he will always be her sun and he will be by her side no matter what.

Bing Bing cute-ly asks Zhen, the perfect boyfriend, not to be angry anymore. Yi Le is surprised to find that Zhen has been sending kisses over texts to Bing Bing.

The past week, I’ve been replaying these videos happily, thinking that it’s going to be a happy, fluffy episode for our couple who will go on to know more about their past lives. Alas, things are more nuanced than that. In the released preview of Episode 13, this is what is going to happen:

Zhen is inexperienced in love and follows the standard procedures to becoming the perfect boyfriend. Although he appears to be the most caring and nurturing towards Bing Bing, he actually controls her actions. Yi Le watches from aside and the master speaks up once again to guide Zhen.

Bruce closes the dessert shop, much to Bing Bing’s frustration, especially when her capital is all gone like that. Zhen hugs her tightly and gives her a warm kiss for confidence points. Thus, Bing Bing evolves into the best girlfriend to make him feel happy. Nevertheless, faced with a dimmed future and a passionate Zhen, Bing Bing finds it hard to speak up about her stress.

So! Surprisingly, rather than it being a sweet, chummy thing, both Zhen and Bing Bing are actually TRYING to be the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s a sense of artificiality in that and I’m sure it will burst sooner or later. Stay true to yourself, because that’s why the other person even likes  you in the first place right? Additionally, I can see why Bing Bing feels inadequate next to Zhen. If the both of them don’t open up about their true feelings, things won’t look good!


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