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Fall In Love With Me Episode 19 Recap

I wouldn't say that I'm disappointed with this episode, because I do enjoy the acting and some parts of the plot, but it's getting so draggy and I aint always gonna be so patient.

Lance throws open the doors and strides down the altar. Tian Xing confidently asks Lance to reveal his reason for his opposition and Lance gladly complies. He thinks that Tian Xing is marrying Huan Huan just for the shares, what better evidence than his change of attitude ever since his own mother offered to give Huan Huan 30% of his shares as her dowry?

I was a bit 'confused' once again, because Tian Xing's attitude clearly changed BEFORE the offer was made, but okay whatever.


Tian Xing unhesitatingly replies that feelings can be grown and nurtured. Even though he likes Tao Zi a lot last time, Huan Huan is no longer able to walk because of him and that's how he's going to repay her. He reaches out to caress Huan Huan's face, much to her surprise.


Lance praises him mockingly about his great attempt at explaining. He walks over to Tao Zi and tells Tao Zi that Huan Huan has already told him what she said to her just before the ceremony (about how their feelings will never die and how the necklace is a proof of that). Since these words were uttered before the ceremony, it means that Tian Xing must have other motives for marrying Huan Huan. Lance challenges Tian Xing to respond to Tao Zi's words and he walks over to Tao Zi smilingly, "There's nothing to respond to. From now on, I will have a family, and she will have nothing with me."

Lance wants him to say the words again facing Tao Zi, and Tian Xing hesitates, but he does so in the end.

"From now on, I will have nothing with you."


"Don't mention our past to anyone else, it won't benefit the both of us." He rips the necklace off her neck, unscrews the cap, grabs her wrist and unlocks the bracelet. Lance watches him with suspecting eyes while Huan Huan starts to beam. He lets go of the bracelet and the necklace and they crash to the floor.


Without another word, Tian Xing turns around.


He reminds Lance that from now on, they will be one family and he shouldn't doubt his intentions anymore. Lance asks Huan Huan if she's happy marrying Tian Xing and she nods, "Very much so." He replies, "Is it?" with sad eyes and Evil Mother quickly motions for the ceremony to continue. The pastor asks if Huan Huan is willing to be Tian Xing's wife, and she answers, "I do." A tear escapes from Tao Zi's eyes.


Tian Xing and Huan Huan exchange rings and he pecks her on the cheek.


And all Tao Zi can do at a side is to watch quietly and cry in silence. Huan Huan whispers to Tian Xing that she's feeling very blissful and he smiles.

Lance storms out of the church and the mother chases after him, asking him what's wrong. She pleads for him to stay for the post-ceremony party and he returns back to the hall because he has something to ask Tian Xing. Tao Zi recalls what Tian Xing said to her.


Miao Miao hurries to her side to comfort her and Jia Gai Xian looks at his friends, "How did it end up like this?"


It's the post-ceremony party and Tian Xing pushes Huan Huan in on her wheelchair. Tao Zi watches with sad eyes as Tian Xing enters with a smile. Left alone in the empty church, Fu Bo approaches the fallen objects and picks them up.


He seems incredibly sad that the trio has turned out the way they did.

Lance singles Tian Xing out and asks to have a conversation with him. Evil Mother notices and watches worriedly, as Lance remarks that he has heard about Tian Xing's desire to find Mr Long. He speculates that Tian Xing is attempting to buy back Mr Long's 10% of shares but Tian Xing semi-evades the question by replying that Mr Long is but one of the shareholders and he doesn't need to seek him out specially for his shares.


Evil Mother cannot help but approach the duo out of worry and asks them what they are discussing. Lance replies, "Your retirement." "When did I say that I'm retiring?" "Now that you have given Huan Huan your shares as dowry, what reason do you have to stay in Tian Ji?" Tian Xing looks at Lance sharply, but has to leave when Huan Huan re-enters the hall in a new gown.


He stands behind her and looks lovingly for a moment, much to Huan Huan's happiness. He notices that there are a few important partners that he has to speak to.


So he tells Huan Huan that he has to go talk to them, and Huan Huan smiles before clasping his hands lovingly. Her face falls when her hands grab empty air, as Tian Xing has already withdrawn his hands and walked off.


She looks lost for a moment, and Leo quickly motions for Jia Gai Xian to take a close footage of this. She gains her composure and approaches Tao Zi. She wants to talk to Tao Zi privately, so the rest of OZ leave. "Even though you have often said things that make me unhappy, I can still forgive you. OZ needs to depend on Tian Ji to give it jobs in the future, so I hope that we can at least interact civilly."


Throughout this, Tao Zi remains impassioned, only answering with Mms. Then, Huan Huan requests that she will never meet with Tian Xing privately. Tao Zi is unable to respond to this sudden request and Huan Huan looks at her, "You aren't saying anything?"


Silence means consent — so she is going to take it that Tao Zi has agreed to her request. "So if I find out that you have met Tian Xing privately, I will be very angry…you have seen me when I'm angry, you know what will happen, right?"


She smiles and demands for Tao Zi to congratulate her. After terrorising Tao Zi, she turns her wiles towards OZ who watches her approach with a pissed off face.


As what she did with Tao Zi, she asks why they aren't congratulating her. That's because there's nothing to be congratulated — Miao Miao answers in a scathing tone that if Huan Huan thinks she has gained true happiness, "sure I can congratulate you." Ting Wei quickly stops her and Huan Huan turns his attention towards him, "Aren't you and Helen going to congratulate me?" Ting Wei quickly complies, much to Miao Miao's irritation.


Helen also quickly replies that she looks beautiful today. Huan Huan is extremely displeased at their words and turns her wheelchair around with an evil glint. She calls out for Tian Xing's name and Tian Xing, who is in the midst of shaking hands, looks back at her with a -are you calling me so childishly while I'm entertaining people?- face. She purposely tips her wheelchair over and sprawls to the ground, much to Miao Miao's and Jia Gai Xian's amusement.


As Tian Xing and Evil Mother rush over, Leo even has to nudge Jia Gai Xian for him to stop laughing. They move Huan Huan to the resting room where Tian Xing checks on her injury, which is of course non-existent. Evil Mother is concerned that Lance has disappeared and asks Dale where Lance is.


The head of the bad guys in suit — who has a face, a name, a good-looking face and young. I just felt like pointing this out heh.

She demands for Dale to make a call to Lance. Lance does pick up the call but retorts that he has already asked Tian Xing what he wanted to ask, so there's no reason for him to stay anymore. He hangs up on his mother, despite his mother's pleas for him to come back. At the end of the party, Huan Huan, Tian Xing and Evil Mother stand/sit in a line by the doors to thank the guests and to give them a parting gift. Miao Miao purposely walks past without taking the gift, and Helen and her join the rest of OZ.

Tian Xing takes a step forward, "Ting Wei, you owe me a meal for finding a girlfriend in OZ." Ting Wei and Miao Miao smile at each other shyly as he continues, "Jia Gai Xian, when you get your dream girl, I will buy you a meal." Jia Gai Xian and Helen smile too and it seems like for that moment, he's part of them again.


Of course, Huan Huan has to spoil the moment by asking where Tao Zi is. When Tao Zi appears a second later, she asks innocently, "Oh I thought you have already left." Tao Zi looks at them and gives them her blessings. Tian Xing walks back to Huan Huan, "Hope that you will find your happiness soon~" Huan Huan hands the parting gift over to Tao Zi and she takes it before walking off. Tian Xing's face falls for a moment, before it goes back to his facade.


Back at the office, Leo asks Tao Zi what she thinks of the advertisement and she's on the roll about the taglines and message behind Huan Huan's advert for skincare. Her eyes drift off to the video that is playing on Jia Gai Xian's computer — that of Tian Xing and Huan Huan exchanging rings, and she falters. Jia Gai Xian notices and quickly shuts the cover. He suggests for everyone to go out for a karaoke session, and Miao Miao hurriedly latches on to the idea.


Tao Zi knows that they are just worried about her and she tells them not to. She takes Xu Mi Bao's leash and puts it in Ting Wei's hands, before placing Miao Miao's hands over his. She wants them to go on a date since the weather is so good. She then takes Helen's hands and walks towards Jia Gai Xian, but that eager idiot already has his hands out before Tao Zi wants to take it.



She tells Helen that if she doesn't despise him, she should let him entertain her for a day, because he can be pretty funny and he really likes her.


Just look at how he's playing with her hands HAHA.

As for her, she's going home! She takes her bag and leaves. Miao Miao asks why Leo isn't chasing after her, and he replies, "Can't you guys tell? She can already handle this by herself." At his observation, everyone nods.

Tao Zi returns home in time for dinner and praises her mother's fried noodles with much joy. Her father comments gently, "Tao Zi, if you are feeling unhappy, you don't need to force yourself to smile." "I'm not feeling unhappy ah!"


Hehe, her parents' faces of surprise.

She assures her parents that since she can't change anything about the marriage, she only wants to do her job well and live her life. Her parents heave sighs of relief even though her dad worries that Huan Huan will come and make a mess again. Tao Zi retorts that whether Huan Huan is going to make a tantrum or not, it's none of their business. Dad likes the answer and the family resumes the meal with much happiness and love.


Evil Mother wants Tian Xing to stay with them and Tian Xing is fine with that. She reminds Tian Xing to eat more as the dishes are those that he likes and which she has personally taught the helper.


Huan Huan also wants to learn how to make these dishes so that she can cook it for Tian Xing. Lance can't take it anymore and bangs his glass of liquor down, before leaving the house. While the Evil Mother and Huan Huan are concerned, Tian Xing is nonchalant about it.


He follows Lance out on the pretext of wanting to check on him, but actually he plans to provoke Lance even further. He asks if Lance is still suspicious of his intentions of marrying Huan Huan and Lance replies that it's not a 'suspicion' but a 'confirmation' and that it's just not time to reveal the evidence he has of it yet. Tian Xing remarks lightly that Huan Huan is a very innocent girl who needs nothing but love, "Make a guess. When Mum gave Huan Huan the shares, what did she say?" Lance repeats word for word what he overheard the other day, including how Evil Mother wants Tian Xing to be the company's successor. Tian Xing comments, "Mum shouldn't have been so biased." Hahahaha you jerkXD.

He points out that Lance only wants him to stay in the company so that he can earn more money for Tian Ji. It was never about the two of them fulfilling any dreams together.


He has always treated him as a big brother and family, so he's not going to pick on the trivialities, "But from now on, it will no longer be like that." He will not let Lance make use of him again.


Tian Xing reminds him that it was at this pub that he told Tian Xing not to dream anymore, "I will reply you now, that I'm not going to dream any longer." "You are threatening me?" Tian Xing laughs that this is not a threat, he's just telling him what's going to happen in the future. "In the future, I won't just be Tian Ji's partner, I will be the boss."


He points out the stark reality that since Huan Huan loves him so much, who does Lance think Huan Huan will give the shares to?

Lance loses control and jams his cup sharply onto the bar surface, till the cup breaks. He leaves immediately and Tian Xing continues to drink. He later texts Huan Huan that he's resting before he returns home. Just when Huan Huan is going to ask him where her brother is, he comes home and shouts for his sister and his mother to come down. He demands for Fu Bo to bring Huan Huan down, "I forgot she can't walk," and prods the mother to sit down first.


Once Huan Huan appears in the living room, he directly asks his mother if she remembers what she said when she transferred shares to Tian Xing. "Do you even remember who I am? Or the son in your heart is actually Lu Tian Xing and not me?" Huan Huan reminds him not to talk to his mother in this way. He retorts that as long as they have Lu Tian Xing in their hearts, he will have this attitude. Huan Huan protests that it isn't the same. Tian Xing is someone she loves, but he's her real brother! Lance kneels in front of her and asks that if he's her brother, "Can you give me your shares?" She knows how much he dotes on her, and that's why he wants her to know that he's not asking for the shares for its practical value but as proof of their kinship.


Huan Huan hesitates and Lance starts to blow up that she's planning to give the shares to Tian Xing all along. Evil Mother tries to explain that she's doing this so as to prevent Huan Huan from hurting herself. Lance finally reveals what has been on his mind all this while, "You can give the shares to Huan Huan, but you shouldn't have told Tian Xing that I only know how to do business. You shouldn't talked about your son's flaws in front of an outsider!"


He's going to have a shareholders' meeting the next day to decide who is going to be Tian Ji's boss, "And then we will decide whether I am your son, whether I am Huan Huan's brother."

He leaves the living room and both mother and daughter cry, unsure why the situation turns out like that. Tian Xing arrives back home and asks Fu Bo if Lance has requested for Huan Huan's shares. Fu Bo nods and Tian Xing takes in this piece of news. Later, he asks Huan Huan if she's happy, and she considers for a moment before nodding, "Yes, very happy." Tian Xing turns off the light and lies on the bed, but with his back facing Huan Huan.


No one gets sleep that night. Tao Zi sits in her bed and tries not to let the tears in her eyes escape.


Huan Huan looks at Tian Xing's back and starts to tear as well.


Evil Mother sits alone on the couch and wonders what she has done wrong. Lance goes back to the office and starts to cry.


He appears surprised at his own tears and tries to contain them. I quite like Lance's portrayal of crying scenes!

The next day, Tian Xing reassures Huan Huan that she can take her time before asking Fu Bo to bring her to the office. Huan Huan smiles a little at his consideration. Upon her arrival, Lance quickly gets down to business and introduces the lawyers and accountants at the meeting. He wants to introduce the agenda of the meeting but Tian Xing cuts him off, "I vote for myself." Lance gives himself one vote too and asks his mother, "Director, who do you choose?"


Evil Mother tries to evade the question by asking them to co-run the company. Lance's question of who is going to listen to whose decision in the future stuns his mother and she responds, "Stop forcing me." "I'm forcing you? I'm forcing you…? If you want to choose TIan Xing you can just say it! Or are you embarrassed, or are you scared that I will take revenge." Evil Mother is speechless and Lance shouts, "Say something! Or do you not have me as a son??"


While Huan Huan is alarmed, this is all within Tian Xing's expectations. Lance wants his mother to know that if she doesn't express her opinion, it means that she wants to give the company to Tian Xing. Huan Huan doesn't like it that her brother is forcing her mother. She doesn't know anything about the company's operations, but Lance points out, "You know who is your brother? Who is your husband right?" She is lost for words and Lance is scorching in his criticism, "You don't understand? You can even snatch a relationship that doesn't belong to you, how can you not understand something simple like this?"

To put it simply, who does she want to transfer her shares to? All Huan Huan can respond with is "Don't be like this" and Lance asks her if she wants him to beg her. She looks at him with scared eyes and he is hurt. He has always doted on her and even helped her get Tian Xing's attentions. Now that he's asking for her to give him her shares and continue his running of the company, she can't even answer?? "This is the sister that I've doted on for 20 odd years???"


Huan Huan is disoriented. She thinks that everything is supposed to be good after she gets married but Lance says honestly that the marriage means that they want to kick him out of the family and the company. They don't even care about his feelings anymore. Huan Huan tries to say otherwise, but Lance says that if that's not the case, then she should show her sentiments through actions. Silence falls and he points out that at least they have established something during this meeting, "I'm not your son, and I'm not your brother." He leaves the meeting room and Huan Huan cries, asking her mother why this is happening. Evil Mother is in despair, "It's all my fault. It's because I've done something wrong…so it has turned out like this."


Tian Xing pats Huan Huan's head while he listens to Evil Mother's words.


Serve everybardy right.

Helen's idea of a date is teaching Jia Gai Xian yoga moves and he does it all day, much to her amusement. She gets summoned back by Lance who is unhappy that she is at OZ even though OZ has collapsed. Helen defends her actions by saying that OZ has a new office and they need her help. Tian Xing arrives to help Helen and asks her directly if she wants to stay in Tian Ji or go to OZ. Lance is unhappy, "Shouldn't you give me some face?" Tian Xing tells him that it's not an issue of pride and tells Helen not to be scared.

Helen swallows and says with determination that even though she's the secretariat head in Tian Ji, she likes a job scope that has more potential to be explored — such as marketing and accounting. And right now, OZ has that need but no one to fulfil the demand. In other words, she's formally requesting for her leave from Tian Ji.


Tian Xing smirks a little.


Lance reels in shock and says that he didn't hear her clearly. Helen replies defiantly that he has heard her loud and clear, and if possible, she wants it to be her last day of work today.


Hahahaha, I love all these rebel moments.

Back in OZ, Jia Gai Xian wails as the 'big monster' has taken Helen away, much to Miao Miao's, Ting Wei's and my amusement.


Huan Huan is upset that Lance is using the shares as a measure of their kinship, but they are family and it can't be measured using practical things like shares. Tian Xing asks her why she didn't just directly give Lance the shares in order to stop this problem, and she says haltingly that she has never thought of who to pass the shares to.


"It's just that I feel like one day you might need the shares…that I shouldn't give these shares to brother."


It's time for dinner but Lance hasn't come home and Huan Huan calls him. He doesn't pick up, much to her sadness. This sadness soon turns to indignance when she sees how upset her mother is, "What he's doing is really over the board." Lance returns home, throws his suitcase and blazer over the sofa and tells the helper not to give him dinner. Huan Huan can't take it any more and tells Lance that she wants to have a talk with him. Things are not like what he imagined it to be. Just because she doesn't want to give him her shares, it doesn't mean that she's not concerned about him. Lance answers sarcastically that he really wants to know then what this means.

"Can you not talk to me with this attitude?"


Lance doesn't like it that Huan Huan is so selfish. In order to get married to Tian Xing, she doesn't eat her medicine and doesn't go to physio. In order to get her love, she makes herself a cripple. She's finally Mrs Lu and has everything she wants, and all he wants are the shares that she doesn't care for. He wants them to realise that they have both gone crazy because of Lu Tian Xing — one because of love and one because she dotes on him too much. Huan Huan protests, "How can you say this!" and he remarks that even though she's crippled, she still knows how to throw a tantrum.

Evil Mother scolds him, "How can you say this?" "Have I said anything wrong? It's the truth!" Evil Mother's provoked and slaps him. He looks up and at the scene in front of him.


He says mockingly about how he's touched with the scene before him.


But his mother should get something clear. If she wants him to take care of her, she has to start learning from now on how to follow his wishes.

-the end-

I feel somewhat like an idiot because I made guesses on what Tian Xing's plan was, thinking that he won't actually get married to Huan Huan, but he did. It seems like the plan is still the same — to use Lance as a force for himself, but I don't really want to think about the mechanics behind the plan any more. One thing for sure is that this is still what Tian Xing has planned, because he is no longer taken by surprise and always has the chance to smirk or laugh quietly when Lance has his antics. It's like the Lu Tian Xing part of him is amped up all over again.

I was honestly bored with this episode because it was all about shares, shares…and shares! The main thing that kept me going was the actors' portrayal of each scenes and I think right now, Lance is shining quite brightly. Huan Huan is always good with her passive-aggressive scenes but when faced with the dilemma of choosing between her brother and her husband, she becomes rather boring and her vocabulary seems to diminish to that of 'How can you say that?' 'Stop saying thattt'.

They are giving Fu Bo a lot more air-time in this episode, such as the lone scene in the church and many flitting scenes of his expressions during the Li Family's fall out. I wonder if he will become someone super significant towards the end of the show or this is just an attempt to include our favourite character more often. Either way, I would love to see more of the camaraderie between him and Tian Xing.

Speaking of which, I quite like Tian Xing's monologue with Tao Zi. I like it because it's short, sharp and powerful. Obviously I don't like it as a viewer/fan-girl, because dudeeee, you did not just throw the bangle on the floor like that. But, knowing that it will be a happy ending, it makes watching such scenes less painful.

Can't wait for some movement!



  1. Anonymous says


    I was surprised he actually married Huan Huan too! But on sugoideas, people were speculating about how they are not technically married because they are not registered the marriage. Either way….no idea how they are going to go down the road now…. o_o at what happened anyway :/


    • Re: πŸ™‚

      Oh that’s actually a good point — without the formal documents, they have only went through a ceremony. I’m not going to make guesses anymore heh and shall just enjoy where this show is taking us.


      • Anonymous says

        Re: πŸ™‚

        Yeah, I tried making guesses too and they were all wrong haha lol. I was complaining about it being cliche but now I’m complaining that the story line has become so different to typical dramas that its going a bit wacko and random…I’m also feeling that LTX is trying to make Huan Huan realise she’s(+everyone around her) going to be unhappy “married” to a guy that doesn’t love her…by “marrying” her but maybe i’m over thinking. lol


      • Re: πŸ™‚

        HAHA I like your comment about how it’s going wacko and random. I’m not going to guess Tian Xing’s motives anymore. Tian Xing please just do a good job and surprise us, thank you.


  2. Anonymous says

    I was wrong. I thought last episode was rock bottom. It so happens that nope, it can go down further. *Sigh* this had so much potential, why did it have to go down this road? I can’t even rant coz I have lost all my energy to do so and I am officially giving up on this drama.

    Thanks for the recap though and I WILL come back but only for the last episode to check out how this train wreck has ended.:)


    • Oh man, sorry to hear about that! I think I’m holding up a lot because of Aaron Yan and I really, really hope that they can end the show well.

      No problem, hope you enjoyed reading!


  3. Yeah, Tian Xing has finally broken free (though not entirely) of the shackles that the Li Family has chained on him. I just felt a bit cheated because all the previous climaxes have dwindle almost to nothing.


  4. Anonymous says

    This show started out sooo good for me. It was like crack. There was so much the writer could have done with the premise but the story went to something cliche. I guess I shouldn’t morun for what it could have been. I’ve resorted to read your recaps to stay up to date with the story before the finale.


  5. I had the same thought that Anonymous mentioned – that perhaps LTX plans to not register the marriage as his out. I still don’t see how the commercial part plays into it unless he plans the spin the whole marriage as “just acting a CF, never real” to the public.

    Hmm, any chance Fu Bo could be the mystery shareholder? I still think Auntie is hiding something. There’s a secret behind her treatment of LTX, possibly guilt over his parents somehow.

    But mostly, I am beyond my patience limits with this drama. I’m sticking around to watch it end but I’ll never watch it again and it’s going on my list of train-wrecks. (lol, fitting!) I’m enjoying Love Myself or You, too, but I don’t buy their chemistry. So both dramas fail to beat Just You, which is one of my top faves.


    • Hahaha actually I did have the same thought as you about Fu Bo, but I thought I was just over-thinking. I think the first few episodes of this drama were stronger than Just You actually, but it’s a pity they didn’t manage to stay amazing till the end.


  6. Anonymous says

    is there really one more episode left?

    *Sigh* I hope the show ends well, but i feel there’s still a lot of unknowns to uncover in one episode. I’m also a big fan of “BuFen” so the lack of there scenes together made this episode blah for me. I also felt LTX was really touchy with Huan Huan during some scenes. Anyway thanks for recapping and I can’t wait for ep 20.


    • Re: is there really one more episode left?

      Me too, I hope it ends well and memorable:( Indeed, I was a little bored with this episode because there was a lot of Lance (not that I’m complaining, but yeah would have loved to see more BuFen). Thanks for reading!


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