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oh no

Oh no I've disappeared again hahaha, it seems like complete free time doesn't exist since two years ago. Anyway, I've been catching up on a few things recently Aaron's new drama — what a pity Puff isn't acting in it! I guess we do have to give Tia a chance though. Those fans who kept putting Tia down and saying how good Puff was, remember she wasn't the best when she first started out on Just You…in fact I could positively say she was quite horrid in the first few episodes. So since she improved greatly, we should give Tia an opportunity to prove herself too! I just wish I could see the sparks between Aaron and Puff again, they are REALLY cute. 3 Days — not a great drama for my heart because I just can't take thriller (no idea how I survived the City Hunter days) hence I've stopped at Episode 9 after shouting at the screen because even I know that the Secret Service should be protecting the Major rather than the …

Just a bit moree

Hahaha I've been gone for way too longgg but it's just a bit more to go. In less than two months, I am gonna be freeeee and I can watch all the dramas I want to!:D Not sure if anyone still comes here, but when that time of freedom comes, I will work hard at making this place alive again^^ Just finished watching episode 18 of Just You, and I'm gonna be sad when this drama ends. It has been my only staple of drama food ever since Pretty Little Liars went on a break and I've gone from hating it (like why is she shouting again?!!) to really really liking it. Behind the scenes are just as exciting as the show itself, and watching Aaron and Puff is always a treat. Aaron and Puff are such good friends that I really hope they will keep in touch, even if they don't get together!(: Oh man, the drama blues are gonna be badddd:P <3thoughtsramble

Double Yay

The two of them are so cuteeee. I was hoping to find/screenshot high resolution photos of this particular scene but I couldn't — it's a really cute scene of Qi Yi and Liang Liang knocking their heads while squatting to pick up stuff, and Aaron/Qi Yi was like "you are an idiot". A few seconds later, Liang Liang and Qi Yi reached out for the same piece of paper and Qi Yi said "give it to me lah" which was really funny because I could almost hear the tremor of laughter underneath, which somewhat gave the feeling that Aaron was amused himself…if that makes senseXD Anyway, I read somewhere that episode 15 has achieved super good ratings. I'm so happy for Aaron!(: <3thoughtsramble


It's finally going to be here:') I always work myself into some fangirl frenzy when these scenes happen to my favourite couples (mmhmm I've grown to quite adore these two! Both Qi Yi/Liang Liang and Aaron/Puff — their behind the scenes are super cuteee) it was nice seeing Qi Yi run across the street and then give Liang Liang a passionate kiss on the lips:P I think I replayed the preview a few times hoho. At times like this I wish so much I could be writing recaps! <3thoughtsramble


HAHA thoughtsramble isn't just a site for me to post recaps, but also mainly to fangirl. And here's my fangirl post of the month…on Aaron! No guys, seriously if you can understand Mandarin, you should always watch behind the scenes, that's when you fall in love with the actors themselves and not just the characters. I really started liking Aaron after Love Buffet. True, Ah Yi is so sweet, but the real deal is looking at how playful Aaron is, and that's what makes me follow on with the other shows. And I've been watching behind the scenes for Alice in Wonder City, and I'm so glad that he's still as cheeky as ever. If anything, I think it's something innate, rather than produced. I've watched behind the scenes for Miss Rose as well, and try as they might, the leads weren't able to be very funny off set. I sat there watching, and found myself laughing for a grand total of… one time. That's when I realise that behind the scenes are so important, …


Hello readers! Yes haha here’s some updates on me! I’m currently watching City Hunter, and doing recaps on it. Toda Erika’s drama is going to be watched slowly instead… I kinda tried watching K One which was pretty funny but it’s too nonsensical for me to watch hee hee every episode because honestly I was really watching for Aaron. Yes, talking about Aaron…my recaps aren’t coming as fast as I hope because for the past few days I’ve been focusing a lot of time and energy on this particular whirlwind. Wu Zun has left Fahrenheit! This has caused such dramatic reactions in fans, that now some fans are targetting Aaron… so well, I’m kinda focusing on that right now, so apologies! MIT recaps are something that I do when I feel like it, because I feel that I’m purely writing it to share with you guys(: Just asking, is there anyone out there who haven’t watched it? Well you should! My break is going to be over pretty soon, so I will be back with the hectic …

Review of The Next Aaron Yan EP

OOPS:D Hee is it a littttleeee too huge?! Hahah I’ve no idea how to make it any smaller because he would end up either looking very stretched or looking like he just got squashed by his fans:P Hahaha I knew that I probably would be doing something like this, that’s why in my review of Super Hot, I did say that that will be one of the few times. Well, this time is one of the few times as well! Okie, so he had six songs in this EP, namely: 1. 下一個我 The next me 2. 只看見妳 I can see nothing but you 3. 一觸即發 Touch and go 4. 最後一眼 Just one look 5. 忽然之間 Suddenly 6. The Truth That You Leave I have read a few local reviews that said that ohhh the fact that there are only six songs, and two of them aren’t created from scratch, shows the company’s lack of thought that is put into the album… Okay it really depends on how you look at it. One review said very nicely, that …

Review of Fahrenheit’s album, Super Hot

Okay to be honest, I hesitated writing this post… because I wouldn’t want thoughtsramble to become a site for fangirling purposes, if you know what I mean….as in I wouldn’t want it to become toooo un-drama/movie/something-you-watch related… but I figure that this will probably the only/one of the few time(s) that I do this, and it’s something that I currently like right now…so why not!:D   Okay so here’s the album track listing: "太熱" Tai Re (Super Hot) "Sexy Girl" "心疼你的心疼" Xin Teng Ni De Xin Teng (Heartache on Your Heartache) "繼續愛" Ji Xu Ai (Keep Loving You) "很安靜" Hen An Jing (Very Quiet) "守護星" Shou Hu Xing (Guardian Star) "活得更像我" Huo De Geng Xiang Wo (Going On My Way) "誤會" Wu Hui (Mistake) "泰山程式" Tai Shan Cheng Shi (Tai Shan Formula) "新生" Xin Sheng (Rebirth) I haven’t bought the album yet, but I’m considering buying it. Lol. I know I’m slow, but come on, I only like them since March? and it was all because of Aaron in Love Buffet. It’s amazing how just because I like Ah Yi in …


Hello friends!^^ Wow it has been a (relatively) long time since I updated anything! As you guys should know, there’s some problems with Livejournal these few days, and for some reason my IP address was still blocked even though most of my friends’ weren’t since yesterday. Haha, a lot have happened in the past few days! I fell utterly in love with Aaron (LOL:P) and I’m amazed at my good timing because I like him just when he’s releasing/released an album so there’s lots of awesome good news about him around. I’m glad that his album sales are good!^^ I’ve just had my exams, and I finally can rest for a while…and I rediscovered the awesomeness of Jacky Wu (homg I’ve never laughed so hard for an episode of I Guess for a long time… I guess (no pun intended!) without Jacky Wu, I Guess is not I Guess.) I will be coming up with recaps pretty soon, so looked out for them!^^ <3thoughtsramble

First impressions of Gloomy Salad Days

Yay! So I’ve finally decided that I shall watch Gloomy Salad Days for Aaron Yan.  First impression? This is a drama that’s really not bad. Not bad at all! Okay, however, it’s really down and depressing, so if you’re those who seek a fun rom-com, this is totally not it. According to Wikipedia, these are all true real life social cases, and I admit, it does get me a little down to know that there’re so many thoughts of death in teens. I mean, in a drama where it revolves around Death, just how un-gloomy can it get right? I think that the first 3 episodes have made a very good impression on me, because they found actors and actresses that can act, and who can convey the idea of hopelessness, desperation and grief quite well. They are so good, that it almost (stress:almost) didn’t matter that I probably only caught like one minute of Aaron Yan in total in these three episodes.  First scene of Aaron Yan: my favourite screenshot, for some reason:P In …

Gloomy Salad Days? Or MIT

Right, so I said that I was going to watch a drama with Aaron Yan as the lead (should have no second-lead induced sadness then) and I couldn’t decide between MIT and Gloomy Salad Days! I’ve heard that Aaron Yan and Guigui have the best chemistry ever but I find it hard to like (granted, I haven’t watched the show yet) because the first show I’ve watched Aaron Yan in is Love Buffet, and naturally I would pair him up with the actress in Love Buffet… so I don’t know if I’ll enjoy watching GuiLun(that’s how they call it!^^) in MIT! Haha! Maybe I’ll start out with Gloomy Salad Days first(: <3thoughtsramble


I would really have to say that Fahrenheit’s appearance on Jacky Wu’s variety show where they have to find items that are suspicious is just simply hilarious. Aaron Yan’s so smart! Gotta love the four of them(:  Haha fret not, this space is not going to turn into a fangirling platform for Fahrenheit… I’m just expressing my new findings lol!  <3thoughtsramble


Yay! Okay I declare myself an addict to two of Fahrenheit’s songs in Love Buffet! It’s like Love Buffet will never make it to my favourite dramas simply because… Ah Yi didn’t get the girl:P but I really like their two songs inside the show. I’m so addicted to the two songs, they are all that I’m listening to these few days. One of them is called Mistake and it puts me in a really sad mood whenever I listen to it. The other is probably called Guardian Star if you translate directly from its Chinese title, and it puts me in such a good, bouncy mood!^^ My friend calls me bipolar. Haha! I find that I have a better view of Fahrenheit now(: I never hated them; I just thought they were eye candy…. they may still be eye candy right now, but after watching several videos of them going onto variety shows and such, I think they’re really funny, cute, nice and talented in certain areas that I (and I’m pretty sure many …


Okay I’ve just finished watching the last episode of Love Buffet… and meh!!!! -spoilers ahead- WHYYYYYY okay Xiao Feng decides to go with Da Ye after all, even though Ah Yi tells her that he will like her forever. Even till the end, Ah Yi still likes her, but Xiao Feng truly likes Da Ye…  I can’t decide if I like Aaron Yan more or Ah Yi more haha! Somehow I feel that I do see a little of Aaron in Ah Yi ( as in the same kind of aura?) not sure… but anyway, feeling rather:/ about the ending now! It’s like Ah Yi just wishes Xiao Feng to be happy… then what about himself? I wouldn’t mind it so much if he ends up with someone else, but he tells Da Ye that he will treasure the drawing that Xiao Feng drew, meaning…he will still continue to like Xiao Feng…  Sigh. Sometimes I wish I weren’t suckers for second leads, then I wouldn’t feel sad so many times. Hrumph.  <3thoughtsramble