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A Korean Odyssey Episode 16 Recap

Sometimes I feel like truthfully all we had going on was a love story, sometimes I’m impressed with the amount of things that happens within one episode. It’s a love story, but yet there are vital implications of falling in love in this world.

We start off with Seon Mi wanting to remove the bangle, and through all the flashbacks we see how far this couple has gone, right back to the activation of the Guemganggo, right back to their first meeting as adults, and right back to the contract Seon Mi made as kid. “If we are in a prophecy to kill each other, then please run far away from me, Son Oh Gong.”

At the same time, Oh Gong is plunged into a vision of people dying in a hospital – the scene is in black and white, filled with death and sickness, and at the end of the corridor, is a doctor carrying a baby. “This baby’s blood will save humanity, what you are seeing is the birth of Sam Jung and you are her protector. Please protect her till the end.”

Oh Gong’s eyes flicker open in reality and he stops Sam Jung from pulling the Guemganggo off. Oh Gong push Seon Mi away and down on the bed, asking if she’s so afraid that she’s willing to shut herself in a coffin, and in a huff of anger, she retorts, “Yes you baddie!” And the glass shatters. The tension of the moment breaks hilariously when Oh Gong’s like “I didn’t do that,” and Sam Jung quizzically asks, “Is it me?”

They survey the damage and Oh Gong wonders if Ah Sa Nyeo’s powers remained in Sam Jung’s body. Seon Mi realises that she still retains the memories of what happened when Ah Sa Nyeo was in her body, “On that bed…you gave her medicine?” Oh Gong excitedly jumps to affirm, but suddenly recalls what happened, and tries to retract his statement. Sam Jung mutters, “Dare to touch other people’s men…bad woman,” and another glass cup shatters.

The moment goes back to being somber when we see Ah Sa Nyeo lying next to her coffin, murmuring that her powers were taken away. Oh Gong understands how Seon Mi must have felt for not wanting to come out of the coffin and Seon Mi replies that because she’s weak, this is the only way she can protect him. Oh Gong retorts that she’s powerful – that’s why she can kill him, and he will try his best not to be killed. “Okay, make sure you don’t get killed by me.”

Oh Gong mutters, “Right now I feel like dying….the consummation night with you, I can’t believe I slept it away.” Seon Mi starts laughing and Oh Gong escapes before he does something else to her.

He runs into Oh Jong who is waiting in the garden because he saw a white stork in the garden while delivering food to Oh Gong. Oh Gong wonders about his dream where he sees the vision of Sam Jung’s birth and is puzzled – if Seon Mi became Sam Jung because of him, what does it mean to have witnessed Sam Jung’s birth? A baby’s cries are heard and they realise that the white stork must have brought the baby.

Hilariously, Ma Wang thinks that within one night, Oh Gong manages to produce a baby, especially since the baby looks a lot like Oh Gong. Oh Gong grumbles that he fell asleep due to the potion he fed Ah Sa Nyeo and is stunned to hear that Ma Wang has become so weak he couldn’t catch Ah Sa Nyeo. Oh Gong loyally volunteers to catch Ah Sa Nyeo and walks out in determination, and there I was thinking wow what a great guy, but really he just wants to leave the baby behind hahaha.

Secretary Ma warns that once Oh Gong catches Ah Sa Nyeo, he will know that Ma Wang was the one who let her escaped, but Ma Wang insists that he will suspect everyone until he gets the truth. He watches the baby with suspicion, “Are you sent here to confuse me?” but the moment the baby catches his little finger, he starts making the most ridiculous cooing noises and demands Secretary Ma to buy a few rattles.

Due to Ah Sa Nyeo’s instigation, Kang Dae Sung lures the museum owner (who knew about the secret of his grandmother – remember the Akiko case?) into looking at Ah Sa Nyeo’s coffin and closes him in the room with Ah Sa Nyeo. We don’t actually see what happens, but after hearing terrifying screams, Kang Dae Sung opens the doors in anticipation and sees only a pool of blood. Ah Sa Nyeo smiles, “What my powers are and what I can do for you, do you understand now?” Kang Dae Sung’s face brightens with excitement.

From Oh Jong’s intel and his recollection of what Ah Sa Nyeo said when in Sam Jung’s body, Oh Gong guesses that Ah Sa Nyeo must have gone to Kang because she wants to create another king. At that moment, Ah Sa Nyeo types audaciously into the group chat (that has everyone but Oh Gong) asking for information on where Oh Gong is, or “Please tell him where I am.” PK is sad that his beloved Bu Ja is being used in this way, while Oh Gong (reading this through Oh Jong’s phone) smirks that Ah Sa Nyeo must have found herself a backing.

Seon Mi who is in this chat mutters that Ah Sa Nyeo’s a bad woman, and a puff of air whisks through the office. Han Joo knows that this is something to do with Oh Gong and tries to subtly ask if he’s linked with Oh Jong (as Dae Sik, CEO of the phones), to which Seon Mi says yes. Han Joo does a victory dance but ends abruptly when he sees the ring gone, and Seon Mi so aptly says that “The ones above strongly reject to the marriage.”

Oh Gong goes to meet Ah Sa Nyeo at a fancy restaurant and she is a bit disappointed at Oh Gong’s coldness towards her. She pretends that she ate something dangerous when she was in Sam Jung’s body but Oh Gong’s like “Yah, you only ate what Han Joo brought back from the supermarket and an ice cream. I warned you that I will be watching you closely. Guess you didn’t know about Sixth Gong eh?” He wants to bring her away but she reveals that Ma Wang was the one who let her go. Knowing that the cover is blown, Ma Wang appears and tells Oh Gong to let her go, “Once she’s useless, I will catch her back myself.” Oh Gong stalks off, followed by Ma Wang, leaving Ah Sa Nyeo panicking as to how she’s going to pay for the food she has already ordered.

Ma Wang hilariously (I’m aware the over usage of this word but really it’s quite funny) talks about his grievance that he may have been cheated by the heavens, all the while cooing at the baby. He mutters, “My child is alive but they hid it from me?” Oh Gong shakes his head, “Ah you’ve watched too many dramas.” “My child is alive but they killed him?” “Is it a horror movie now?” “I need to take revenge for my child.” HAHAHA. Oh Gong shouts at him to calm his ass down and dismisses Ma Wang’s defense, “What to do? We are talking about a child here.” Oh Gong nonchalantly makes a noise at the crying baby, who stops crying immediately, and Ma Wang wants him to make more cooing noises, to which Oh Gong shouts, “Are you crazy! No!” HAHA.

PK appears in time to save Ah Sa Nyeo as she runs away from the restaurant owner, because he wants to bring her to see Bu Ja’s mother. Ah Sa Nyeo walks away and reminds PK, “Her body is very weak, and you should know how I’ve been holding it up. In order to hold on, I’m feeling particularly tired. If you want to help me, why don’t you catch a few humans for me?” PK is heartbroken, wondering if Bu Ja has become a monster.

Oh Gong learns from Ma Wang that Seon Mi was a famous child and this is why Jonathan wanted to make a movie about her. He meets Jonathan and hears that there was a village plagued by a strange infectious disease. Everyone said that Seon Mi was a curse because she was born then, but in truth, the disease went away the moment she was born. She wasn’t a jinx, but a savior. This, Jonathan learnt from the doctor. “Doctor?” Oh Gong suddenly recalls the doctor he saw in his dream.

Ma Wang knows that Ah Sa Nyeo might be lying to him but after all, this is to do with his child and he wishes that what she said was true. “If he’s still alive, I can forgive everything despite being lied to for a 1000 years.” Oh Gong stalk in at this moment and realises that the baby has a bib from a hospital in the village. Realising that the baby is just a bait, he wants to bring it away immediately and gives Ma Wang time to say his farewell. It’s so funny watching how emotionless and efficient Oh Gong is, in contrast to a cooing and crying Ma Wang. It will be amusing to watch Oh Gong be a parent next time hahaha.

Our cooing Ma Wang is no more, as he storms into Bo Ri’s office (of which, the table has been shifted to be horizontally across Bo Ri instead of vertically HAHAH, is this to prevent further splitting down the middle scenarios??). Bo Ri tells Ma Wang that the woman who killed Princess Iron Fan’s child has been subject to the wrath of the heavens, and from now on, she no longer has to bear the terrible fate of her children’s dying. Ma Wang asks about his child, to which Bo Ri insists that the child has really died, before disappearing in a convenient puff.

Bo Ri then visits the peddler’s shop and the grandson notes that his grandmother has been away for a long time finding a sword. Bo Ri notes this boy’s cheeky ways, “Who do you resemble?”

At the bank, Seon Mi sees a vision of an old woman being cheated from a phone scam and stops it in time. So now we know that this power of Ah Sa Nyeo has also retained.

While waiting for Seon Mi to return, Han Joo also wonders if the baby is Oh Gong’s (hahaha) and Oh Gong remembers about the ring thanks to Han Joo’s probing. He finds it back from the grandson who now has the urn and hears that the grandmother has been out finding a sword ever since Sam Jung sees the vision of the world ending.

Back in the office, Seon Mi also sulks for a split second wondering if the baby is Oh Gong’s. Oh Gong wants to bring Sam Jung to the village with him so that they can hear about how she came to life. They walk through the hallways of the hospital and this is the exact scene in Oh Gong’s dreams, and there, the doctor is waiting for them. Oh Gong returns the baby to the doctor, who smiles at the baby, “Thank you, you are not meant to be born yet, sorry for making you take this journey of adventure.”

The Stork introduces herself to Sam Jung and tells her that she was very close to Seon Mi’s grandmother. She calls them here today because she wants to tell Seon Mi that she’s not a jinx – although the mother died, the baby was alive and her blood saved everyone. “Sam Jung, you were meant to save people the moment you were born, although the lotus scent from your blood? That only started when you met your protector.” There, she glances at Oh Gong.

Seon Mi is contented to hear about her start and leaves the village happy for the first time. From now on, she will not blame Oh Gong for her fate or for any bad things that happen to her. She feels a lot more confident about herself and  promises to become stronger so that she can take out the Guemganggo. When she does, and if he doesn’t think that she’s pretty anymore, he can leave, “But if I am a little pretty, I will make sure to hold tightly to you.”

Seon Mi returns to office and only realises that her ring is back after Han joo delightedly points it out. Unknown to her, Oh Gong has gone back to find the doctor who is anticipating him. “Who are you exactly?” “I was like you, someone who served Sam Jung as a protector.” Damnnn. Oh Gong realises that according to legend, Sam Jungs are born when the world is about to face an evil, so Seon Mi wouldn’t have been the first one. “So?” “There will be a sword, and you,will use this sword to stab Sam Jung…just like I did many years ago.”

As we see videos of Kang progressing higher and higher into the presidential office, the Stork explains that it is Sam Jung’s fate to bear the brunt of the evil spirit with her body and the Protector will have to kill Sam Jung with this evilness inside. And this is why the bell has rung. But what does the Stork want? As sad music plays, she explains that she wants to kill herself with the sword. Without Sam Jung, it is too painful to live through the endless life alone.

There’s something so poetically tragic in knowing that another pair has gone on before our couple and has met such an end, and this is a twist I really like in this episode.

Kang wants to become a king and Ah Sa Nyeo smiles that he will then have to meet a person. AH Sa Nyeo notes that Kang will make a bad leader, for he kills the girl (Bu Ja) and takes care of the mother. She visits Bu Ja’s mother and murmurs, “Please understand me, mother.” This threw me off a lot because there’s no reason why she has to call Bu Ja’s mother that way in private — does this mean that Bu Ja has merged somewhat with Ah Sa Nyeo? Or does this mean that this is Bu Ja trying to fool around? Or that Ah Sa Nyeo has become so tangled with Bu Ja that she’s living Bu Ja’s life now? I don’t know, what are your theories?

Anyway, by making use of PK, Ah Sa Nyeo manages to orchestrate a meeting where Kang gets to see Seon Mi. In that moment where Seon Mi crosses paths with Kang, she sees the vision again of the world blowing up while the skies suddenly darken with dark and scary clouds. Seon Mi turns around to follow Kang but Oh Gong appears by her side and the skies become clear immediately.

Grandmother has returned with the sword, and grandson watches it quizzically. Ma Wang is angry at being deceived by the heavens and threatens to eat up Sam Jung to gain his strength back – as long as he removes the Guemganggo, Sam Jung will no longer have Oh Gong’s protection. Yeahh, but she can still summon him right? Through the contract.

Oh Gong updates Seon Mi that the doctor was a protector too, who protected the previous Sam Jung. Seon Mi asks about the duo’s ending and Oh Gong lies that because they finished their mission so well, they became deities. Seon Mi smiles, but with tears in her eyes, that she too can become a deity and I think that’s because she knows that Oh Gong is lying. “If one of us leaves first, and one of us is left behind, I think the one who gets left behind must be even more depressed and in pain.” As she says this, we see her recollection of the doctor’s tear-y eyes as she looked at Seon Mi and Oh Gong. Seon Mi jokes about Oh Gong being unemployed but says that she will support him because she’s rich. I love this little twisty thing done here – Oh Gong’s powerful sure, but in the human world, Seon Mi is pretty capable too.

Oh Gong picks up her hand and presses it to his forehead, “When I’m scared, alone or need help, I will summon Jin Seon Mi.” He walks off with renewed encouragement, leaving a worried Seon Mi behind.

The grandmother passes the knife to Bo Ri, who intends to pass it to a group of white-clothed people (who are they? Previous Sam Jungs? Or deities and higher-ups of Bo Ri? Since they are similarly clad in white clothes), but Oh Gong appears in time to snatch the knife away. While trying to save his face, Bo Ri reveals a piece of information which fills in the last puzzle for us viewers – at the point before stabbing Seon Mi, the Guemganggo will dissolve.

The doctor appears and reminds Oh Gong not to end up like her, to which Oh Gong determinedly says, “I will not be like you.” As they have agreed, Oh Gong passes the knife to the doctor who throws it in the air. As the knife swings back down, it stabs right through the stork, and she smiles before disappearing.

In the last scene, the grandmother asks if this means that Sam Jung will be safe and Bo Ri replies that the sword will never disappear. If Sam jung doesn’t die, that means Oh Gong as the protector must sacrifice instead. We see Oh Gong hiding the sword in his Suremdong, determined that no one shall find it.

-the end-

I LOVE the ending song here. It has such a drive and makes me think that exciting things are going to happen.

On this episode, there’s many things I love – I like the twist in the plot where it finally all falls into place. This explains why Seon Mi could always talk to the ghosts even before she met Oh Gong and why her lotus scent started afterwards. It also explains the death prophecy and most importantly, turns it all around. All along, the combination was such that Oh Gong could not kill Seon Mi and therefore, the prophecy can only end one way. However, now we know for sure how this prophecy ends and it is even more painful to watch. If it is tragic to watch Oh Gong die at the hands of the woman he loves, it must be even more tragic to watch Oh Gong stabs the woman he loves. This is all so dramatic and yet apt and not overdone that I’m enjoying it a lot.

I also like how we get Sam Jung’s birth story, such that Seon Mi gains a lot more confidence. Yes, it is time to step into those big shoes and perform! I just wish that it wasn’t so convenient that she only gains those powers because Ah Sa Nyeo happens to inhabit her body for one day. I wish Sam Jung was already so powerful to begin with – but then, it makes sense if we think about the fate of Sam Jungs. All they do essentially, is to be a vessel for the evil spirit and be killed. Ah, heavens, how cruel can you be?

However, I think the fact that this Sam Jung is different from all the other Sam Jungs is why we will have a different ending. Remember how I said that Sam Jung with her blood and Ah Sa Nyeo with her powers will make such an incredible combination? It would be a horrendously evil combination because the soul controlling would have been evil. However, now, this combination has happened under our eyes, but with Seon Mi as the control instead. If anything, I’m pretty hopeful for the ending – now Sam Jung can foresee the future and has the power to avert it. She also has powers to break things. She now has the position to act actively and I will be impressed if this is why the plot allowed her to be so passive in the past 15 episodes. I’m also eager to see if the ring does perform some sort of saving act in the last four episodes.

Does anyone else think that the grandson is Ma Wang’s son? Given that he is just as cheeky, Bo Ri went there right after meeting Ma Wang and asks him who he learnt his manners from.

Oh and one last comments, how about the baby? Is it a random baby? Or is this possibly Oh Gong’s child in the future? I read some theories that it could be a reincarnation of Oh Gong who died after sacrificing in the place of Sam Jung, but hmm nahhh. I think it will be a lot funnier if it was Oh Gong’s child with Seon Mi, especially since Seon Mi was so jealous.




  1. My miscellaneous collection of thoughts since watching 16, which has filled me with such a heavy grimness ever since watching. 😦

    I don’t think it’s an accident that ASN ended up in BuJa’s body – as SamJang already pointed out, both of them were awoken by SamJang’s blood. When BuJa was awoken, the blood-butterfly created a symbol on her chest, right? And wasn’t that the same symbol that glowed right when ASN possessed her body? I’m also not sure ASN can possess any other bodies without using her censer so she probably had no choice but to go back into BuJa’s? And I have a feeling BuJa & ASN have merged. Or else why didn’t BuJa wake up when ASN left her body? But hopefully having the bit of BuJa inside will work for our OTP’s favor. She sure seems affected by the love between our group – I’m really hoping at the last minute, the love they showed BuJa will affect her somehow.

    I’m worried about KDS & ASN’s plans for SunMi. At least she knows he’s bad news now and will be distrusting of him. We’ve been thrown so many potential red herrings, it’s hard to sift through what might be coming:
    1) Oh Gong was betrayed by a human at some point in the past resulting in his imprisonment in the Five Element Mountain
    2) SunMi promising Oh Gong he can stab her if she ever betrays him
    3) ASN’s ability to change the death-bell fate
    4) MaWang’s child and how that can possibly affect what’s coming
    5) Innocent BuJa possibly still being alive buried underneath ASN’s soul
    6) This baby that possibly looks like OG but isn’t born yet
    7) The way SM rewound time and changed the future when she dropped the glass cup
    8) I’m sure there’s more that I can’t think of right this moment…

    As for the Patriarch – he used to say he had no idea which one was fated to die but either he found out on one of his recent trips to heaven or he was lying all along – because he sure knows what that sword is intended for now. I don’t trust him at all anymore and really dislike the heavenly realm at the moment. I hope something happens later that reveals this was all an elaborate plan to break the death cycle and give them a happy ending (& maybe a final test for MW?) – because having a drama’s message be that the heavens suck doesn’t seem like a very good message. lol

    I’m not sure if that baby was just bait or something from the future. How could it be OG & SM’s future baby if the previous Guardian was so concerned for their upcoming sad fate? If she knew it was going to work out, she wouldn’t be so grim telling OG to take good care of his SJ and happy for him having the GGG to lessen his pain when he kills her. (Unless he’s the one going to die and she’s already pregnant when he does.)

    I have no idea if Oh Gong is going to successfully defy fate and prevent either of them from being stabbed or dying. Maybe we’ll see everything go badly and then SunMi will use her new abilities to change what happens – to rewind time and redo it (sort of like the ending of Break Dawn 2?). I do believe we will get some kind of happy ending – the Hong sisters *always* give happy endings (except Hong Gil Dong) but they usually make it a sad ending with a separation and then change it to happy at the last minute. Plus that “happy ending” necklace feels like a reassurance to us viewers. Right? It better be! :unsure:

    So my prediction – the GGG doesn’t comes off until some point during the big, final confrontation. And afterwards OG leaves/disappears (either he “dies” and then gets to come back via heavenly reasons, or he leaves to get/give some space and have some time pass to make sure the feelings are real) and SunMi spends a year alone (possibly having OG’s baby during this time). And then OG shows up, saying he missed her. She asks, “Am I pretty?” and he says, “Yeppo. Saranghanika.”

    Have you seen the preview for this weekend? (Spoilery speculations based on preview below!!)

    However! Have you seen the story of Red Boy (Ma Wang & Princess Iron fan’s son) from the original Journey to the West? Even though the drama deviates significantly, it wouldn’t surprise me if they blend elements in. According to the story, the goddess binds Red Boy with 5 rings (around his wrists, ankles and neck) which is similar to the 5 elements that bound Oh Gong in the beginning of the movie. Red Boy’s primary weapon is fire – which could correlate with the bombs/apocalypse SamJang keeps seeing. And there’s a distinct possibility ASN or KDS will be posing as MaWang’s son since she’s planning to make the son.


  2. Now we know why exactly Ah Sa Nyeo is attracted to Kang and Bu Ja! It also reminded me that the last time we saw Bu Ja was eons ago, right when she stepped into that container.

    Thanks for the summary! I forgot that Oh Gong was similarly betrayed by a human, but it seems like they aren’t going to mention it any further? Back then, all those red herrings were planted to make us think that Oh Gong will die at the hands of Sam Jung, but turns out all along, Sam Jung is going to die by Oh Gong’s hands. He only spat blood because he defied her orders, that’s all (wow, like this realisation just hit me as I’m writing this).

    I’m quite sure Bo Ri knew all along, which means that he was probably lying the whole time. But your words, ” because having a drama’s message be that the heavens suck doesn’t seem like a very good message. lol” is exactly what I think of all the time – it’s so ironic that they keep painting the higher-ups as being on their high moral horses and being generally very unreasonable or unfeeling.

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