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A Korean Odyssey Episode 15 Review

Just a review this time!

I just typed all these words out fresh from watching Episode 15 but I subsequently did a recap on Episode 16 and the time it has taken means that I can’t do a recap for Episode 15, but here are my thoughts anyway!

In this episode, we basically see Ah Sa Nyeo in the day of the life she has always wanted, but it does not go as smoothly as she anticipates.

I think we all want to watch a show where we can live vicariously and watch how leads will do anything for their love, to the extent that they will die without them. However, I wouldn’t want to watch 99% of these dramas because they are always too cliche, ridiculous, unrealistic or just gross. I think Korean Odyssey has such a great allure because I freaking love watching Oh Gong/Lee Seung Gi’s emotional turmoil in finding his bride and yet, there’s nothing overdone about it. The premise of the show (fantasy, demons, spirits etc) makes it a great base for which such a plot line can be launched.

Watching Oh Yeon Seo’s performance as Ah Sa Nyeo was also incredible, and I’m so glad we had Ah Sa Nyeo in the picture just so we can see two actresses perform so well. I love how Oh Yeon Seo switches between the two personas for that office scene, just because we get the contrast right there, lest anyone forgets how different the two women can be. It was also great to watch Ah Sa Nyeo repeats words from a vulnerable Seon Mi, which would strike at the heart of Oh Gong and it did.

I have so many favourite scenes from this episode, one of which was how Seon Mi orders Oh Gong not to approach her, and how his heart hurts so bad but he still inches forward. From a viewing perspective, it was heartbreaking to both watch Oh Gong’s efforts and Seon Mi’s fear that she will kill him eventually. Although slightly ironic that she will deal him such pain almost intentionally (by ordering him to stop) while being afraid of the death bell prophecy, I see it more of a vicious cycle where him clutching to his heart only serves to intensify her fears of what will happen when she goes out into the real world.

I wished Seon Mi has successfully taken off the Guemganggo and I think that’s a brilliant cliffhanger to end off with, but in the preview of Episode 16, Oh Gong is still wearing it so I guess Oh Gong wakes up in time to stop her.

Oh also can I just say that I was a little thrown off that Oh Gong would kiss Ah Sa Nyeo? I already suspected that the potion was in his mouth, but from a theoretical point of view, dramas wouldn’t really show the male lead kissing another woman while being in love with the female lead? And this is yet another reason why I think Oh Gong’s characterisation is done so well – he’s all about results, cheeky ways and getting what he wants.




  1. I especially loved how he called her name three times after reminding her of her promise. It was like he was saying, “Jin Seon Mi, I’m scared. Jin Seon Mi, I’m struggling. Jin Seon Mi, I’m in danger.”

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    • YES, great observation. Something about that scene just speaks to me, although I must say I found Seon Mi’s walking a little awkward in the sense that I couldn’t tell whether it was the effect of the ring, or she actively chose to walk towards him, or she passively just found herself drawn towards him as he called. Nonetheless, completely loved the scene from Oh Gong’s side.

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      • I know what you mean about her walk forward being awkward. I figured it was because she was scared, so she walked one step at a time, each step resisting the urge to run away. (Though it almost looked the way women walk wearing Geta but that’d be the wrong culture. lol)


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