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City Hunter Episode 10 Recap

Hur hur I adore this show!!

Anyway, just in case you are wondering, the starting song of City Hunter is called It’s All Right. It’s currently stuck in my head, not that I’m complainingXD

Here’s another treat for you!

SO GOOD LOOKING! Hee hee ❤ his hair!


Yoon Sung saw Jin Pyo, after which he disappeared. Yoon Sung quickly ran after him, and Young Joo noticed that Yoon Sung was gone. He quickly called his assistant, Pil Jae, and asked him to tail Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung went to Jin Pyo’s house and asked him furiously why he killed those policemen. He answered that he hadn’t slept well in the past 28 years and every time, the sounds of his comrades’ cries, and being betrayed, rang in his head. He wanted them to understand the feeling of the innocents being killed. Yoon Sung asked calmly, "Who are you taking revenge for exactly?"


"I’m suddenly very curous as to whether you taking revenge for your teammates who got betrayed by their motherland, or you are self-multilating because of the guilt that you are the only one to survive." He went on to tell Jin Pyo that by killing the innocent policemen, this was not revenge anymore — "It’s just pure murder." Jin Pyo asked if he would still oppose him if he told him that he would die should he continue to stand in his way, and Yoon Sung replied with determination in his eyes, "I would not escape, because the only one who can stop you now is me. I will use my life to stop this." And he left. WHOO~

The moment he stepped out of the lift though, he met with Young Joo and there was no way he could deny no knowing Steve Lee anymore. However, he was smart and he came up with the reason that he met up with Steve Lee to ask him about the ways of investment. Young Joo said smugly that he would still not rule him out of the equation with City Hunter. Yoon Sung laughed and said, "Me? The City Hunter?"

Young Joo asked the question that he felt was his triumph card — where was Yoon Sung’s alibi on all the incidents where the City Hunter did the kidnapping and stuff? Yoon Sung, however did not look flustered, and smiled. Turns out that he had perfect alibis for all the incidents because he brought a woman to the hotel on each night. (Sigh trust Yoon Sung to come up with this kind of alibi). Young Joo didn’t believe that there’s no way on checking more on the alibis, like whether he stayed in the hotel for the whole day.

Then, he realised that all the hotels that Yoon Sung stayed in were always in close proximity to each incident, such as the kidnappings of Seo Yong Hak, the release of Lee Kyung Wan’s book etc. He told Pil Jae and Nana’s aunt that they should still try to obtain Yoon Sung’s blood and send it for analysis. The three of them started squeezing their brain juices to think of what they could do.

Shik Joong was very shocked to hear what Jin Pyo had done and Yoon Sung told him that right now, Jin Pyo was like a car that lost control. The only thing Yoon Sung could do now, was to go headlong with the car to stop it from being out of control. Shik Joong was very worried for Yoon Sung and suggested them running away. Of course Yoon Sung would not hear of this plan… since he wanted revenge too.

Aww… Nana heard the news that Lee Kyung Wan was killed and it was speculated that it’s the doing of the City Hunter. She walked into Yoon Sung’s empty room and she looked so sad, while convincing herself that it couldn’t be Yoon Sung. Then, she saw a photo on the ground under the cabinet. Taking it up, she could recognise Kyung Hee and Jin Pyo. She had a series of flashbacks

and remembered how Yoon Sung always particularly missed his mother whenever he talked to Kyung Hee. She made the link and her arms fell to her side, her face in disbelief. Yoon Sung was doing his stuff when Shik Joong came in and happily took his energizing drink. Yoon Sung stopped him from drinking that (since it’s Kyung Hee who gave him that) and Shik Joong teased him, by mock crying that Yoon Sung wouldn’t even let him drink a miserly energy drink. Lol!

Kyung Hee went to the hospital for a check up because of her bruises, and she was told by the doctor that she was down with leukemia. The doctor advised her to be hospitalised immediately but she told the doctor that she hadn’t closed her shop yet. The doctor let her leave after reminding her to return to the hospital.

When she went home, she took out the baby clothes and started crying. She survived for the past 28 years merely for the purpose of wanting to see her son… and now she might die even before she got to reconcile with him. She clutched tightly to the clothes and cried.

Yoon Sung went to find Nana and before he entered, he told himself that he found her just to return her the file that Shik Joong accidentally packed into his luggage.

He joined the queue and Nana was shocked to see him. The customer behind him told him to quickly order, and then he tapped his shoulder. Immediately, Nana chided the customer, "How could you hit so hard?" Yoon Sung looked at Nana, and she quickly covered up, "It might hurt." The customer apologised. 

Gossshhhh Lee Min Ho looks good in white!

Yoon Sung returned her the pink file that was filled with information on Kim Jong Shik. She told him that she collected all those after Kim Jong Shik knocked down her parents. She wanted to find the witness to find out why he changed his statement but she couldn’t find him, and that was also why she was suspended the other time where Da Hye was beaten up at the ktv. Yoon Sung started to suspect and asked her to describe the witness. Without a doubt, Yoon Sung realised to his shock that it’s Shik Joong. Yoon Sung asked what Nana felt should be Kim Jong Shik’s retribution.

She answered quickly that she wished he would not be killed, but rather, get caught by the City Hunter and send to the hands of Kim Young Joo. Yoon Sung’s eyes darted to her face when she mentioned the City Hunter.

She clutched her uniform and asked, "The City Hunter isn’t someone who kills right?" "How would I know?" "I believe he’s not."

This is just another reason why I love Nana! Her willingness to trust Yoon Sung and not jump to conclusions(Y)

She told Yoon Sung that she had something to pass to him, but by the time she returned with the photo, Yoon Sung had left. Yoon Sung rushed home and he angrily asked Shik Joong to tell him the truth — "Why did you always tell me please take care of Nana?" Shik Joong told him the whole truth, that Kim Jong Shik threatened him to change his statement. Either that, or he would use his authority to send Shik Joong back to jail. Shik Joong cried and said that he had felt guilty ever since, and he’s more comfortable, finally telling Yoon Sung the truth about the connection between him and Nana. Yoon Sung had already forgiven him for hiding the truth and there was even tears in his eyes as Shik Joong apologised and promised that he would turn himself in after helping Yoon Sung.

The next day, Ho Shik informed Nana that considering her past achievements, the board had decided to let her come back to work. But she would not take on the jobs of being bodyguard to anyone important — "Just take care of Da Hye" Nana was so happy!

During the training session, Ki Joon tried to flip Eun Ah but he got pushed to the ground instead. Then, Eun Ah said (in a rather creepy way I felt) that he had really good skin. Ki Joon pushed her aside since he was traumatised lol. On the other hand, Nana hesitated starting the training, knowing that Yoon Sung had a shoulder injury. Yoon Sung saw how she kept placing her arms on one of his shoulder, then changing it to another shoulder and asked, "We are not training today?"

Nana didn’t reply but she still couldn’t bring herself to flip Yoon Sung. (Well in case you have no idea what I meant by ‘flip’, it’s my way of describing the action of tripping the legs or the shoulder so that the person would fall to the ground). Yoon Sung looked at her and he flipped her instead.


Of course, it isn’t so romantic for Nana because one could tell that Yoon Sung was a little pissed. He left the training room after that. Nana went to find him at the bench and gave him coffee. She brightly told him her method of brewing coffee and Yoon Sung was like, "I only kissed you because of the atmosphere. To cling on to me after that! Do you know women clinging on to me — " "Are so many that they need to take queue numbers." Yoon Sung tried another tactic, "You are not my type, how many times must I say, at home — " "Use mirrors to look at myself? I know, I’m not your type. You are not my type too…but I still like you."

Aww!! Yoon Sung left angrily after that and Nana smiled with tears in her eyes. Patting her head, she said, "No, you did well Kim Nana. It’s a good thing to like someone."

Da Hye made Yoon Sung to accompany her to look at the university (that Kim Jong Shik set up) and they saw the students on strike because the school fees were simply to astronomical for them to afford. Yoon Sung couldn’t stand how a girl was being so insolent to a cleaner and he stood up to her. Cool!

Yoon Sung tried to find something (the photo) but couldn’t find it. He got reminded of Nana because Shik Joong cooked mix noodles. He rushed out of the house after that. Nana received a sms from Yoon Sung who instructed her to come out and be his chauffeur. Nana was so excited that she even popped by a make up store and used the sample make up. Imagine her disappointment when Yoon Sung appeared with a woman instead. Throughout the journey, they kept making out in the backseat and Nana was very hurt.

In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore so she stopped the car, dragged the girl off and into a taxi. Whoo! Kudos! I thought that she would either storm off angrily or eat her anger until the hotel.

Yoon Sung asked her what’s she’s doing and if she’s jealous.

She answered angrily, "I’m not jealous, that kind of woman will never get my jealousy. If you are doing this just to push me away, you don’t need to. My feelings belong to me and I never forced you Lee Yoon Sung. If you want to push me away, okay, but please find a woman that I can approve of. At that time, I would be so jealous. Don’t waste your time and money like this, calling the chauffeur when you are not even drunk, don’t do that again… your parents won’t like it." She handed the photo over to Yoon Sung and explained that he dropped it under the cabinet.

Yoon Sung went home and lied on his bed, murmuring, "Nana…don’t fall in love with me. You must be happy." Aww!

Young Joo felt that Yoon Sung was the main suspect and tasked Pil Jae to follow him 24/7. Nana went to find Kyung Hee and asked her if she really had no sons. Kyung Hee said that she didn’t and offered to cook something for her. However, she fainted and Nana called her name worriedly.


Shik Joong and Yoon Sung were trying to find out more about the corruption that Kim Jong Shik was involved in when Yoon Sung got a call from Nana. At first he refused to pick up but Nana was insistent and he finally picked up. She told him that the ahjumma fainted and he must quickly go to hospital but he was like, "Why should I?" "Isn’t she your mother?" Nana finally revealed that she knew. Yoon Sung dropped his nonchalance and he immediately did a u turn to the hospital, causing Pil Jae to almost lose him.

Nana tried to convince Yoon Sung to go for a check up to see if his bone marrow was matching with Kyung Hee’s. He retorted angrily, "Why should I? A mother who abandoned his son and now needs a matching bone marrow?" Nana was shocked to hear that Kyung Hee abandoned him but told him that he did have a mother whom he could confide things in.

Seeing that he’s unmoved, Nana added, "Fine, if you can’t get over this, then you can just let her die." "What??" "See! It’s not like that right, so quickly help her register, so that she can undergo recovery."

That was how Yoon Sung was persuaded into register Kyung Hee in the hospital. Pil Jae called Young Joo telling him that Yoon Sung did the strange thing of helping Kyung Hee to register, even though they seemed to have no relations. "If family members have leukemia, there will be some sort of blood test right?" Pil Jae asked. What Pil Jae didn’t know was that Sang Gook was tagging Yoon Sung as well. Jin Pyo scolded Yoon Sung as an idiot because he might really go take the blood test if he could save Kyung Hee. Young Joo immediately rushed to the hospital while telling Sang Gook that they must get a sample of his blood.

Kyung Hee didn’t want to stay in the hospital and Yoon Sung answered with a sting in his voice, about how she would bring more trouble if she was sick outside. If she’s not well, the rest would worry as well. He left after that and Nana told Kyung Hee that he’s actually a very nice person. Yoon Sung shouted to Shik Joong that if she had abandoned him initially, then she should lead a happy life "Why should she get sick? Why should she get sick in front of me?!" Shik Joong patted his arm and told him to shout everything out.

Later, Yoon Sung told the doctor that he’s not Kyung Hee’s son. The doctor told him that if Kyung Hee didn’t get a new bone marrow, she would die within a month. Yoon Sung decided to take the blood test but he met with Jin Pyo. Jin Pyo told him that he could not anyhow make his choices before the revenge plan ended. Yoon Sung told him that even though his mother abandoned him, but it’s still his mother after all. "Kim Young Joo sent someone to follow you all the way here, you idiot," Jin Pyo berated.

As this conversation was going on, Sang Gook smartly locked Pil Jae inside the toilet. Jin Pyo told Yoon Sung that it would be a matter of time before Young Joo realised that Yoon Sung was Kyung Hee’s mother. "I warn you, your choice will decide your life." That didn’t deter Yoon Sung however, and he still went ahead with going for a blood test…. but he met with another obstacle, Sang Gook. It didn’t take very long to settle that though because he won the fight with Sang Gook and some sidekicks (I mean obviously:P) Young Joo came and rescued Pil Jae from the toilet. They walked in right when they were taking Yoon Sung’s blood. Young Joo requested the lady to give him a sample, but the lady said that they needed Yoon Sung’s concensus. Yoon Sung didn’t show any signs of distress. Instead, he smiled charmingly and said, "Sure."

After they left, Yoon Sung had an expression of this-is-within-my-control. Nana overheard Young Joo telling Pil Jae to continue following Yoon Sung and when Yoon Sung left in his car, she flung herself in front of Pil Jae’s car, asking just like a damsel in distress for Young Joo’s number. Pil Jae couldn’t reject her because she whined on and on and that was how he lost Yoon Sung.

AHA. See, toldya that Nana is damn smart!

Young Joo heard the news that Pil Jae lost Yoon Sung and he sped towards the chem labs. Yoon Sung followed him to the barriers and he thought of a way to get into the place. There were some vans that drove into the place and the people helped to carry the corpses off the vans into the morgue. After they did that, they left the morgue, and that’s when Yoon Sung unzipped himself from the sack and pushed himself out of the locker. -Imagine the exciting instrumental with violin and what not<3- He saw the conversation between Young Joo and the lab person who fell prey to his looks (hahahah no no) and assured him that she would put the blood to analysis immediately. Yoon Sung sneaked up to the top floor when Young Joo didn’t notice, and climbed down the walls to get into the chem labs.

He saw where the lab person (lol no idea what that occupation is called:P) placed his test tube and he quickly exchanged it with another test tube. He ran back to the chair just in time because Young Joo entered the labs asking if the analysis was out. The person assured him that it would take very fast and they could go for afternoon tea first. Yoon Sung took this opportunity to leap out of the window and as he clutched on to the window grill, Young Joo sensed the action behind him and turned around. He looked suspiciously at the window and walked towards it. Slowly at first, and then quickly.

While I’m shrieking my head off, thinking that Yoon Sung is going to get caught (well not really, since I believe that Yoon Sung is so smart, but well one gets caught in the moment:P) Young Joo found that there’s no one outside the window. Whoo!! -imagine the exciting instrumental again- Young Joo left the lab and as he walked along the second floor, Yoon Sung was shown walking on the first floor. Young Joo walked down the stairs and Yoon Sung passed in front of him. It just so happened that Young Joo was looking in the other side as this happened:

Yoon Sung kept walking, not knowing that Young Joo was right behind him. He walked straight, until someone grabbed him to the side, and Young Joo walked past. Not knowing who grabbed him, Yoon Sung took out his knife and manoeuvred such that the knife was on the person’s throat. After that few seconds of actions, he realised that it’s Nana.

-the end-


OMG I was so glad that it didn’t just end at the part where Young Joo went over to take a look out of the window. When I was watching that part, I honestly screeched and was like "IF THIS IS ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER I WILL CHOP SOMEONE". Lol~~ Well luckily, the scripwriter seemed to have realise that our hearts aren’t as good, so it ended at a not-so-cliffhanger-part and a rather hmm intimate photo of Yoon Sung and Nana haha. 

Yay! This is another awesome episode as usual! I mean there are coincidences that make the cynical ones’ eyebrows go all the way up, but really, that’s the fun of this drama! It kinda twists all the impossible to become possible and that’s why it was so enjoyable watching all the action and the plot, because to me, despite some parts being too coincidental (like how Young Joo happened to look the other side when Yoon Sung was right in front of him) was believable. 

And I love Nana + Yoon Sung so much! Nana’s so reasonable and sane… instead of being a burden to Yoon Sung, she helped him instead and she knew exactly what Yoon Sung was trying to do by making out in the backseat. In fact, Nana’s the first female lead that I felt like it would be great for a guy to have such a girl in real life! As for Yoon Sung, well I’ve sang enough praises in the past recaps, on both Lee Min Ho and Yoon Sung. Aaaahh but I really like all the action parts in this drama! I’m kinda quite curious to see the behind the scenes, especially with all the action, I wonder how they did it? 

On a last note, I really love the starting song and the instrumentals in this song!!



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