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Hello all! Have been flying quite a bit during December and eeks time flies, soon a year will come to an end! I've been very grateful that this site is still up and going for maybe the 5th or 6th year running. Even though I'm unable to post frequently as before, I'm still quite up to date with dramaland, and even managed to recap Fall In Love With Me! Wanted to take up Pinocchio but it was not meant to be heh (do watch this if you haven't, I recommend it!). As the new year comes, I hope that everyone will be safe and healthy. Above all, I hope you guys will be contented and happy with whatever you are doing and whatever drama you are watching heh! Thank you for having supported thoughtsramble thus far, and as always, <3thoughtsramble Advertisements

Recommend: Pinocchio

Recently decided to give this drama a try and I think it's been a real solid piece so far! Personally not a fan of Park Shin Hye but I saw a couple of gifs that portrayed her in a very cute way in this drama so I thought why not! I like it that the female lead has the Pinocchio syndrome and cannot lie. This is SO refreshing from the usual dramas where the conflict arises precisely because leads weren't honest with each other/do noble sacrifices (never a fan of those)/miss their chance to confess. Obviously it would suck if the entire world was filled with Pinocchios, but just having a few here and there makes a huge difference to this drama. Lee Jong Suk is awesome as usual (biaised since forever), but I do wish he isn't so fair:P. Check it out! <3thoughtsramble

Pride and Prejudice Episode 8 Review

I'm loving the reveals in this episode. And who cannot fall in love with this pair? Even though I'm not a fan of tall guy – petite girl couple stereotype, I must admit that the height difference between these two prosecutors in particular amuses me very much. And I love Kang Soo's acting too. Even though the cliff hanger ending suggests that Kang Soo is actually Han Byul, which is really strange because it means that he almost fell in love with his own sister…but I think that's quite a cool twist nevertheless and I'm excited to see how it all plays out. I feel that the weakness of the show still lies in fleshing out its cases properly. Even though investigating Han Byul's case is the main thread, but as a show about prosecutors, I think it's still worth the time to develop each case. I know they have already spent great amount of time on each case (maybe 1 to 2 episodes), but I'm referring to the way they present it. Whenever they …

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Review

-SPOILERS AHEAD!!- I caught this movie over the weekend and wow, I do miss the feeling of watching a blockbuster at the cinemas. I've read Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but purposely left Mockingjay untouched so that I would be more excited for the movie (but guess which impatient person has actually wiki-ed the plot years ago). Coming from the perspective of someone who hasn't read the book but know just enough to anticipate what the movie is going to be about, I think this movie was great. It was such a joy to watch good actors act. The big screen enlarges their emotions and you see their feelings being expressed through their eyes. Jennifer Lawrence still rocks at being Kaitness but other than that, I really enjoyed watching Julianne Moore's rendition of President Coin (I'm very, very ashamed to admit that I always thought President Coin was a male, based on a skim read over Wikipedia ages ago.) Things I've loved about the movie (not in chronological order): We're allowed time to experience each …

Pride and Prejudice Episode 6 Review

Did this episode give anyone else a headache? Because it gave me one. I like the premise of the show and where we are heading towards, but the way the show unravels each mystery is unsatisfying, especially this one. Are they saying that because Panda drank a drink with drugs inside, thats why Kang Soo wasn't the one who killed him? What's the link there? That Panda's head broke open because of drugs….? How did Song Ah Reum come into all of this…. I'm definitely confused and I felt like I wasted a good half an hour. But I really liked how they developed Kang Soo's relationship with Ahjusshi – the way Ahjusshi ran after the car when he came back from the drugstore and saw Kang Soo being arrested, the way he hugged Kang Soo when Kang Soo turned up on his doorstep (Y) Hopefully the next episode will be better! <3thoughtsramble

Pride and Prejudice/Liar Game/Birth of a Beauty

I'm on a roll! Managed to find 3 new good Kdramas (but judged based on a very minimal number of episodes). Loving Pride and Prejudice so far – I'm a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk so it's no wonder that I will find this drama equally pleasing. I haven't seen the female lead before but a fresh face is always nice and she reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye. The plot line is engaging enough, but it can be confusing at some points. Do prosecutors really do all this work, that seem to replace that of a policeman?:O Also as per Episode 4, what is the significance of those bank statements? Sometimes, they drop important pieces of information here and there, and wait for a long time to patch up the information. However, overall, I think it's a drama worth checking out. Watched half an hour of Liar Game Episode 1 and all I could think of is that girl (Kim So Eun) is so gorgeous! She certainly has the same vibe as Toda Erika …

My Secret Hotel (2)

Finally finished the drama! I'm not sure if any of you is watching this but I think it's a hit or miss kind of drama. I still can't decide if it's a good one for me, because some parts were so bad. The mystery and the horror were quite well done, and even the unveiling of the truth was pretty good – for someone who has very high expections of reveals, I think they did okay. I loved the romance between Hae Young and Sung Hyo but the development of the relationship was quite poorly done. We have a great start (I quite like the filters and the way they shoot the scenes in Las Vegas), and we have an awesome awesome end – but the middle was draggy and stagnant. I only held on for so long because I wanted to see them get together, and because I wanted to know who the murderer was. On the other hand, the drama is very good at tying loose ends up and for that, I think …

My Secret Hotel

I chanced upon this drama and was hooked straight away — romance, comedy mixed in with a bit of mystery and horror? You got me. I spammed 12 episodes in a few days, but I must say the drama could have done so much more. It was fortunate that I didn't have to wait for the episode every week, because now I can simply forward the parts that were draggy and unncessary. Was it really important to have so many sad scenes from Hae Young? And I think Sang Hyo could have been a much stronger female lead – a girl with her own ideas and her own feelings. Right now, I'm shipping her with Hae Young (surprise surprise) because I really don't like the way Managing Director Jo is treating her. Dude, you don't keep forcing your kisses on people, and insist that you are dating when she hasn't even said yes. I'm obviously super biased though and I can only say that I hope the ending will end up like how I wish …


The weeks just fly past! And I'm not really sure which holes they have flown into but it has been a good month. Still not onto any korean/japanese (haven't watched one in a long time!!)/taiwan dramas because it's just too troublesome to find out what's good or to even find out which dramas are airing right now. Getting a longgg break in a few weeks time so I'm really looking forward to that! In the meantime, I'm still watching lots of movies like Hitch and When Harry met Sally. Not really a favourite of Hitch, but am sold on the latter heh. <3thoughtsramble


HELLO! I'm actually not that busy, but I haven't been posting anything because I wasn't watching anything on-going and recent. I was going down this memory lane/catch-up lane, watching Boys Over Flowers and a ton of movies which I never caught in the cinemas.


Hahaha even though I haven't been watching any on-going dramas because of my busy schedule, I have taken time out to watch some old movies and dramas when I'm chilling or eating! So I think the next few posts will be more of updates on what I've been doing rather than recaps/reviews. Boys Over Flowers That's right – guess who has decided to pull out her old stash of DVDs and to binge on this drama HAHAHA. I am loving it all over again, despite it having been…6 years? OMG it has been 6 years. Guys we are old. I love it when they have the four of them together<33 And of course, I love Yi Jung/ Kim Bum. Look forward to these screenshots HAHA. I'm only on Episode 5! <3thoughtsramble


Aaron's song with G.Na is playing on my Itunes right now and it's giving me a wave of nostalga! I'm actually so tempted to re-watch the first 6 episodes of the drama hahahah where it was simply cute watching Xiao Lu (but I guess the later part of the drama is really sweet if you wanna watch Lu Tian Xing…whom I kinda miss too!) <3thoughtsramble


How are you guys! My life has picked up on its rapid pace once again – a really apt timing because I managed to finish with Fall In Love With Me episode recaps before I lost all my time again. Right now, I'm at a loss for dramas because Pretty Little Liars has just finished its Summer Finale last week and is on its break, and Once Upon A Time is starting end September. In the meantime, I would love to entertain myself with a drama, so do recommend me any! <3thoughtsramble

Fall In Love With Me Episode 18 Recap

I'm not sure what you guys think (do share with me!) but I like this episode much more than the previous one. Even though there were some moments where I felt that the characters were being real stupid, I like that at least there was some action and movement in plot. I can't help but recall all the previous build-ups and lies, and wonder what the purpose in foreshadowing was, since they ultimately don't serve as big a function as we were led to think.

Fall In Love With Me Episode 17 Recap

THIS EPISODE makes me so…angry at some points. I liked the build-up and the script but now that the scriptwriters are trying to go down a different plot line than what was foreshadowed, I'm just a little frustrated with the story and wish that they would get on with it. Worse still, it seems like they're trying to make Evil Mother realise her mistake and turn good, which is the most unsatisfactory ending you can give to an evil character. They are also taking away our satisfaction of Tian Xing realising that he has been LIED to and manipulated this whole time.

Fall In Love With Me Episode 16 Recap

This episode…I hated some parts and I liked some parts. I think it's starting to be draggy, even though they are inserting different plot elements each time – like this episode is our couple's supposed last night together, and Huan Huan steps up on her game, but really in the overall grand scheme of things, I don't think we have moved very much and that irritates me a little. Of course, I was happy to see the return of cute OZ moments and some good kissing between our leads.

Fall In Love With Me Episode 15 Recap

I was quite okay with this episode, but as I was doing the recap, I felt an increasing sense of frustration. This episode is meant for build-up. There's not much plot movement but it plants seeds that are useful for future plot development. I get it, but I just feel that they are pushing Tian Xing into an unbreathable corner, and I'm impatiently waiting for some sort of release.

Once Upon A Time

Does anyone watch this series!! I love it, even though I find Season 1 to be the coolest so far — with all the parallel back-stories and fairytale characters. I am on Season 3's Episode 12 and I think Rumpelstiltskin is one of my favourite characters which is really a surprise if you know me. (Since I'm all suckers for second leads and nice people) Okay, but upon second thought, I realise it's rather predictable since Rumpelstiltskin is kind of a good character with a really sad past and understandable motives. I felt so bad for him when Neal kept rejecting him. Hook is another of my favourite characters (I see a trend with me and villains oops) but I think currently Rumpelstiltskin takes the lead. (And you would probably realise that I've not talked about Pretty Little Liars in ages. That's because I was quite bored with Season 5's Episode 1 and was wondering if having stuck through with this series all this while was getting me anywhere. BUT I shall persevere…soon.) <3thoughtsramble

Fall In Love With Me

A few readers have asked me if I knew how many episodes this drama has so I did a quick search. However, I couldn't find anything definitive and different sources say different things: Wikipedia says 23 episodes. Soompi says 30 episodes. The Chinese version of Wikipedia (which I think is maintained by different people from the English version) seems to have quoted 17 episodes and have even listed the next drama to take over the same timeslot starting from 3rd Aug 2014. Does anyone have any idea what the real number is? Personally, at the pace they are going and the things they have to solve, I think 17 episodes will make more sense than a drawn out one like 30 episodes. Also, once again I will be Internet-less for about a week. This time round, I'm quite sure I would want to do a recap on Episode 15, but it will come really late, estimated to be around 16th/17th July. So I hope you guys will still check back and support the recaps!(: Love you …


Have you all watched the preview for Fall In Love With Me Episode 14?? My heart aches for Tian Xing already when the devillish mum announces “It’s not like there’s no remedy – you just have to marry Huan Huan.” What even!! <3thoughtsramble


Hiii I would once again be Internet-less for a few days and that is going to affect Fall In Love With Me Episode 13 Recap. However, this time round I’m pretty sure I will still be doing the episode recap regardless of the plot (oops hope I don’t regret this!) so do wait for my recap! It will just be a day later than usual. Take care, everybody~ <3thoughtsramble

Fall In Love With Me Episode 12 Recap

I like this episode in that there's more comic relief and a sense of our olden, ancient days where characters were happily fooling around. However, in reality, the pace of the drama has slowed down and there's nothing much that happened in this episode. I understand that it's necessary to deal with the fall outs from the previous episode's conflicts so I shall eagerly await for the day when we can see cute moments from our main couple once more!:D